Dragon's Den (CA)

Launching a business is no small task. No matter how big an idea you think you have, it still takes a lot of work and a ton of cash. Enter the Dragons’ Den, where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business concepts and products to a panel of Canadian business moguls who have the cash and the know-how make it happen. They’ve all been there themselves, so you better not walk into the Den unprepared. It takes more than passion to convince these boardroom giants that your idea is worth their attention. The Dragons are ruthless and rightly so – it’s their own personal money on the line.

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Genre: Reality Series

Release Date: October 3, 2006 (US)

Status: Running

Network: BBC TWO (UK) (IMDb, CBC)

Casts: Kevin O'Leary, Arlene Dickinson, Jim Treliving, Bruce Croxon, David Chilton

Most recent episode: Dragon's Den (CA) Season 13 Episode 20 - Next Level Special ( 3/7/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1320Next Level SpecialMar-07-201903 years
19Episode 19Feb-28-201901 year
18Family SpecialFeb-21-201901 year
17Valentine's Day SpecialFeb-14-201901 year
16Episode 16Feb-07-201901 year
15Episode 15Jan-31-201901 year
14Episode 14Jan-24-201901 year
13Episode 13Jan-17-201901 year
12Student SpecialJan-10-201901 year
11Holiday SpecialNov-29-201801 year
10Episode 10Nov-22-201801 year
9Side Hustle specialNov-15-201803 years
8Episode 8Nov-08-201803 years
7Episode 7Nov-01-201801 year
6Episode 6Oct-25-201801 year
5Up in Smoke SpecialOct-18-201801 year
4Up in Smoke SpecialOct-11-201801 year
3Episode 3Oct-04-201801 year
2Episode 2Sep-27-201801 year
1Episode 1Sep-20-201801 year
1220Episode 20Apr-05-201801 year
19Episode 19Mar-29-201801 year
18Episode 18Mar-15-201801 year
17Episode 17Mar-08-201801 year
16Inside the DenMar-01-201801 year
15Family SpecialFeb-01-201801 year
14Episode 14Jan-25-201801 year
13Episode 13Jan-18-201801 year
12Second ChanceJan-11-201801 year
11Holiday SpecialDec-07-201701 year
10Episode 10Nov-30-201701 year
9Why Didn't I Think of ThatNov-23-201701 year
8Episode 8Nov-16-201701 year
7Heroes SpecialNov-09-201701 year
6Episode 6Nov-02-201701 year
5Episode 5Oct-26-201701 year
4Student SpecialOct-19-201701 year
3Episode 3Oct-12-201701 year
2Episode 2Oct-05-201701 year
1Episode 1Sep-28-201701 year
1120BattleMar-22-201701 year
19Episode 19Mar-15-201701 year
18Episode 18Mar-08-201701 year
17Episode 17Mar-01-201701 year
16Episode 16Feb-22-201701 year
15Family SpecialFeb-15-201701 year
14Canadian DreamFeb-08-201701 year
13Student SpecialFeb-01-201701 year
12Episode 12Jan-25-201741 year
11DNA of a DragonJan-18-201701 year
10Second Chance SpecialJan-11-201701 year
9Holiday SpecialDec-07-201601 year
8Episode 8Nov-30-201601 year
7Episode 7Nov-23-201605 years
6Why Didn't I Think of That?Nov-16-201605 years
5Episode 5Nov-02-201605 years
4Episode 4Oct-26-201605 years
3Episode 3Oct-19-201605 years
2Episode 2Oct-12-201605 years
1Episode 1Oct-05-201605 years
102210 Year Anniversary SpecialApr-06-201605 years
21Episode 21Mar-30-201605 years
20Episode 20Mar-23-201605 years
19Shop the Den SpecialMar-16-201605 years
18Episode 18Mar-09-201605 years
17Episode 17Mar-02-201605 years
16Episode 16Feb-24-201605 years
15Family SpecialFeb-10-201605 years
14Episode 14Feb-03-201606 years
13Episode 13Jan-27-201606 years
12Episode 12Jan-20-201606 years
11Episode 11Jan-13-201606 years
10Second ChancesJan-06-201606 years
9Holiday SpecialDec-09-201506 years
8Episode 8Dec-02-201506 years
7Episode 7Nov-25-201506 years
6Student SpecialNov-18-201506 years
5Episode 5Nov-11-201506 years
4Episode 4Nov-04-201506 years
3Episode 3Oct-28-201506 years
2Episode 2Oct-14-201506 years
1Episode 1Oct-07-201506 years
920Episode 20Apr-08-201506 years
19Episode 19Apr-01-201506 years
18Episode 18Mar-18-201547 years
17Episode 17Mar-11-201507 years
16Episode 16Mar-04-201507 years
15Episode 15Feb-18-201507 years
14Episode 14Feb-11-201507 years
13Episode 13Feb-04-201507 years
12Episode 12Jan-28-201507 years
11Episode 11Jan-21-201507 years
10Episode 10Jan-14-201507 years
9Episode 9Jan-07-2015117 years
8Episode 8 (Holiday)Dec-03-201427 years
7Episode 7Nov-26-2014127 years
6Episode 6Nov-19-201477 years
5Episode 5Nov-12-201407 years
4Episode 4Nov-05-201427 years
3Episode 3Oct-29-201407 years
2Episode 2Oct-22-201427 years
1Episode 1Oct-15-201417 years
820Episode 20Apr-02-201407 years
19Episode 19Mar-26-201407 years
18Episode 18Mar-19-201407 years
