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Family Feud

On Family Feud families from across the U.S. will be joined by Steve Harvey as they compete for the chance to win up to $20,000 by guessing the most popular answers to questions posed to 100 people surveyed. Auditions for the season were held in Chicago, Atlantic City, Tampa, San Diego, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Charleston and Nashville.

Genre: Game Show, Family

Release Date: February 15, 1979

Status: Running

Network: Syndication (Official Website)

Casts: Richard Karn, John O'Hurley, Richard Dawson, Louie Anderson, Steve Harvey, Joey Fatone, Burton Richardson, Gene Wood, Ray Combs

Most recent episode: Family Feud Season 2015 Episode 30 - Episode 30 ( ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
201630Episode 3003 years
29Episode 2903 years
28Episode 2803 years
27Episode 2703 years
26Episode 2603 years
25Episode 2503 years
24Episode 2403 years
23Episode 2303 years
22Episode 2203 years
21Episode 2103 years
20Episode 2003 years
19Episode 1903 years
18Episode 1803 years
17Episode 1703 years
16Episode 1603 years
15Episode 1503 years
14Episode 1403 years
13Episode 1303 years
12Episode 1203 years
11Episode 1103 years
10Episode 1003 years
9Episode 903 years
8Episode 803 years
7Episode 703 years
6Episode 603 years
5Episode 503 years
4Episode 403 years
3Episode 303 years
2Episode 203 years
1Episode 103 years
201549Episode 4903 years
48Episode 4803 years
47Episode 4703 years
46Episode 4603 years
45Episode 4503 years
44Episode 4403 years
43Episode 4303 years
42Episode 4203 years
41Episode 4103 years
40Episode 4003 years
39Episode 3903 years
38Episode 3803 years
37Episode 3703 years
36Episode 3603 years
35Episode 3503 years
34Episode 3403 years
33Episode 3303 years
32Episode 3203 years
31Episode3103 years
30Episode 3003 years
29Episode 2903 years
28Episode 2803 years
27Episode 2703 years
26Episode 2603 years
25Episode 2503 years
24Episode 2403 years
23Episode 2303 years
22Episode 2203 years
21Episode 2103 years
20Episode 2003 years
19Episode 1903 years
18Episode 1803 years
17Episode 1703 years
16Episode 1603 years
15Episode 1503 years
14Episode 1403 years
13Episode 1303 years
12Episode 1203 years
11Episode 1103 years
10Episode 1003 years
9Episode 903 years
812-01-2015 Episode 203 years
712-01-2015 Episode 103 years
611-30-2015 Episode 203 years
511-30-2015 Episode 103 years
405-14-201503 years
305-13-201503 years
205-07-201503 years
104-28-201503 years
19941Redd vs De LeonAug-15-199403 years
198955Morford vs. ShiveleyMar-22-198903 years
54Morford vs. BarkerMar-21-198903 years
53Morford vs. BedfordMar-20-198903 years
52Morford vs. RuppertMar-17-198903 years
51Wood vs. SardinaMar-16-198903 years
50Wood vs. JohnsonMar-15-198903 years
49Wood vs. MulliganMar-14-198903 years
48Wood vs. MissakianMar-13-198903 years
47Soap Opera Special: The Bold and the Beautiful vs. The Young and the RestlessMar-10-198903 years
46Soap Opera Special: The Bold and the Beautiful vs. The Young and the RestlessMar-09-198903 years
45Soap Opera Special: The Bold and the Beautiful vs. The Young and the RestlessMar-08-198903 years
44Soap Opera Special: The Bold and the Beautiful vs. The Young and the RestlessMar-07-198903 years
43Soap Opera Special: The Bold and the Beautiful vs. The Young and the RestlessMar-06-198903 years
42All Star Special: The Young and the Restless vs. The Bold and the BeautifulMar-03-198903 years
41All Star Special: The Young and the Restless vs. The Bold and the BeautifulMar-02-198903 years
40All Star Special: The Young and the Restless vs. The Bold and the BeautifulMar-01-198903 years
39All Star Special: The Young and the Restless vs. The Bold and the BeautifulFeb-28-198903 years
38All Star Special: The Young and the Restless vs. The Bold and the BeautifulFeb-27-198903 years
37Bates vs. WoodFeb-24-198903 years
36Bates vs. WilliamsFeb-23-198903 years
35Perez vs. BatesFeb-22-198903 years
34Perez vs. HolmesFeb-21-198903 years
