Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

One of the most unique and visible comedic voices on television is coming to TBS in Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Breaking up late-night’s all-male sausage fest, this new show from the longtime Daily Show correspondent will feature Samantha’s nuanced view of political and cultural issues, her sharp interview skills, her repartee with world leaders and, of course, her 10-pound lady balls.

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: February 8, 2016

Status: Running

Network: TBS (Official Website)

Casts: Samantha Bee

Most recent episode: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Season 6 Episode 10 - April 14, 2021 ( 4/14/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
612Episode 12Apr-28-202103 days
11April 21, 2021Apr-21-2021018 hours
10April 14, 2021Apr-14-2021154 days
9March 24 . 2021Mar-24-2021212 weeks
8March 17. 2021Mar-17-2021212 weeks
7March 10, 2021Mar-10-2021232 weeks
6March 3, 2021Mar-03-2021222 weeks
5February 10, 2021Feb-10-2021211 month
4February 3, 2021Feb-03-2021172 weeks
3January 27, 2021Jan-27-2021142 weeks
2January 20, 2021Jan-20-2021122 weeks
1Episode 1Jan-13-2021112 weeks
532December 16, 2020Dec-16-202042 weeks
31December 9, 2020Dec-09-202032 weeks
30November 18, 2020Nov-18-202063 days
29November 11, 2020Nov-11-202023 days
28November 4, 2020Nov-04-202005 months
27October 28, 2020Oct-28-202005 months
26October 21, 2020Oct-21-202023 days
25September 30, 2020Sep-30-202006 months
24September 23, 2020Sep-23-202043 days
23September 16, 2020Sep-16-202033 days
22September 9, 2020Sep-09-202033 days
21September 2, 2020Sep-02-202006 months
20August 26, 2020Aug-26-202006 months
19August 19, 2020Aug-19-202012 weeks
18July 22, 2020Jul-22-202033 days
17July 15, 2020Jul-15-202063 days
16July 1, 2020Jul-01-202023 days
15June 24, 2020Jun-24-202063 days
14June 17, 2020Jun-17-202083 days
13June 10, 2020Jun-10-202012 weeks
12May 13, 2020May-13-202063 days
11May 6, 2020May-06-202023 days
10April 29, 2020Apr-29-202033 days
9April 22, 2020Apr-22-202023 days
8April 15, 2020Apr-15-202033 days
7April 8, 2020Apr-08-202043 days
6April 1, 2020Apr-01-202023 days
5March 25, 2020Mar-25-202023 days
4March 11, 2020Mar-11-202023 days
3March 4, 2020Mar-04-202023 days
2February 12, 2020Feb-12-202023 days
1February 5, 2020Feb-05-202043 days
435February 5, 2020Feb-05-202001 year
34January 29, 2020Jan-29-2020011 months
33January 22, 2020Jan-22-202009 months
32January 15, 2020Jan-15-2020011 months
31December 18, 2019Dec-18-2019011 months
30December 11, 2019Dec-11-2019011 months
29November 20, 2019Nov-20-201901 year
28November 13, 2019Nov-13-201901 year
27November 6, 2019Nov-06-201901 year
26October 30, 2019Oct-30-201901 year
25October 23, 2019Oct-23-201901 year
24October 2, 2019Oct-02-201923 days
23September 25, 2019Sep-25-201923 days
22September 18, 2019Sep-18-201923 days
21September 11, 2019Sep-11-201911 year
20Full Frontal: Hot Summer NightsAug-14-201911 year
19August 7, 2019Aug-07-201911 year
18July 31, 2019Jul-31-201921 year
17July 24, 2019Jul-24-201901 year
16July 17, 2019Jul-17-201933 days
15June 26, 2019Jun-26-201933 days
14June 19, 2019Jun-19-201943 days
13June 12, 2019Jun-12-201911 year
12May 22, 2019May-22-201953 days
11May 15, 2019May-15-201933 days
10May 8, 2019May-08-201933 days
9Not the White House Correspondents' DinnerApr-27-201943 days
8April 10, 2019Apr-10-201923 days
7April 3, 2019Apr-03-201923 days
6March 27, 2019Mar-27-201923 days
5March 20, 2019Mar-20-201923 days
4March 13, 2019Mar-13-201923 days
3March 6, 2019Mar-06-201923 days
2February 13, 2019Feb-13-201943 days
1February 6, 2019Feb-06-201923 days
333January 30, 2019Jan-30-201923 days
32January 23, 2019Jan-23-201923 days
31Christmas on I.C.E.Dec-19-201823 days
30December 12, 2018Dec-12-201823 days
29December 5, 2018Dec-05-201823 days
28November 7, 2018Nov-07-201843 days
27November 5, 2018Nov-05-201823 days
26October 31, 2018Oct-31-201843 days
25October 24, 2018Oct-24-201823 days
24October 17, 2018Oct-17-201863 days
23September 26, 2018Sep-26-201823 days
22September 19, 2018Sep-19-201843 days
21September 12, 2018Sep-12-201833 days
20August 22, 2018Aug-22-201823 days
19August 15, 2018Aug-15-201843 days
18August 8, 2018Aug-08-201823 days
17August 1, 2018Aug-01-201809 months
16July 25, 2018Jul-25-201801 year
