Award-winning investigative documentary series produced by Channel 4, exploring complex and contemporary issues facing the UK, and the world. Established in 1987, it has a reputation for tackling subjects other shows shy away from. The programme covers issues about British society, politics, health, religion, international current affairs and the environment.

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Genre: News, Documentary

Release Date: October 30, 1987 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Channel 4 (UK) (IMDb, Official Website)


Most recent episode: Dispatches Season 2020 Episode 105 - Not Found ( 3/2/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
2020105TBAMar-02-202054 months
104TBAFeb-24-202034 months
8Coronavirus: How Britain Is ChangingApr-08-202001 year
7Coronavirus: Can Our NHS Cope?Mar-30-202001 year
6Sex, Money & Power: The Dirty Secrets of DavosMar-23-202001 year
5Coronavirus: Can Our Supermarkets Cope?Mar-22-202001 year
4Britain's Train HellMar-16-202001 year
3Celebs for Sale: The Great Charity ScandalMar-09-202001 year
2Starbucks & Nespresso: The Truth About Your CoffeeMar-02-202001 year
1The Secrets of Big Tobacco: Has Philip Morris International Really Given Up Smoking?Feb-24-202011 year
201929Growing Up Poor: Britain's Breadline KidsDec-02-201901 year
28Homeless and PregnantNov-18-201901 year
27The Secrets of AmazonNov-11-201901 year
26Puppet Masters: The Men Who Really Run BritainNov-11-201901 year
25Trump's Plan for the NHSNov-04-201901 year
24The Prince and the PaedophileOct-28-201901 year
23Sex Drugs and MurderOct-21-201901 year
22Young, British and DepressedSep-08-201901 year
21£2 Million Passport: Welcome to BritainJul-22-201901 year
20British Passports for SaleJul-22-201901 year
19Britain's New Build ScandalJul-15-201901 year
18Battle for the Tory PartyJul-08-201901 year
17Officer Down - Police Under AttackJul-01-201901 year
16Britain's Breast Implant ScandalJun-24-201901 year
15How Safe Are Your Medicines?Jun-17-201901 year
14Britain's Toxic Air ScandalJun-10-201901 year
13The Truth About Chlorinated ChickenJun-03-201901 year
12Jeremy Kyle: TV on TrialMay-27-201901 year
11When the Immigrants LeaveApr-08-201902 years
10Britain's Hidden WarApr-01-201902 years
9New Landlords From HellMar-25-201901 year
8Great Formula Milk ScandalMar-18-201901 year
7The Brexit MillionairesMar-11-201901 year
6Britain's Knife Crisis: Young, Armed and DangerousMar-04-201901 year
5Safe at Last: Inside a Women's RefugeFeb-26-201901 year
4Grenfell: Did the Fire Brigade Fail?Feb-18-201901 year
3HS2: The Great Train RobberyFeb-11-201901 year
2Skipping School: Britain's Invisible KidsFeb-04-201901 year
1The Truth About VegansJan-02-201901 year
201827North Korea: Life Inside the Secret StateDec-05-201801 year
26North Korea: Life Inside the Secret StateDec-05-201801 year
25Born on the BreadlineOct-29-201801 year
24Cannabis: Time to End the Ban?Oct-22-201801 year
23Witness Intimidation Revealed: Stitches For SnitchesOct-15-201801 year
22Lawless Britain: Where are the Police?Oct-08-201801 year
21How to lose Seven Billion PoundsAug-23-201801 year
20Plot to Kill: Britain's Neo-Nazi TerroristsJul-18-201801 year
19Breastfeeding UncoveredJul-30-201801 year
18Homeless and WorkingJul-23-201801 year
17Inside Facebook: Secrets of the Social NetworkJul-17-201801 year
16Getting Rich From the Housing CrisisJul-16-201801 year
15 After Grenfell, How Safe Are We?Jun-08-201801 year
14Myanmar's Killing FieldsMay-14-201801 year
13Britain's Benefits Crisis May-07-201801 year
12Britain's Benefits CrisisMay-07-201801 year
11The True Cost of Green EnergyApr-16-201801 year
10Britain's Diesel ScandalApr-09-201801 year
9Who Speaks for British Muslims?Mar-26-201801 year
8The Truth About Your PayMar-19-201801 year
7Undercover: Who's Policing Your Bank?.Mar-05-201801 year
6The Fgm DetectivesFeb-27-201801 year
5Britain's University Spending ScandalFeb-26-201801 year
4Undercover: Inside the PrioryFeb-19-201801 year
