Father Brown (2013)

Father Brown is based on G. K. Chesterton’s detective stories about a Catholic priest who doubles as an amateur detective in order to try and solve mysteries.

Genre: Crime, Drama

Release Date: January 14, 2013 (UK)

Status: Running

Network: BBC One UK (Official Website)

Casts: Alex Price, John Burton, Tom Chambers, Hugo Speer, Sorcha Cusack, Keith Osborn, Mark Williams, Nancy Carroll

Most recent episode: Father Brown (2013) Season 7 Episode 10 - The Honourable Thief ( 1/18/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
710The Honourable ThiefJan-18-201901 year
9The Skylark ScandalJan-17-201901 year
8The Blood Of The AnarchistsJan-16-201901 year
7The House of GodJan-15-201901 year
6The Sacrifice Of TantalusJan-14-201901 year
5The Darkest NoonJan-11-201901 year
4The Demise Of The DebutanteJan-10-201901 year
3The Whistle In The DarkJan-09-201901 year
2The Passing BellJan-08-201901 year
1The Great Train RobberyJan-07-201901 year
610The Two Deaths of Hercule FlambeauJan-12-2018012 months
9The Flower of the FairwayJan-11-2018012 months
8The Cat of MastigatusJan-10-2018012 months
7The Dance of DeathJan-09-2018012 months
6The Devil You KnowJan-08-2018012 months
5The Face of the EnemyJan-05-2018012 months
4The Angel of MercyJan-04-2018012 months
3The Kembleford DragonJan-03-2018012 months
2The Jackdaw's RevengeJan-02-2018012 months
1The Tree of TruthDec-18-2017012 months
515The Penitent ManJan-19-2017012 months
14The Fire in the SkyJan-18-2017012 months
13The Tanganyika GreenJan-19-2017012 months
12The Theatre of the InvisibleJan-16-2017012 months
11The Sins of OthersJan-13-2017012 months
10The Alchemist's SecretJan-12-2017012 months
9The Lepidopterist's CompanionJan-11-2017012 months
8The Crimson FeatherJan-10-2017012 months
7The Smallest of ThingsJan-09-2017012 months
6The Eagle and the DawJan-06-2017012 months
5The Hand of LuciaJan-05-2017012 months
4The Chedworth CycloneJan-04-2017012 months
3The Eve of St JohnJan-03-2017012 months
2The Labyrinth of the MinotaurJan-02-2017012 months
1The Star of JacobDec-23-2016012 months
410The Wrath of Baron SamdiJan-15-2016012 months
9The Sins of the FatherJan-14-2016012 months
8The ResurrectionistsJan-13-2016012 months
7The Missing ManJan-12-2016012 months
6The Rod of AsclepiusJan-11-2016012 months
5The Daughter of AutolycusJan-08-2016012 months
4The Crackpot of the EmpireJan-07-2016012 months
3The Hangman's DemiseJan-06-2016012 months
2The Brewer's DaughterJan-05-2016012 months
1The Mask of the DemonJan-04-2016012 months
315The Owl of MinervaJan-23-2015012 months
14The Deadly SealJan-22-2015012 months
13The Paradise of ThievesJan-21-2015012 months
12The Standing StonesJan-20-2015012 months
11The Time MachineJan-19-2015412 months
10The Judgement of ManJan-16-2015412 months
9The Truth in the WineJan-15-2015012 months
8The Lair of the LibertinesJan-14-2015012 months
7The Kembleford BoggartJan-13-2015012 months
6The Upcott FraternityJan-12-2015012 months
5The Last ManJan-09-2015812 months
4The Sign of the Broken SwordJan-08-2015012 months
3The Invisible ManJan-07-2015012 months
2The Curse of AmenhotepJan-06-2015012 months
1The Man in the ShadowsJan-05-2015012 months
210The Laws of MotionJan-17-2014012 months
9The Grim ReaperJan-16-2014012 months
8The Prize of Colonel GerardJan-15-2014012 months
7The Three Tools of DeathJan-14-2014012 months
6The Daughters of JerusalemJan-13-2014012 months
5The Mysteries of the RosaryJan-10-2014012 months
4The Shadow of the ScaffoldJan-09-2014012 months
3The Pride of the PrydesJan-08-2014012 months
2The Maddest of AllJan-07-2014012 months
1The Ghost in the MachineJan-06-2014012 months
110The Blue CrossJan-25-2013012 months
9The Mayor and the MagicianJan-24-2013012 months
8The Face of DeathJan-23-2013012 months
7The Devil's DustJan-22-2013012 months
6The Bride of ChristJan-21-2013012 months
5The Eye of ApolloJan-18-2013012 months
4The Man in the TreeJan-17-2013012 months
3The Wrong ShapeJan-16-2013012 months
2The Flying StarsJan-15-2013012 months
1The Hammer of GodJan-14-2013012 months
01Saving Souls, Solving CrimesMar-21-2015012 months

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