Family Guy

Family Guy is an animated series that follows the lives of the Griffins, a dysfunctional family consisting of parents Peter and Lois, their children Meg, Chris, and Stewie and their anthropomorphic pet dog Brian. The TV series is set in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island and shows much of its humor in the form of cutaway gags that often lampoon American culture. Voices featured on this animation are Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis and Mike Henry.

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Genre: Comedy, Animation

Release Date: January 31, 1999 (US)

Status: Running

Network: FOX (Official Website)

Casts: Mila Kunis, Lacey Chabert, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mike Henry, Seth MacFarlane, Seth MacFarlane, Seth MacFarlane

Most recent episode: Family Guy Season 20 Episode 14 - Not Found ( 3/28/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
2014TBAMar-28-2021148 months
13TBAFeb-28-202109 months
10Christmas CrimeDec-19-202105 days
9The Fatman Always Rings TwiceDec-13-2020211 day
8The Birthday BootleggerDec-06-202091 week
7Peterschmidt ManorOct-18-2020231 week
6Cootie & The BlowhardNov-07-2021171 week
5Brief EncounterOct-24-2021361 week
480's GuyOct-17-2021335 days
3Must Love DogsOct-10-2021422 months
2Rock HardOct-03-2021312 months
1LASIK InstinctSep-26-2021302 months
1924Episode 2408 months
23Rock Hard09 months
22Brief Encounter09 months
21Must Love Dogs09 months
20Tales of Former Sports GloryMay-16-2021172 months
19Family CatMay-09-2021102 months
18Meg Goes to CollegeMay-02-2021112 months
17The Young Parent TrapApr-18-2021242 months
16Who's Brian Now?Apr-11-2021262 months
15Customer of the WeekMar-28-2021222 months
14The Marrying KindMar-14-2021252 months
13PeTerminatorMar-07-2021362 months
12And Then There's FraudFeb-28-2021352 months
11Boy's Best FriendFeb-21-2021292 months
10Fecal MattersJan-17-2021152 months
9The First No LDec-13-2020132 months
8Pawtucket PatDec-06-202092 months
7Wild Wild WestNov-22-202072 months
6Meg's WeddingNov-15-202072 months
5La Famiglia GuyNov-08-202072 months
4CutawaylandNov-01-202052 months
3Boys & SquirrelsOct-11-2020102 months
2The Talented Mr. StewieOct-04-202072 months
1Stewie's First WordSep-27-202072 months
1820Movin' In (Principal Shepherd's Song)May-17-202032 months
19Holly BibbleMay-10-202064 months
18Better Off MegMay-03-202052 months
17Coma GuyApr-26-202094 months
16Start Me UpApr-19-202031 year
15Baby StewieMar-15-202052 months
14The MovementMar-08-202062 months
13Rich Old StewieMar-01-202032 months
12UndergroundedFeb-23-202052 months
11Short CutsFeb-16-202062 months
10Connie's CelicaJan-05-202022 months
9Christmas is ComingDec-15-201922 months
8ShanksgivingNov-24-201912 months
7Heart BurnNov-17-201922 months
6Peter & Lois' WeddingNov-10-201932 months
5Cat FightNov-03-201934 months
4Disney's the RebootOct-20-201932 months
3Absolutely BabulousOct-13-201944 months
2Bri-DaOct-06-201954 months
1Yacht RockySep-29-201984 months
1720Adam West HighMay-12-201932 years
19Girl, InternettedMay-05-201952 months
18Throw It AwayApr-28-201922 months
17Island AdventureMar-31-201932 months
16You Can't Handle the BoothMar-17-201932 months
15No Giggity, No DoubtMar-10-201934 months
14Family Guy LiteMar-03-201934 months
13Trans-FatFeb-17-201912 months
12Bri, RobotFeb-10-201922 months
11Trump GuyJan-13-201922 months
10Hefty Shades of GrayJan-06-201902 months
9Pawtucket PeteDec-09-201814 months
8Con HeiressDec-02-201822 months
7The Griffin Winter GamesNov-18-201824 months
6Stand By MegNov-11-201824 months
5Regarding CarterNov-04-201834 months
4Big Trouble in Little QuahogOct-21-201842 months
