Food Unwrapped

“Food Unwrapped” explores how our food is really made and the industry secrets behind our favourite produce. Reporters Matt Tebbutt, James Watt, Martin Dickie and Kate Quilton travel the globe to discover just how the food we love is mass produced. The series contacts supermarkets and producers with simple questions about the food we buy: What’s the wax on my lemons?; What are the bacteria in my Probiotics?; What is formed ham? If they can’t explain it, the gang of hungry detectives stop at nothing to find out, travelling to the food producers who supply the supermarkets to investigate, from Liverpool to Swaziland, and Thailand to Spain. Taking the cameras behind the doors of factories worldwide, the inquisitive food lovers meet food technicians, scientists, factory owners, growers and producers in order to reveal weird and wonderful facts we never knew about our food.

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Genre: Cooking, Food, Documentary

Release Date: September 10, 2012 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Channel 4 (UK) (Channel 4)

Casts: Kate Quilton, Jimmy Doherty, Matt Tebutt

Most recent episode: Food Unwrapped Season 18 Episode 5 - Instant Cappuccino, Tinned Tomatoes, Panettone ( 3/23/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
185Instant Cappuccino, Tinned Tomatoes, PanettoneMar-23-202001 year
4Brie, Candy Floss, CrayfishMar-16-202001 year
3Episode 3Mar-09-202022 years
2Walnuts, Sour Sweets, Hazy BeersMar-02-202012 years
1Episode 1Feb-24-202022 years
179Favourites: Oysters, Dry Gin, Herbal TeasDec-09-201901 year
8Favourites: Piquanté Peppers, Tuna fish, Ice cubesDec-02-201901 year
7Favourites: Orange Squash, Custard, MarmiteNov-25-201901 year
6Favourites: Lager & Ale, CrumpetsOct-14-201912 years
5Favourites: McVitie's, Corks, MascarponeOct-07-201902 years
4Favourites: Haagen-Dazs, Vanilla, Edam, Plastic in SeafoodSep-30-201902 years
3Episode 3Sep-23-201912 years
2Episode 2Sep-16-201901 year
1Episode 1Sep-02-201902 years
166TBAApr-23-201902 years
5Bacon, Fish Fingers, Calcium, New Zealand LambApr-16-201903 years
4Camel Milk, Fresh Pasta, Value RangesApr-08-201903 years
3Hen's Eggs, Beer Bubbles, Supermarket BurgersApr-01-201903 years
2Shrimps, Salted Caramel, PizzasMar-25-201903 years
1Coconut Shortage, Compostable Plastic, the MacaronMar-18-201903 years
1510Food Unwrapped Does Christmas 2018Dec-17-201801 year
9Coconut, Compostable Plastic, MacaronsDec-10-201803 years
8Fizzy Sweets, Vitamin D, Mushrooms, Raw KaleDec-03-201803 years
7Kippers, Gherkins, Rice CakesNov-26-201803 years
6Malt, Caviar, MuesliNov-19-201803 years
5Soft-shell Crab, Blue Dye, Pork PiesNov-12-201823 years
4Split red lentils, Tea, Bubblegum & Chewing GumOct-29-201803 years
3Baby Rice, Beef Burgers, SushiOct-22-201803 years
2Oregano, Peanut Allergies, RibenaOct-15-201803 years
1Poppy Seeds, Cooking Oil, Ancient Grain BreadOct-08-201801 year
147Jelly Beans, Tinned Anchovies, RumAug-27-201801 year
6Drinking Coffee, Kombucha, Beef SteakJul-16-201801 year
5Sugar Tax, Sliced Bread, Chicken BreastsJul-09-201801 year
4Papaya, Tuna, Growing Fish, Ice CubesJul-02-201801 year
3Pearls, Rainbow Ham, ButterfliesJun-25-201811 year
2London Dry Gin, Macadamia Nuts, Double DippingJun-18-201801 year
1Sweet Piquante Peppers, The Plastic Crisis, YoghurtJun-11-201801 year
136Chocolate, Bedtime Teas, Edam CheeseMar-19-201801 year