3Football's Wall of SilenceFeb-15-201801 year
2Undercover in Premier InnFeb-12-201801 year
1Politicians for Hire: Cashing in on BrexitJan-28-201801 year
201728Al Fayed Behind Closed DoorsDec-08-201701 year
27How to Avoid the Dementia TaxNov-20-201701 year
26The Great Housing ScandalNov-13-201701 year
25The Fight For MosulNov-07-201701 year
24Trouble on the TrainsNov-06-201701 year
23Is Britain Full?Oct-30-201701 year
22Who Deserves a Pay Rise?Oct-23-201701 year
21Trump and Russia: Sex, Spies and ScandalOct-18-201701 year
20How to Get a Pay RiseOct-16-201701 year
19Secrets of Your New CarAug-28-201701 year
18Secrets of Britain's New HomesJul-10-201701 year
17Secrets of Your CruiseJul-03-201701 year
16Brexit - How to Get a British PassportJun-26-201701 year
15Bupa Care Homes UndercoverJun-19-201701 year
14Trump, the Doctor and the Vaccine ScandalMay-08-201701 year
13Isis and the Battle for IraqApr-06-201701 year
12President Trump: How Scared Should We Be?Apr-03-201701 year
11Secrets of Coca-ColaMar-27-201701 year
10Syria's Disappeared: The Case Against AssadMar-23-201701 year
9Britain's Benefit FamiliesMar-20-201701 year
8Brexit: Crisis on the WardsMar-13-201701 year
7Under Lock and KeyMar-01-201701 year
6Inside Britain's AirportsFeb-27-201701 year
5Supermarkets: Brexit and Your Shrinking ShopFeb-20-201701 year
4Undercover: Britain's Homeless ScandalFeb-13-201701 year
3Undercover: Britain's Cheap Clothes - Part 2Jan-30-201701 year
2Undercover: Britain's Cheap Clothes - Part 1Jan-23-201701 year
1President Trump's Dirty SecretsJan-16-201701 year
201628The World According to President TrumpNov-12-201601 year
27Britain's Homebuilding ScandalNov-07-201601 year
26The Secret Plan to Save Fat BritainOct-31-201601 year
25Addicted to SpendingOct-24-201601 year
24Living with Nightmare NeighboursOct-17-201601 year
23Britain's Wealth GapOct-10-201601 year
22Britain's Aborton ExtremistsOct-05-201601 year
21The Battle for the Labour PartySep-19-201601 year
20The Great Housing ScandalAug-15-201601 year
19Brexit: Who'll Do Your Job Now?Aug-08-201601 year
18How Safe is Your Car?Aug-01-201601 year
17How School Bosses Spend Your MillionsJul-25-201601 year
16Is Your Pension Safe?Jul-18-201601 year
15Racist BritainJul-11-201601 year
14Are You Owed a Pay Rise?Jul-04-201601 year
13Inside Britain's Children's ServicesMay-26-201601 year
12The Truth About Cheap FlightsApr-25-201601 year
11Isis and the Missing TreasuresApr-18-201601 year
10The Great Benefits RowApr-11-201601 year
9Britain's Pensioner Care ScandalApr-04-201601 year
8Secrets of CadburyMar-21-201601 year
7Housing Benefit MillionairesMar-14-201601 year
6How To Be A Council House MillionaireMar-07-201601 year
5Fight Against ISISFeb-29-201601 year
4Dirty Secrets: What's Really in Our Air?Feb-22-201601 year
3999: Where's My Ambulance?Feb-15-201601 year
2How the Rich Avoid TaxFeb-08-201601 year
1Where's My Missing Mail?Feb-01-201601 year
201528The Children Who Beat EbolaDec-22-201501 year
27White PeopleJul-22-201501 year
26How The Monarchy Can Make You Millions01 year
25Britain's Nightmare New HomesNov-16-201501 year
24Britain's Nightmare New HomesNov-16-201501 year
23Aldi's Supermarket SecretsNov-09-201501 year
22Britain's Benefits ExperimentNov-02-201501 year
21Hunted: Gay and AfraidJul-23-201501 year
20Escape from IsisJul-15-201501 year
19Pensions and the Price of Growing OldJul-13-201501 year
18How Councils Blow Your MillionsJul-06-201501 year
17Kids in CrisisJul-01-201501 year
16Salt: Are You Eating Too Much?Jun-29-201501 year
15The Great British Property DivideJun-22-201501 year
14Exams: Cheating the System?Jun-15-201501 year
13Where to Save Your MoneyJun-08-201501 year
12Trains: Are You Paying Too Much?Jun-01-201501 year
11The Secrets of Sports DirectApr-27-201501 year
10How Safe Are Our Planes?Apr-01-201501 year
9How to Buy a Meeting with a MinisterMar-23-201501 year
8Britain's Defence SqueezeMar-16-201501 year
7Benefits BritainMar-09-201501 year
6Britain's Benefits CrackdownMar-02-201501 year