33Squillace vs. PerezFeb-17-198903 years
32Squillace vs. SheetsFeb-16-198903 years
31Ramirez vs. SquillaceFeb-15-198903 years
30Brown vs. ArmbrustFeb-14-198903 years
29Brown vs. GreekFeb-13-198903 years
1988128Mieczkowski vs. MathewsDec-30-198803 years
127Lotz vs. MieczkowskiDec-29-198803 years
126Lotz vs. AndikianDec-28-198803 years
125Hillier vs. LotzDec-27-198803 years
124Hillier vs. LappiDec-26-198803 years
123Hillier vs. AhrensDec-23-198803 years
122Hillier vs. ToonDec-22-198803 years
121Alford vs. HillierDec-21-198803 years
120Ruiz vs. AlfordDec-20-198803 years
119Ruiz vs. MelmanDec-19-198803 years
118Ruiz vs. VerburgDec-16-198803 years
117Greene vs. RuizDec-15-198803 years
116Brown vs. GreeneDec-14-198803 years
115Brown vs LozanoDec-13-198803 years
114Garce vs. BrownDec-12-198803 years
113Thomas vs. GarcesDec-09-198803 years
112Thomas vs. GarcesDec-08-198803 years
111Thomas vs. HutchinsonDec-07-198803 years
110Marcello vs. ThomasDec-06-198803 years
109Lenker vs. MarcelloDec-05-198803 years
108Lenker vs. FrostDec-02-198803 years
107Bruno vs. LenkerDec-01-198803 years
106Bruno vs. WarrenNov-30-198803 years
105Geren vs. BrunoNov-29-198803 years
104McCutcheon vs. GerenNov-28-198803 years
103Geren vs. McCutcheonNov-23-198803 years
102Geren vs. ReavisNov-22-198803 years
101Robinson vs. GerenNov-21-198803 years
100Robinson vs. BarbarinoNov-18-198803 years
99Breiner vs. RobinsonNov-17-198803 years
98Runner vs. BreinerNov-16-198803 years
97Runner vs. Nov-15-198803 years
96Runner vs. HomNov-14-198803 years
95Mitchell vs. RunnerNov-11-198803 years
94Larez vs. MitchellNov-10-198803 years
93Maestri vs. LarezNov-09-198803 years
92King vs. MaestriNov-08-198803 years
91King vs. MaestriNov-07-198803 years
90King vs. GaskinsNov-04-198803 years
89Qsar vs. KingNov-03-198803 years
88Qsar vs. WeinsteinNov-02-198803 years
87Wilds vs. QsarNov-01-198803 years
86Wilds vs. ManouxOct-31-198803 years
85Wilds vs. RobinsonOct-28-198803 years
84Wilds vs. KlodtOct-27-198803 years
83Hana vs. WildsOct-26-198803 years
82Hana vs. JohnsonOct-25-198803 years
81Johnson vs. HanaOct-24-198803 years
80Johnson vs. KeithOct-21-198803 years
79Roselle vs. JohnsonOct-20-198803 years
78Santiago vs. RoselleOct-19-198803 years
77Micheli vs. SantiagoOct-18-198803 years
76Zauner vs. MicheliOct-17-198803 years
75Zauner vs. AmrheinOct-14-198803 years
74Coplin vs. ZaunerOct-13-198803 years
73Beeman vs. CoplinOct-12-198803 years
72Beeman vs. SimpsonOct-11-198803 years
71Beeman vs. PackardOct-10-198803 years
70Beeman vs. RestivoOct-07-198803 years
69Wilmington vs. CarterOct-06-198803 years
68Wilmington vs. D'AcquisitoOct-05-198803 years
67Wilmington vs. SantOct-04-198803 years
66Wilmington vs. MartinOct-03-198803 years
65McKay vs. WilmingtonSep-30-198803 years
64McKay vs. EmerySep-29-198803 years
63McKay vs. CoggsSep-28-198803 years
62Sapper vs. McKaySep-27-198803 years
61Rizotto vs. SapperSep-26-198803 years
60Nease vs. CareySep-23-198803 years
59Alejandro vs. NeaseSep-22-198803 years
58Alejandro vs. StevensSep-21-198803 years
57Nease vs. AlejandroSep-20-198803 years
56Nease vs. AlexanderSep-19-198803 years
55McMurray vs. NeaseSep-16-198803 years
54Savage vs. McMurraySep-15-198803 years
53Walz vs. SavageSep-14-198803 years
52Walz vs.Sep-13-198803 years
51Jeffrey vs. WalzSep-12-198803 years
50Jeffrey vs. DawsonSep-09-198803 years
49Jeffrey vs. MurriettaSep-08-198803 years
48Geha vs. JeffreySep-07-198803 years
47Geha vs. BeauchaineSep-06-198803 years
46Nelson vs. GehaSep-05-198803 years
45Erdmann vs. NelsonSep-02-198803 years
44Erdmann vs. EllsworthSep-01-198803 years
43Sambar vs. ErdmannAug-31-198803 years
42Sambar vs. SampsonAug-30-198803 years
41Sambar vs. GramstrupAug-29-198803 years
40Bullock vs. SambarAug-26-198803 years
39Bullock vs. LangAug-25-198803 years
38Francis vs. BullockAug-24-198803 years
37Thurman vs. FrancisAug-23-198803 years
36Thurman vs. MitchellAug-22-198803 years
35Van Dam vs. ThurmanAug-19-198803 years
