Fifth Gear

A motor magazine with the recent driving news, expert opinions, and practical & reliable advices. The hosts have motorsport backgrounds and take you under the hoods of the latest speedsters and conduct tests and stunts to see what different cars are capable of. Fifth Gear promises more facts than ever before about the most important new cars, along with the usual mix of stunts and challenges that push cars and presenters to their limits. Join Vicki Butler-Henderson, Tiff Needell, Jason Plato, Jonny Smith and Ben Collins as they take motors to the Fifth Gear.

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Genre: Motoring

Release Date: April 8, 2002 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Five UK (IMDb, Official Website)


Most recent episode: Fifth Gear Season 28 Episode 6 - Episode 6 ( 11/7/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
286Episode 6Nov-07-201912 years
5Episode 5Oct-31-201902 years
4Episode 4Oct-24-201912 years
3Episode 3Oct-17-201922 years
2Episode 2Oct-10-201902 years
1Episode 1Oct-03-201922 years
278Episode 8Oct-25-201802 years
7Episode 7Oct-18-201822 years
6Episode 6Oct-11-201812 years
5Episode 5Oct-04-201802 years
4Episode 4Sep-27-201822 years
3Episode 3Sep-20-201812 years
2Episode 2Sep-13-201802 years
1Episode 1Sep-06-201812 years
266Episode 6Aug-06-201501 year
5Episode 5Jul-30-201501 year
4Episode 4Jul-23-201501 year
3Episode 3Jul-16-201501 year
2Episode 2Jul-09-201501 year
1Episode 1Jul-02-201501 year
256Episode 6Apr-09-201501 year
5Episode 5Apr-02-201501 year
4Episode 4Mar-26-201501 year
3Episode 3Mar-19-201501 year
2Episode 2Mar-12-201501 year
1Episode 1Mar-05-201501 year
249Episode 9Apr-21-201401 year
8Episode 8Apr-14-201401 year
7Episode 7Apr-07-201401 year
6Episode 6Mar-31-201401 year
5Episode 5Mar-24-201401 year
4Episode 4Mar-17-201401 year
3Episode 3Mar-10-201401 year
2Episode 2Mar-03-201401 year
1Episode 1Feb-24-201401 year
239Episode 9Nov-11-201301 year
8Episode 8Nov-04-201301 year
7Episode 7Oct-28-201301 year
6Episode 6Oct-21-201301 year
5Episode 5Oct-14-201301 year
4Episode 4Oct-07-201301 year
3Episode 3Sep-30-201301 year
2Episode 2Sep-23-201301 year
1Episode 1Sep-16-201301 year
229Episode 9Apr-08-201301 year
8Episode 8Apr-01-201301 year
7Episode 7Mar-25-201301 year
6Episode 6Mar-18-201311 year
5Episode 5Mar-11-201311 year
4Episode 4Mar-04-201311 year
3Episode 3Feb-25-201301 year
2Episode 2Feb-18-201301 year
1Episode 1Feb-11-201301 year
219Episode 9Oct-29-201201 year
8Episode 8Oct-22-201201 year
7Episode 7Oct-15-201221 year
6Episode 6Oct-08-201201 year
5Episode 5Oct-01-201221 year
4Episode 4Sep-24-201201 year
3Episode 3Sep-17-201221 year
2Episode 2Sep-10-201221 year
1Episode 1Sep-03-201211 year
2010Episode 10Dec-30-201101 year
9Episode 9Dec-16-201101 year
8Episode 8Dec-09-201101 year
7Episode 7Dec-02-201101 year
6Episode 6Nov-25-201101 year
5Episode 5Nov-18-201101 year
4Episode 4Nov-04-201101 year
3Episode 3Oct-28-201101 year
2Episode 2Oct-21-201101 year
1Episode 1Oct-14-201101 year
1910Episode 10Jul-15-201101 year