5Politicians for HireFeb-23-201501 year
4Secrets of the Parking WardensFeb-16-201501 year
3The Great Car ConJan-26-201501 year
2Low Pay BritainJan-19-201501 year
1How to Blow Your PensionJan-12-201501 year
[no episode title yet]Jun-22-201501 year
201430The British Property BoomDec-01-201401 year
29How The Rich Get RicherNov-17-201401 year
28How To Break Into BritainNov-24-201401 year
27Rice: How Safe Is It?Nov-03-201401 year
26Benefits BritainOct-27-201401 year
25Nigeria's Hidden WarAug-18-201401 year
24Are You Addicted To Your Doctor?Aug-18-201401 year
23How to Stop Your Nuisance CallsAug-11-201401 year
22Supermarkets: The Real Price of Cheap FoodAug-04-201401 year
21Supermarket WarsJul-28-201401 year
20Murder in the Sky - Flight MH17Jul-21-201401 year
19Faith Schools Undercover: No Clapping in ClassJul-14-201401 year
18The Great British Break-up?Jul-07-201401 year
17The Cost of Cheap AlcoholJun-30-201401 year
16How to Fix a Football MatchJun-23-201401 year
15Children on the FrontlineJan-22-201401 year
14Secrets of the PoliceJun-16-201401 year
13Breadline KidsJun-09-201401 year
12Tricks of the Junk Food BusinessJun-02-201401 year
11Policemen Behaving BadlyApr-14-201401 year
10The Truth About Low Fat FoodApr-07-201401 year
9Amanda Holden: Exposing Hospital HeartacheMar-24-201401 year
8Food: Whats Really In Your Trolley?Mar-17-201401 year
7Undercover: Hate On The TerracesMar-03-201401 year
6Secrets of Your Credit RatingFeb-24-201401 year
5A&E's Missing MillionsFeb-17-201401 year
4Benefits Britain: The Bedroom TaxFeb-10-201401 year
3HuntedFeb-05-201401 year
2Floods: Your Money Down the DrainFeb-03-201401 year
1Are You Addicted to Sugar?Jan-20-201401 year
201338Can You Trust Your Surgeon?Nov-11-201301 year
37Secrets of the Discount StoresDec-09-201301 year
36Britain's Big Fat BillNov-25-201301 year
35What's Your Pension Really Worth?Nov-18-201301 year
34Energy Bills ExposedNov-04-201301 year
33North Korea: Life Inside The Secret StateNov-13-201301 year
32The Property Market UndercoverOct-28-201301 year
31Secrets of Your Pay PacketOct-21-201301 year
30The Paedophile MP: How Cyril Smith Got Away with ItSep-12-201301 year
29Ryanair: Secrets from the CockpitAug-12-201301 year
28Celebs, Brands and Fake FansAug-05-201301 year
27NHS UndercoverJul-29-201301 year
26Taliban Child FightersJul-22-201301 year
25South Africa's Dirty CopsJul-15-201301 year
24The Prince and His Secret PropertiesJul-01-201301 year
23The Police's Dirty SecretJun-24-201301 year
22How Councils Waste Your MoneyJun-17-201301 year
21Diets, Drugs and DiabetesJun-10-201301 year
20Woolwich, Boston and The New TerrorJun-03-201301 year
19The Hunt for Britain's Sex GangsMay-23-201301 year
18Murdered in TenerifeMay-13-201301 year
17Secrets of Your Missing MailApr-29-201301 year
16Britain's Millionaire CriminalsApr-22-201301 year
15Syria: Across the LinesApr-17-201301 year
14Immigration UndercoverApr-15-201301 year
13The Truth About Junior DoctorsMar-25-201301 year
12Rich and on BenefitsMar-18-201301 year
11Undercover Designer DogsMar-11-201301 year
10Death on the WardsMar-04-201301 year
9Britain on BenefitsFeb-25-201301 year
8The Horse Meat ScandalFeb-18-201301 year
7How Safe Is Your Child's Nursery?Feb-11-201301 year
6Plebs, Lies & VideotapeFeb-04-201301 year
5Britain's Hidden Child AbuseJan-30-201301 year
4Weight Watchers: How they Make Their MillionsJan-28-201301 year
3Secrets of Your Supermarket ShopJan-21-201301 year
2Sharing Mum and DadJan-14-201301 year
1Secrets of Your Car InsuranceJan-07-201301 year
201230The American School MassacreDec-17-201201 year
29How Safe is Your Cash?Dec-10-201201 year
28The Chinese Are ComingDec-03-201201 year
27Where Has Your Aid Money Gone?Nov-26-201201 year
26MPs: Are They Still at It?Nov-19-201201 year
25Chinese Murder MysteryNov-12-201201 year
24Nuclear War GamesNov-05-201201 year
23Getting Rich on the NHSOct-29-201201 year
22Do You Know Your Partner's Past?Oct-22-201201 year
21Secrets of Your Boss's PayOct-08-201201 year
