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Evil Lives Here

How well do you know your housemates? Evil Lives Here tells the heart-stopping tales of people who have shared a home, with a killer. In each episode, loved ones reveal how they came to discover their significant other’s evil side.

Genre: Drama, Crime

Release Date: January 17, 2016

Status: Running

Network: Investigation Discovery (Official Website)

Most recent episode: Evil Lives Here Season 13 Episode 8 - The Hole in the Backyard ( 3/19/2023 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
1311Sisters in SilenceApr-09-202305 days
10Ménage à TerrorApr-02-202305 days
9From Hollywood to HellMar-26-202305 days
8The Hole in the BackyardMar-19-2023364 days
7Fantasizing and HuntingMar-12-2023272 weeks
6He Looks Like the Killer on TVMar-05-2023223 weeks
5He Called It "The Need"Feb-26-2023143 weeks
4Kill Him, Save YourselfFeb-19-2023243 weeks
3Scratch My Murderous ItchFeb-05-2023242 months
2I Made It Out AliveJan-29-2023262 months
1I Watched Daddy Bury MommyJan-22-202312 months
128I Made It Out AliveJan-29-202302 months
7I Watched Daddy Bury MommyJan-22-202352 months
6I Found His ConfessionAug-07-202202 months
5He Pretended to Save MeJul-31-2022218 months
4A Special Place in HellJul-24-2022328 months
3Sleeping with the EnemyJul-17-202218 months
2He Tied Me Up, TooJul-10-202218 months
1He Should Have Died SoonerJul-03-2022259 months
118Divorce? Never. Murder? Maybe.Apr-10-20221612 months
7She Should Be Left to DieApr-03-20221612 months
6Keeping My Brother's SecretMar-27-202251 year
5He Was a False ProphetMar-20-202231 year
4He Kept Her in a Tree StumpMar-13-202201 year
3I Will Always Be Scared of HimMar-06-202201 year
2What If He Gets Out?Feb-27-202201 year
1Locked in the ClosetFeb-20-202201 year
1013He Fed Him to GatorsOct-17-202101 year
12We All Die TonightOct-10-202101 year
11Nobody Believed MeOct-03-202171 year
10He Was Born EvilSep-26-2021101 year
9I Was Warned and Didn't ListenSep-19-2021111 year
8I Still Love My DaddySep-12-2021111 year
7I Want to Watch His Last BreathAug-29-2021121 year
6He Was My Hero and a MonsterAug-22-2021111 year
5My Sister Blamed MeAug-15-2021121 year
4He Got Away with MurderAug-08-2021121 year
3Why Did I Let Him In?Aug-01-2021121 year
2He Got Into My SoulJul-18-202191 year
1My Son Should Die in PrisonJul-11-2021101 year
98To Infinity and BackApr-04-202161 year
7He Lived a Double LifeMar-28-2021111 year
6The Box on Her DoorstepMar-21-202171 year
5They Said I Killed My BrotherMar-14-2021101 year
4He Pretends to Be HumanMar-07-202181 year
3Was It Worth Killing For?Feb-28-202161 year
2He Still Haunts MeFeb-21-2021101 year
1What If He Was Innocent?Feb-14-2021121 year
89TBAOct-29-202002 years
8They Found Them in StorageOct-25-202071 year
7My Son Broke My HeartOct-18-202061 year
6My Mother's LiesOct-11-202071 year
5The Prom Night KillerOct-04-202061 year
4Momma Made Me HelpSep-13-202071 year
3I Don't Believe in ForgivenessSep-06-202071 year
2I Didn't Know It Was BloodAug-30-202091 year
1I Killed Dirty JohnAug-23-202081 year
714TBAAug-30-202013 years
13I Killed Dirty JohnAug-23-202013 years
12The Werewolf ButcherMar-22-202081 year
11He Won't Tell Us WhyMar-15-202051 year
10He Said There Were More of ThemMar-08-202091 year
9He Almost Got Away with ItMar-01-202081 year
8I Should Have Killed Him MyselfFeb-23-202091 year
7You Have to Get OutFeb-16-202071 year
6I Wished My Son Were DeadFeb-09-202061 year
5While I Was GoneJan-29-202061 year
4My Brother Made HistoryJan-26-202071 year
3The Nights I Don't RememberJan-19-202051 year
2I Raised a SociopathJan-12-202061 year
1It Was All JudithJan-05-202051 year
68My Twisted SisterSep-01-201951 year
7I Have to Do the Right ThingAug-25-201981 year
6They Let Him OutAug-18-201951 year
5He Knew What He WasAug-11-201961 year
4Until We Meet AgainAug-04-201971 year
3Our Secret IdentityJul-28-2019101 year
2The Face of My TorturerJul-21-201961 year
1I Tried to Prevent ThisJul-14-201981 year
512He Was a Good Man to MeApr-07-201951 year
11Poisoned by LoveMar-31-201951 year
10One of His WomenMar-24-201951 year
9I Wish I'd Turned AroundMar-10-201951 year
8I Hate Being Daddy's GirlFeb-24-201951 year
7Is This the Night I Die?Feb-17-201951 year
6I Was His First VictimFeb-10-201951 year
5He's Still My SonJan-27-201961 year
4Under His ThumbJan-20-201971 year
3Evil UndercoverJan-13-201961 year
2Let Her RotJan-06-201961 year
1You Know My Brother's NameJan-01-201951 year
410[no episode title yet]03 years
9Thicker Than BloodOct-08-201803 years
8We Looked HappyOct-01-201851 year
7The Grim ReaperSep-24-201871 year
6Master ManipulatorSep-17-201851 year
5Something Wasn't RightSep-10-201861 year
4Fear Thy FatherSep-03-201871 year
3The Last BlancoAug-27-201871 year
2In the Lion's CageAug-20-201871 year
1I Invited Him InAug-13-201881 year
313The Monster Inside HimApr-08-201803 years
12Drawn to DarknessApr-01-201861 year
11Put on a Happy FaceMar-18-201871 year
10The Demon in His EyesMar-11-201871 year
9Blood AtonementMar-04-201891 year
8The Cop and the KillerFeb-25-201851 year
7The Soap Star's SecretFeb-18-201841 year
6First Love, Forever EvilFeb-11-201861 year
5My Son's PrisonerJan-28-201871 year
4The Black WidowJan-21-201861 year
3Deadly FetishJan-14-201871 year
2The Monster I MarriedJan-07-201881 year
1He Comes to My DreamsJan-01-201871 year
0[no episode title yet]Apr-01-201803 years
210On the RunMar-19-201703 years
9Trapped in HellMar-12-201703 years
8Our House of HorrorsMar-05-201703 years
7My Brother's SecretsFeb-26-201703 years
6My Secret NightmareFeb-19-201703 years
5Son of the ProphetFeb-12-201703 years
4The Horror I Don't RememberJan-29-201771 year
3My Brother, the DevilJan-22-201703 years
2She Made Me Do ItJan-08-201703 years
1Not My BoyJan-01-201702 years
16Home Sweet NightmareFeb-28-2016101 year
5In Love with the DevilFeb-21-201691 year
4The ProphetFeb-14-201691 year
3Cheating DeathJan-31-201671 year
2My Brother's SecretJan-24-201671 year
1Something Is Different About RobbieJan-17-201651 year
01The Story of Warren Jeffs: An Evil Lives Here SpecialFeb-19-201803 years

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