Expedition Unknown

The series chronicles the adventures of Josh Gates as he investigates iconic mysteries across the globe. Gates begins by interviewing key eyewitnesses and uncovering recent developments in the story, then springboards into a fully immersive exploration. This authentic, roughshod adventure leads Gates closer to the truth behind these unanswered global enigmas, such as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart’s plane.

Josh Gates is an adventurer and avid explorer with a unique brand of humor and passion for off-the-map excursions.

Genre: Reality, Travel

Release Date: January 8, 2015

Status: Running

Network: Travel Channel (Official Website)

Casts: Josh Gates

Most recent episode: Expedition Unknown Season 8 Episode 8 - Bermuda Triangle Revealed ( 3/25/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
88Bermuda Triangle RevealedMar-25-202021 year
7Curse of the Bermuda TriangleMar-18-202021 year
6The Fortune of the BuzzardMar-11-2020011 months
5The Warrior Queens TreasureMar-04-2020011 months
4Ancient Ancestors RevealedFeb-26-202011 year
3The Hunt for Our Ancient AncestorsFeb-19-202001 year
2America's Vanished AirlinerFeb-12-202011 year
1Episode 1Aug-07-201911 year
713The Secret SolvedOct-30-201901 year
12Search for the Sultan's HeartOct-16-201901 year
11Gold Rush of the AtlanticOct-09-201901 year
10Cracking the SecretOct-02-2019011 months
9Chasing the Snake KingsSep-25-2019011 months
8Lost Tomb of the MummyMay-29-2019011 months
7Hunt for the ChupacabraMay-22-201902 years
6The Search for Florida's Lost PirateMay-15-2019011 months
5Siberia's Coldest CaseMay-08-2019011 months
4Mystery of Dead MountainMay-01-2019011 months
3Chasing the Fortune of Sir Francis DrakeApr-24-2019011 months
2Treasure of the Copper ScrollAug-14-201902 years
1Mysteries of the Dead Sea ScrollsApr-10-2019011 months
68The Hunt for the Golden OwlMay-29-201912 years
7America's Lost WWII HeroMay-22-201912 years
6Legend of the Crystal SkullMay-15-201922 years
5Ghost Ship of the Great LakesMay-08-201912 years
4Lost Gold of ScotlandMay-01-201902 years
3Atlantis of the AndesApr-24-2019011 months
2Mysteries of JesusApr-17-2019011 months
1Deciphering the Last Nazi CodeOct-07-2018011 months
510[no episode title yet]011 months
9[no episode title yet]011 months
8[no episode title yet]011 months
7Solved: Mystery of the Lost Ruby Slippers011 months
6Hunt for the Red Slippers211 months
5Mahogany ShipJun-26-2018011 months
4Jean Lafitte's TreasureJun-19-2018111 months
3Nazis in ArgentinaJun-12-2018111 months
2Legend of the Snake King, Part 2Jun-05-2018011 months
1Legend of the Snake King, Part 1May-29-2018011 months
49Secrets of Brother XIIFeb-28-2018011 months
8Egypt's Lost QueensFeb-14-2018011 months
7Great Women of Ancient EgyptFeb-07-2018011 months
6Hunt for the Metal LibraryJan-31-2018011 months
5Butch Cassidy's Lost LootJan-24-2018011 months
4The SecretJan-17-2018011 months
3Origins of StonehengeJan-10-2018011 months
2Vikings in AmericaJan-03-2018011 months
1Viking SecretsDec-27-2017011 months
321Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Roswell RevealedOct-25-2017011 months
20Hunt for Extraterrestrials: UFOs Over EnglandOct-18-2017011 months
19Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Ancient VisitorsOct-11-2017011 months
18Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Close EncountersOct-04-2017011 months
17Lost Spanish Fortune, Found!Jun-14-2017011 months
16India's AtlantisJun-07-2017011 months
15Italy's Barbarian BootyMay-31-2017011 months
14Corsica's Nazi TreasureMar-22-2017011 months
13England's Vanished Crown JewelsMar-15-2017011 months
12The Ark of the CovenantMar-08-2017011 months
11Africa's Cursed Lake of GoldMar-01-2017011 months
10Captain Kidd's TreasureFeb-22-2017011 months
9Tracking Tasmania's TigerJan-25-2017011 months
8Lasseter's GoldJan-18-2017011 months