3Pal StewieOct-14-201842 months
2Dead Dog WalkingOct-07-201824 months
1Married... with CancerSep-30-201822 months
1620Are You There God? It's Me, PeterMay-20-201824 months
19The Unkindest CutMay-13-201822 months
18HTTPeteMay-06-201822 months
17Switch the FlipApr-29-201824 months
16'Family Guy' Through the YearsApr-22-201822 months
15The Woof of Wall StreetApr-08-201802 years
14Veteran GuyApr-01-201822 months
13V is for MysteryMar-25-201824 months
12Send in Stewie, PleaseMar-18-201804 months
11Dog Bites BearJan-14-201802 months
10Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)Jan-07-201804 months
9Don't Be a Dickens at ChristmasDec-10-201702 months
8Crimes and Meg's DemeanorDec-03-201714 months
7Petey IVNov-19-201722 months
6The D in Apartment 23Nov-12-201722 months
5Three DirectorsNov-05-201722 months
4Follow the MoneyOct-22-201722 months
3Nanny GoatsOct-15-201724 months
2Foxx in the Men HouseOct-08-201722 months
1Emmy-Winning EpisodeOct-01-201702 months
1520A House Full of PetersMay-21-201714 months
19Dearly DeportedMay-21-201724 months
18The Peter PrincipalApr-30-201724 months
17Peter's Lost YouthMar-26-201722 months
16Saturated Fat GuyMar-19-201722 months
15Cop and a Half-WitMar-12-201722 months
14The Dating GameMar-05-201722 months
13The Finer StringsFeb-19-201702 months
12Peter's Def JamFeb-12-201732 months
11GronkowsbeesJan-15-201724 months
10Passenger Fatty-SevenJan-08-201722 months
9How the Griffin Stole ChristmasDec-11-201622 months
8Carter and TriciaDec-04-201644 months
7High School EnglishNov-20-201602 years
6Hot ShotsNov-13-201624 months
5Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, DateNov-06-201622 months
4Inside Family GuyOct-23-201624 months
3American Gigg-oloOct-16-201624 months
2Bookie of the YearOct-02-201624 months
1The Boys in the BandSep-25-201622 months
1420Road to IndiaMay-22-201634 months
19Run, Chris, RunMay-15-201634 months
18The New Adventures of Old TomMay-08-201634 months
17Take a LetterApr-17-201624 months
16The Heartbreak DogMar-13-201624 months
15A Lot Going on UpstairsMar-06-201624 months
14Underage PeterFeb-21-201624 months
13An App a DayFeb-14-201624 months
12Scammed YankeesJan-17-201624 months
11The Peanut Butter KidJan-10-201624 months
10Candy, Quahog MarshmallowJan-03-201624 months
9A Shot in the DarkDec-13-201524 months
8Brokeback SwansonDec-06-201524 months
7Hot Pocket-DialNov-22-201522 months
6Peter's SisterNov-15-201524 months
5Peter, Chris, & BrianNov-08-201524 months
4Peternormal ActivityOct-25-201502 years
3Guy, RobotOct-11-201524 months
2Papa Has a Rollin' SonOct-04-201524 months
1Pilling Them SoftlySep-27-201524 months
1318Take My WifeMay-17-2015172 months
17Fighting IrishMay-03-2015142 months
16Roasted GuyApr-26-201552 months
15Once BittenApr-19-2015202 months
14#JOLOApr-12-2015192 months
13Dr. C and the WomenMar-15-2015192 months
12Stewie is EnceinteMar-08-2015172 months
11Encyclopedia GriffinFeb-15-2015172 months
10Quagmire's MomFeb-08-2015172 months
9This Little PiggyJan-25-201582 months
8Our Idiot BrianJan-11-201542 months
7Stewie, Chris & Brian's Excellent AdventureJan-04-201592 months
6The 2000-Year-Old VirginDec-07-201442 months
5Turkey GuysNov-16-201422 months
4Brian the CloserNov-09-201412 months
3Baking BadOct-19-201442 months
2The Book of JoeOct-05-201442 months
1The Simpsons GuySep-28-201442 months
1299[no episode title yet]02 years
21Chap StewieMay-18-201422 months
20He's Bla-ack!May-11-201402 months
19Meg Stinks!May-04-201412 months
18Baby Got BlackApr-27-201412 months
17The Most Interesting Man in the WorldApr-13-201432 months
16Herpe the Love SoreApr-06-201412 months
15Secondhand SpokeMar-30-201412 months