20Cruises Undercover: The Truth Below DeckOct-01-201201 year
19Undercover Retirement HomeSep-24-201201 year
18Secrets of PoundlandSep-17-201201 year
17The School Dinner ScandalSep-10-201201 year
16Property Nightmare: The Truth About LeaseholdsAug-20-201201 year
15Tricks of the Dole CheatsAug-13-201201 year
14Britain's High Street GambleAug-06-201201 year
13Britain on the SickJul-30-201201 year
12Can You Trust Your Bank?Jul-23-201201 year
11Myths About Your 5 A DayJul-16-201201 year
10Secrets of the TaxmanJul-09-201201 year
9Cashing in on the GamesJul-02-201201 year
8Undercover UndertakerJun-25-201201 year
7Let Our Dad DieJun-18-201201 year
6Murdoch, Cameron & the £8 Billion DealJun-11-201201 year
5The Real Mr. And Mrs. AssadMay-28-201201 year
4Beating the Recession - Cash vs CardsMay-21-201201 year
3Watching the DetectivesMay-14-201201 year
2The Great Ticket ScandalFeb-23-201201 year
1Olympic Tickets for SaleFeb-13-201201 year
201129Britain's Sex GangsNov-07-201101 year
28Britain's RubbishOct-10-201101 year
27Can You Trust Your Doctor?Oct-03-201101 year
26The Wonderful World of Tony BlairSep-26-201101 year
25Gypsy Eviction: The Fight for Dale FarmSep-19-201101 year
24The Truth About Drugs in FootballSep-12-201101 year
23How Murdoch Ran BritainJul-25-201101 year
22How to Buy a Football ClubJul-18-201101 year
21Murder on HoneymoonJul-11-201101 year
20Landlords From HellJul-04-201101 year
19The Real Price of GoldJun-27-201101 year
18Conservation's Dirty SecretsJun-20-201101 year
17The Thief CatchersJun-13-201101 year
16America's Secret KillersJun-06-201101 year
15The Truth About Your DentistMay-23-201101 year
14The Truth About Going Under the KnifeMay-16-201101 year
13A Year Inside Number 10May-09-201101 year
12Undercover HospitalApr-11-201101 year
11Cashing in on DegreesApr-04-201101 year
10BP: In Deep WaterMar-28-201101 year
9Train Journeys from HellMar-21-201101 year
8Britain's Secret Fat CatsMar-14-201101 year
7Selling Off BritainMar-07-201101 year
6Secret NHS DiariesFeb-28-201101 year
5The Truth about Hospital FoodFeb-21-201101 year
4Lessons in Hate and ViolenceFeb-14-201101 year
3Tabloids' Dirty SecretsFeb-07-201101 year
2Fish UnwrappedJan-15-201101 year
1The Battle for HaitiJan-09-201101 year
201033Catching the Gun RunnersJul-18-201001 year
32The Kids Britain Doesn't WantNov-29-201001 year
31City of FearNov-22-201001 year
30Riding Europe's Gravy TrainNov-15-201001 year
29Fashion's Dirty SecretNov-08-201001 year
28Britain's Street KidsNov-01-201001 year
27Iraq's Secret War FilesOct-25-201001 year
26How the Rich Beat the TaxmanOct-18-201001 year
25Bravo's Deadly MissionOct-07-201001 year
24Tabloids, Tories and Telephone HackingOct-04-201001 year
23What's the Point of Unions?Sep-27-201001 year
22How the MOD Wastes Our BillionsSep-20-201001 year
21Britain's Secret SlavesAug-30-201001 year
20When Cousins MarryAug-23-201001 year
19Britain's Witch ChildrenJul-26-201001 year
18Gun NationJul-18-201001 year
17Africa's Last TabooJul-12-201001 year
16How to Save £100 Billion - LiveJun-21-201001 year
15How the Banks WonJun-14-201001 year
14Undercover Social WorkerJun-07-201001 year
13The Lost Girls of South AfricaMay-23-201001 year
12Election UncoveredMay-03-201001 year
11Tracing the Marathon's MillionsApr-09-201001 year
10Politicians for HireMar-22-201001 year
9Children of GazaMar-15-201001 year
8Cameron UncoveredMar-08-201001 year
7Britain's Islamic RepublicMar-01-201001 year
6Kids Don't Count (Part 2 of 2)Feb-22-201001 year
5Kids Don't Count (Part 1 of 2)Feb-15-201001 year
4Post Office UndercoverFeb-08-201001 year
3Afghanistan: Behind Enemy LinesFeb-01-201001 year
2The Slumdog Children of MumbaiJan-21-201001 year
1My Family and Alzheimer'sJan-11-201001 year
200940How They Squander Our BillionsMar-09-200901 year
39Confessions of a NurseMar-23-200901 year
38Christmas on CreditDec-07-200901 year
37Lords, Billionaires and the Russian ConnectionNov-30-200901 year
36Return to Africa's Witch ChildrenNov-23-200901 year