7Cracking the D.B. Cooper CaseJan-11-2017011 months
6Journey to the Ice AgeJan-04-2017111 months
5Cloning the Woolly MammothDec-28-2016111 months
4The Lost Colony of RoanokeNov-23-2016111 months
3The Vanished EmpireNov-16-2016111 months
2The Lost Tomb of Attila the HunNov-09-2016111 months
1Plummer's GoldNov-02-2016111 months
220Hitler's Atomic SecretsMar-23-2016011 months
19Nazi Gold TrainMar-16-2016011 months
18Incan King's MummyMar-09-2016011 months
17Lost Mexican CityJun-01-201602 days
16Shangri-La FoundFeb-24-2016011 months
15Searching for Shangri-LaFeb-17-2016011 months
14Yamashita's GoldFeb-10-2016011 months
13Kalahari Desert's Lost CityJan-27-2016011 months
12Africa's Gold HoardJan-13-2016011 months
11The Sultan's HeartJan-06-2016011 months
10True Cross of ChristDec-23-2015011 months
9Japan's AtlantisDec-16-2015011 months
8Columbus UnearthedDec-09-2015011 months
7Secrets of Christopher ColumbusDec-02-2015011 months
6Finding Fenn's FortuneNov-18-2015011 months
5The Real Robin HoodNov-04-2015011 months
4Hunting VampiresOct-28-2015011 months
3Blackbeard's Hidden GoldOct-21-2015011 months
2Genghis Khan's TombOct-14-2015011 months
1The Quest for King ArthurOct-07-2015011 months
112Curse of the Golden BellApr-02-2015011 months
11Samurai Sword of PowerMar-26-2015011 months
10Mayan ApocalypseMar-05-2015011 months
9Secrets of the NazcaMar-19-2015011 months
8Code to GoldFeb-26-2015011 months
7Captain Morgan's Lost GoldFeb-19-2015011 months
6Viking SunstoneFeb-12-2015011 months
5City of GoldFeb-05-2015011 months
4The Legend of Jesse JamesJan-29-2015011 months
3World's 8th WonderJan-22-2015011 months
2Temple of DoomJan-15-2015011 months
1Amelia EarheartJan-08-2015011 months
0113Chasing the Snake KingsAug-26-2019011 months
100Global Game Show: Explorers and PioneersFeb-26-2019011 months
99Global Game Show: Wild WorldFeb-19-2019011 months
98Global Game Show: Fun and GamesFeb-12-2019011 months
97Global Game Show: Fantastic RealmsFeb-05-2019011 months
96Global Game Show: Incredible EngineeringDec-30-2018011 months
95Amazing AdventuresDec-12-2018011 months
94Extra Finds: Hunt for the Ruby SlippersDec-04-2018011 months
93Extra Finds: Mahogany ShipNov-27-2018011 months
92Extra Finds: Vikings In AmericaNov-19-2018011 months
91After the Search - Ghost in the MachineOct-28-2018011 months
90Search for the Afterlife: Crossing Over the EdgeOct-28-2018011 months
89After the Search - Journey to the Dark SideOct-21-2018011 months
88Search for the Afterlife: Edge of ExistenceOct-21-2018011 months
87After the Search - Josh's Past LifeOct-14-2018011 months
86Search for the Afterlife: Death and BeyondOct-14-2018011 months
85After the Search - Talking with the DeadOct-07-2018011 months
84Search for the Afterlife: Heaven and Hell and BeyondOct-07-2018011 months
83Global Game Show: Curses!Jun-27-2018011 months
82Beyond the LimitJun-20-2018011 months
81Beyond the LimitJun-20-2018011 months
80Global Game Show: Secrets of WarJun-06-2018011 months
79After the Hunt: Legend of the Snake King (2)Jun-05-2018011 months
78Global Game Show: Sunken MysteriesMay-29-2018011 months
77After the Hunt: Pyramid of LegendsMay-29-2018011 months
76Global Game Show: Out of this WorldFeb-21-2018011 months
75After the Hunt: Unmasked the Queens of EgyptFeb-14-2018011 months
74After the Hunt: More Secrets of EgyptFeb-07-2018011 months
73Win, Lose or Wipeout!Dec-20-2017011 months
72Fact or FictionDec-13-2017011 months
71Josh's Favorite ThingsDec-06-2017011 months
70Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Roswell Revealed - The DebriefOct-25-2017011 months
69Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Roswell RevealedOct-25-2017011 months
68Hunt for Extraterrestrials: UFOs Over England - The DebriefOct-18-2017011 months
67Hunt for Extraterrestrials: UFOs Over EnglandOct-18-2017011 months
66Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Ancient Visitors - The DebriefOct-11-2017011 months
65Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Ancient VisitorsOct-11-2017011 months
64Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Close Encounters - The DebriefOct-04-2017011 months
63Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Close EncountersOct-04-2017011 months
62Global Game Show: Hidden TreasuresSep-28-2017011 months
61Global Game Show: Lost CivilizationsSep-20-2017011 months
60Global Game Show: Heroes and VillainsSep-13-2017011 months
59Global Game Show: American LegendsSep-06-2017011 months
58Extra Finds: Lost Spanish Fortune, Found!Aug-16-2017011 months
57Extra Finds: Kalahari Desert's Lost CityAug-09-2017011 months
56Extra Finds: Yamashita's GoldAug-02-2017011 months
55Extra Finds: Incan King's MummyJul-26-2017011 months
54Extra Finds: Lost Mexican CityJul-19-2017011 months
53Over the EdgeJul-12-2017011 months
52Beyond Extreme Adventures!Jul-05-2017011 months
51Daring Discoveries!Jun-28-2017011 months
50Resurrecting the Woolly MammothJun-21-2017011 months
49Hunt for the Yeti: Extra Finds: The Monster and the MountainMay-26-2017011 months
48Extra Finds: Africa's Gold HoardMay-24-2017011 months
47Extra Finds: Nazi Secrets RevealedMay-17-2017011 months
46Extra Finds: The Sultan's HeartMay-10-2017011 months
45Extra Finds: Hunting VampiresMay-03-2017011 months
44Extra Finds: Finding Fenn's FortuneApr-26-2017011 months
43Extra Finds: Blackbeard's Hidden GoldApr-19-2017011 months
42Extra Finds: True Cross of ChristApr-12-2017011 months
41Extra Finds: The Real Robin HoodApr-05-2017011 months
40Extra Finds: The Quest for King ArthurMar-29-2017011 months
39Global Game Show: Aussie AdventureFeb-15-2017011 months
38Global Game Show: Without BordersFeb-08-2017011 months
37Global Game Show: Greek OdysseyFeb-01-2017011 months
36More Extreme AdventuresDec-14-2016011 months
35Insider's Guide: Secret SafariAug-03-2016011 months
34Greatest Treasure HuntsDec-07-2016011 months
33Further Off the Rails!Nov-30-2016011 months
32Hunt for the Yeti: Unmasking the MythOct-26-2016011 months
31Hunt for the Yeti: Out of Thin AirOct-19-2016011 months
30Hunt for the Yeti: The Monster and the MountainOct-12-2016011 months
29Hunt for the Yeti: Return of the YetiOct-05-2016011 months
28Nazi Secrets Revealed Sep-14-2016011 months
27Insider's Guide: Columbus: Legend or Liar?Sep-07-2016011 months
26Insider's Guide: Japan's Atlantis Aug-31-2016011 months
25Insider's Guide: Genghis Khan's TombAug-24-2016011 months
24Insider's Guide: Secrets of Shangri-LaAug-17-2016011 months
23Extra Finds: World's 8th WonderJul-27-2016011 months
22Extra Finds: The Legend of Jesse James Jul-20-2016011 months
21Extra Finds: Viking Sunstone Jul-13-2016011 months
20Extra Finds: Secrets of Shangri-LaJul-06-2016011 months
19A Day in the LifeJun-29-2016011 months
18Extra Finds: Curse of the Golden BellMay-25-2016011 months
17Extra Finds: City of GoldMay-18-2016011 months
16Extra Finds: Code to GoldMay-11-2016011 months
15Extra Finds: Samurai Sword of PowerMay-04-2016011 months
14Extra Finds: Amelia EarhartApr-27-2016011 months
13Extra Finds: Mayan ApocalypseApr-20-2016011 months
12Extra Finds: Secrets of the NazcaApr-13-2016011 months
11Extra Finds: Temple of DoomApr-06-2016011 months
10Extra Finds: Captain Morgan's Lost GoldMar-30-2016011 months
9Global Game ShowMar-23-2016011 months
8Most Extreme AdventuresMar-16-2016011 months
7What to Know Before You GoFeb-24-2016011 months
6Columbus: Legend or Liar?Feb-17-2016011 months
5Weird, Wild and Off the RailsJan-20-2016011 months
4Legends: The Real Lewis and ClarkDec-30-2015011 months
3Extra Finds: Secrets of Christopher ColumbusDec-09-2015011 months
2Most Dangerous MomentsNov-25-2015011 months
1Raw & UnfilteredNov-11-2015011 months

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