Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Correspondent has been Australia’s leading international current affairs program since 1992. In 18 years reporters, producers, camera operators and sound recordists have travelled to more than 170 countries and produced more than 1,500 reports. The program draws on the ABC’s extensive network of international correspondents and a Sydney-based reporting and production team. Foreign Correspondent is designed to exploit the strengths of television

Genre: Documentary, News

Release Date: 1992 (US)

Status: Running

Network: ABC (AU) (IMDb, Official Website)


Most recent episode: Foreign Correspondent Season 2020 Episode 10 - Behind Enemy Lines ( 4/21/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
202010Behind Enemy LinesApr-21-2020012 months
9The War on Afghan WomenApr-14-2020012 months
8Atom Hunters in AntarcticaApr-07-2020012 months
7The Singapore SolutionMar-31-2020012 months
6Life in the Time of CoronaMar-24-2020012 months
5The New MafiaMar-17-2020012 months
4The Peacemaker of SyriaMar-10-2020012 months
3Paper OrphansMar-03-2020012 months
2Tourist MeccaFeb-25-2020012 months
1The Coal WarFeb-18-2020012 months
201924At the Edge of the Earth - AlaskaOct-22-2019012 months
23InsectageddonOct-15-2019012 months
22The State of DenmarkOct-08-2019012 months
21Climate KidsOct-01-2019012 months
20Secrets and LiesSep-24-2019012 months
19Testing TimesSep-17-2019012 months
18Mother Courage - RwandaSep-10-2019012 months
17Fallout: The Legacy of the Chernobyl DisasterSep-03-2019012 months
16Homage To BarcelonaAug-27-2019012 months
15Motherland - UkraineAug-20-2019012 months
14Taiwan - Death Metal DiplomacyAug-13-2019012 months
13High SteaksAug-06-2019012 months
12The Battle For RioApr-09-2019012 months
11Opioid AmericaMar-19-2019012 months
10Saving VeniceMar-12-2019012 months
9The OasisMar-05-2019012 months
8Climate HackersFeb-26-2019012 months
7Out Of BreathFeb-19-2019012 months
6Running AmokFeb-12-2019012 months
5Episode 5Feb-05-2019012 months
4Episode 4Jan-29-2019012 months
3Vanilla SliceJan-22-2019012 months
2Walk In Their ShoesJan-15-2019012 months
1Man v WildJan-08-2019012 months
201816Episode 16Sep-25-2018012 months
15Leave No Dark CornerSep-18-2018012 months
14A Big Piece Of Good NewsSep-11-2018012 months
13The French LetterSep-04-2018012 months
12HomelandAug-28-2018012 months
11The VillageAug-21-2018012 months
10To Burn Or Not To BurnAug-14-2018012 months
9Tipping PointAug-07-2018012 months
8BloodlandJul-31-2018012 months
7Blockchain IslandJul-24-2018012 months
6TBAJul-17-2018012 months
5On His Own TermsJul-10-2018012 months
4On Top of the WorldJan-29-2018012 months
3The Baby TradeJan-22-2018012 months
2Redneck RevoltJan-15-2018012 months
1The New Italian JobJan-08-2018012 months
201725China - The Love BoatDec-18-2017012 months
24Iraq - Machine ManDec-11-2017012 months
23Happy Birthday Mr PresidentDec-04-2017012 months
22The DomeNov-27-2017012 months
21The Philippines - Escape from MarawiAug-01-2017012 months
20UK - Manchester UnitedJul-25-2017012 months
19Jamaica - One LoveJul-18-2017012 months
18Kenya - Not Everybody Wants a GoatJul-11-2017012 months
17Estonia - We're Going on a Bear HuntJul-04-2017012 months
16Through American EyesJun-27-2017012 months
15USA - Space InvadersJun-20-2017012 months
14Indonesia - Life in KerokobanJun-13-2017012 months
13UK - Saving WalesJun-06-2017012 months
12UK - Taking on the KremlinMay-30-2017012 months
11UK - Hunting the KGB KillersMay-23-2017012 months
