Fairy Tail

The story follows a teenage girl named Lucy Heartfilla who is determined to join the notorious magical Fairy Tail Guild. During a daring rescue, she encounters Natsu who is part of the guild and eventually offers her a place. They become teammates performing various missions for the Fairy Tail Guild.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Fantasy

Release Date: October 12, 2009

Status: Running

Network: TV Tokyo (Official Website)

Casts: Rin Mizuhara, Narita Sayaka, Kawanabe Masaki, Eri Kitamura, Fuyuka Oura, Namekawa Kyouko, Eri Kitamura, Fuyuka Oura, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Sekiguchi Eiji, Eri Kitamura, Fuyuka Oura, Tetsuya Kakihara, Satomi Sato, Aya Hirano, Momo Asakura, Kousuke Toriumi, Takaya Kuroda, Shuuhei Sakaguchi, Takahiro Sakurai, Yūichi Iguchi, Hidekatsu Shibata, Hiroshi Shirokuma, Kanami Satou, Yuichi Nakamura, Kenichi Suzumura, Masaharu Satou, Yui Horie, Masaya Matsukaze, Katsui Taira, Aya Hirano, Rie Kugimiya, Sayaka Ohara

Most recent episode: Fairy Tail Season 8 Episode 1 - Lamia Scale's Thanksgiving Day ( 10/6/2018 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
81Lamia Scale's Thanksgiving DayOct-06-2018011 months
712Message of FlameMar-26-2016011 months
11ChallengerMar-19-2016011 months
10Eternal AdventureMar-12-2016011 months
9LawMar-05-2016011 months
8TreasureFeb-27-2016011 months
7Conveyer of MagicFeb-20-2016011 months
6Blue SkullFeb-13-2016011 months
5Moonlit LakeFeb-06-2016011 months
4Dancing with BladesJan-30-2016011 months
3Treasure HuntJan-23-2016011 months
2The Adventure BeginsJan-16-2016011 months
1The Fairy in Your HeartJan-09-2016011 months
639Tartaros Arc Epilogue: That's the Power to LiveDec-26-2015011 months
38Tartaros Arc: Drops of FlameDec-19-2015011 months
37Tartaros Arc: Dancing Over IshgarDec-12-2015011 months
36Tartaros Arc: Memento MoriDec-05-2015011 months
35Tartaros Arc: Absolute DemonNov-28-2015011 months
34Tartaros Arc: The Girl in the CrystalNov-21-2015011 months
33Tartaros Arc: 00:00Nov-14-2015011 months
32Tartaros Arc: Iron Fist of the Fire DragonNov-07-2015011 months
31Tartaros Arc: Wings of DespairOct-31-2015011 months
30Tartaros Arc: Final DuelOct-24-2015011 months
29Tartaros Arc: SteelOct-17-2015011 months
28Tartaros Arc: AirOct-10-2015011 months
27Tartaros Arc: Silver MemoriesOct-03-2015011 months
26Tartaros Arc: Gray vs. SilverSep-26-2015011 months
25Tartaros Arc: A Boy's TaleSep-19-2015011 months
24Tartaros Arc: Erza vs. MinervaSep-12-2015011 months
23Tartaros Arc: The Celestial King vs. The Underworld KingSep-05-2015011 months
22Tartaros Arc: Attack of the CelestialsAug-29-2015011 months
21Tartaros Arc: AlegriaAug-22-2015011 months
20Tartaros Arc: King of the UnderworldAug-15-2015011 months
19Tartaros Arc: Hell's CoreAug-08-2015011 months
18Tartaros Arc: Friends ForeverAug-01-2015011 months
17Tartaros Arc: Wendy vs. EzelJul-25-2015011 months
16Tartaros Arc: Let Live or KillJul-18-2015011 months
15Tartaros Arc: Demonic ReincarnationJul-11-2015011 months
14Tartaros Arc: The Place that Prayers ReachJul-04-2015011 months
13Tartaros Arc: Jellal vs. Oración SeisJun-27-2015011 months
12Tartaros Arc: Immorality and SinnersJun-20-2015011 months
11Tartaros Arc Prologue: Natsu vs. JackalJun-13-2015011 months
10Tartaros Arc Prologue: White LegacyJun-06-2015011 months
