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Elementary is a 2012 drama series that is a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories set in the United States. Stars Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes, Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson and Aidan Quinn as Captain Tobias Gregson of the NYPD or New York City Police Department.

Genre: Drama, Crime

Release Date: September 27, 2012 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: CBS (Official Website)

Casts: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill, John Noble

Most recent episode: Elementary Season 7 Episode 13 - Their Last Bow ( 8/15/2019 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
713Their Last BowAug-15-201928 months
12Reichenbach FallsAug-08-201928 months
11UnfriendedAug-01-201938 months
10The Latest ModelJul-25-201928 months
9On the ScentJul-18-201938 months
8Miss UnderstoodJul-11-201938 months
7From Russia with DrugsJul-04-201938 months
6Command: DeleteJun-27-201938 months
5Into the WoodsJun-20-201938 months
4Red Light, Green LightJun-13-201938 months
3The Price of AdmissionJun-06-201938 months
2GutshotMay-30-201938 months
1The Further AdventuresMay-23-201948 months
621Whatever Remains, However ImprobableSep-17-201812 years
20Fit to Be TiedSep-10-201802 years
19The Geek InterpreterSep-03-201802 years
18The Visions of Norman P. HorowitzAug-27-201802 years
17The Worms Crawl In, the Worms Crawl OutAug-20-201802 years
16Uncanny Valley of the DollsAug-13-201802 years
15How to Get a HeadAug-12-201802 years
14Through the FogAug-06-201802 years
13BreatheJul-30-201802 years
12Meet Your MakerJul-23-201802 years
11You've Come a Long Way, BabyJul-16-201802 years
10The Adventure of the Ersatz SobekneferuJul-02-201802 years
9Nobody Lives ForeverJun-25-201802 years
8Sand TrapJun-18-201802 years
7Sober CompanionsJun-11-201802 years
6Give Me the FingerJun-04-201802 years
5Bits and PiecesMay-28-201802 years
4Our Time is UpMay-21-201802 years
3Pushing ButtonsMay-14-201812 years
2Once You've Ruled Out GodMay-07-201802 years
1An Infinite Capacity for Taking PainsApr-30-201802 years
524Hurt Me, Hurt YouMay-21-201728 months
23ScrambledMay-14-201728 months
22Moving TargetsMay-07-201728 months
21Fly Into a Rage, Make a Bad LandingApr-30-201728 months
20The Art of Sleights and DeceptionApr-23-201728 months
19High HeatApr-16-201728 months
18Dead Man's TaleMar-26-201728 months
17The Ballad of Lady FrancesMar-19-201718 months
16FidelityMar-12-201718 months
15Wrong Side of the RoadMar-05-201728 months
14Rekt in Real LifeFeb-19-201728 months
13Over a BarrelJan-29-201728 months
12Crowned Clown, Downtown BrownJan-15-201728 months
11Be My GuestJan-08-201718 months
10Pick Your PoisonDec-18-201618 months
9It Serves You Right to SufferDec-11-201618 months
8How the Sausage is MadeNov-27-201618 months
7Bang Bang Shoot ChuteNov-20-201618 months
6Ill TidingsNov-13-201628 months
5To Catch a Predator PredatorNov-06-201628 months
4Henny Penny the Sky is FallingOct-30-201628 months
3Render, and then Seize HerOct-23-201628 months
2Worth Several CitiesOct-16-201628 months
1Folie à DeuxOct-02-201628 months
424A Difference in KindMay-08-201628 months
23The Invisible HandMay-01-201628 months
22Turn It Upside DownApr-24-201628 months
21Ain't Nothing Like the Real ThingApr-17-201628 months
20Art Imitates ArtApr-10-201628 months
19All InApr-10-201628 months
18Ready or NotMar-27-201628 months
17You've Got Me, Who's Got You?Mar-20-201628 months
16HoundedMar-10-201628 months