34Rockwell vs Van DamAug-18-198803 years
33Rockwell vs. ConzaAug-17-198803 years
32Stapler vs. RockwellAug-16-198803 years
31Stapler vs. HaganAug-15-198803 years
30Betschart vs. StaplerAug-12-198803 years
29Marchelos vs. BetschartAug-11-198803 years
28Marchelos vs. LyskinAug-10-198803 years
27Buice vs. MarchelosAug-09-198803 years
26Buice vs. MarchelosAug-08-198803 years
25Buice vs. BeesleyAug-05-198803 years
24Brown vs. BuiceAug-04-198803 years
23Flory vs. BrownAug-03-198803 years
22Flory vs. RamirezAug-02-198803 years
21Dainko vs. Von BurgerAug-01-198803 years
20Dainko vs. LongJul-29-198803 years
19Dainko vs. KoehlerJul-28-198803 years
18Dainko vs. WalzJul-27-198803 years
17Mendez vs. DainkoJul-26-198803 years
16Mendez vs. RobertsonJul-25-198803 years
15Prosser vs. MendezJul-21-198803 years
14Prosser vs. SciaccaJul-20-198803 years
13Clark vs. ProsserJul-19-198803 years
12Clark vs. RieckJul-19-198803 years
11Davis vs. ClarkJul-18-198803 years
10Davis vs. McGinnJul-15-198803 years
9Davis vs. BabineauJul-14-198803 years
8Davis vs. EltonJul-13-198803 years
7Hale vs. DavisJul-12-198803 years
6Bracey vs. HaleJul-11-198803 years
5Holtrust vs. BraceyApr-08-198803 years
4Holtrust vs. LieschJul-07-198803 years
3Holtrust vs. HagemanJul-06-198803 years
2Holtrust vs. BrownJul-05-198803 years
1Drozdowski vs. HoltrustJul-04-198803 years
19870Perrys vs Mandics (Pilot)Mar-28-198703 years
19856Final Richard Dawson EpisodeJun-14-198503 years
5Hollywood Walk of Fame 5: Ladies vs. Gentlemen03 years
4Hollywood Walk of Fame 4: Ladies vs. Gentlemen03 years
3Hollywood Walk of Fame 3: Ladies vs. Gentlemen03 years
2Hollywood Walk of Fame 2: Ladies vs. Gentlemen03 years
1Hollywood Walk of Fame 1: Ladies vs. Gentlemen03 years
19842Adventure Stars: Heroines vs. Heroes IIOct-30-198403 years
1Adventure Stars: Heroines vs. Heroes IOct-30-198403 years
198318TV's All-Time Favorites Week 1 Championship GameMay-06-198303 years
17Adventure Stars- Heroines vs Heroes 203 years
16Adventure Stars- Heroines vs Heroes 1Oct-30-198403 years
13TV's All-Time Favorites Week 2 Championship GameMay-13-198303 years
12TV's All-Time Favorites Week 2: Gilligan's Island vs. BatmanMay-12-198303 years
11TV's All-Time Favorites Week 2: Lost in Space vs. Hawaiian EyeMay-11-198303 years
10TV's All-Time Favorites Week 2: Gilligan's Island vs. Hawaiian EyeMay-10-198303 years
9TV's All-Time Favorites Week 2: Batman vs. Lost in SpaceMay-09-198303 years
8TV's All-Time Favorites Week 1 Championship GameMay-06-198303 years
7TV's All-Time Favorites Week 1: Leave It To Beaver vs. Petticoat JunctionMay-05-198303 years
6TV's All-Time Favorites Week 1: The Brady Bunch vs. Your Hit ParadeMay-04-198303 years
5TV's All-Time Favorites Week 1: Leave It To Beaver vs. Your Hit ParadeMay-03-198303 years
4TV's All-Time Favorites Week 1: The Brady Bunch vs. Petticoat JunctionMay-02-198303 years
3All-Star Championship GameFeb-23-198303 years
2All-Star Game 2: Richard's Rosebuds vs. Phyllis' FightersFeb-23-198303 years
1All-Star Game 1: Wilt's Wows vs. Debbie's DudesFeb-23-198303 years
19826All-Star Championship GameOct-15-198203 years
5All-Star Game 2: General Hospital vs. All My ChildrenOct-15-198203 years
4All-Star Game 1: Dynasty vs. Knots LandingOct-15-198203 years
3All-Star Championship GameFeb-05-198203 years
2All-Star Game 2: Heroes vs. VillainsFeb-05-198203 years
1All-Star Game 1: Heroes vs. VillainsFeb-05-198203 years
19816All-Star Championship GameOct-16-198103 years
5All-Star Game 2: Beasts vs. BeautiesOct-16-198103 years
4All-Star Game 1: Beasts vs. BeautiesOct-16-198103 years
3All-Star Championship GameApr-12-198103 years
2All-Star Game 2: The Jeffersons vs. The Dukes of HazzardApr-12-198103 years
1All-Star Game 1: Dallas vs. It's a LivingApr-12-198103 years
198012All-Star Championship GameOct-04-198003 years
11All-Star Game 2: Lange vs. TewesOct-04-198003 years
10All-Star Game 1: MacLeod-Whelan vs. Grandy-KopellOct-04-198003 years
9All-Star Championship GameSep-17-198003 years