35Inside Britain's Israel LobbyNov-16-200901 year
34What's in Your Breakfast?Oct-26-200901 year
33Ready for a RiotOct-19-200901 year
32Who Took Your Pension?Oct-05-200901 year
31MPs, Planes and Gravy TrainsSep-28-200901 year
30Cops on the Cheap?Sep-21-200901 year
29Middle Class and JoblessSep-14-200901 year
28Battle ScarredSep-07-200901 year
27Bankrolling MugabeJul-22-200901 year
26Undercover Debt CollectorJul-20-200901 year
25The Children Britain BetrayedJul-13-200901 year
24Terror in MumbaiJun-30-200901 year
23Rape In The CityJun-22-200901 year
22Afghanistan's Dirty WarJun-15-200901 year
21Crash Gordon: The Financial CrisisJun-08-200901 year
20Orphans of Burmas CycloneJun-01-200901 year
19The Truth About Your Energy BillMay-29-200901 year
18The War Against Street WeaponsMay-25-200901 year
17Britain's Bankers: Still Cashing InMay-18-200901 year
16Lost in CareMay-11-200901 year
15Crash - How Long Will It Last ?Apr-27-200901 year
14Crash - How the Banks Went BustApr-20-200901 year
13The Westminster Gravy TrainApr-19-200901 year
12Afghanistan - Mission Impossible?Apr-06-200901 year
11The Trouble with BorisMar-30-200901 year
10Pakistan's Taliban GenerationMar-16-200901 year
8The Big Job HuntFeb-16-200901 year
7The Problem PrincesFeb-13-200901 year
6Too Old To WorkFeb-09-200901 year
5Congo's Forgotten ChildrenFeb-02-200901 year
4Unseen GazaJan-22-200901 year
3The True Cost of Cheap FoodJan-22-200901 year
2Mum, Dad Alzheimers and MeJan-12-200901 year
1Britains Challenging ChildrenJan-05-200901 year
200841Iraq: The LegacyDec-13-200801 year
40Saving Africa's Witch ChildrenNov-12-200901 year
39Mum Loves Drugs, Not MeNov-03-200801 year
38Don't Bank on the BailoutOct-27-200801 year
37Jon Snow's American JourneyOct-26-200801 year
36The Truth About Your Energy BillOct-20-200801 year
35The Trouble With British AirwaysOct-13-200801 year
34The Hidden World of Lap DancersOct-06-200801 year
33Cameron's Money MenSep-20-200801 year
32The Human Cost of the Credit CrunchSep-22-200801 year
31What's In Your Wine?Sep-05-200801 year
30Hope for the Last Chance KidsSep-08-200801 year
29Undercover Mosque: The ReturnSep-01-200801 year
28How The Banks Never LoseAug-25-200801 year
27Sandwiches UnwrappedJul-28-200801 year
26The Jab That Can Stop CancerJul-21-200801 year
25It Shouldn't Happen to a MuslimJul-07-200801 year
24A Widow's War On YobsJul-05-200801 year
23The Truth About Street WeaponsJun-30-200801 year
22The Truth About Food PricesJun-23-200801 year
21From Jail to JihadJun-16-200801 year
20Gordon Brown: Where Did It All Go Wrong?Jun-09-200801 year
19Warlords Next Door?May-26-200801 year
18In God's NameMay-19-200801 year
17The Truth About Beauty CreamsMay-12-200801 year
16The Mobile Phone Rip-OffApr-28-200801 year
15Immigration: The Inconvenient Truth (3)Apr-21-200801 year
14Immigration: The Inconvenient Truth (2)Apr-14-200801 year
13Immigration: The Inconvenient Truth (1)Apr-07-200801 year
12Undercover in TibetMar-31-200801 year
11Jon Snow's Hidden IraqMar-18-200801 year
10Iraq: The BetrayalMar-17-200801 year
9Iraq's Lost GenerationMar-16-200801 year
8Checking-in to Airport ChaosFeb-25-200801 year
7How the Banks Bet Your MoneyFeb-18-200801 year
6The Children Left BehindFeb-11-200801 year
5Heat Or Eat: The Pensioners' DilemmaFeb-04-200801 year
4Why Kids KillJan-28-200801 year
3The Court of KenJan-21-200801 year
2The Truth About Your Food (2)Jan-17-200801 year
1The Truth About Your Food (1)Jan-10-200801 year
200741How safe are your Christmas toys?Dec-17-200701 year
40Christmas Credit CrisisDec-10-200701 year
39Britain Under WaterDec-03-200701 year
38Mark Thomas on Coca-ColaNov-19-200701 year
37Bottleneck BritainNov-12-200701 year
36The Housing TrapNov-05-200701 year
35Why Our Children Can't ReadOct-22-200701 year
34Searching For MadeleineOct-18-200701 year
33Abortion: What We Need to KnowOct-17-200701 year
32China's Stolen ChildrenOct-08-200701 year
31Immigrants: The Inconvenient TruthOct-01-200701 year
30Unholy WarSep-17-200901 year
29The Olympic Cash MachineSep-10-200701 year