10Australia - A Man of the WorldMay-16-2017012 months
9Australia - The Home ShowMay-09-2017012 months
8The Last Eagle HuntersMay-02-2017012 months
7Poland/Czech Republic - The Real Great EscapeApr-25-2017012 months
6Spain - Saving the Big BlueApr-18-2017012 months
5USA - Resist!Apr-11-2017012 months
4China - The Big GoalApr-04-2017012 months
3Line in the SandMar-28-2017012 months
2South America - Venezuela UndercoverMar-21-2017012 months
1Peru - It Doesn't Happen to People Like MeMar-14-2017012 months
201631USA - President TrumpNov-20-2016012 months
30Turkey - The BridgeOct-04-2016012 months
29Norway - Keep Calm and Drill OnSep-27-2016012 months
28Scotland - Wild ThingsSep-20-2016012 months
27PNG - Family MattersSep-13-2016012 months
26China - Generation Left BehindSep-06-2016012 months
25UK - Last Whites of the East EndAug-30-2016012 months
24Yemen - The War on ChildrenAug-23-2016012 months
23Germany - For Greater GloryAug-16-2016012 months
22USA - Never TrumpAug-09-2016012 months
21South Sudan - Get Up, Stand UpAug-02-2016012 months
20China - The Labours of Mr ZhangJul-26-2016012 months
19PNG - A Bloody BoycottJul-19-2016012 months
18South Africa - Freedom RidersJul-12-2016012 months
17UK - The ReckoningJul-05-2016012 months
16USA - Honouring NoahJun-28-2016012 months
15Indonesia - A Fleeting FreedomJun-21-2016012 months
14Indonesia - AccusedJun-14-2016012 months
13UK - There'll Always Be An EnglandJun-07-2016012 months
12Afghanistan - Surgical StrikeMay-31-2016012 months
11Japan - Into the ZoneMay-24-2016012 months
10Come In SpinnerMay-17-2016012 months
9Iran - Persian JamMay-10-2016012 months
8Indonesia - False EconomyMay-03-2016012 months
7Middle East - Saudi Arabia UncoveredApr-26-2016012 months
6Afghanistan - On Thin IceApr-19-2016012 months
5Sicily - Mafia HunterApr-12-2016012 months
4Myanmar - PoppylandApr-05-2016012 months
3Germany - One Night in CologneMar-29-2016012 months
2USA - The Zombies from Wall StreetMar-22-2016012 months
1Sweden - Rosie's JourneyMar-15-2016012 months
201526Global - Digital DisruptionDec-21-2015012 months
25China - Our Man in ChinaDec-14-2015012 months
24USA - Black Lives MatterDec-07-2015012 months
23Global - How to Save the WorldNov-30-2015012 months
22Ukraine - Republic of NowhereSep-22-2015012 months
21PNG - Doctor Dim DimSep-15-2015012 months
20India - Tashi and the MonkSep-08-2015012 months
19USA - The Trump ShowSep-01-2015012 months
18Spain - Yes We CanAug-25-2015012 months
17Cuba - NeighboursAug-18-2015012 months
16China - Tales of a CityAug-11-2015012 months
15Egypt/Australia - Peter Greste: The Homecoming (2)Aug-04-2015012 months
14Egypt/Australia - Peter Greste: My Fight for Freedom (1)Jul-28-2015012 months
13Ireland - The Emerald AisleJul-21-2015012 months
12Greece - OdysseyJul-14-2015012 months
11The Philippines - Saving Mary JaneJul-07-2015012 months
10India - About A BoyJun-23-2015012 months
9South Korea - Education Gangnam StyleJun-16-2015012 months
8Syria - The Cost of LivingJun-09-2015012 months
7Qatar - Slaves to the Beautiful GameJun-02-2015012 months
6India - Let There Be LightMay-26-2015012 months
5Syria - Brides of ISISMay-19-2015012 months
4Antarctica - Southern ExposureMay-05-2015012 months
3U.K. - The Boris MissionApr-28-2015012 months
2Vietnam - Are You My Mother?Apr-21-2015012 months
1Middle East/Australia - Pitch BattleApr-14-2015012 months
201430Italy: The Italian SolutionOct-14-201405 years
29Kenya: Inside OutOct-07-201405 years
28China: CrackdownSep-30-201405 years
27South Africa: Symphony in SowetoSep-23-201405 years