8All-Star Game 2: Eight is Enough vs. General HospitalSep-17-198003 years
7All-Star Game 1: Soap vs. All My ChildrenSep-17-198003 years
6All-Star Championship GameMar-29-198003 years
5All-Star Game 2: WKRP in Cincinnati vs. AngieMar-29-198003 years
4All-Star Game 1: Benson vs. DallasMar-29-198003 years
3All-Star Championship GameFeb-18-198003 years
2All-Star Game 2: The Waltons vs. The Dukes of HazzardFeb-18-198003 years
1All-Star Game 1: The Ropers vs. AngieFeb-18-198003 years
197912All-Star Championship GameNov-09-197903 years
11All-Star Game 2: Soap vs. Real PeopleNov-09-197903 years
10All-Star Game 1: The Love Boat vs. WKRP in CincinnatiNov-09-197903 years
9All-Star Championship GameOct-19-197903 years
8All-Star Game 2: Dallas vs. Eight is EnoughOct-19-197903 years
7All-Star Game 1: One Day at a Time vs. BensonOct-19-197903 years
6All-Star Championship GameFeb-12-197903 years
5All-Star Game 2: Welcome Back Kotter vs. The Love BoatFeb-12-197903 years
4All-Star Game 1: Eight is Enough vs. FamilyFeb-12-197903 years
3All-Star Championship GameJan-26-197903 years
2All-Star Game 2: Family vs. What's Happening!!Jan-26-197903 years
1All-Star Game 1: The Love Boat vs. Eight is EnoughJan-26-197903 years
19786All-Star Championship GameNov-06-197803 years
5All-Star Game 2: Welcome Back, Kotter vs. SoapNov-06-197803 years
4All-Star Game 1: Barney Miller vs. Eight Is EnoughNov-06-197803 years
3All-Star Championship GameMay-08-197803 years
2All-Star Game 2: Three's Company vs SoapMay-08-197803 years
1All-Star Game 1: The Love Boat vs. Eight is EnoughMay-08-197803 years
19764Levy vs BoydJul-15-197603 years
3Levy vs WareJul-14-197603 years
2Moseley vs LevyJul-13-197603 years
1[no episode title yet]Jul-12-197603 years
49136Episode 136Feb-16-201803 years
135Episode 135Feb-16-201803 years
134Episode 134Feb-15-201803 years
133Episode 133Feb-15-201803 years
132Episode 132Feb-14-201803 years
131Episode 131Feb-14-201803 years
130Episode 130Feb-13-201803 years
129Episode 129Feb-13-201803 years
128Episode 128Feb-12-201803 years
127Episode 127Feb-12-201803 years
126Episode 126Feb-09-201803 years
125Episode 125Feb-09-201803 years
124Episode 124Feb-08-201803 years
123Episode 123Feb-08-201803 years
122Episode 122Feb-07-201803 years
121Episode 121Feb-07-201803 years
120Episode 120Feb-06-201803 years
119Episode 119Feb-06-201803 years
118Episode 118Feb-05-201803 years
117Episode 117Feb-05-201803 years
116Episode 116Feb-02-201803 years
115Episode 115Feb-02-201803 years
114Episode 114Feb-01-201803 years
113Episode 113Feb-01-201803 years
112Episode 112Jan-31-201803 years
111Episode 111Jan-31-201803 years
110Episode 110Jan-30-201803 years
109Episode 109Jan-30-201803 years
108Episode 108Jan-29-201803 years
107Episode 107Jan-29-201803 years
106Episode 106Jan-25-201803 years
105Episode 105Jan-25-201803 years
104Episode 104Jan-24-201803 years
103Episode 103Jan-24-201803 years
102Episode 102Jan-23-201803 years
101Episode 101Jan-23-201803 years
100Episode 100Jan-22-201803 years
99Episode 99Jan-22-201803 years
98Episode 98Nov-22-201703 years
97Episode 97Nov-22-201703 years
96Episode 96Nov-21-201703 years
95Episode 95Nov-21-201703 years
94Episode 94Nov-20-201703 years
93Episode 93Nov-20-201703 years
60Episode 60Oct-26-201703 years
59Episode 59Oct-26-201703 years
58Episode 58Oct-25-201703 years
57Episode 57Oct-25-201703 years
56Episode 56Oct-24-201703 years
55Episode 55Oct-24-201703 years
54Episode 54Oct-23-201703 years
53Episode 53Oct-23-201703 years
52Episode 52Oct-20-201703 years
51Episode 51Oct-20-201703 years
50Episode 50Oct-19-201703 years
49Episode 49Oct-19-201703 years
48Episode 48Oct-18-201703 years
47Episode 47Oct-18-201703 years
46Episode 46Oct-17-201703 years
45Episode 45Oct-17-201703 years
44Episode 44Oct-16-201703 years
43Episode 43Oct-16-201703 years
42Episode 42Oct-13-201703 years
41Episode 41Oct-13-201703 years
40Episode 40Oct-12-201703 years
39Episode 39Oct-12-201703 years
38Episode 38Oct-11-201703 years
