Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding

Bravo has the hottest seat in the house for Kim Zolciak’s extravagant wedding in a new docu-series titled “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding”. It’s been just a year since the Bravo cameras captured Kim

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Genre: Romance, Reality Series

Release Date: April 26, 2012 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Bravo (Bravo TV, IMDb)


Most recent episode: Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding Season 8 Episode 11 - Finale ( 12/15/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
811FinaleDec-15-202039 months
10Nirvana, NevadaDec-08-2020129 months
9One Way Ticket To QuitsvilleDec-01-2020210 months
8Crystals, Caves And KimNov-24-2020210 months
7Dude, Where's The Dudes?Nov-17-2020010 months
6Stuck In Middle AmericaNov-10-2020410 months
5From Branson To BreakdownOct-27-2020411 months
4A Country Ghost Town JamboreeOct-20-2020311 months
3Stuck In The Mud With YouOct-13-2020411 months
2Bugs, Boots, And BombshellsOct-06-2020111 months
1A Very Biermann Road TripOct-06-2020111 months
712Best of the BiermannsApr-26-201902 years
11Performance AnxietyApr-19-201912 years
10Kim Over Troubled WaterApr-12-201902 years
9Get Off My WigApr-05-201922 years
8Brielle Doesn't Live Here AnymoreMar-29-201902 years
7Lordy Lordy, Kimmie's 40Mar-22-201902 years
6Oh Brother!Mar-15-201903 years
5Mother TruckerMar-08-201903 years
4But First CoffeeMar-01-201903 years
3Loaded StatementFeb-22-201903 years
2A Rose Among ThornsFeb-17-201903 years
1Prom and CircumstanceFeb-17-201903 years
612I Do Take TwoDec-15-201701 year
11Beach PleaseDec-08-201701 year
10Sinn, You've Been GoneDec-01-201701 year
9Meet The ParentsNov-17-201701 year
8The IncidentNov-10-201701 year
7One Door Closes, Another One OpensNov-03-201701 year
6Brielle Throws a CurveballOct-27-201701 year
5How to BaseballOct-20-201701 year
4Wigs, Lies, and VideotapeOct-13-201701 year
3Pigeons, Piazzas, ProposalOct-13-201701 year
2Mi Chiamo KimOct-06-201701 year
1Bongiorno BiermannsOct-06-201701 year
512Life Goes OnDec-14-201601 year
11Launch PartyDec-07-201601 year
10The Biermann OlympicsNov-30-201601 year
9Middle Child SyndromeNov-16-201601 year
8Lights, Camera, ActionNov-09-201601 year
7Hollywood or BustNov-02-201601 year
6Ask, Believe, Receive, GambleOct-26-201601 year
5Home On The Range Part 2Oct-12-201601 year
4Home On The Range Part 1Oct-05-201601 year
3Animal HouseSep-28-201601 year
2Free Ballin'Sep-21-201601 year
1Eggs on IceSep-14-201601 year
412Empty Nest?Nov-05-201501 year
11Hello HollywoodOct-29-201501 year
10A Big SplashOct-22-201501 year
9Moving On, Moving OutOct-15-201501 year
8That's Not HealthyOct-08-201501 year
7The Biermann CarnivalOct-04-201501 year
6The Kim's SpeechSep-27-201501 year
5Kim's RootsSep-20-201501 year
4The Love GurusSep-13-201501 year
3Destin-ation UnknownAug-30-201501 year
218 and OutAug-23-201501 year
1On the MoveAug-16-201501 year
313Security Cam SessionsSep-25-201421 year
12Off the BenchSep-21-201421 year
11Kimmie's BackSep-18-201421 year
10Future ShockSep-11-201411 year
9Campfire ConfessionsAug-31-201411 year
8Outward BoundAug-24-201421 year
7I Need a ManAug-17-201411 year
6Flipping OutAug-14-201411 year
5Spring Break Forever, BiermannsAug-07-201421 year
4Destination DestinJul-31-201411 year
3Making the CutJul-27-201401 year
2Crowd ControlJul-24-201401 year
1The Biermann BunchJul-17-201401 year
213[no episode title yet]Jun-25-201301 year
12The Bierman BunchJun-25-201301 year
11Bittersweet 16Jun-25-201301 year
10IUADDJun-11-201301 year
9Jingle Bells, This Tree Smells...Jun-04-201301 year
8Don't Double DipMay-28-201301 year
7If It's Not One Thing, It's Your MotherMay-21-201301 year
6Frozen TurkeyMay-14-201301 year
5Offensive PlayMay-07-201301 year
4The Blonde SideApr-30-201301 year
3Plan-IversaryApr-23-201301 year
2Parent TrappedApr-16-201301 year
1Busting Out All OverApr-16-201301 year
0[no episode title yet]01 year
19We Fly AboveJun-14-201201 year
8Our Wedding Goes to 11...11......Jun-07-201211 year
7One Wig Left to GoMay-31-201201 year
6Maid of DishonorMay-24-201211 year
5Port-A-PologyMay-17-201201 year
4At the Fifty Yard LineMay-10-201201 year
3The Biermanns are Coming!May-03-201201 year
2How to Dress a Bride in 6 WeeksApr-26-201201 year
12 Months to the AltarApr-26-201201 year

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