17Episode 17Mar-12-201408 years
16Episode 16Mar-05-201407 years
15Episode 15Feb-26-201408 years
14Episode 14Jan-29-201408 years
13Episode 13Jan-22-201408 years
12Episode 12Jan-15-201408 years
11Episode 11Jan-08-201408 years
10Episode 10Dec-11-201308 years
9Episode 9Dec-04-201308 years
8Episode 8Nov-20-201308 years
7Episode 7Nov-13-201308 years
6Episode 6Nov-06-201308 years
5Episode 5Oct-30-201308 years
4Episode 4Oct-23-201308 years
3Episode 3Oct-16-201308 years
2Episode 2Oct-09-201308 years
1Episode 1Oct-02-201308 years
720Episode 20 - Year of the DragonsApr-14-201308 years
19Episode 19Apr-07-201308 years
18Episode 18Mar-31-201308 years
17Episode 17Mar-24-201308 years
16Episode 16Feb-17-201309 years
15Episode 15Feb-10-201309 years
14Episode 14Jan-27-201319 years
13Episode 13Jan-20-201308 years
12Episode 12Jan-13-201308 years
11Episode 11Jan-06-201309 years
10Episode 10Dec-05-201219 years
9Episode 9Nov-28-201209 years
8Episode 8Nov-21-201209 years
7Episode 7Nov-14-201219 years
6Episode 6Oct-31-201209 years
5Episode 5Oct-24-201209 years
4Episode 4Oct-10-201209 years
3Episode 3Oct-03-201209 years
2Episode 2Sep-26-201229 years
1Episode 1Sep-19-201209 years
622Future Now Energy Innovation SpecialJun-03-201206 years
21Episode 21Apr-04-201208 years
20Episode 20Mar-21-201208 years
19Episode 19Mar-14-201208 years
18Episode 18Mar-07-201208 years
17Episode 17Feb-29-201208 years
16Episode 16Feb-08-201208 years
15Episode 15Feb-01-2012010 years
14Episode 14Jan-25-2012010 years
13Episode 13Jan-18-2012010 years
12Episode 12Jan-11-2012010 years
11Episode 11Dec-14-2011010 years
10Episode 10Dec-07-2011010 years
9Episode 9Nov-30-2011010 years
8Episode 8Nov-09-2011010 years
7Episode 7Nov-02-2011110 years
6Episode 6Oct-26-2011010 years
5Episode 5Oct-12-2011010 years
4Episode 4Oct-05-2011010 years
3Episode 3Sep-28-2011010 years
2Episode 2Sep-21-2011010 years
1Episode 1Sep-14-2011010 years
520Episode 20Mar-30-201108 years
19Episode 19Mar-23-201108 years
18Episode 18Mar-09-201108 years
17Episode 17Mar-02-201108 years
16Episode 16Feb-16-201108 years
15Episode 15Feb-09-201108 years
14Episode 14Feb-02-201108 years
13Episode 13Jan-26-201108 years
12Episode 12Jan-19-201108 years
11Episode 11Jan-12-201108 years
10Episode 10Dec-08-201008 years
9Episode 9Dec-01-201008 years
8Episode 8Nov-24-201008 years
7Episode 7Nov-17-201008 years
6Episode 6Nov-03-201008 years
5Episode 5Oct-19-201008 years
4Episode 4Oct-13-201008 years
3Episode 3Oct-06-201008 years
2Episode 2Sep-29-201008 years
1Episode 1Sep-22-201008 years
421Episode 21: Greenvention ShowMar-30-201008 years
20Episode 20 The Road to RichesMar-17-201008 years
19Episode 19Mar-10-201008 years
18Episode 18Mar-03-201008 years
17Episode 17Feb-10-201008 years
16Episode 16Feb-03-201008 years
15Episode 15Jan-27-201008 years
14Episode 14Jan-20-201008 years
13Episode 13Jan-13-201008 years
12Episode 12Jan-06-201008 years
11Episode 11Dec-09-200908 years
10Episode 10Dec-02-200908 years
9Episode 9Nov-25-200908 years
8Episode 8Nov-18-200908 years
7Episode 7Nov-11-200908 years
6Episode 6Nov-04-200908 years
5Episode 5Oct-28-200908 years
4Episode 4Oct-21-200908 years
3Episode 3Oct-14-200908 years
2Episode 2Oct-07-200908 years
1Episode 1Sep-30-200908 years
312Episode 12Dec-15-200808 years
11Episode 11Dec-08-200808 years
10Episode 10Dec-01-200808 years
9Episode 9Nov-24-200808 years
8Episode 8Nov-17-200808 years
7Episode 7Nov-10-200808 years
6Episode 6Nov-03-200808 years
5Episode 5Oct-27-200808 years
4Episode 4Oct-20-200808 years
3Episode 3Oct-13-200808 years
2Episode 2Oct-06-200808 years
1Episode 1Sep-29-200808 years
210Episode 10Dec-03-200708 years
9Episode 9Nov-26-200708 years
8Episode 8Nov-19-200707 years
7Episode 7Nov-12-200708 years
6Episode 6Nov-05-200708 years
5Episode 5Oct-29-200708 years
4Episode 4Oct-22-200708 years
3Episode 3Oct-15-200708 years
2Episode 2Oct-08-200708 years
1Episode 1Oct-01-200708 years
18Episode 8Nov-21-200608 years
7Episode 7Nov-14-200608 years
6Episode 6Nov-07-200608 years
5Episode 5Oct-31-200608 years
4Episode 4Oct-24-200608 years
3Episode 3Oct-17-200608 years
2Episode 2Oct-10-200608 years
1Episode 1Oct-03-200608 years
06Season 3 Special01 year
5Season 3 Interview with W. Brett Wilson01 year
4Season 3 Interview with Robert Herjavec01 year
3Season 3 Interview with Kevin O'Leary01 year
2Season 3 Interview with Jim Treliving01 year
1Season 3 Interview with Arlene Dickinson01 year
0[no episode title yet]01 year

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