37Episode 37Oct-11-201703 years
36Episode 36Oct-10-201703 years
35Episode 35Oct-10-201703 years
34Episode 34Oct-09-201703 years
33Episode 33Oct-09-201703 years
32Episode 32Oct-05-201703 years
31Episode 31Oct-04-201703 years
30Episode 30Oct-03-201703 years
4880Episode 80May-05-201703 years
79Episode 79May-04-201703 years
78Episode 78May-04-201703 years
77Episode 77May-03-201703 years
76Episode 76May-03-201703 years
75Episode 75May-02-201703 years
74Episode 74May-02-201703 years
73Episode 73May-01-201703 years
72Episode 72May-01-201703 years
71Episode 71Apr-28-201703 years
70Episode 70Apr-28-201703 years
69Episode 69Apr-27-201703 years
68Episode 68Apr-27-201703 years
67Episode 67Apr-26-201703 years
66Episode 66Apr-26-201703 years
65Episode 65Apr-25-201703 years
64Episode 64Apr-25-201703 years
63Episode 63Apr-24-201703 years
62Episode 62Apr-24-201703 years
61Episode 61Apr-20-201703 years
60Episode 60Apr-20-201703 years
59Episode 59Apr-19-201703 years
58Episode 58Apr-19-201703 years
57Episode 57Apr-18-201703 years
56Episode 56Apr-18-201703 years
55Episode 55Apr-17-201703 years
54Episode 54Apr-17-201703 years
53Episode 53Feb-22-201703 years
52Episode 52Feb-22-201703 years
51Episode 51Feb-21-201703 years
50Episode 50Feb-21-201703 years
49Episode 49Feb-20-201703 years
48Episode 48Feb-20-201703 years
47Episode 47Feb-17-201703 years
46Episode 46Feb-17-201703 years
45Episode 45Feb-16-201703 years
44Episode 44Feb-16-201703 years
43Episode 43Feb-15-201703 years
42Episode 42Feb-15-201703 years
41Episode 41Feb-14-201703 years
40Episode 40Feb-14-201703 years
39Episode 39Feb-13-201703 years
38Episode 38Feb-13-201703 years
37Episode 37Feb-10-201703 years
36Episode 36Feb-10-201703 years
35Episode 35Feb-09-201703 years
34Episode 34Feb-09-201703 years
33Episode 33Feb-08-201703 years
32Episode 32Feb-08-201703 years
31Episode 31Feb-07-201703 years
18Episode 18Jan-30-201703 years
17Episode 17Jan-27-201703 years
16Episode 16Jan-27-201703 years
15Episode 15Jan-26-201703 years
14Episode 14Jan-26-201703 years
13Episode 13Jan-25-201703 years
12Episode 12Jan-25-201703 years
11Episode 11Jan-24-201703 years
10Episode 10Jan-24-201703 years
9Episode 9Jan-23-201703 years
8Episode 8Jan-23-201703 years
7Episode 7Jan-19-201703 years
6Episode 6Jan-18-201703 years
5Episode 5Jan-18-201703 years
4Episode 4Jan-17-201703 years
3Episode 3Jan-17-201703 years
2Episode 2Jan-16-201703 years
1Episode 1Jan-16-201703 years
47229Episode 29Oct-02-201703 years
228Episode 28Sep-28-201703 years
227Episode 27Sep-28-201703 years
226Episode 26Sep-27-201703 years
225Episode 25Sep-27-201703 years
224Episode 24Sep-26-201703 years
223Episode 23Sep-26-201703 years
222Episode 22Sep-25-201703 years
221Episode 21Sep-25-201703 years
220Episode 20Sep-22-201703 years
219Episode 19Sep-22-201703 years
218Episode 18Sep-21-201703 years
217Episode 17Sep-21-201703 years
216Episode 16Sep-20-201703 years
215Episode 15Sep-20-201703 years
214Episode 14Sep-19-201703 years
213Episode 13Sep-19-201703 years
212Episode 12Sep-18-201703 years
211Episode 11Sep-18-201703 years
210Episode 10Sep-15-201703 years
209Episode 9Sep-15-201703 years
208Episode 8Sep-14-201703 years
207Episode 7Sep-14-201703 years
206Episode 6Sep-13-201703 years
205Episode 5Sep-13-201703 years
204Episode 4Sep-12-201703 years
203Episode 3Sep-12-201703 years
202Episode 2Sep-11-201703 years
201Episode 1Sep-11-201703 years
200Episode 100May-22-201703 years
199Episode 99May-19-201703 years
198Episode 98May-18-201703 years
197Episode 97May-17-201703 years
196Episode 96May-17-201703 years
195Episode 95May-16-201703 years
194Episode 94May-16-201703 years
193Episode 93May-15-201703 years
192Episode 92May-15-201703 years
191Episode 91May-12-201703 years
190Episode 90May-12-201703 years
189Episode 89May-11-201703 years
188Episode 88May-11-201703 years
187Episode 87May-10-201703 years
186Episode 86May-10-201703 years
185Episode 85May-09-201703 years
184Episode 84May-09-201703 years
183Episode 83May-08-201703 years
182Episode 82May-08-201703 years