5Coffee Pods, Baby Carrots, Vanilla Ice CreamMar-12-201801 year
4Lager, Shaped Vegetables, BlueberriesMar-05-201801 year
3Cereal, Lard and Apple JuiceFeb-26-201801 year
2Crumpets, Baby Food, MascarponeFeb-19-201801 year
1Ice Cream, Olive Oil, Airline FoodFeb-12-201801 year
125Supermarket SpecialNov-17-201701 year
4Whisky, Halloumi, SweetcornNov-10-201701 year
3Corked Wine, Okra & HoneyNov-03-201701 year
2Orange Squash, Maple Syrup, BiscuitsOct-27-201701 year
1Marmite, Plastic, CustardOct-20-201701 year
118Revisited: Bell Peppers, Brazil Nuts, Goat MeatAug-02-201701 year
7Coloured Crisps, Avocados, Sour BeerJul-26-201701 year
6Salmon, Barbecued Kangaroo, AsparagusJun-12-201701 year
5Summer Diet SpecialJun-05-201701 year
4Milk, Fish, ButterMay-29-201701 year
3Prawn Crackers, Herbs, SaltMay-22-201701 year
2Tea, Pork Scratchings, Jelly BeansMay-15-201701 year
1Squid, Multivitamins, Clotted CreamMay-08-201701 year
108Revisited: MSG, Pistachios, OnionsFeb-27-201701 year
7Revisited: Pineapples, Vitamin D, Elderflower CordialFeb-20-201701 year
6Revisited: Prunes, Black Pepper, Swiss CheeseFeb-13-201701 year
5Tequila, Carp, Mandarins, Satsumas and ClementinesFeb-06-201701 year
4Gelato, Rum, SweetsJan-30-201701 year
3Eucalyptus, Sauerkraut, Fridge Storage TipsJan-23-201701 year
2Tea, Seaweed, RosemaryJan-16-201701 year
1Crocodile Meat & Eggs, Cod Liver Oil, BagelsJan-09-201701 year
99Revisited: Brazil Nuts, Coconut Oil, GoatNov-25-201601 year
8Revisited: Dates, Almond Butter, HaggisNov-18-201601 year
7Parmesan, Paprika, Hard-Boiled EggsNov-11-201601 year
6Skyr, Oysters, Dried StrawberriesNov-04-201601 year
5British Cheese, Parma Ham, LimesOct-28-201601 year
4Craft Beer, Tomatoes, AnchoviesOct-17-201601 year
3Pesto, Cockles, MarshmallowsOct-10-201601 year
2Icing Sugar, Risotto Rice, Waste BreadOct-03-201601 year
1Green Beans, Scallops, Cornish PastiesSep-26-201601 year
85Coconut Oil, Artichoke Hearts, AbsintheJun-06-201601 year
4Bell Peppers, Leeks, Manuka HoneyMay-30-201601 year
3Marmalade, Fish, GoatMay-23-201601 year
2Pepper, Yeast, CrispsMay-16-201601 year
1Dates, Sausages, ApplesMay-09-201601 year
74Almond Butter, Fortified Wine, OnionsApr-15-201601 year
3Bananas, Plant Meat, CrispsApr-08-201601 year
2Tofu, Ready Meals, MilkApr-01-201601 year
1Salt, Hens, HaggisMar-25-201601 year
0Delete Me01 year
616Revisited: Figs, Energy Drinks, Kidney BeansMar-14-201601 year
15Revisited: Cheap Red Wine, Gluten, Chewy SweetsMar-07-201601 year
14Revisited: Whitebait, Saffron and Glacé CherriesMar-04-201601 year
13Revisited: Sourdough Bread, Rose Oil and BeetrootFeb-26-201601 year
12Revisited, Greek Yoghurt, Red Leicester Cheese, Ostrich MeatFeb-19-201601 year
11Revisited: Meat, Pine Nuts, Store-Bought PiesNov-23-201501 year
10Revisited: Mozzarella, Venison and SproutsNov-02-201501 year
9Crabs, Greens, Gummy SweetsOct-26-201501 year
8Prunes, Cherry Tomatoes, Growing Veg with Sea WaterOct-19-201501 year
7Pineapples, Chocolate, MusselsOct-12-201501 year
6Vegetables, Wine, BiscuitsOct-05-201501 year
5Pistachios, Rolled Oats, ProseccoSep-28-201501 year
4Vodka, Instant Coffee, Wensleydale CheeseSep-21-201501 year
3Bluefin Tuna, Ice Cream, PeasSep-14-201501 year
2Vitamin D Deficiency, Wagyu Beef, Swiss CheeseSep-07-201501 year
1MSG, Brazil Nuts, Elderflower CordialAug-31-201501 year
514[no episode title yet]Jul-27-201501 year
13Revisited: Supermarket Fish, Cheese and Weight Loss, OlivesMay-25-201501 year