15July 18, 2018Jul-18-201843 days
14June 20, 2018Jun-20-201883 days
13June 13, 2018Jun-13-201801 year
12June 6, 2018Jun-06-201821 week
11May 30, 2018May-30-201843 days
10May 23, 2018May-23-201843 days
9May 9, 2018May-09-201809 months
8May 2, 2018May-02-201843 days
7April 25, 2018Apr-25-201843 days
6April 18, 2018Apr-18-2018011 months
5Puerto Rico SpecialMar-28-201843 days
4March 21, 2018Mar-21-201822 days
3March 14, 2018Mar-14-201823 days
2March 7, 2018Mar-07-201843 days
1February 7, 2018Feb-07-201843 days
235[no episode title yet]Mar-07-2018011 months
34February 7, 2018Feb-07-2018011 months
33January 31, 2018Jan-31-2018011 months
32January 24, 2018Jan-24-2018011 months
31January 17, 2018Jan-17-2018011 months
30January 10, 2018Jan-10-2018011 months
29December 20, 2017Dec-20-2017011 months
28December 13, 2017Dec-13-2017011 months
27December 6, 2017Dec-06-2017011 months
26November 15, 2017Nov-15-2017011 months
25November 8, 2017Nov-08-2017011 months
24November 1, 2017Nov-01-2017011 months
23October 25th, 2017Oct-25-2017011 months
22October 11, 2017Oct-11-2017011 months
21October 4, 2017Oct-04-2017011 months
20September 27, 2017Sep-27-2017011 months
19September 20, 2017Sep-20-2017011 months
18September 13, 2017Sep-13-2017011 months
17August 9, 2017Aug-09-2017011 months
16August 2nd, 2017Aug-02-2017011 months
15July 26th, 2017Jul-26-2017011 months
14July 19th, 2017Jul-19-2017011 months
13June 28th, 2017Jun-28-2017011 months
12June 21st, 2017Jun-21-2017011 months
11June 14th, 2017Jun-14-2017011 months
10June 7th, 2017Jun-07-2017011 months
9May 31, 2017May-31-2017011 months
8May 10, 2017May-10-2017011 months
7NOT the Correspondents' DinnerApr-29-2017011 months
6April 5, 2017Apr-05-2017011 months
5March 29, 2017Mar-29-2017011 months
4March 22, 2017Mar-22-2017011 months
3March 15, 2017Mar-15-2017011 months
2March 8, 2017Mar-08-2017011 months
1February 15, 2017Feb-15-2017011 months
139February 8, 2017Feb-08-2017011 months
38February 1, 2017Feb-01-2017011 months
37January 25, 2017Jan-25-2017011 months
36January 18, 2017Jan-18-2017011 months
35January 11, 2017Jan-11-2017011 months
34December 19, 2016Dec-19-2016011 months
33December 12, 2016Dec-12-2016011 months
32December 5, 2016Dec-05-2016011 months
31Did We Stutter: Syrian RefugeesNov-14-2016011 months
30Election: The Day AfterNov-09-2016011 months
29Meet the (Russian) PressNov-07-2016011 months
28President ObamaOct-31-2016011 months
27United NationsOct-24-2016011 months
26Second Presidential Debate SpecialOct-10-2016011 months
25Rigged!Oct-05-2016011 months
24Presidential Debate SpecialSep-28-2016011 months
23Super LobbyistSep-19-2016011 months
22Latinos for TrumpSep-12-2016011 months
21Democratic National ConventionAug-01-2016011 months
20Republican National ConventionJul-25-2016011 months
19Special: Full Frontal Election DocumentaryJul-20-2016011 months
18ClevelandJul-18-2016011 months
17Muslim-American ReportingJun-27-2016011 months
16Tribal CourtsJun-20-2016011 months
15Again? Again.Jun-13-2016011 months
14Gary Johnson, Part 1Jun-06-2016011 months
13VapingMay-23-201663 days
12Super PACsMay-16-201623 days
11Crisis Pregnancy CentersMay-09-201622 days
10Guantanamo BayApr-25-201663 days
9Bernie VotersApr-18-201683 days
8Eddie EagleApr-11-201623 days
7American Atheists at CPACMar-21-201643 days
6Trump VotersMar-14-201643 days
52010 Was the Most Important Election, Part 2Mar-07-201643 days
42010 Was the Most Important Election, Part 1Feb-29-2016011 months
3Syrian Refugees, Part 2Feb-22-201643 days
2Syrian Refugees, Part 1Feb-15-201601 month
1New Hampshire PrimaryFeb-08-201643 days
011Web Extra: Immigration Coverage: A Trip Down Memories We Can't Forget LaneJul-04-2019011 months
10Web Extra: A Brief History Of Florida's Felon Voting BanMay-24-2017011 months
9Web Extra: White PlightJan-11-2017011 months
8Web Extra | Real or Fake: GOP WomenOct-18-2016011 months
7Web Extra: Chief Executive Fear Mongerer Sep-19-2016011 months
6Vacation Extra: Full Frontal Saves Your Friendships!May-25-2016011 months
5Web Extra: Andrew Jackson Was So, So TerribleMay-05-2015011 months
4Pre-Show Extra: Delegate IntimidationApr-11-2016011 months
3Vacation Extra: Team CruzApr-04-2016011 months
2Vacation Extra: Private Probation CompaniesMar-28-2016011 months
1Sam Plays Real or Fake CommentsFeb-19-2016011 months

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