181Episode 81May-05-201703 years
130Episode 30Feb-07-201703 years
129Episode 29Feb-06-201703 years
128Episode 28Feb-06-201703 years
127Episode 27Feb-03-201703 years
126Episode 26Feb-03-201703 years
125Episode 25Feb-02-201703 years
124Episode 24Feb-02-201703 years
123Episode 23Feb-01-201703 years
122Episode 22Feb-01-201703 years
121Episode 21Jan-31-201703 years
120Episode 20Jan-31-201703 years
119Episode 19Jan-30-201703 years
65Episode 65Apr-01-201603 years
64Episode 64Mar-31-201603 years
63Episode 63Mar-30-201603 years
62Episode 62Mar-29-201603 years
61Episode 61Mar-28-201603 years
60Episode 60Mar-25-201603 years
59Episode 59Mar-24-201603 years
58Episode 58Mar-23-201603 years
57Episode 57Mar-22-201603 years
56Episode 56Mar-21-201603 years
55Episode 55Mar-18-201603 years
54Episode 54Mar-17-201603 years
53Episode 53Mar-16-201603 years
52Episode 52Mar-15-201603 years
51Episode 51Mar-14-201603 years
50Episode 50Mar-11-201603 years
49Episode 49Mar-10-201603 years
48Episode 48Mar-09-201603 years
47Episode 47Mar-08-201603 years
46Episode 46Mar-07-201603 years
45Episode 45Mar-04-201603 years
44Episode 44Mar-03-201603 years
43Episode 43Mar-02-201603 years
42Episode 42Mar-01-201603 years
41Episode 41Feb-29-201603 years
40Season 47, Episode 40Feb-26-201603 years
39Season 47, Episode 39Feb-25-201603 years
38Season 47, Episode 38Feb-24-201603 years
37Season 47, Episode 37Feb-23-201603 years
36Season 47, Episode 36Feb-22-201603 years
35Season 47, Episode 35Feb-19-201603 years
34Season 47, Episode 34Feb-18-201603 years
33Season 47, Episode 33Feb-17-201603 years
32Season 47, Episode 32Feb-16-201603 years
31Season 47, Episode 31Feb-15-201603 years
30Season 47, Episode 30Feb-12-201603 years
29Season 47, Episode 29Feb-11-201603 years
28Season 47, Episode 28Feb-10-201603 years
27Season 47, Episode 27Feb-09-201603 years
26Season 47, Episode 26Feb-08-201603 years
25Season 47, Episode 25Feb-05-201603 years
24Season 47, Episode 24Feb-04-201603 years
23Season 47, Episode 23Feb-03-201603 years
22Season 47, Episode 22Feb-02-201603 years
21Season 47, Episode 21Feb-01-201603 years
20Season 47, Episode 20Jan-29-201603 years
19Season 47, Episode 19Jan-28-201603 years
18Season 47, Episode 18Jan-27-201603 years
17Season 47, Episode 17Jan-26-201603 years
16Season 47, Episode 16Jan-25-201603 years
15Season 47, Episode 15Jan-22-201603 years
14Season 47, Episode 14Jan-21-201603 years
13Season 47, Episode 13Jan-20-201603 years
46112Season 47, Episode 12Dec-25-201503 years
111Season 47, Episode 11Dec-24-201503 years
110Season 47, Episode 10Dec-23-201503 years
109Season 47, Episode 9Dec-22-201503 years
108Season 47, Episode 8Dec-21-201503 years
107Season 47, Episode 7Dec-18-201503 years
106Season 47, Episode 6Dec-17-201503 years
105Season 47, Episode 5Dec-16-201503 years
104Season 47, Episode 4Dec-15-201503 years
103Season 47, Episode 3Dec-14-201503 years
102Season 47, Episode 2Dec-11-201503 years
101Season 47, Episode 1Dec-10-201503 years
100Season 46, Episode 100Dec-09-201503 years
99Season 46, Episode 99Dec-08-201503 years
98Season 46, Episode 98Dec-07-201503 years
97Season 46, Episode 97Dec-04-201503 years
96Season 46, Episode 96Dec-03-201503 years
95Season 46, Episode 95Dec-02-201503 years
94Season 46, Episode 94Dec-01-201503 years
93Season 46, Episode 93Nov-30-201503 years
92Season 46, Episode 92Nov-27-201503 years
91Season 46, Episode 91Nov-26-201503 years
90Season 46, Episode 90Nov-25-201503 years
89Season 46, Episode 89Nov-24-201503 years
88Season 46 Episode 88Nov-23-201503 years
87Season 46 Episode 87Nov-20-201503 years
86Season 46 Episode 86Nov-19-201503 years
85Season 46 Episode 85Nov-19-201503 years
84Season 46 Episode 84Nov-18-201503 years
83Season 46 Episode 83Nov-18-201503 years
82Season 46 Episode 82Nov-17-201503 years
81Season 46 Episode 81Nov-17-201503 years
80Season 46 Episode 80Nov-16-201503 years
79Season 46 Episode 79Nov-16-201503 years
78Season 46 Episode 78Nov-13-201503 years
77Season 46 Episode 77Nov-13-201503 years
