First Dates (UK)

50 First Dates offers the chance to experience what it’s like to meet potential partners from the internet for the first time. The First Dates restaurant is the setting for people from all walks of life who are looking for love to meet.

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Genre: Documentary, Romance

Release Date: June 20, 2013

Status: Running

Network: Channel 4 (Official Website)

Casts: Brian Protheroe, Fred Sirieix

Most recent episode: First Dates (UK) Season 16 Episode 2 - Episode 2 ( 1/26/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
162Episode 2Jan-26-2021610 months
1Episode 1Jan-19-2021810 months
154Episode 4Oct-21-2020010 months
3Episode 3Oct-14-2020010 months
2Episode 2Oct-08-2020010 months
1Episode 1Oct-01-2020010 months
145Episode 5Mar-19-202012 years
4Episode 4Mar-12-202012 years
3Episode 3Mar-05-202012 years
2Episode 2Feb-27-202022 years
1Episode 1Feb-20-202032 years
136Episode 6Dec-17-201902 years
5Episode 5Dec-10-201912 years
4Episode 4Dec-03-201902 years
3Episode 3Nov-26-201912 years
2Episode 2Nov-19-201922 years
1Episode 1Nov-12-201902 years
1210Episode 10Jun-18-201902 years
9Episode 9Jun-11-201922 years
8Episode 8Jun-04-201902 years
7Episode 7May-28-201912 years
6Episode 6May-21-201922 years
5Episode 5May-14-201912 years
4Episode 4May-07-201922 years
3Episode 3Apr-30-201902 years
2Episode 2Apr-23-201902 years
1Episode 1Apr-16-201902 years
118Episode 8Dec-17-201802 years
7Episode 7Dec-10-201802 years
6Episode 6Dec-03-201802 years
5Episode 5Nov-26-201802 years
4Episode 4Nov-19-201802 years
3Episode 3Nov-12-201802 years
2Episode 2Nov-05-201802 years
1Episode 1Oct-29-201802 years
1010Episode 10Jun-07-201802 years
9Episode 9May-31-201802 years
8Episode 8May-24-201802 years
7Episode 7May-17-201802 years
6Episode 6May-09-201802 years
5Episode 5May-02-201802 years
4Episode 4Apr-25-201802 years
3Episode 3Apr-18-201802 years
2Episode 2Apr-11-201802 years
1Episode 1Apr-04-201802 years
913Episode 13Dec-18-201702 years
12Episode 12Dec-11-201702 years
11Episode 11Dec-04-201702 years
10Episode 10Nov-27-201702 years
9Episode 9Nov-20-201702 years
8Episode 8Nov-13-201702 years
7Episode 7Nov-06-201702 years
6Episode 6Oct-30-201702 years
5Episode 5Oct-23-201702 years
4Episode 4Oct-09-201702 years
3Episode 3Oct-02-201702 years
2Episode 2Sep-25-201702 years
1Episode 1Sep-18-201702 years
813Episode 13Jul-11-201702 years
12Episode 12Jul-04-201702 years
11Episode 11Jun-27-201702 years
10Episode 10Jun-20-201702 years
9Episode 9Jun-13-201702 years
8Episode 8Jun-06-201702 years
7Episode 7May-30-201702 years
6Episode 6May-23-201702 years
5Episode 5May-16-201702 years
4Episode 4May-09-201702 years
3Episode 3May-02-201702 years
2Episode 2Apr-25-201702 years
1Episode 1Apr-18-201702 years
717Episode 17Dec-12-201602 years
16Episode 16Dec-05-201602 years
15Episode 15Nov-28-201602 years
14Episode 14Nov-21-201602 years
13Episode 13Nov-14-201602 years
12Episode 12Nov-07-201602 years
11Episode 11Oct-31-201602 years
10Episode 10Oct-24-201602 years
9Episode 9Oct-17-201602 years
8Episode 8Oct-10-201602 years
7Episode 7Oct-03-201602 years
6Episode 6Sep-26-201602 years
5Episode 5Sep-19-201602 years
4Episode 4Aug-29-201622 years
3Episode 3Aug-24-201602 years
2Episode 2Aug-16-201602 years
1Episode 1Aug-09-201602 years
66Episode 6Apr-19-201602 years
5Episode 5Apr-12-201602 years
4Episode 4Apr-05-201602 years
3Episode 3Mar-29-201602 years
2Episode 2Mar-22-201602 years
1Episode 1Mar-15-201602 years
55Be My ValentineFeb-12-201602 years
4Episode 4Feb-04-201602 years
3Episode 3Jan-28-201602 years
2Episode 2Jan-22-201602 years
1Episode 1Jan-15-201602 years
416The ProposalDec-17-201502 years
15Episode 15Dec-10-201502 years
14Episode 14Dec-03-201502 years
13Episode 13Nov-26-201502 years
12Episode 12Nov-19-201502 years
11Episode 11Nov-12-201502 years
10Episode 10Nov-05-201502 years
9Episode 9Oct-29-201502 years
8Episode 8Oct-22-201502 years
7Episode 7Oct-15-201502 years
6Celebrity Special for SU2COct-12-201502 years
5Episode 5Oct-08-201502 years
4Episode 4Oct-01-201502 years
3Episode 3Sep-24-201502 years
2Episode 2Sep-17-201502 years
1Episode 1Sep-10-201502 years
39Episode 9Apr-29-201502 years
8Episode 8Apr-22-201502 years
7Episode 7Apr-15-201502 years
6Episode 6Apr-08-201502 years
5Episode 5Apr-01-201502 years
4Episode 4Mar-25-201502 years
3Episode 3Mar-18-201502 years
2Episode 2Mar-11-201502 years
1Episode 1Mar-06-201502 years
28Episode 8Apr-02-201402 years
7Episode 7Mar-26-201402 years
6Episode 6Mar-19-201402 years
5Episode 5Mar-12-201402 years
4Episode 4Mar-05-201402 years
3Episode 3Feb-26-201402 years
2Episode 2Feb-19-201402 years
1Episode 1Feb-12-201402 years
16Episode 6Jul-25-201302 years
5Episode 5Jul-18-201302 years
4Episode 4Jul-11-201302 years
3Episode 3Jul-04-201302 years
2Episode 2Jun-27-201302 years
1Episode 1Jun-20-201302 years
09TBAFeb-14-201902 years
8TBADec-25-201802 years
7Celebrity Special for SU2C (2018)Oct-25-201802 years
6Be My Valentine (2018)Feb-16-201802 years
5First Dates at ChristmasDec-25-201702 years
4Celebrity Special for SU2CNov-02-201702 years
3Be My Valentine (2017)Feb-13-201702 years
2At ChristmasDec-19-201602 years
1Be My Valentine (2016)Feb-12-201602 years

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