Forged in Fire

“Forged in Fire” features world-class bladesmiths competing against each other to create some of the most iconic edged weapons from history. In each episode, four of the best bladesmiths in the country will come together to put both their skills and reputations on the line. Whether they are making a Japanese katana, a medieval broadsword, or an ancient throwing blade like the chakram, the weapons they forge will be fully functional and lethal works of art and war. The unique histories contained within each weapon will be creatively told during the forging process and the final weapons themselves will be assessed and ruthlessly tested by our panel of expert judges. These dynamic and explosive tests will be individually designed to push the weapons to their absolute limit. One by one, the bladesmiths will be eliminated until only one remains to be crowned the champion.

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Release Date: June 22, 2015

Status: Running

Network: History (Official Website)

Casts: Wil Willis

Most recent episode: Forged in Fire Season 8 Episode 32 - Judges Takeover: J Neilson ( 8/25/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
832Judges Takeover: J NeilsonAug-25-2021182 months
31Armed Forces Tournament FinaleAug-04-2021202 months
30Armed Forces Tournament Part 2Jul-28-2021222 months
29Armed Forces Tournament Part 1Jul-21-2021202 months
28Barrel Full of MysteryJul-14-2021202 months
27The Terrifying Tuareg TakobaJul-07-202132 months
26Forge of FearJun-30-2021222 months
25Pick Your PoisonJun-23-2021162 months
24Medieval Mystery SwordJun-16-2021152 months
23Sledgehammer ShowdownJun-09-2021182 months
22Fire And WaterMay-26-2021172 months
21Deadly DuoMay-19-2021222 months
20Casino ChallengeMay-12-2021102 months
19Civil War BattleMay-05-2021172 months
18Arctic ForgeApr-28-2021142 months
17WWE EditionApr-21-2021362 months
16Memory GameApr-14-2021252 months
15Second Chance Tournament: FinalsApr-07-2021292 months
14Second Chance Tournament: Part 2Mar-31-2021282 months
13Second Chance Tournament: Part 1Mar-24-2021232 months
12San Mai MysteryMar-10-2021222 months
11Machete Of The AmazonsMar-03-2021202 months
10Russian Special Forces SpetsnazFeb-24-2021302 months
9Headhunters RevengeFeb-17-2021272 months
8Teeth Of The TeghaJan-13-2021352 months
7The Massive Maguro BochoJan-06-2021292 months
6Forged in Fire ChristmasDec-23-202082 months
5The Giant Sword of William WallaceDec-16-2020232 months
4M1905 Springfield BayonetDec-09-2020192 months
3The Legendary Sword of SaladinDec-02-2020192 months
2The Deadly Vajra-MushtiNov-25-2020262 months
1Veteran's Knife SpecialNov-18-2020222 months
737Summer Forging Games (2)Aug-19-2020152 months
36Summer Forging Games (1)Aug-12-2020202 months
35The Boateng SaberAug-05-2020192 months
34Super Champion EditionJul-29-2020142 months
33Japanese OnoJul-22-2020182 months
32Tomahawk And BowieJul-15-2020192 months
31Titanium SmackdownMay-06-2020212 months
30The NimchaApr-29-2020152 months
29Baby Boomer vs Gen ZApr-22-2020192 months
28Samurai ShowdownApr-15-2020182 months
27The IkakalakaApr-08-2020202 months
26Game of ForgeApr-01-2020162 months
25First Responders EditionMar-25-2020122 months
24The German DussageMar-18-2020142 months
23The Chinese ZhanmadaoMar-11-2020152 months
22Zulu War AxeFeb-05-2020172 months
21Darb Sri Gun Chai Battle SwordFeb-05-2020172 months
20French Pioneer SwordJan-29-2020112 months
19The PiraJan-29-2020142 months
18The Spanish Conquistador SwordJan-22-2020132 months
17Charlemagne's SwordJan-15-2020132 months
16The Sword in the StoneJan-08-2020132 months
15The Chinese War SwordJan-01-2020132 months
14A Very Forged ChristmasDec-18-2019152 months
13Frankish Throwing AxesDec-11-2019122 months
12Family EditionNov-27-2019152 months
11The Barbarian SpathaNov-20-2019152 months
10Revolutionary War SpontoonNov-13-2019102 months
9Military TributeNov-13-2019102 months
8The Tizona of El CidNov-06-2019142 months
7The Tizona of El CidNov-06-2019152 months
6The Boa-Zande SwordOct-30-2019152 months
5The Boa-Zande SwordOct-30-2019152 months
4The Rock Throwing CrossbowOct-23-2019152 months
3The Jian SwordOct-23-2019172 months
2General Patton's SaberOct-16-2019142 months
1Sword Of PerseusOct-09-2019152 months
631Sword Of PerseusOct-09-201902 years
30Genghis Khan's SwordSep-25-201982 months
29Kung Fu EditionSep-18-2019142 months
28Blackbeard's CutlassSep-04-2019132 months
27The BhujAug-28-2019142 months
26Napoleon's SaberAug-21-2019142 months
25The FalchionAug-14-2019152 months
24The Boar SwordAug-07-2019122 months
23The Cane SwordJul-31-2019172 months
22The Lochaber AxeJul-24-2019142 months
21Astronaut KnifeJul-17-2019132 months