26Northern Ireland: The DisappearedSep-16-201405 years
25Nepal: The RoadSep-09-201405 years
24Palau: Take a Long LineSep-02-201405 years
23Sierra Leone: Into the Hot ZoneAug-26-201405 years
22Japan: Return of the SamuraiAug-19-201405 years
21East Timor: The ClinicAug-12-201405 years
20Norway: The Gender MissionAug-05-201405 years
19Scotland: You Take the High Road and I'll Take the Low RoadJul-29-201405 years
18Syria: A Gangster Goes To WarJul-22-201405 years
17Laos: The LegacyJul-15-201405 years
16Mexico: The Last ResortJul-08-201405 years
15Myanmar: A New DawnJul-01-201405 years
14Cairo: Ordeal in EgyptJun-24-201405 years
13USA: Cannabis Inc.Jun-17-201405 years
12Jordan: Home Away From HomeJun-10-201405 years
11Tiananmen: Australia's WitnessesJun-03-201405 years
10Pakistan: The Polio EmergencyMay-27-201405 years
9Spratly Islands (South China Sea): Reef MadnessMay-20-201405 years
8Afghanistan: Groomed to KillMay-06-201405 years
7Cuba: Inside GitmoApr-29-201405 years
6South Africa: Granpower!Apr-22-201405 years
5India: The Baby MakersApr-15-201405 years
4Dubai: Trapped (2)Apr-08-201405 years
3Dubai: Trapped (1)Apr-01-201405 years
2Chile: Facing the PastMar-25-201405 years
1Ukraine: Moscow RulesMar-18-201405 years
[no episode title yet]Sep-30-201405 years
201330The Philippines: The Super StormNov-26-201305 years
29Indonesia: Cry of the TigerNov-19-201305 years
28United Kingdom: Honour and ObeyNov-12-201305 years
27Japan: The Next WaveNov-05-201305 years
26Russia: The Iron ClosetOct-29-201305 years
25USA: Down in JunglelandOct-22-201305 years
24Pakistan: MalalaOct-15-201305 years
23Afghanistan/Canada: Coming Home (2)Oct-08-201305 years
22Afghanistan/Canada: Coming Home (1): Combat DoctorOct-01-201305 years
21Easter Island: Ageing Rock StarsSep-24-201305 years
20Pakistan: The Enemy WithinSep-17-201305 years
19Corsica: Murder IslandSep-10-201305 years
18India: 23 Little LivesSep-03-201305 years
17Brazil: Showtime!Aug-27-201305 years
16China: The Other China Boom (2): The Drug SquadAug-20-201305 years
15China: The Other China Boom (1)Aug-13-201305 years
14Israel: Prisoner X: The SecretMay-07-201305 years
13Cyprus: The HaircutApr-30-201305 years
12Mali: The Road to Timbuktu (2)Apr-23-201305 years
11Mali: The Road to Timbuktu (1)Apr-16-201305 years
10Taiwan: Standing on Shaky GroundApr-09-201305 years
9Iraq: Searching for SteeleApr-02-201305 years
8Ireland: Race to the BottomMar-26-201305 years
7Syria: Ibrahim's WarMar-19-201305 years
6Mexico: The Veins of the EarthMar-12-201305 years
5India: On TrialMar-05-201305 years
4USA: Inside the NRAFeb-26-201305 years
3Italy: Made in ItalyFeb-19-201305 years
2Israel: Prisoner X: The Australian ConnectionFeb-12-201305 years
1Tanzania/Kenya: Where Have All The Elephants Gone?Feb-05-201305 years
201226We Will Not Be MovedNov-27-201205 years
25The Big DigNov-20-201205 years
24The OdysseyNov-13-201205 years
23Goin' Up Around the Bend - Truth, Votes and the American WayNov-06-201205 years
22Adrenalin NationOct-30-201205 years
21Tick, Tick, Boom!Oct-23-201205 years
20Rise of the MachinesSep-04-201205 years
19Lords of the RingAug-28-201205 years
18Revenge of the NerdsAug-21-201205 years
17Two HeartsAug-14-201205 years
16The Wandering SoulsAug-07-201205 years
15WiredJul-31-201205 years
14Globesity - Fat's New FrontierJul-24-201205 years
13That was Then This is NowJun-19-201205 years
12England SwingsJun-19-201205 years
11Miss TibetJun-05-201205 years
10The Real Great EscapeMay-29-201205 years
9Sayonara BabyMay-22-201205 years