14Fresh HeirMar-23-201422 months
133 Acts of GodMar-16-201422 months
12Mom's the WordMar-09-201422 months
11Brian's a Bad FatherJan-26-201402 months
10Grimm JobJan-12-201432 months
9Peter ProblemsJan-05-201432 months
8Christmas GuyDec-15-201332 months
7Into Harmony's WayDec-08-201322 months
6Life of BrianNov-24-201322 months
5Boopa-dee Bappa-deeNov-17-201322 months
4A Fistful of MegNov-10-201302 months
3Quagmire's QuagmireNov-03-201312 months
2Vestigial PeterOct-06-201332 months
1Finders KeepersSep-29-201332 months
1122No Country Club for Old MenMay-19-201332 months
21Roads to VegasMay-19-201332 months
20Farmer GuyMay-12-201332 months
19Save the ClamMay-05-201332 months
18Total RecallApr-28-201342 months
17BigfatApr-14-201322 months
1612 and a Half Angry MenMar-24-201322 months
15Turban CowboyMar-17-201332 months
14Call GirlMar-10-201342 months
13Chris CrossFeb-17-201352 months
12Valentine's Day in QuahogFeb-10-201322 months
11The Giggity WifeJan-27-201352 months
10Brian's PlayJan-13-201372 months
9Space CadetJan-06-201362 months
8Jesus, Mary & JosephDec-23-201232 months
7Friends Without BenefitsDec-09-201242 months
6Lois Comes Out of Her ShellNov-25-201262 months
5Joe's RevengeNov-18-201242 months
4Yug YlimafNov-11-201242 months
3The Old Man & the Big 'C'Nov-04-201252 months
2Ratings GuyOct-07-201272 months
1Into Fat AirSep-30-201242 months
1023Internal AffairsMay-20-201262 months
22Family Guy Viewer Mail (2)May-20-201252 months
21Tea PeterMay-13-201222 months
20Leggo My Meg-OMay-06-201242 months
19Mr. and Mrs. StewieApr-29-201252 months
18You Can't Do That on Television, PeterApr-01-201242 months
17Forget-Me-NotMar-18-201272 months
16Killer QueenMar-11-2012102 months
15Burning Down the BayitMar-04-201282 months
14Be Careful What You Fish ForFeb-19-201262 months
13Tom Tucker: The Man and His DreamFeb-12-201262 months
12Livin' on a PrayerJan-29-201232 months
11The Blind SideJan-15-201232 months
10Meg and QuagmireJan-08-201214 months
9Grumpy Old ManDec-11-201114 months
8Cool Hand PeterDec-04-201112 months
7Amish GuyNov-27-201124 months
6ThanksgivingNov-20-201134 months
5Back to the PilotNov-13-201134 months
4Stewie Goes for a DriveNov-06-201134 months
3Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda QOct-30-201134 months
2Seahorse Seashell PartyOct-02-201134 months
1Lottery FeverSep-25-201132 months
918Episode VI: It's a TrapMay-22-201101 year
17Foreign AffairsMay-15-201122 months
16The Big Bang TheoryMay-08-201124 months
15Brothers & SistersApr-17-201124 months
14Tiegs for TwoApr-10-201124 months
13Trading PlacesMar-20-201124 months
12The Hand That Rocks the WheelchairMar-06-201124 months
11German GuyFeb-20-201124 months
10Friends of Peter GFeb-13-201124 months
9And I'm Joyce KinneyJan-16-201122 months
8New Kidney in TownJan-09-201124 months
7Road to the North PoleDec-12-201034 months
6Brian Writes a BestsellerNov-21-201024 months
5Baby, You Knock Me OutNov-14-201022 months
4Halloween on Spooner StreetNov-07-201022 months
3Welcome Back, CarterOct-10-201001 year
2Excellence in BroadcastingOct-03-201024 months
1And Then There Were FewerSep-26-201024 months
821Partial Terms of EndearmentJun-20-201022 months
20Something, Something, Something, Dark SideMay-23-201032 months
19The Splendid SourceMay-16-201022 months
18Quagmire's DadMay-09-201022 months
17Brian & StewieMay-02-201022 months
16April in QuahogApr-11-201022 months
15Brian Griffin's House of PayneMar-28-201022 months
14Peter-assmentMar-21-201022 months
13Go, Stewie, Go!Mar-14-201022 months
12Extra Large MediumFeb-14-201022 months
11Dial Meg for MurderJan-31-201022 months
10Big Man on HippocampusJan-03-201022 months
9Business GuyDec-13-200922 months
