Escaping Polygamy

LMN presents Escaping Polygamy, a new original documentary series that follows the work of three sisters who left the Kingston clan, a secretive polygamist group based in Salt Lake City, Utah known as the Order, as they help both loved ones and strangers break free of polygamy. The series follows three sisters – Andrea, Jessica and Shanell – who, over 10 years ago, bravely escaped polygamy. Now, their mission in life is to help other young men, women and children escape the abusive polygamous lifestyle into which they were born and raised, and manage their new lives on the outside. “Escaping Polygamy” gives viewers unprecedented access into the realities of this frightening and mysterious American subculture,” said Laura Fleury, Head of Programming and Development, LMN. “Through the eyes of Andrea, Jessica and Shanell and the range of people they help, we experience the dramatic, spiritual rollercoaster that they must go through to break free of polygamy.” In each one-hour episode, the sisters work with people who are in various stages of leaving polygamy – from those who are just at the point of recognizing they have to get out, to those who are actively seeking to escape, to others who are struggling to adjust to the realities of the real world and the very powerful temptation of returning to the only lifestyle they know. Viewers will learn that physically leaving the polygamous order is only the beginning of their journey.

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Release Date: July 14, 2015

Status: Running

Network: A&E (Official Website)


Most recent episode: Escaping Polygamy Season 5 Episode 3 - Not Found ( 4/15/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
53TBAApr-15-201913 years
2TBAApr-08-201902 years
1My Cousin, My LoverApr-01-201902 years
413Forbidden LoveJul-30-201804 months
12A Daughter's RevoltJul-23-201812 years
11My Cousin, My LoverApr-01-201904 months
10A Daughter's RevoltAug-20-201802 years
9Confronting The FaithAug-13-201804 months
8A Father's SecretAug-06-201802 years
7Forbidden LoveJul-30-201802 years
6A Risky ReunionJul-23-201802 years
5Sons of the ProphetJul-16-201804 months
4Rebel With A CauseJul-09-201804 months
3The Prophet's DaughterJul-02-201824 months
2Escaping WedlockJun-25-2018211 months
1Exposing The CultJun-18-2018111 months
35Forbidden Love02 years
4The Prophet's SonAug-28-201702 years
3Give Me Back My Daughters, Part 2Aug-21-201702 years
2Give Me Back My Daughters, Part 1Aug-14-201702 years
1Family Under FireAug-07-201702 years
214After the Escape: Broken FamilyFeb-21-201704 months
13After the Escape: Temptation to ReturnFeb-14-201702 years
12After the Escape: Fighting for FreedomFeb-07-201702 years
11After the Escape: Struggling to SurviveJan-31-201702 years
10The InsiderSep-11-201602 years
9Honor Thy FatherSep-04-201602 years
8The Cost of TemptationAug-28-201602 years
7Fight Like a MotherAug-21-201602 years
6Not Without My DaughterAug-14-201602 years
5Trouble For MomAug-07-201602 years
4Crossing Enemy Lines, Part 2Jul-31-201604 months
3Crossing Enemy Lines, Part 1Jul-24-201604 months
2Not Without My SisterJul-17-201602 years
1Father's WrathJul-10-201602 years
17Yolanda Aug-18-201502 years
6YolandaAug-18-201514 months
5Little SisterAug-11-201514 months
4PriscillaAug-04-201524 months
3RachelJul-28-201514 months
2KathyJul-21-201514 months
1MelanieJul-14-201514 months
0110After the Escape: The InsiderAug-20-201802 years
109After the Escape: LizzieAug-13-201802 years
108After the Escape: FredAug-06-201802 years
14TBAApr-22-201902 years
13After the Escape: The InsiderAug-20-201802 years
12After the Escape: LizzieAug-13-201802 years
11After the Escape: FredAug-06-201802 years
10After the Escape: LorieJul-30-201802 years
9After the Escape: EskelJul-23-201802 years
8After the Escape: Ariel and VannaJul-16-201802 years
7After the Escape: PriscillaJul-09-201802 years
6After the Escape: KathyJul-02-201802 years
5After the Escape: YolandaJun-25-201802 years
4After the Escape: MelanieJun-18-201802 years
3After the Escape: Fighting for FreedomFeb-07-201702 years
2After the Escape: Struggling to SurviveJan-31-201702 years
1Escaping PolygamyDec-30-201402 years

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