76Season 46 Episode 76Nov-12-201503 years
75Season 46 Episode 75Nov-12-201503 years
74Season 46 Episode 74Nov-11-201503 years
73Season 46 Episode 73Nov-11-201503 years
72Season 46 Episode 72Nov-10-201503 years
71Season 46 Episode 71Nov-10-201503 years
70Season 46 Episode 70Nov-09-201503 years
69Season 46 Episode 69Nov-09-201503 years
68Season 46 Episode 68Nov-06-201503 years
67Season 46 Episode 67Nov-06-201503 years
66Season 46 Episode 66Nov-05-201503 years
65Season 46 Episode 65Nov-05-201503 years
64Season 46 Episode 64Nov-04-201503 years
63Season 46 Episode 63Nov-04-201503 years
62Season 46 Episode 62Nov-03-201503 years
61Season 46 Episode 61Nov-03-201503 years
60Season 46 Episode 60Nov-02-201503 years
59Season 46 Episode 59Nov-02-201503 years
58Season 46 Episode 58Oct-30-201503 years
57Season 46 Episode 57Oct-30-201503 years
56Season 46 Episode 56Oct-29-201503 years
55Season 46 Episode 55Oct-29-201503 years
54Season 46 Episode 54Oct-28-201503 years
53Season 46 Episode 53Oct-28-201503 years
52Season 46 Episode 52Oct-27-201503 years
51Season 46 Episode 51Oct-27-201503 years
50Season 46 Episode 50Oct-26-201503 years
49Season 46 Episode 49Oct-26-201503 years
48Season 46 Episode 48Oct-22-201503 years
47Season 46 Episode 47Oct-22-201503 years
45146Season 46 Episode 46Feb-06-201503 years
145Season 46 Episode 45Feb-06-201503 years
144Season 46 Episode 44Feb-05-201503 years
143Season 46 Episode 43Feb-04-201503 years
142Season 46 Episode 42Feb-03-201503 years
141Season 46 Episode 41Feb-02-201503 years
140Season 46 Episode 40Jan-30-201503 years
139Season 46 Episode 39Jan-30-201503 years
138Season 46 Episode 38Jan-29-201503 years
137Season 46 Episode 37Jan-29-201503 years
136Season 46 Episode 36Jan-28-201503 years
135Season 46 Episode 35Jan-28-201503 years
134Season 46 Episode 34Jan-27-201503 years
133Season 46 Episode 33Jan-27-201503 years
132Season 46 Episode 32Jan-26-201503 years
131Season 46 Episode 31Jan-26-201503 years
130Season 46 Episode 30Dec-12-201403 years
129Season 46 Episode 29Dec-12-201403 years
128Season 46 Episode 28Dec-11-201403 years
127Season 46 Episode 27Dec-11-201403 years
126Season 46 Episode 26Dec-10-201403 years
125Season 46 Episode 25Dec-10-201403 years
124Season 46 Episode 24Dec-09-201403 years
123Season 46 Episode 23Dec-09-201403 years
122Season 46 Episode 22Dec-08-201403 years
121Season 46 Episode 21Dec-08-201403 years
120Season 46 Episode 20Dec-05-201403 years
119Season 46 Episode 19Dec-05-201403 years
118Season 46 Episode 18Dec-04-201403 years
117Season 46 Episode 17Dec-04-201403 years
116Season 46 Episode 16Dec-03-201403 years
115Season 46 Episode 15Dec-03-201403 years
114Season 46 Episode 14Dec-02-201403 years
113Season 46 Episode 13Dec-02-201403 years
112Season 46 Episode 12Dec-01-201403 years
111Season 46 Episode 11Dec-01-201403 years
110Season 46 Episode 10Nov-28-201403 years
109Season 46 Episode 9Nov-28-201403 years
108Season 46 Episode 8Nov-27-201403 years
107Season 46 Episode 7Nov-27-201403 years
106Season 46 Episode 6Nov-26-201403 years
105Season 46 Episode 5Nov-26-201403 years
104Season 46 Episode 4Nov-25-201403 years
103Season 46 Episode 3Nov-25-201403 years
102Season 46 Episode 2Nov-24-201403 years
101Season 46 Episode 1Nov-24-201403 years
100Episode 100Nov-21-201403 years
99Episode 99Nov-21-201403 years
98Episode 98Nov-20-201403 years
97Episode 97Nov-20-201403 years
96Episode 96Nov-19-201403 years
95Episode 95Nov-19-201403 years
94Episode 94Nov-18-201403 years
93Episode 93Nov-18-201403 years
92Episode 92Nov-17-201403 years
91Episode 91Nov-17-201403 years
90Episode 90Nov-14-201403 years
89Episode 89Nov-14-201403 years
88Episode 88Nov-13-201403 years
87Episode 87Nov-13-201403 years
86Episode 86Nov-12-201403 years
85Episode 85Nov-12-201403 years
84Episode 84Nov-11-201403 years
83Episode 83Nov-11-201403 years
82Episode 82Nov-10-201403 years
81Episode 81Nov-10-201403 years
80Episode 80Nov-07-201403 years
79Episode 79Nov-07-201403 years
78Episode 78Nov-06-201403 years