8Dog GoneNov-29-200922 months
7Jerome is the New BlackNov-22-200922 months
6Quagmire's BabyNov-15-200922 months
5Hannah BananaNov-08-200922 months
4Brian's Got a Brand New BagNov-08-200922 months
3Spies Reminiscent of UsOct-11-200922 months
2Family GoyOct-04-200902 months
1Road to the MultiverseSep-27-200912 months
716Peter's ProgressMay-17-200922 months
15Three KingsMay-10-200922 months
14We Love You ConradMay-03-200922 months
13Stew-RoidsApr-26-200922 months
12420Apr-19-200902 months
11Not All Dogs Go to HeavenMar-29-200912 months
10FOX-y LadyMar-22-200922 months
9The Juice is Loose!Mar-15-200922 months
8Family GayMar-08-200922 months
7Ocean's Three and a HalfFeb-15-200922 months
6Tales of a Third Grade NothingNov-16-200802 months
5The Man with Two BriansNov-09-200812 months
4Baby Not on BoardNov-02-200822 months
3Road to GermanyOct-19-200802 months
2I Dream of JesusOct-05-200812 months
1Love BlactuallySep-28-200822 months
612Long John PeterMay-04-200802 months
11The Former Life of BrianApr-27-200812 months
10Play It Again, BrianMar-02-200822 months
9Back to the WoodsFeb-17-200822 months
8McStrokeJan-13-200802 months
7Peter's DaughterNov-25-200712 months
6Padre de FamiliaNov-18-200722 months
5Lois Kills StewieNov-11-200722 months
4Stewie Kills LoisNov-04-200722 months
3Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on AirOct-07-200722 months
2Movin' OutSep-30-200722 months
1Blue HarvestSep-23-200732 months
518Meet the QuagmiresMay-20-200722 months
17It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married OneMay-13-200722 months
16No Chris Left BehindMay-06-200722 months
15Boys Do CryApr-29-200722 months
14No Meals on WheelsMar-25-200722 months
13Bill and Peter's Bogus AdventureMar-11-200722 months
12Airport '07Mar-04-200722 months
11The Tan Aquatic with Steve ZissouFeb-18-200722 months
10Peter's Two DadsFeb-11-200702 months
9Road to RupertJan-28-200712 months
8Barely LegalDec-17-200622 months
7Chick CancerNov-26-200622 months
6Prick Up Your EarsNov-19-200622 months
5Whistle While Your Wife WorksNov-12-200622 months
4Saving Private BrianNov-05-200622 months
3Hell Comes to QuahogSep-24-200622 months
2Mother TuckerSep-17-200622 months
1Stewie Loves LoisSep-10-200622 months
430Stu & Stewie's Excellent AdventureMay-21-200624 months
29Bango Was His Name Oh!May-21-200624 months
28Stewie B. GoodeMay-21-200602 months
27Untitled Griffin Family HistoryMay-14-200622 months
26PetergeistMay-07-200622 months
25You May Now Kiss The...Uh...Guy Who ReceivesApr-30-200622 months
24PeteroticaApr-23-200622 months
23Deep ThroatsApr-09-200622 months
22Sibling RivalryMar-26-200622 months
21I Take Thee, QuagmireMar-12-200622 months
20Patriot GamesJan-29-200602 months
19Brian Sings and SwingsJan-08-200612 months
18The Father, The Son and the Holy FonzDec-18-200502 months
17The Fat Guy StranglerNov-27-200522 months
16The Courtship of Stewie's FatherNov-20-200502 months
15Brian Goes Back to CollegeNov-13-200502 months
14PTVNov-06-200522 months
13Jungle LoveSep-25-200502 months
12The Perfect CastawaySep-18-200502 months
11Peter's Got WoodsSep-11-200512 months
10Model MisbehaviorJul-24-200502 months
9Breaking Out is Hard to DoJul-17-200512 months
88 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage DaughterJul-10-200501 year
7Brian the BachelorJun-26-200522 months
6PetardedJun-19-200522 months
5The Cleveland-Loretta QuagmireJun-12-200522 months
4Don't Make Me OverJun-05-200522 months
3Blind AmbitionMay-15-200502 months
2Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. HighMay-08-200512 months
1North by North QuahogMay-01-200512 months
322When You Wish Upon a WeinsteinDec-10-200412 months
