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East Los High

East Los High is not your typical high school. Dance, sex, romance, and mystery are at the heart of this inner city school in East LA where two teenage cousins—Jessie, a 16-year-old virgin and Maya, a troubled runaway with a violent past —fall in love with Jacob, a popular football player. From this forbidden love triangle, Maya, Jessie and Jacob, along with th...

Genre: Teen Drama

Release Date: June 3, 2013 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: Hulu (Official Website)

Casts: Danielle Vega, Vannessa Vasquez, Alicia Marie Sixtos, Ray Diaz Jr., Gabriel Chavarria, René Alvarado

Most recent episode: East Los High Season 4 Episode 12 - You're Free Now ( 7/15/2016 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
44x12: You're Free NowJul-15-201634 years
4x11: Ride or DieJul-15-201634 years
4x10: Caliente!Jul-15-201634 years
4x9: I Hope She Was Worth ItJul-15-201634 years
4x8: Mexican WeddingJul-15-201634 years
4x7: You're Dancing Like a GringoJul-15-201634 years
4x6: Wanna Bro Job?Jul-15-201634 years
4x5: We Have Obamacare!Jul-15-201634 years
4x4: Eddie's Got a Heart-OnJul-15-201634 years
4x3: Sex With the ExJul-15-201634 years
4x2: No Shirt, No Shoes, No CholosJul-15-201634 years
4x1: Orange Is the New BrownJul-15-201634 years
33x12: Dance BattleJul-15-201504 years
3x11: Playing With My BallsJul-15-201504 years
3x10: MexiforniaJul-15-201504 years
3x9: Road Trip!Jul-15-201504 years
3x8: I'm Not Eating MexicanJul-15-201504 years
3x7: Scar WarsJul-15-201504 years
3x6: Valentine's DayJul-15-201504 years
3x5: From Witch to BitchJul-15-201504 years
3x4: Sisters Before MistersJul-15-201504 years
3x3: End of an EraJul-15-201504 years
3x2: The Bitch is BackJul-15-201504 years
3x1: La Virgen de East Los HighJul-15-201504 years
22x12: The Monster's BackJul-09-201404 years
2x11: It Was An AccidentJul-09-201404 years
2x10: Just The TipJul-09-201404 years
2x9: Beauty Queens Don't Wear TrashJul-09-201404 years
2x8: I Ain't No VictimJul-09-201404 years
2x7: Love Spells Are the HardestJul-09-201404 years
2x6: Luchadoras!Jul-09-201404 years
2x5: Lesbians Out LoudJul-09-201404 years
2x4: The Queen of Ugly and the King of FoolsJul-09-201404 years
2x3: Meet StarfighterJul-09-201404 years
2x2: Best Friends with BenefitsJul-09-201404 years
2x1: New Dance Coach in da HouseJul-09-201404 years
11x24: Build a Future Worthy of YouJul-03-201304 years
1x23: Good Girls Don'tJul-02-201304 years
1x22: Your Time Is UpJul-01-201304 years
1x21: In Blood or MoneyJun-28-201304 years
1x20: She Swallowed the WormJun-27-201304 years
1x19: She's My MotherJun-26-201304 years
1x18: The Heart Always KnowsJun-25-201304 years
1x17: I Think She's DeadJun-24-201304 years
1x16: She Dumped You. Move On!Jun-21-201304 years
1x15: I Don't Think I Can Do ThisJun-20-201304 years
1x14: Damn! Why Didn't We Wait?Jun-19-201304 years
1x13: One Month LaterJun-18-201304 years
1x12: I'm Gonna Give Him What He WantsJun-17-201304 years
1x11: We Shouldn't Be Doing ThisJun-14-201304 years
1x10: Why Did I Have To Get Pregnant?Jun-13-201304 years
1x9: Some Guys Will Screw AnythingJun-12-201304 years
1x8: Maya's Secret RecipesJun-11-201304 years
1x7: Did You Just Become My BossJun-10-201304 years
1x6: Bang the VirginJun-07-201304 years
1x5: The InitiationJun-06-201304 years
1x4: Meet the New BusboyJun-05-201304 years
1x3: Welcome to the Bomb SquadJun-04-201304 years
1x2: The Patron Saint of Lost CausesJun-03-201304 years
1x1: This Year's Winter King & QueenJun-03-201304 years

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