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Expert Witness

Expert Witness explores the inside stories of how expert witnesses helped solve some of the UK’s most complex major crime cases, using forensic science to reveal the hidden clues criminals leave behind. Each episode features two different cases, and hears from those involved in solving them.

Genre: Documentary

Release Date: October 25, 2021

Status: In Development

Network: BBC One (Official Website)

Casts: Ashley John-Baptiste

Most recent episode: Expert Witness Season 2 Episode 15 - Killer on the Run and Murder in the Valleys ( 11/14/2022 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
215Killer on the Run and Murder in the ValleysNov-14-202264 months
14Deadly Date and the Football FraudsterNov-14-202254 months
13A Scottish Murder and Artful DeceitNov-14-202204 months
12Murder in the Carpark and Cold Call FraudNov-14-202274 months
11Sole of a Killer and Stolen TreasureNov-14-202254 months
10Car Killer and Shot on the SofaNov-14-202234 months
9Invisible Evidence and the Chocolate Box ConmenNov-14-202204 months
8Late Night Murder and Exhuming EvidenceNov-14-202204 months
7Body in the Bog and Bomb in the BootNov-14-202204 months
6Murder in the Suburbs and Search for a Serial KillerNov-14-202204 months
5Body in the Woods and Murder at the Post OfficeNov-14-202204 months
4Body in the Snow and Betrayed by a TextNov-14-202204 months
3The Curry Killer and the Body on the BeachNov-14-202204 months
2Mystery of the Playground Shooter and Signature of a KillerNov-14-202204 months
1Shallow Graves - Unearthing a Serial KillerNov-14-202204 months
11560's DNA and Fibres Around the WorldNov-12-202104 months
14Paint Materials and Blood PatternsNov-11-202104 months
13Insects and BonesNov-10-202104 months
12Pollen, Chalk and DNANov-09-202104 months
11Text Messages and DNANov-08-202104 months
10Pollen, Bones and DNANov-05-202104 months
9Cerium and CCTVNov-04-202104 months
8Soil on a Spade and Stones in a ShoeNov-03-202104 months
7Aging Insects and Fake FairiesNov-02-202104 months
6DNA, Fibres and BonesNov-01-202104 months
5Pollen in a Field and Fibres in a Car CrashOct-29-202161 year
4Fibre Trails and DiamondsOct-28-202131 year
3Forensic Imaging and MSN ChatOct-27-202171 year
2Blood Under Paint and GaitOct-26-202161 year
1Soil and InsectsOct-25-202151 year

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