21Family Guy Viewer Mail (1)Feb-14-200201 year
20Road to EuropeFeb-07-200202 months
19Stuck Together, Torn ApartJan-31-200201 year
18From Method to MadnessJan-24-200212 months
17Brian Wallows and Peter's SwallowsJan-17-200204 months
16A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' ChristmasDec-21-200112 months
15Ready, Willing, and DisabledDec-20-200122 months
14Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?Dec-06-200122 months
13Screwed the PoochNov-29-200124 months
12To Love and Die in DixieNov-15-200124 months
11Emission ImpossibleNov-08-200124 months
10Fish Out of WaterSep-19-200122 months
9Mr. Saturday KnightSep-05-200112 months
8The Kiss Seen Around the WorldAug-29-200114 months
7Lethal WeaponsAug-22-200122 months
6Death LivesAug-15-200124 months
5And the Wiener is...Aug-08-200124 months
4One If by Clam, Two If by SeaAug-01-200122 months
3Mr. Griffin Goes to WashingtonJul-25-200102 months
2Brian Does HollywoodJul-18-200112 months
1The Thin White LineJul-11-200104 months
221Fore, FatherAug-01-200002 months
20Wasted TalentJul-25-200002 months
19The Story on Page OneJul-18-200002 months
18E. Peterbus UnumJul-12-200012 months
17He's Too Sexy for His FatJun-27-200024 months
16There's Something About PaulieJun-27-200002 months
15Dammit JanetJun-13-200004 months
14Let's Go to the HopJun-06-200014 months
13Road to Rhode IslandMay-30-200004 months
12Fifteen Minutes of ShameApr-25-200014 months
11A Picture's Worth a Thousand BucksApr-18-200022 months
10Running MatesApr-11-200024 months
9If I'm Dyin' I'm Lyin'Apr-04-200022 months
8I Am Peter, Hear Me RoarMar-28-200024 months
7The King is DeadMar-28-200022 months
6Death is a BitchMar-21-200022 months
5Love Thy TrophyMar-14-200002 months
4Brian in LoveMar-07-200012 months
3DaBoomDec-26-199912 months
2Holy CrapSep-30-199922 months
1Peter, Peter, Caviar EaterSep-23-199922 months
17Brian: Portrait of a DogMay-16-199904 months
6The Son Also DrawsMay-09-199912 months
5A Hero Sits Next DoorMay-02-199922 months
4Mind Over MurderApr-25-199924 months
3Chitty Chitty Death BangApr-18-199924 months
2I Never Met the Dead ManApr-11-199922 months
1Death Has a ShadowJan-31-199934 months
034All I Really Want for Christmas: The Music of "Road to the North Pole"02 years
33Family Guy at Comic-Con 201002 years
32Family Guy: Live and Uncensored Table ReadSep-28-201003 years
31Just for Laughs: Family Guy LiveJul-21-200703 years
30Inside the Actors StudioSep-14-200903 years
29The History of the World According to Family Guy03 years
28The Road to: Road to the Multiverse03 years
27Peter Shin Draws Lois03 years
26[no episode title yet]03 years
24World Domination: The 'Family Guy' Phenomenon03 years
21Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon ComedyJun-12-200903 years
20[no episode title yet]Nov-11-201206 years
19[no episode title yet]May-08-201106 years
18[no episode title yet]Sep-23-199906 years
17[no episode title yet]May-08-201006 years
16[no episode title yet]Nov-11-200706 years
15[no episode title yet]Nov-08-200906 years
14[no episode title yet]Jul-26-200806 years
13[no episode title yet]Sep-14-200906 years
12[no episode title yet]Sep-16-200706 years
11[no episode title yet]Apr-18-200906 years
10[no episode title yet]Apr-18-200906 years
9[no episode title yet]Nov-04-200706 years
8[no episode title yet]May-01-200506 years
7[no episode title yet]Dec-20-199806 years
6[no episode title yet]Apr-28-199706 years
5[no episode title yet]Jan-01-199506 years
4[no episode title yet]Feb-25-200706 years
3[no episode title yet]Apr-26-200506 years
2[no episode title yet]Apr-26-200506 years
1[no episode title yet]May-21-200606 years

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