12Revisited: Bacon, Cheese and BananasMay-04-201501 year
11Vegetable Oil, Water, Supermarket PiesApr-20-201501 year
10Omega 3, Iberico Ham, White ChocolateApr-13-201501 year
9Whitebait, Doggy Chocs, American BeefMar-30-201501 year
8Olive Oil, Drinking Milk, Wild Boar, Truffle OilMar-16-201501 year
7Saffron, Greek Yoghurt, Kidney BeansMar-09-201551 year
6Pine Nuts, Red Leicester, Glace CherriesMar-02-201501 year
5Healthy Snacks, Cheap Wine, Garlic BreathFeb-23-201501 year
4Rose Oil, Pink Pork, Oven BagsFeb-16-201501 year
3Halloumi, Apple Cores, Sourdough BreadJan-26-201501 year
2Figs, Ostrich Meat, Added SugarJan-19-201501 year
1Tinned Tomatoes, Sweets, PrebioticsJan-12-201561 year
46[no episode title yet]Aug-18-201411 year
5[no episode title yet]Aug-11-201401 year
4[no episode title yet]Aug-04-201411 year
3[no episode title yet]Jul-28-201401 year
2[no episode title yet]Jul-21-201401 year
1[no episode title yet]Jul-14-201411 year
37[no episode title yet]Apr-21-201401 year
6[no episode title yet]Mar-10-201401 year
5[no episode title yet]Mar-03-201401 year
4[no episode title yet]Feb-24-201401 year
3[no episode title yet]Feb-10-201401 year
2[no episode title yet]Feb-03-201401 year
1[no episode title yet]Jan-20-201401 year
212[no episode title yet]Jan-06-201401 year
11[no episode title yet]Dec-23-201301 year
10[no episode title yet]Dec-09-201301 year
9[no episode title yet]Aug-12-201301 year
8[no episode title yet]Jul-29-201301 year
7[no episode title yet]Jul-22-201311 year
6[no episode title yet]Jul-15-201301 year
5[no episode title yet]Jul-08-201311 year
4[no episode title yet]Jul-01-201301 year
3[no episode title yet]Jun-17-201301 year
2[no episode title yet]Jun-10-201301 year
1[no episode title yet]Jun-03-201301 year
18Sausages and Ice-CreamNov-05-201201 year
7Tomatoes and Strawberry FlavourOct-29-201201 year
6Orange Juice and MayonnaiseOct-22-201201 year
5Seafood Sticks and WineOct-08-201201 year
4Olives and BeerOct-01-201201 year
3Prawns and MushroomsSep-24-201201 year
2Lemons and HamSep-17-201201 year
1Grapefruit and ProbioticsSep-10-201201 year
032TBAAug-26-201901 year
31Summer Special 2019Aug-19-201901 year
30Revisited - Tea, Scallops, LimesAug-04-201901 year
29Is Lunch Making Me Fat?Jun-06-201901 year
28TBAApr-17-201901 year
27TBAMar-15-201901 year
26TBAFeb-04-201901 year
25Diet Special 2019Jan-03-201901 year
24TBADec-17-201801 year
23Summer Diet Special 2018Jul-13-201801 year
22Seaweed, Pork Scratchings and Risotto.May-29-201801 year
21China SpecialMay-10-201801 year
20Diet Special 2018Jan-04-201801 year
19Food Unwrapped Does ChristmasDec-12-201701 year
18Supermarket SpecialNov-17-201701 year
17Meat SpecialAug-22-201701 year
16Diet Special 2017Jan-02-201701 year
15Food Unwrapped Does ChristmasDec-23-201601 year
14The Truth About SugarSep-19-201601 year
13Not To Be Missed MissionsJun-20-201601 year
12Lose Weight for SummerJun-13-201601 year
11Diet Special 2016Jan-04-201601 year
10Food Unwrapped at Christmas 2015Dec-21-201501 year
9Diets for SummerJul-27-201501 year
8Diet SpecialJan-05-201501 year
7Christmas DinnerDec-22-201401 year
6Easter SpecialApr-21-201401 year
5Season 3 HighlightsMar-10-201401 year
4Diet SpecialJan-06-201401 year
3Christmas DinnerDec-23-201301 year
2Viewers' Questions SpecialDec-09-201301 year
1Food Techniques SpecialAug-12-201301 year

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