77Episode 77Nov-06-201403 years
76Episode 76Nov-05-201403 years
75Episode 75Nov-05-201403 years
74Episode 74Nov-04-201403 years
73Episode 73Nov-04-201403 years
72Episode 72Nov-03-201403 years
71Episode 71Nov-03-201403 years
70Episode 70Oct-31-201403 years
69Episode 69Oct-31-201403 years
68Episode 68Oct-30-201403 years
67Episode 67Oct-30-201403 years
66Episode 66Oct-29-201403 years
65Episode 65Oct-29-201403 years
64Episode 64Oct-28-201403 years
63Episode 63Oct-28-201403 years
62Episode 62Oct-27-201403 years
61Episode 61Oct-27-201403 years
60Episode 60Oct-24-201403 years
59Episode 59Oct-24-201403 years
58Episode 58Oct-23-201403 years
57Episode 57Oct-23-201403 years
56Episode 56Oct-22-201403 years
55Episode 55Oct-22-201403 years
54Episode 54Oct-21-201403 years
53Episode 53Oct-21-201403 years
52Episode 52Oct-20-201403 years
51Episode 51Oct-20-201403 years
50Episode 50Oct-17-201403 years
49Episode 49Oct-17-201403 years
48Episode 48Oct-16-201403 years
47Episode 47Oct-16-201403 years
46Episode 46Oct-15-201403 years
45Episode 45Oct-15-201403 years
44Episode 44Oct-14-201403 years
43Episode 43Oct-14-201403 years
42Episode 42Oct-13-201403 years
41Episode 41Oct-13-201403 years
40Episode 40Oct-10-201403 years
39Episode 39Oct-10-201403 years
38Episode 38Oct-09-201403 years
37Episode 37Oct-09-201403 years
36Episode 36Oct-08-201403 years
35Episode 35Oct-08-201403 years
34Episode 34Oct-07-201403 years
33Episode 33Oct-07-201403 years
32Episode 32Oct-06-201403 years
31Episode 31Oct-06-201403 years
30Episode 30Oct-03-201403 years
29Episode 29Oct-03-201403 years
28Episode 28Oct-02-201403 years
27Episode 27Oct-02-201403 years
26Episode 26Oct-01-201403 years
25Episode 25Oct-01-201403 years
24Episode 24Sep-30-201403 years
23Episode 23Sep-30-201403 years
22Episode 22Sep-29-201403 years
21Episode 21Sep-29-201403 years
20Episode 20Sep-26-201403 years
19Episode 19Sep-26-201403 years
18Episode 18Sep-25-201403 years
17Episode 17Sep-25-201403 years
16Episode 16Sep-24-201403 years
15Episode 15Sep-24-201403 years
14Episode 14Sep-23-201403 years
13Episode 13Sep-23-201403 years
12Episode 12Sep-22-201403 years
11Episode 11Sep-22-201403 years
10Episode 10Sep-19-201403 years
9Episode 9Sep-19-201403 years
8Episode 8Sep-18-201403 years
7Episode 7Sep-18-201403 years
6Episode 6Sep-17-201403 years
5Episode 5Sep-17-201403 years
4Episode 4Sep-16-201403 years
3Episode 3Sep-16-201403 years
2Episode 2Sep-15-201403 years
1Episode 1Sep-15-201403 years
171Episode 1Feb-11-199303 years
312Moved to 1978x12 -- TV's All-Time Fav's- Your Hit Parade vs The Brady Bunch03 years
11Moved to 1978x10 -- Soap vs Eight Is Enough03 years
10Moved to 1978x10 -- Phyllis' Fighters vs Richard's Rosebuds03 years
9Moved to 1978x9 -- Welcome Back Kotter vs Soap03 years
8Dukes of Hazzard vs Angie03 years
7Debbie's Dudes vs Wilt's Wows03 years
6Debbie's Dudes vs Richard's Rosebuds03 years
5Barney Miller vs Welcome Back Kotter03 years
4Moved to 1979x11 -- Family vs What's Happening03 years
3Moved to 1979x9 -- Dukes of Hazzard vs The Waltons03 years
2Moved to 1979x12 -- Welcome Back Kotter vs The Love Boat03 years
1Episode 1Feb-15-197903 years
11Idols on Feud Special03 years
015Baywatch vs Lifeguards - Friday03 years
14Baywatch vs Lifeguards - Thursday03 years
13Baywatch vs Lifeguards - Wednesday03 years
12Baywatch vs Lifeguards - Tuesday03 years
11Baywatch vs Lifeguards - Monday03 years
10Playmates 80's vs 70's - FridayJan-25-199103 years
9Playmates 80's vs 70's - ThursdayJan-24-199103 years
8Playmates 80's vs 70's - WednesdayJan-23-199103 years
7Playmates 80's vs 70's - TuesdayJan-22-199103 years
6Playmates 80's vs 70's - MondayJan-21-199103 years
5Playmates 80's vs 90's - FridayNov-16-199003 years
4Playmates 80's vs 90's - ThursdayNov-15-199003 years
3Playmates 80's vs 90's - WednesdayNov-14-199003 years
2Playmates 80's vs 90's - TuesdayNov-13-199003 years
1Playmates 80's vs 90's - MondayNov-12-199003 years

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