28Britain Under AttackAug-06-200701 year
27Britain's Bad HousingJul-30-200701 year
26Undercover MotherJul-23-200701 year
25Great Green SmokescreenJul-16-200701 year
24The War On Britain's JewsJul-09-200701 year
23The Man Who Lost HimselfJun-25-200701 year
22Drinking Yourself To DeathJun-18-200701 year
21Kidnapped to OrderJun-11-201101 year
19Bin WarsMay-24-200701 year
18Afghanistan UnveiledMay-17-200701 year
17Gordon Brown: Fit For Office?May-14-200701 year
16The Indian Miracle?Apr-30-200701 year
15Between The Mullahs And The MilitaryApr-23-200701 year
14Murdering the TruthApr-16-200701 year
13Undercover PrisonerApr-02-200701 year
12Cameron - Toff At The TopMar-26-200701 year
11When Did You Last Beat Your Wife?Mar-19-200701 year
10Charles: The Meddling PrinceMar-12-200701 year
9GreenwashMar-05-200701 year
8NHS: Where Did All the Money Go?Feb-26-200701 year
7The Supermarket That's Eating BritainFeb-19-200701 year
6At Home With The Terror SuspectsFeb-05-200701 year
5Iraq's Death SquadsJan-29-200701 year
4Labour's Gambling AddictionJan-22-200701 year
3Undercover MosqueJan-15-200701 year
2Meeting the TalibanJan-11-200701 year
1Fighting the TalibanJan-08-200701 year
200631Britain's Healthcare LotteryNov-27-200601 year
30Iraq - The Lost GenerationNov-06-200601 year
29Women Only JihadOct-30-200601 year
28Muslims And Free SpeechOct-23-200601 year
27Who's Digging Up Our Roads?Oct-19-200601 year
26The Blunkett Tapes (2)Oct-16-200601 year
25The Blunkett Tapes (1)Oct-12-200601 year
24Britain's Mental Health ScandalOct-09-200601 year
23The Data Theft ScandalOct-05-200601 year
22Burma's Secret WarOct-02-200601 year
21The Drug Trial That Went WrongSep-28-200601 year
20The Labour Loans ScandalSep-25-200601 year
19How Safe Is Heathrow?Sep-04-200601 year
18Britain's Commuter NightmareAug-21-200601 year
17Public Service, Private ProfitAug-14-200601 year
16What Muslims WantAug-07-200601 year
15Battle FatigueMay-22-200601 year
14Mad About AnimalsMay-15-200601 year
13Iraq - The Women's StoryMay-08-200601 year
12Undercover CopperApr-27-200601 year
11Britain's YobsApr-24-200601 year
10Britain's RubbishApr-13-200601 year
9How To Beat Your Kid's Asthma (2)Apr-10-200601 year
8How To Beat Your Kid's Asthma (1)Apr-06-200601 year
7After School Arms ClubApr-03-200601 year
6Living With IllegalsMar-27-200601 year
5Iraq's Missing BillionsMar-20-200601 year
4The New FundamentalistsMar-06-200601 year
3Stealing Your FreedomFeb-27-200601 year
2Spinning TerrorFeb-20-200601 year
1Ryanair Caught NappingFeb-13-200601 year
200529Election Unspun: Why Politicians Can't Tell the TruthApr-18-200501 year
28What's Really In Your Christmas DinnerDec-20-200501 year
27Kidnap and Torture American StyleNov-23-200501 year
26America's Secret ShameNov-22-200501 year
25Iraq: The ReckoningNov-21-200501 year
24Gordon Brown's Missing MillionsNov-07-200501 year
23The Hurricane that Shamed AmericaOct-31-200501 year
22Young, Angry and MuslimOct-24-200501 year
21Undercover in the Secret StateOct-17-200501 year
20The Big HeistSep-22-200501 year
19Secrets of the ShopliftersSep-19-200501 year
18The Dyslexia MythSep-08-200501 year
17Why Bomb LondonAug-08-200501 year
16Supermarket Secrets Part 2Aug-01-200501 year
15Supermarket Secrets Part 1Jul-28-200501 year
14Chechnya: The Dirty WarJul-25-200501 year
13BeslanJul-21-200501 year
12On Pain of DeathJul-18-200501 year
11Re-Opening The PostJul-14-200501 year
10Women BishopsJul-11-200501 year
9Undercover TeacherJul-07-200501 year
8Living with AIDSJun-27-200501 year
7Undercover in New LabourMay-23-200501 year
6Confessions of a Parking AttendantMar-03-200501 year
5Is Torture a Good Idea?Feb-28-200505 years
4Holy OffensiveFeb-21-200505 years
3The NHS - Your Money or Your Life?Feb-07-200505 years
2Undercover AngelsJan-31-200505 years
1Dispatches Live Special : After the TsunamiJan-24-200505 years
200410Living With RefugeesDec-09-200405 years
9Barrack Room BulliesDec-02-200405 years
8Profiting From Kids in CareNov-25-200405 years