9Episode 9Jul-08-201101 year
8Episode 8Jun-24-201101 year
7Episode 7Jun-10-201101 year
6Episode 6May-20-201101 year
5Episode 5May-13-201101 year
4Episode 4May-06-201101 year
3Episode 3Apr-15-201101 year
2Episode 2Apr-08-201101 year
1Episode 1Apr-01-201101 year
1810Episode 10Dec-10-201001 year
9Episode 9Dec-03-201001 year
8Episode 8Nov-26-201001 year
7Episode 7Nov-19-201001 year
6Episode 6Nov-12-201001 year
5Episode 5Nov-05-201001 year
4Episode 4Oct-29-201001 year
3Episode 3Oct-22-201001 year
2Episode 2Oct-15-201001 year
1Episode 1Oct-08-201001 year
1710Episode 10Aug-12-201001 year
9Episode 9Aug-05-201001 year
8Episode 8Jul-22-201001 year
7Episode 7Jul-15-201001 year
6Episode 6Jul-08-201001 year
5Episode 5Jul-01-201001 year
4Episode 4Jun-24-201001 year
3Episode 3Jun-17-201001 year
2Episode 2Jun-10-201001 year
1Episode 1Jun-03-201001 year
168Episode 8Jul-27-200901 year
7Episode 7Jul-20-200901 year
6Episode 6Jul-13-200901 year
5Episode 5Jul-06-200901 year
4Episode 4Jun-29-200901 year
3Episode 3Jun-22-200901 year
2Episode 2Jun-15-200901 year
1Episode 1Jun-08-200901 year
158Episode 8Feb-23-200901 year
7Episode 7Feb-16-200901 year
6Episode 6Feb-09-200901 year
5Episode 5Feb-02-200901 year
4Episode 4Jan-26-200901 year
3Episode 3Jan-19-200901 year
2Episode 2Jan-12-200901 year
1Episode 1Jan-05-200901 year
148Episode 8Sep-29-200801 year
7Episode 7Sep-22-200801 year
6Episode 6Sep-15-200801 year
5Episode 5Sep-08-200801 year
4Episode 4Sep-01-200801 year
3Episode 3Aug-25-200801 year
2Episode 2Aug-18-200801 year
1Episode 1Aug-11-200801 year
1310Episode 10Mar-24-200801 year
9Episode 9Mar-17-200801 year
8Episode 8Mar-10-200801 year
7Episode 7Mar-03-200801 year
6Episode 6Feb-25-200801 year
5Episode 5Feb-18-200801 year
4Episode 4Feb-11-200801 year
3Episode 3Feb-04-200801 year
2Episode 2Jan-28-200801 year
1Episode 1Jan-21-200801 year
128Episode 8Oct-22-200701 year
7Episode 7Oct-15-200701 year
6Episode 6Oct-08-200701 year
5Episode 5Oct-01-200701 year
4Episode 4Sep-24-200701 year
3Episode 3Sep-17-200701 year
2Episode 2Sep-10-200701 year
1Episode 1Sep-03-200701 year
1110Episode 10Jul-02-200701 year
9Episode 9Jun-25-200701 year
8Episode 8Jun-18-200701 year
7Episode 7Jun-11-200701 year
6Episode 6Jun-04-200701 year
5Episode 5May-28-200701 year
4Episode 4May-22-200701 year
3Episode 3May-14-200701 year
2Episode 2May-07-200701 year
1Episode 1Apr-30-200701 year
1013Episode 13Dec-18-200601 year
12Episode 12Dec-11-200601 year
11Episode 11Dec-04-200601 year
10Episode 10Nov-27-200601 year
9Episode 9Nov-20-200601 year
8Episode 8Nov-13-200601 year
7Episode 7Nov-06-200601 year
6Episode 6Oct-30-200601 year
5Episode 5Oct-23-200601 year
4Episode 4Oct-16-200601 year
3Episode 3Oct-09-200601 year
2Episode 2Oct-02-200601 year
1Episode 1Sep-25-200601 year
913Episode 13Jul-24-200601 year
12Episode 12Jul-17-200601 year
11Episode 11Jul-10-200601 year
10Episode 10Jul-03-200601 year
9Episode 9Jun-05-200601 year
8Episode 8May-29-200601 year
7Episode 7May-22-200601 year
6Episode 6May-15-200601 year
5Episode 5May-08-200601 year
4Episode 4May-01-200601 year