8They Paved ParadiseMay-15-201205 years
7The Road to MandalayMar-20-201205 years
6Building the Perfect BugMar-13-201205 years
5The Almighty's DollarMar-06-201205 years
4Meet the FrackersFeb-28-201205 years
3Girlpower!Feb-21-201205 years
2Bavarian Fairy TaleFeb-14-201205 years
1The Ka-Ching DynastyFeb-07-201205 years
201140Around the World and Back AgainNov-22-201105 years
39Going RogueNov-15-201105 years
38Toxic TradeNov-08-201105 years
37Revolution HijackedNov-01-201105 years
36The HomecomingOct-25-201105 years
35The Mormon MomentOct-18-201105 years
34Inside the Hidden RevolutionOct-11-201105 years
33Wiki WhackedOct-04-201105 years
32Beyond the Lost HorizonSep-27-201105 years
31Follow the MoneySep-20-201105 years
30The Fukushima SyndromeSep-13-201105 years
29The Stop and Go Back ManSep-06-201105 years
28The Storming of High StreetAug-30-201105 years
27Diamond DogsAug-23-201105 years
26A Place in the SandAug-16-201105 years
25The Secret GardenAug-09-201105 years
24Paper/TigerAug-02-201105 years
23The Anguish, the AngerJul-26-201105 years
22The Lady on the LakeJul-19-201105 years
21What a Shocker!Jul-12-201105 years
20The Shadows of EverestJul-05-201105 years
19The Pain in SpainJun-28-201105 years
18There's an Awful Lot of Money in BrazilJun-21-201105 years
17Catwalk EmpireJun-14-201105 years
16Gangster's ParadiseJun-07-201105 years
15The Boy on the BikeMay-31-201105 years
14By the BeachMay-24-201105 years
13True BelieversMay-17-201105 years
12Inside/OutMay-03-201105 years
11Eat, Pray, GiveApr-26-201105 years
10Kingdom, UndercoverApr-19-201105 years
9The Blue and the BlackApr-12-201105 years
8Dance Like There's No TomorrowApr-05-201105 years
7Beyond BoratMar-29-201105 years
6Monster MakeoverMar-22-201105 years
5Killing the MessengerMar-08-201105 years
4GunsmokeMar-01-201105 years
3Goodbye, My IrelandFeb-22-201105 years
2Salma in the SquareFeb-15-201105 years
1The Pied Piper of JihadFeb-08-201105 years
201037Once Upon a YearNov-09-201005 years
36'Allo, 'Allo, 'AlloNov-02-201005 years
35Dirty SecretsOct-26-201005 years
34Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?Oct-19-201005 years
33What Happened NextOct-12-201005 years
32The Amazon of AsiaOct-05-201005 years
31Captain DraganSep-28-201005 years
30Heroes, Frauds & ImpostersSep-21-201005 years
29The SwingersSep-14-201005 years
28Collision CourseSep-07-201005 years
27The Curse of KatynAug-31-201005 years
26Terror-Go-RoundAug-24-201005 years
25Children of the DustAug-10-201005 years
24Frank, UncensoredAug-03-201005 years
23The Electric RangeJul-27-201005 years
22In the Chocolate CityJul-20-201005 years
21Bend It Like JongJul-13-201005 years
20Standing on the SkyJul-06-201005 years
19In Deep WaterJun-29-201005 years
18Truth or DareJun-22-201005 years
17High FinanceJun-15-201005 years
16The CatchJun-08-201005 years
15Gut InstinctJun-01-201005 years
14World, InterruptedMay-25-201005 years
13The Biggest DominoMay-18-201005 years
12Aceh AfterwardsMay-04-201005 years
11French DressingApr-27-201005 years
10Coming AcropolisApr-20-201005 years
9Pet MonstersApr-06-201005 years
8Stem Cells & MiraclesMar-30-201005 years
7The Whole EnchiladaMar-23-201005 years
6The Hit ParadeMar-16-201005 years
5QuicksandMar-09-201005 years
4Fly Away HomeMar-02-201005 years
3The Rapunzel MachineFeb-23-201005 years
2The Golden HourFeb-16-201005 years
1Hell or High WaterFeb-09-201005 years
200942Thanks for WatchingNov-10-200905 years
41Winds of ChangeNov-03-200905 years
40Flight AF 447Oct-27-200905 years
39Without Honour and HumanityOct-20-200905 years
