Divided is a game show in which three strangers must come to a consensus and agree on everything, including the correct answer to a question. The more the players debate, disagree or dig in their heels, the less prize money becomes available to them. In the end, the prize money is divided into three unequal amounts and they have to agree on who gets what share, but the longer they take, the less they make as the clock – and the money amounts – tick down. Less talk and more decision–making equals more cash, but expect psych–outs and ethical dilemmas within the show’s unique framework.

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Release Date: January 19, 2017

Status: Running

Network: Game Show Network (Official Website)


Most recent episode: Divided Season 2 Episode 12 - Stay Woke ( 9/28/2017 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
212Stay WokeSep-28-201701 year
11Sign of the BeastSep-28-201701 year
10Boy PowerSep-21-201701 year
9Play Your Trump CardSep-21-201701 year
8Voted the Wrong Person OffSep-14-201701 year
7We Had a ConnectionSep-14-201701 year
6All About WinningAug-31-201701 year
5Didn't See That ComingAug-31-201701 year
4Takeover PaloozaAug-22-201701 year
3The Metaphor is RealAug-22-201701 year
2Hashtag PettyAug-15-201701 year
1Watch Your Back and Your ButtonsAug-15-201701 year
141A Lot of FireMay-04-201701 year
40Silent AssassinApr-27-201701 year
39About the MoneyApr-27-201701 year
38Strong ThreatApr-13-201701 year
37Speak Softly, Carry a Big StickApr-13-201701 year
36You're My QueenApr-06-201701 year
35For the GloryApr-06-201701 year
34Salt, Not SugarMar-30-201701 year
33I'm a National TreasureMar-30-201701 year
32Shotgun DecisionMar-23-201701 year
31Learn the LessonMar-23-201701 year
30Silent AssassinMar-22-201701 year
29About the MoneyMar-22-201701 year
28Gut FeelingMar-16-201701 year
27Back in the GameMar-16-201701 year
26Chances Make ChampionsMar-15-201701 year
25Voice of ReasonMar-15-201701 year
24You Better Be RightMar-09-201701 year
23Nothing to LoseMar-09-201701 year
22No Stress InvolvedMar-08-201701 year
21Taking a ChanceMar-08-201701 year
20Play OnMar-02-201701 year
19Faith in the TeamMar-02-201701 year
18Appointed Yourself MomMar-01-201701 year
17Playing HorsehoesMar-01-201701 year
16Hot StreakFeb-23-201701 year
15HardheadedFeb-23-201701 year
14Every Word is a DollarFeb-22-201701 year
13Give Me Your TheoryFeb-22-201701 year
12Teamwork Makes the Dream WorkFeb-16-201701 year
11Testosterone SandwichFeb-16-201701 year
10I Trusted YouFeb-15-201701 year
9Functional DysfunctionFeb-15-201701 year
8Long Story ShortFeb-09-201701 year
7The Craziest MovesFeb-09-201701 year
6Talk It OutFeb-02-201701 year
5No Hard FeelingsFeb-02-201701 year
4Team EffortJan-26-201701 year
3Testosterone SandwichJan-26-201701 year
2Too Much Estrogen?Jan-19-201701 year
1Incredibly DangerousJan-19-201701 year

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