Dog The Bounty Hunter

The world’s most famous bounty hunter, Duane “Dog” Chapman, is back with action-packed, high-stakes hunts from Hawaii to Colorado, tracking down fugitives along side his wife Beth and fearless family-based posse. The intensity of bounty hunting is taking its toll on the Chapman family this year – Baby Lyssa has a run-in with the law after a night of drinking, Duane Lee is fighting with Dog and Beth about his responsibilities to the family business, and Leland is stuck in the middle. Dog and Beth are trying to keep the posse together enough to catch some fugitives, and in this season, they have some of the most adrenaline fueled, heart pumping chases and catches to date.

Genre: Reality

Release Date: August 31, 2004 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: A&E (AETV, IMDb)


Most recent episode: Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 8 Episode 30 - ( 6/23/2012 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
830[no episode title yet]Jun-23-2012012 months
29[no episode title yet]Jun-16-2012012 months
28[no episode title yet]Jun-16-2012012 months
27[no episode title yet]Jun-09-2012112 months
26[no episode title yet]Jun-09-2012012 months
25[no episode title yet]Jun-02-2012012 months
24[no episode title yet]Jun-02-2012012 months
23[no episode title yet]May-09-2012112 months
22[no episode title yet]May-02-2012112 months
21[no episode title yet]Apr-25-2012012 months
20[no episode title yet]Apr-18-2012012 months
19[no episode title yet]Apr-11-2012012 months
18[no episode title yet]Apr-04-2012012 months
17[no episode title yet]Apr-04-2012012 months
16[no episode title yet]Mar-28-2012012 months
15[no episode title yet]Mar-28-2012012 months
14[no episode title yet]Mar-21-2012012 months
13[no episode title yet]Mar-21-2012012 months
12[no episode title yet]Feb-08-2012112 months
11[no episode title yet]Feb-08-2012112 months
10[no episode title yet]Feb-01-2012012 months
9[no episode title yet]Feb-01-2012012 months
8[no episode title yet]Jan-25-2012012 months
7[no episode title yet]Jan-25-2012012 months
6[no episode title yet]Jan-18-2012012 months
5[no episode title yet]Jan-18-2012012 months
4[no episode title yet]Jan-11-2012012 months
3[no episode title yet]Jan-11-2012012 months
1/2[no episode title yet]Jan-04-2012012 months

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