9Tartaros Arc Prologue: Fairy Versus the UnderworldMay-30-2015011 months
8Tartaros Arc Prologue: The Nine Demon GatesMay-23-2015011 months
7Song of the FairiesMay-16-2015011 months
6Voice of the FlameMay-09-2015011 months
5Gray vs. DoriateMay-02-2015011 months
4The Demon ReturnsApr-25-2015011 months
3Art of RegressionApr-18-2015011 months
2Wizards vs. HuntersApr-11-2015011 months
1Morning of the New AdventureApr-04-2015011 months
551Fairy Tail of the Dead MeeeeeeeeenMar-28-2015011 months
50Lightning ManMar-21-2015011 months
49The Place You Came ToMar-14-2015011 months
48It's Kemo-Kemo!Mar-07-2015011 months
47Transform!Feb-28-2015011 months
46The Labyrinth of WhiteFeb-21-2015011 months
45413 DaysFeb-14-2015011 months
44What a Pure Heart WeavesFeb-07-2015011 months
43BelieveJan-31-2015011 months
42Celestial Spirit BeastJan-24-2015011 months
41When the Stars FallJan-17-2015011 months
40Ophiuchus, the Snake CharmerJan-10-2015011 months
39Natsu vs. LeoDec-27-2014011 months
38Erza vs. Sagittarius! Horseback Showdown!Dec-20-2014011 months
37Juvia vs. Aries! Desert Death Match!Dec-13-2014011 months
36Gray vs. Cancer - Dance Battle!Dec-06-2014011 months
35Guild Deck vs. Celestial DeckNov-29-2014011 months
34Wendy vs. Aquarius - Let's Have Fun in the Amusement Park!Nov-22-2014011 months
33Astral SpiritusNov-15-2014011 months
32Hisui Rises!Nov-08-2014011 months
31Library PanicNov-01-2014011 months
30Signal of RebellionOct-25-2014011 months
29Full Effort Hospitality!Oct-18-2014011 months
28Moulin RougeOct-11-2014011 months
27Welcome Back, FroschOct-04-2014011 months
26A GiftSep-27-2014011 months
25Droplets of TimeSep-20-2014011 months
24The Grand BanquetSep-13-2014011 months
23Fields of GoldSep-06-2014011 months
22Time of LifeAug-30-2014011 months
21Sin and SacrificeAug-23-2014011 months
20People and People, Dragons and Dragons, People and DragonsAug-16-2014011 months
19Zirconis' MagicAug-09-2014011 months
18Seven DragonsAug-02-2014011 months
17For Me, TooJul-26-2014011 months
16Natsu vs. RogueJul-19-2014011 months
15The One Who Closes the GateJul-12-2014011 months
14GloriaJul-05-2014011 months
13Roaring Thunder!Jun-28-2014011 months
12FrogJun-21-2014011 months
11A Future Racing Toward DespairJun-14-2014011 months
10Erza vs KaguraJun-07-2014011 months
9The Kingdom 'til TomorrowMay-31-2014011 months
8Our PlaceMay-24-2014011 months
7Scorching EarthMay-17-2014011 months
6Fairy Tail vs. ExecutionersMay-10-2014011 months
5The Hungry Wolf KnightsMay-03-2014011 months
4Gray vs. RufusApr-26-2014011 months
3Fairy TacticianApr-19-2014011 months
2The Eclipse ProjectApr-12-2014011 months
1King of the DragonsApr-05-2014011 months
425Natsu vs. the Twin DragonsMar-30-2013011 months
24Four DragonsMar-23-2013011 months
23Battle of Dragon SlayersMar-16-2013011 months
22A Parfum for YouMar-09-2013011 months
21Naval BattleMar-02-2013011 months
20Small FistsFeb-23-2013011 months
19Wendy vs. SheliaFeb-16-2013011 months
18Laxus vs. AlexeiFeb-09-2013011 months
17100 Against 1Feb-02-2013011 months
16PandemoniumJan-26-2013011 months
15Hatred at NightfallJan-19-2013011 months
14Kagura vs. YukinoJan-12-2013011 months
13Mirajane vs. JennyJan-05-2013011 months
12Elfman vs. BacchusDec-22-2012011 months
11ChariotsDec-15-2012011 months
10PortentDec-08-2012011 months
9Lucy vs. FlareDec-01-2012011 months
8Night of Shooting StarsNov-24-2012011 months