15Up to Heaven and Down to HellMar-03-201628 months
14Who is That Masked ManFeb-25-201628 months
13A Study in CharlotteFeb-18-201628 months
12A View with a RoomFeb-11-201618 months
11Down Where the Dead DelightFeb-04-201618 months
10Alma MattersJan-28-201618 months
9Murder Ex MachinaJan-21-201618 months
8A Burden of BloodJan-14-201628 months
7Miss TakenJan-07-201618 months
6The Cost of Doing BusinessDec-17-201518 months
5The Games UnderfootDec-10-201518 months
4All My Exes Live in EssexNov-26-201518 months
3Tag, You're MeNov-19-201508 months
2Evidence of Things Not SeenNov-12-201508 months
1The Past is ParentNov-05-201508 months
324A Controlled DescentMay-14-201558 months
23AbscondedMay-07-201578 months
22The Best Way Out is Always ThroughApr-30-201538 months
21Under My SkinApr-23-201578 months
20A Stitch in TimeApr-16-201558 months
19One Watson, One HolmesApr-09-2015108 months
18The View from OlympusApr-02-201518 months
17T-Bone and the IcemanMar-12-2015128 months
16For All You KnowMar-05-2015158 months
15When Your Number's UpFeb-19-2015108 months
14The Female of the SpeciesFeb-12-2015158 months
13HemlockFeb-05-201518 months
12The One That Got AwayJan-29-201568 months
11The Illustrious ClientJan-22-201538 months
10Seed MoneyJan-15-201558 months
9The Eternity InjectionJan-08-2015108 months
8End of WatchDec-18-201418 months
7The Adventure of the Nutmeg ConcoctionDec-11-201418 months
6Terra PericolosaDec-04-201468 months
5Rip OffNov-27-2014128 months
4BellaNov-20-2014118 months
3Just a Regular IrregularNov-13-2014168 months
2The Five Orange PipzNov-06-201428 months
1Enough Nemesis to Go AroundOct-30-201428 months
224The Grand ExperimentMay-15-201418 months
23Art in the BloodMay-08-201418 months
22Paint It BlackMay-01-201418 months
21The Man with the Twisted LipApr-24-201428 months
20No Lack of VoidApr-10-201428 months
19The Many Mouths of Aaron ColvilleApr-03-201418 months
18The Hound of the Cancer CellsMar-13-201418 months
17Ears to YouMar-06-201418 months
16The One Percent SolutionFeb-27-201418 months
15Corpse de BalletFeb-06-201418 months
14Dead Clade WalkingJan-30-201418 months
13All in the FamilyJan-09-201428 months
12The Diabolical KindJan-02-201418 months
11Internal AuditDec-12-201318 months
10TremorsDec-05-201318 months
9On the LineNov-21-201318 months
8Blood is ThickerNov-14-201318 months
7The MarchionessNov-07-201318 months
6An Unnatural ArrangementOct-31-201318 months
5Ancient HistoryOct-24-201328 months
4Poison PenOct-17-201328 months
3We Are EveryoneOct-10-201328 months
2Solve for XOct-03-201328 months
1Step NineSep-26-201318 months
124HeroineMay-16-201303 years
23The WomanMay-16-201318 months
22Risk ManagementMay-09-201318 months
21A Landmark StoryMay-02-201318 months
20Dead Man's SwitchApr-25-201318 months
19Snow AngelsApr-04-201318 months
18Déjà Vu All Over AgainMar-14-201318 months
17Possibility TwoFeb-21-201348 months
16DetailsFeb-14-201338 months
15A Giant Gun, Filled with DrugsFeb-07-201358 months
14The DeductionistFeb-03-201348 months
13The Red TeamJan-31-201328 months
12M.Jan-10-201338 months
11Dirty LaundryJan-03-201318 months
10The LeviathanDec-13-201228 months
9You Do It to YourselfDec-06-201238 months
8The Long FuseNov-29-201228 months
7One Way to Get OffNov-15-201238 months
6Flight RiskNov-08-201228 months
5Lesser EvilsNov-01-201228 months
4The Rat RaceOct-25-201228 months
3Child PredatorOct-18-201238 months
2While You Were SleepingOct-04-201238 months
1PilotSep-27-201238 months
01Season 3 RecapSep-13-201503 years

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