38California BurningOct-13-200905 years
37Europe or Die TryingOct-06-200905 years
36Berlusconi and the BeautifulSep-29-200905 years
35Hook, Line and Sunk!Sep-22-200905 years
34Fly Away ChildrenSep-15-200905 years
33The Congo ConnectionSep-08-200905 years
3280 Million a DaySep-01-200905 years
31A Brave FaceAug-25-200905 years
30Return to the Fatal SkyAug-18-200905 years
29Total ControlAug-11-200905 years
28Rocket IslandAug-04-200905 years
27The Uighur DilemmaJul-28-200905 years
26Us and ThemJul-21-200905 years
25Orphans of the StormJul-14-200905 years
24The Rebellion NetworkJul-07-200905 years
23Bravo! Encore!Jun-30-200905 years
22A Greek TragedyJun-23-200905 years
21The BulldozerJun-16-200905 years
20Sumo ConfidentialJun-09-200905 years
19One Night in SofiaJun-02-200905 years
18Detroit: Ain't Too Proud To BegMay-26-200905 years
17The Third AmigoMay-19-200905 years
16Cats in the CloudsMay-06-200905 years
15PiratelandApr-28-200905 years
14The Young GunsApr-21-200905 years
13Trapped in TerrorApr-15-200905 years
12Jacob ZumaApr-07-200905 years
11Children of ZanskarApr-07-200905 years
10The Farmer Wants a CountryMar-31-200905 years
9The Big SmokeMar-24-200905 years
8Left To DieMar-17-200905 years
7Is Aid Killing Africa?Mar-17-200905 years
6American EmergencyMar-11-200905 years
5Young Lions of LahoreMar-11-200905 years
4What Lies Beneath?Mar-03-200905 years
3Stolen and SoldFeb-24-200905 years
2The World According to FrostFeb-17-200905 years
1Ramadan In SpaceFeb-17-200905 years
200843Episode 43Nov-25-200805 years
42Episode 42Nov-18-200805 years
41Episode 41Nov-11-200805 years
40Episode 40Nov-04-200805 years
39Episode 39Oct-28-200805 years
38Episode 38Oct-21-200805 years
37Episode 37Oct-14-200805 years
36Episode 36Oct-07-200805 years
35Episode 35Sep-30-200805 years
34Episode 34Sep-23-200805 years
33Episode 33Sep-16-200805 years
32Episode 32Sep-09-200805 years
31Episode 31Sep-02-200805 years
30Episode 30Aug-26-200805 years
29Episode 29Aug-19-200805 years
28Episode 28Aug-12-200805 years
27Episode 27Aug-05-200805 years
26Episode 26Jul-29-200805 years
25Episode 25Jul-22-200805 years
24Episode 24Jul-15-200805 years
23Episode 23Jul-08-200805 years
22Episode 22Jul-01-200805 years
21Episode 21Jun-24-200805 years
20Episode 20Jun-17-200805 years
19Episode 19Jun-10-200805 years
18Episode 18Jun-03-200805 years
17Episode 17May-27-200805 years
16Episode 16May-20-200805 years
15Episode 15May-13-200805 years
14Episode 14May-06-200805 years
13Episode 13Apr-29-200805 years
12Episode 12Apr-22-200805 years
11Episode 11Apr-15-200805 years
10Episode 10Apr-08-200805 years
9Episode 9Apr-01-200805 years
8Episode 8Mar-25-200805 years
7Episode 7Mar-18-200805 years
6Episode 6Mar-11-200805 years
5Episode 5Mar-04-200805 years
4Episode 4Feb-26-200805 years
3Episode 3Feb-19-200805 years
2Episode 2Feb-12-200805 years
1Episode 1Feb-05-200805 years
2111[no episode title yet]Jun-05-201209 years
10[no episode title yet]May-29-201209 years
9[no episode title yet]May-22-201209 years
09People Without Papers: ParisNov-21-2017012 months
8People Without Papers: DunkirkNov-21-2017012 months
7People Without Papers: CalaisNov-21-2017012 months
6USA - When Attenborough Met ObamaJun-30-2015012 months
5Lisa Millar on "Inside the NRA"Dec-17-2013012 months
4Eric Campbell on "The Road to Timbuktu"Dec-17-2013012 months
3Matt Brown on "Ibrahim's War"Dec-17-2013012 months
2Zoe Daniel on "India on Trial"Dec-18-2013012 months
1Trevor Bormann on "Prisoner X"Dec-18-2013012 months

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