7New GuildNov-17-2012011 months
6Sky LabyrinthNov-10-2012011 months
5Crocus, the Flower-Blooming CapitalNov-03-2012011 months
4For All the Time We Missed Each OtherOct-27-2012011 months
3Song of the StarsOct-20-2012011 months
2And So We Aim for the TopOct-13-2012011 months
1SabertoothOct-06-2012011 months
354Lucy and MichelleSep-29-2012011 months
53I Hear the Voice of My FriendSep-22-2012011 months
52Angel TearsSep-15-2012011 months
51To the Infinity Castle!Sep-08-2012011 months
50Time SpiralSep-01-2012011 months
49Real NightmareAug-25-2012011 months
48Despair UnleashedAug-18-2012011 months
47Anti-LinkAug-11-2012011 months
46Dissonance of BattleAug-04-2012011 months
45Get the Infinity Clock!Jul-28-2012011 months
44Enter the Neo-Oración Seis!Jul-21-2012011 months
43Time Begins to TickJul-14-2012011 months
42The Course of the Holy WarJul-07-2012011 months
41Defying CalculationJun-30-2012011 months
40True Scoundrels, Once AgainJun-23-2012011 months
39Footprints of the MythJun-16-2012011 months
38Labyrinth CapriccioJun-09-2012011 months
37Travel CompanionsJun-02-2012011 months
36Key of the Starry HeavensMay-26-2012011 months
35The Fury of LegionMay-19-2012011 months
34Target: LucyMay-12-2012011 months
33Turbulent Showdown! Natsu vs. LaxusMay-05-2012011 months
32Father's MementoApr-28-2012011 months
31The Terror of Invisible LucyApr-21-2012011 months
30True Scoundrels - The Butt Jiggle GangApr-14-2012011 months
29The Magic BallApr-07-2012011 months
28The Seven Year GapMar-31-2012011 months
27Fairy Tail, Year X791Mar-24-2012011 months
26Let's Hold HandsMar-17-2012011 months
25The Right to LoveMar-10-2012011 months
24Daybreak on Tenrou IslandMar-03-2012011 months
23Realm of the AbyssFeb-25-2012011 months
22The Man Without an EmblemFeb-18-2012011 months
21Rolling ThunderFeb-11-2012011 months
20Power of LifeFeb-04-2012011 months
19Freezing Fighting SpiritJan-28-2012011 months
18Erza vs. AzumaJan-21-2012011 months
17Tenrou TreeJan-14-2012011 months
16The One Thing I Couldn't SayJan-07-2012011 months
15Tears of Love and VitalityDec-24-2011011 months
14Dead-end of DespairDec-17-2011011 months
13Lucy Fire!Dec-10-2011011 months
12Human GateDec-03-2011011 months
11Arc of EmbodimentNov-26-2011011 months
10Grand Magic WorldNov-19-2011011 months
9Fire Dragon vs. Flame GodNov-12-2011011 months
8Lost MagicNov-05-2011011 months
7Makarov ChargesOct-29-2011011 months
6Iron SoulOct-22-2011011 months
5Black WizardOct-15-2011011 months
4MestOct-08-2011011 months
3Natsu vs. GildartsOct-01-2011011 months
2Who's the Lucky One?Sep-24-2011011 months
1Best PartnersSep-17-2011011 months
248He Who Extinguishes LifeSep-10-2011011 months
47LisannaSep-03-2011011 months
46Bye-bye, EdolasAug-27-2011011 months
45I'm Standing Right HereAug-20-2011011 months
44O Living OnesAug-13-2011011 months
43Dragon SenseAug-06-2011011 months
42The Boy Back ThenJul-30-2011011 months
41The Apocalyptic Dragon Chain CannonJul-23-2011011 months
40For Pride's Sake, the River of StarsJul-16-2011011 months
39We're Talking About Lives Here!!!!Jul-09-2011011 months
38Erza vs ErzaJul-02-2011011 months
37Code ETDJun-25-2011011 months
36Fly, to Our Friends!Jun-18-2011011 months
35ExtaliaJun-11-2011011 months
34Welcome HomeJun-04-2011011 months
33FireballMay-28-2011011 months
32Key of HopeMay-21-2011011 months
31Fairy HunterMay-14-2011011 months