7MMR: What They Didn't Tell YouNov-18-200405 years
6The Dirty Meat ScandalSep-20-200405 years
5SpikedSep-13-200405 years
4Fit to EatMay-13-200405 years
3Keep Them OutMay-06-200405 years
2Third Class PostApr-29-200405 years
1What Hutton Won't Tell youJan-23-200105 years
200310Judges in the DockDec-18-200305 years
9Congo's Killing FieldsAug-17-200305 years
8Law and DisorderAug-10-200305 years
7Blunkett's Reefer MadnessJun-22-200305 years
6Killing for HonourJun-15-200305 years
5Gang WarsJun-08-200305 years
4The War We Never Saw: Virgin SoldiersJun-02-200305 years
3The War We Never Saw: Blood and RevengeJun-01-200305 years
2The Killing ZoneMay-18-200305 years
1Al-Qaeda UKDec-18-200305 years
200211North Korea - Undercover in the Secret State01 year
10Truth and Lies in BaghdadNov-17-200205 years
9Lifting the VeilNov-10-200205 years
8Young, Nazi and ProudNov-04-200205 years
7Sex on the StreetSep-16-200205 years
6Bin Laden's New NetworkSep-08-200205 years
5Speed TrapJul-06-200205 years
4How to Break into BritainJun-09-200205 years
3The Colombian ConnectionMay-26-200205 years
2State of TerrorMay-13-200205 years
1Secrets of the Saudi StateMar-05-200205 years
20019Down the TubeDec-02-200105 years
8Paedophiles - Assessing the RisksNov-14-200105 years
7Unholy WarNov-11-200105 years
6Bin Laden's Plan of TerrorNov-01-200105 years
5Outbreak: The True Story of Foot and MouthJul-03-200105 years
4Beneath the VeilJun-26-200105 years
3Unforgiven - The Boys Who Murdered James BulgerJun-12-200105 years
2Bloody Foreigners Part 2Feb-04-200105 years
1Bloody Foreigners Part 1Feb-03-200105 years
200019How to Jump the Health QueueNov-23-200005 years
18The Runaway CarsNov-16-200005 years
17Bras - The Bare FactsNov-02-200005 years
16The Search for Lucie BlackmanOct-26-200005 years
15Children of the Secret StateOct-19-200005 years
14Air SafetyOct-12-200005 years
13Sally ClarkApr-27-200005 years
12The Real Story of the Leeds FansApr-20-200005 years
11The Telford HangingsApr-20-200005 years
10The Nuclear FilesApr-13-200005 years
9Dirty MoneyApr-06-200005 years
8Deadly PursuitMar-30-200005 years
7Video NastiesMar-23-200005 years
6Dying for the PresidentMar-09-200005 years
5Gayhurst Crescent Goes SurfingMar-02-200005 years
4Tax WarsFeb-24-200005 years
3Drug WarsFeb-17-200005 years
2The Fight for a ChildFeb-10-200005 years
1For the Love of a StrangerFeb-03-200005 years
199930Licensed to KillDec-09-199905 years
29Tooth TroubleDec-02-199905 years
28Who Vets the Vets?Nov-25-199905 years
27A Matter of Life and DeathNov-18-199905 years
26RunawaysNov-11-199905 years
25Prime SuspectsNov-04-199905 years
24Britain's Most Dangerous ManOct-28-199905 years
23Kill or Be KilledAug-09-199905 years
22Car Trouble - BreakdownMay-27-199905 years
21Bloody Balkans: Witness to MurderMay-20-199905 years
20Car Trouble - InsuranceMay-13-199905 years
19Bosses in the DockMay-06-199905 years
18The Sex Slave TradeApr-29-199905 years
17Dispatches (22/02/1999)Apr-22-199905 years
16Domestic ViolenceApr-15-199905 years
15The Mardis Gras BomberApr-08-199905 years
14Seven Days in HellApr-01-199905 years
13Dispatches (01/04/1999)01 year
12Dispatches (25/03/1999)Mar-25-199905 years
11Dispatches (18/03/1999)Mar-18-199905 years
10Date Rape SpecialMar-16-199905 years
9Dispatches (11/03/1999)Mar-11-199905 years
8Dispatches (25/02/1999)Feb-25-199905 years
7Dispatches (11/02/1999)Feb-11-199905 years
6Dispatches (04/02/1999)Feb-04-199905 years
5Kicking the HabitJan-28-199905 years
4Mission ImpossibleJan-21-199905 years
3Dispatches (21/01/1999)01 year
2Dispatches (14/01/1999)Jan-14-199905 years
1Male Victims of Domestic ViolenceJan-07-199905 years
199828The Lockerbie TrailDec-17-199805 years
27Inside the ALFDec-10-199805 years
26Law and DisorderDec-03-199805 years
25Hidden KillerNov-26-199805 years
24Dispatches DiscussionNov-20-199805 years
23Teenage Gang RapeNov-19-199805 years
22Now One is 50Nov-12-199805 years
21The Killer in Our TapsNov-05-199805 years
20Sidney Cooke UpdateOct-30-199805 years