20The Foot Artillery SwordJul-03-2019132 months
19The Ram DaoJun-26-2019132 months
18The Messer SwordJun-19-2019142 months
17The PartizanJun-12-2019152 months
16Attila's Sword Of MarsJun-05-2019132 months
15The NagamakiMay-29-201992 months
14Branch Battle: FinalsMay-22-2019142 months
13Branch Battle: NavyMay-15-2019122 months
12Branch Battle: MarinesMay-15-2019162 months
11Branch Battle: Air ForceMay-08-2019142 months
10Branch Battle: ArmyMay-08-2019142 months
9The Greek KopisMay-01-201992 months
8General Yamashita's GuntoApr-24-2019122 months
7The Javanese KrisApr-17-2019112 months
6Barbarian SwordMar-13-2019102 months
5The Hussar SaberMar-06-2019112 months
4The O-KatanaFeb-27-2019102 months
3Washington's ColichemardeFeb-20-2019122 months
2Long Road to Redemption Part 2Feb-13-2019112 months
1Long Road To Redemption Part 1Feb-06-2019122 months
540The Ring Hilted SwordDec-19-201801 year
39Ring Hilted SwordDec-19-201872 months
38The Pipe TomahawksDec-12-201866 months
37The BardicheNov-21-201882 months
36The Steel Takedown BowNov-14-201886 months
35The Grim Reaper's ScytheNov-07-201896 months
34Tournament FinalsOct-31-201886 months
33Tournament Round 4Oct-24-2018102 months
32Tournament Round 3Oct-17-2018132 months
31Tournament Round 2Oct-10-2018122 months
30Tournament Round 1Oct-03-201876 months
29The Landsknecht SwordSep-26-201876 months
28The Steel CrossbowSep-19-201886 months
27Hollywood EditionSep-12-201876 months
26The Qinglong JiSep-04-201876 months
25The SengeseAug-28-201866 months
24The Arming SwordAug-21-201866 months
23The Sawback Hunting SwordAug-14-201876 months
22The KilijAug-07-201866 months
21The Anthropomorphic SwordJul-31-201872 months
20The SmallswordJul-24-201866 months
19Wind and Fire WheelsJul-17-201866 months
18Pioneer SwordJul-03-201856 months
17The Glaive GuisarmeJun-26-201846 months
16Bagh Nakh BladesJun-19-201846 months
15The KelewangJun-12-201846 months
14The Lion SpearJun-05-201836 months
13The Horseman's AxeMay-29-201826 months
12The Naval CutlassMay-28-201846 months
11The Two Handed SwordMay-22-201846 months
10The German HalberdMay-15-201826 months
9The NavajaMay-08-201846 months
8The Zande SpearMay-01-201846 months
7KarabelaApr-24-201846 months
6Ultimate Team ChallengeApr-17-201826 months
5The Kabyle FlyssaApr-10-201846 months
4Jumonji YariApr-03-201846 months
3Sica SwordMar-27-201826 months
2The SchiavonaMar-20-201846 months
1Rookies EditionMar-13-201846 months
426The SchiavonaMar-20-201801 year
25The Rookies EditionMar-13-201801 year
24The Medieval War AxeNov-07-201701 year
23Viking EditionOct-31-201752 months
22Knights TemplarOct-24-201752 months
21Ultimate Champions EditionOct-17-201772 months
20Tabar-ShishparOct-10-201772 months
19International ChampionshipOct-03-201762 months
18The YataganSep-12-201752 months
17The KpingaAug-29-201752 months
16The KampilanAug-22-201772 months
15The Gladiators' ScissorAug-08-201752 months
14The Kachin DaoAug-01-201772 months
13The ShamshirJul-25-201772 months
12Ngombe NguluJul-18-201752 months
11Master & ApprenticeJul-11-201772 months
10Sword Breaker RedemptionJun-13-201772 months
9The CharayJun-06-201772 months
8The CinquedeaMay-23-201772 months
7TalwarMay-16-201772 months
6AkrafenaMay-09-201772 months
5Fans' ChoiceMay-02-201772 months
4MakrakaApr-25-201772 months
3The KatzbalgerApr-18-201772 months
2Deer Horn KnivesApr-11-201772 months
1Judges PickApr-11-201772 months
316RedemptionFeb-14-201772 months
15The HaladieFeb-07-201752 months
14The NaginataJan-31-201772 months
13Cavalry SaberJan-24-201772 months
12The ZweihanderJan-17-201772 months
11The PataJan-10-201772 months
10Zulu IklwaOct-25-201672 months
9The PandatOct-25-201652 months
8Xiphos SwordOct-18-201672 months
7The Boar SpearOct-04-201672 months
6Hunga MungaSep-27-201672 months
5Kora SwordSep-20-201672 months
4The FalcataSep-13-201672 months
3Butterfly SwordsSep-06-201672 months
2Fan FavoritesAug-30-201672 months
1Champions EditionAug-23-201672 months
210TabarApr-19-201672 months
9KhandaApr-12-201672 months
8The CutlassApr-06-201652 months
7The ShotelMar-29-201672 months
6Nepalese KukriMar-22-201672 months
5Viking SwordMar-15-201672 months
4Spiked ShieldMar-08-201672 months
3The Scottish ClaymoreMar-01-201672 months
2KhopeshFeb-23-201672 months
1The War HammerFeb-16-201672 months
18The Moro KrisAug-10-201552 months
7The Roman GladiusAug-03-201572 months
6The Elizabethan RapierJul-27-201552 months
5Crusader SwordJul-20-201552 months
4KatarJul-13-201572 months
3Viking Battle AxeJul-06-201552 months
2ChakramJun-29-201562 months
1Japanese KatanaJun-22-201572 months
02The RhomphaiaMar-07-201801 year
1Bladesgiving SpecialNov-23-201701 year

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