Find Me in Paris

Find Me in Paris is centering on Lena Grisky, a typical teenage girl attending the Paris Opera Ballet School, the most elite dance institution in the world. But Lena has a secret. She’s a time traveler, accidentally propelled from 1905 into the 21st century by her boyfriend Henri. Stuck in the past, Henri does everything he can to find a way to bring her home. Meanwhile, Lena tries to fit in, juggling high school and rigorous ballet training. She even becomes a member of an elite underground dance crew, the BLOK, all while trying to keep her secret.

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Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Release Date: July 19, 2018

Status: Running

Network: Hulu (Official Website)

Casts: Jessica Lord, Eubha Akilade, Hannah Dodd, Castle Rock, Christy O'Donnell, Chloe Fox, Caitlin Rose Lacey, Seán Óg Cairns, Audrey Hall, Rory J. Saper, Hiran Abeysekera, Terique Jarrett, Jake Swift, Isabelle Allen

Most recent episode: Find Me in Paris Season 3 Episode 26 - Make It or Break It ( 8/21/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
326Make It or Break ItAug-21-2020010 months
25The Chosen OneAug-21-2020010 months
24This Is ItAug-21-2020010 months
23No Dance TodayAug-21-2020010 months
22Time to TrainAug-21-2020010 months
21Video UndercoverAug-21-2020010 months
20Rescue MissionAug-21-2020010 months
19Only the BestAug-21-2020010 months
18Who's Got Talent?Aug-21-2020010 months
17What If?Aug-21-2020010 months
16Operation ArmandoAug-21-2020010 months
15You're All OutAug-21-2020010 months
14The DealAug-21-2020010 months
13Four HeirsAug-21-2020010 months
12The NutcrackerAug-21-2020010 months
11Family ReunionAug-21-2020010 months
10Down to the WireAug-21-2020010 months
9Old FriendsAug-21-2020010 months
8Magic KissAug-21-2020010 months
7Slamming DoorsAug-21-2020010 months
6Trip Down Memory LaneAug-21-2020010 months
5The New GirlAug-21-2020010 months
4Trouble in ParadiseAug-21-2020010 months
3Pair upAug-21-2020010 months
2The Future of DanceAug-21-2020010 months
1This Is 1983Aug-21-2020010 months
226Going HomeAug-16-2019010 months
25He KnowsAug-16-2019010 months
24One Last ChanceAug-16-2019010 months
23Lost and FoundAug-16-2019010 months
22Mutiny at the GarnierAug-16-2019010 months
21Flash ForwardAug-16-2019010 months
20Mystery PrincessAug-16-2019010 months
19SabotageAug-16-2019010 months
18The Brainy BunchAug-16-2019010 months
17Who's the Boss?Aug-16-2019010 months
16Spread the LoveAug-16-2019010 months
15Like Father, Like SonAug-16-2019010 months
14On the RunAug-16-2019010 months
13Can't Beat the EliteAug-16-2019010 months
12Ballet OffAug-16-2019010 months
11The TakeoverAug-16-2019010 months
10New Kids On the BLOKAug-16-2019010 months
9Guess Who's BackAug-16-2019010 months
8Break a LegAug-16-2019010 months
7Close CallAug-16-2019010 months
6Unexpected AlliesAug-16-2019010 months
5Game OnAug-16-2019010 months
4Whatever It TakesAug-16-2019010 months
3Out of PlaceAug-16-2019010 months
2New Year, New RulesAug-16-2019010 months
1Moments LaterAug-16-2019010 months
126ShowtimeJul-19-2018010 months
25A Dangerous GameJul-19-2018010 months
24Dance 'till You DropJul-19-2018010 months
23Spinning LiesJul-19-2018010 months
22They KnowJul-19-2018010 months
21L.O.V.E.Jul-19-2018010 months
20Secret and PointesJul-19-2018010 months
19Running in the FamilyJul-19-2018010 months
18Oh BrotherJul-19-2018010 months
17A Slippery PointeJul-19-2018010 months
16High-stakes Hip-HopJul-19-2018010 months
15Between the BricksJul-19-2018010 months
14Time to Face the MusicJul-19-2018010 months
13GoneJul-19-2018010 months
12The Chill MethodJul-19-2018010 months
11What Happens under the Garnier...Jul-19-2018010 months
10A Pain in the BunJul-19-2018010 months
9Faux BestiesJul-19-2018010 months
8Twirls, Spins and DoblesJul-19-2018010 months
7Curse of the FairyJul-19-2018010 months
6Battle of the TutusJul-19-2018010 months
5Pineapple TherapyJul-19-2018010 months
4Just DanceJul-19-2018010 months
3Together AgainJul-19-2018010 months
2Rooftop Hip-HopJul-19-2018010 months
1Find Me in ParisJul-19-2018010 months

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