3Episode 3Apr-24-200601 year
2Episode 2Apr-17-200601 year
1Episode 1Apr-10-200601 year
810Episode 10Dec-12-200501 year
9Episode 9Dec-05-200501 year
8Episode 8Nov-28-200501 year
7Episode 7Nov-21-200501 year
6Episode 6Nov-14-200501 year
5Episode 5Nov-07-200501 year
4Episode 4Oct-31-200501 year
3Episode 3Oct-24-200501 year
2Episode 2Oct-17-200501 year
1Episode 1Oct-10-200501 year
710Episode 10May-23-200501 year
9Episode 9May-16-200501 year
8Episode 8May-09-200501 year
7Episode 7May-02-200501 year
6Episode 6Apr-25-200501 year
5Episode 5Apr-18-200501 year
4Episode 4Apr-11-200501 year
3Episode 3Apr-04-200501 year
2Episode 2Mar-28-200501 year
1Episode 1Mar-21-200501 year
610Fifth Gear Awards 2004Dec-13-200401 year
9Hitting PedestriansDec-06-200401 year
8Ultimate Caravan RacingNov-29-200401 year
7Ultimate MPV'sNov-22-200401 year
6Driving Chris RyanNov-15-200401 year
5Best of BritishNov-08-200401 year
4High Speed Smart CrashNov-01-200401 year
3Ultimate Economy CarsOct-25-200401 year
2The Ultimate SupercarOct-18-200401 year
1The Jensen Button Racing ChallengeOct-11-200401 year
510Motor Show SpecialMay-31-200401 year
9Celebrity CarsMay-24-200401 year
8The Science of Car JumpsMay-17-200401 year
7Britain's Best 4x4May-10-200401 year
6Buying Schumacher's CarMay-03-200401 year
5Ultimate MinisApr-26-200401 year
4High-Speed Blow-OutApr-19-200401 year
3Scared DriversApr-12-200401 year
2Cars v PlanesApr-05-200401 year
1When New Cars Hit Old CarsMar-29-200401 year
410Killer LuggageDec-08-200301 year
9Confronting the ClampersDec-01-200301 year
8Ultimate Shoot OutNov-24-200301 year
7Motorway Truck Side-SwipeNov-17-200301 year
6DriftingNov-10-200301 year
5Best Cars of the 80sNov-03-200301 year
4Ultimate New Car BargainOct-27-200301 year
3Ultimate Stealth CarOct-20-200301 year
2Pile-UpOct-13-200301 year
1The Italian Job SpecialSep-26-200301 year
310Episode 10May-28-200301 year
9Episode 9May-21-200301 year
8World's Greatest Sports CarMay-14-200301 year
7Episode 7May-07-200301 year
6Road RageApr-30-200301 year
5Bullet Proof CarsApr-14-200301 year
4Episode 4Apr-02-200301 year
3Roll-OverMar-26-200301 year
2Exploding CarsMar-19-200301 year
1Ultimate Crash TestMar-12-200301 year
210Episode 10Dec-16-200201 year
9Episode 9Dec-09-200201 year
8Episode 8Dec-02-200201 year
7Episode 7Nov-25-200201 year
6Episode 6Nov-11-200201 year
5Episode 5Nov-04-200201 year
4Episode 4Oct-28-200201 year
3Episode 3Oct-21-200201 year
2Episode 2Oct-14-200201 year
1Episode 1Oct-07-200201 year
111Episode 11Jun-17-200201 year
10Episode 10Jun-10-200201 year
9Episode 9Jun-03-200201 year
8Episode 8May-27-200201 year
7Episode 7May-20-200201 year
6Episode 6May-13-200201 year
5Episode 5May-06-200201 year
4Episode 4Apr-29-200201 year
3Episode 3Apr-22-200201 year
2Episode 2Apr-15-200201 year
1Episode 1Apr-08-200201 year
05James Bond's Cars01 year
4The Nation's Favourite FerrariDec-15-200301 year
3The Best of Fifth GearDec-22-200301 year
2The Best Of Fifth Gear SupercarsMar-27-200601 year
1Stunt SpecialMay-23-200901 year

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