30EdolasMay-07-2011011 months
29EarthlandApr-30-2011011 months
28GildartsApr-23-2011011 months
2724-Hour Endurance Road RaceApr-16-2011011 months
26Wendy's First Big Job!?Apr-11-2011011 months
25Rainbow Cherry BlossomsApr-04-2011011 months
24A Fairy Tail WizardMar-28-2011011 months
23Friendship Overcomes the DeadMar-21-2011011 months
22Natsu vs. Gray!Mar-14-2011011 months
21Call of the DragonMar-07-2011011 months
20A Guild for OneFeb-28-2011011 months
19I'm With YouFeb-21-2011011 months
18The Power of FeelingsFeb-14-2011011 months
17From Pegasus to FairiesFeb-07-2011011 months
16ZeroJan-31-2011011 months
15Your WordsJan-24-2011011 months
14Wizard Saint JuraJan-17-2011011 months
13Super Aerial Battle! Natsu vs. CobraJan-03-2011011 months
12March of DestructionDec-27-2010011 months
11Jellal of Days Gone ByDec-20-2010011 months
10Celestial SkirmishDec-13-2010011 months
9DarknessDec-06-2010011 months
8Dead Grand PrixNov-29-2010011 months
7The Girl and the GhostNov-22-2010011 months
6Maiden of the SkyNov-15-2010011 months
5Enter the Oración Seis!Nov-08-2010011 months
4Allied Forces, Assemble!Nov-01-2010011 months
3LOVE & LUCKYOct-25-2010011 months
2Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You Like!Oct-18-2010011 months
1The Day of the Fateful EncounterOct-11-2010011 months
148FantasiaSep-27-2010011 months
47Triple DragonsSep-20-2010011 months
46Clash at Kardia CathedralSep-13-2010011 months
45Advent of SatanSep-06-2010011 months
44Thunder PalaceAug-30-2010011 months
43Defeat Your Friends to Save Your FriendsAug-23-2010011 months
42Battle of Fairy TailAug-16-2010011 months
41HomeAug-09-2010011 months
40Titania FallsAug-02-2010011 months
39Give Our Prayers to the Sacred LightJul-26-2010011 months
38DestinyJul-19-2010011 months
37Armor of the HeartJul-12-2010011 months
36Heaven's GameJul-05-2010011 months
35Voice of DarknessJun-28-2010011 months
34JellalJun-21-2010011 months
33The Tower of HeavenJun-07-2010011 months
32Celestial Spirit KingMay-31-2010011 months
31A Star Removed from the SkyMay-24-2010011 months
30Next GenerationMay-17-2010011 months
29My ResolveMay-10-2010011 months
28Fairy LawMay-03-2010011 months
27The Two DragonslayersApr-26-2010011 months
26Wings of FlameApr-19-2010011 months
25A Flower Blooms in the RainApr-12-2010011 months
24To Keep from Seeing Those TearsMar-29-2010011 months
2315 MinutesMar-22-2010011 months
22Lucy HeartfiliaMar-15-2010011 months
21The Phantom LordMar-08-2010011 months
20Natsu and the Dragon EggMar-01-2010011 months
19ChangelingFeb-22-2010011 months
18Reach the Sky AboveFeb-15-2010011 months
17BurstFeb-08-2010011 months
16The Final Showdown on Galuna IslandFeb-01-2010011 months
15Eternal MagicJan-25-2010011 months
14Just Do Whatever!!Jan-18-2010011 months
13Natsu vs. Yuka the Wave UserJan-11-2010011 months
12Moon DripJan-04-2010011 months
11The Cursed IslandDec-21-2009011 months
10Natsu vs. ErzaDec-14-2009011 months
9Natsu Devours a VillageDec-07-2009011 months
8The Strongest Team!!!Nov-30-2009011 months
7Flame and WindNov-23-2009011 months
6Fairies in the WindNov-16-2009011 months
5The Wizard in ArmorNov-09-2009011 months
4Dear KabyNov-02-2009011 months
3Infiltrate the Everlue MansionOct-26-200901 month
2Fire Dragon, Monkey, and BullOct-19-200901 month
1The Fairy TailOct-12-200901 month

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