19Sidney CookeOct-29-199805 years
18Death in Room 602Jun-07-199805 years
17The AccidentJun-04-199805 years
16SupertoutsMay-28-199805 years
15Secrets of the Gaul (2)May-21-199805 years
14Apartheid's ChildrenApr-30-199805 years
13Men Behaving Badly (2)Apr-23-199805 years
12Men Behaving Badly (1)Apr-16-199805 years
11The War BusinessApr-09-199805 years
10Granny's Having a BabyApr-02-199805 years
9Golf Lima FoxtrotMar-26-199805 years
8Inspecting the InspectorsMar-19-199805 years
7Trust Me I'm a DoctorMar-12-199805 years
6Judgement for LouiseMar-05-199805 years
5Saddam's Secret Time BombFeb-23-199805 years
4Something in the AirFeb-05-199805 years
3Too Much Too YoungJan-29-199805 years
2The Contamination TrailJan-22-199805 years
1The Force Is Not With YouJan-15-199805 years
199727Monkey BusinessDec-18-199705 years
26BSE: The Hidden StoryDec-11-199705 years
25Triangle of DeathDec-04-199705 years
24Builder's ClubNov-27-199705 years
23Dubious CharityNov-20-199705 years
22Lie of the LandNov-13-199705 years
21Secrets of the GaulNov-06-199705 years
20The End of Hong KongJun-12-199705 years
19Dispatches (05/06/1997)Jun-05-199705 years
18Murder in St James's (2)May-29-199705 years
17The TestMay-22-199705 years
16The Great Gulf Cover UpMay-15-199705 years
15The Blair ProjectMay-08-199705 years
14Here We Go AgainApr-03-199705 years
13The Search for Mother Russia's ChildrenMar-27-199705 years
12Trooping Out the ColourMar-20-199705 years
11Buying TimeMar-13-199705 years
10The FirmMar-06-199705 years
9A Very British BetrayalFeb-27-199705 years
8The Saudi TapesFeb-20-199705 years
7Dispatches (13/02/1997)Feb-13-199705 years
6Crash LandingFeb-13-199705 years
5Under the Hammer Part 2Feb-06-199705 years
4Under the Hammer Part 1Jan-30-199705 years
3Soccer's Foul PlayJan-23-199705 years
2A Question of SleazeJan-16-199705 years
1They're No AngelsJan-09-199705 years
199631Class Wars (2)Dec-19-199605 years
30The Portman GroupDec-12-199605 years
29Making a KillingDec-05-199605 years
28Brown LandNov-21-199605 years
27An Ambulance in TimeNov-14-199605 years
26The Truth of CSNov-07-199605 years
25Secrets of Big TobaccoOct-31-199605 years
24Arming the AdmiralsOct-24-199605 years
23On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceOct-17-199605 years
22The Liquidation GameJun-19-199605 years
21Purdey's ProofJun-12-199605 years
20A Bosnian BetrayalMay-29-199605 years
19The Mahogany TrailMay-22-199605 years
18Class WarsMay-15-199605 years
17Banking on the DisabledMay-08-199605 years
16Second Class ReturnMay-01-199605 years
15The Peace PrizeApr-24-199605 years
14The Khartoum ConnectionApr-17-199605 years
13Murder in St. James'sApr-10-199605 years
12Acid TestApr-03-199605 years
11The Lost ChildrenMar-27-199605 years
10The Safety BarrierMar-20-199605 years
9Back on the Torture TrailMar-13-199605 years
8Checking the PostFeb-28-199605 years
7Jessica: A Saudi SlaveFeb-21-199605 years
6The Power ConnectionFeb-14-199605 years
5Scott on ScottFeb-07-199605 years
4Operation LotteryJan-31-199605 years
3Citizen MaxwellJan-24-199605 years
2The Veal TrailJan-17-199605 years
1Estate of TerrorJan-10-199605 years
199527The Battle of Sanski MostDec-13-199505 years
26The Perfect PoisonDec-06-199505 years
25New Labour, Old Habits?Nov-29-199505 years
24The Shame of Cromwell StreetNov-22-199505 years
23Sale of the CenturiesNov-08-199505 years
22Lords A-LobbyingNov-01-199505 years
21Very Rough JusticeOct-25-199505 years
20The Care ConnectionOct-18-199505 years
19Making the GradesOct-11-199505 years
18Fair Shares in HealthJun-07-199505 years
17The Unknown CrimeMay-31-199505 years
16Journey to HellMay-24-199505 years
15Who Pays the Gas Bill?May-17-199505 years
14Behind Closed DoorsMay-10-199505 years
13The War Crimes FileMay-03-199505 years
12The Loss of The Marchioness (2)Apr-12-199505 years
11HamasApr-05-199505 years
10Canada's Foreign FieldMar-29-199505 years
9Battle for the AgendaMar-22-199505 years
8Safe or SorryMar-15-199505 years
7Total Structural FailureMar-08-199505 years
6A Matter of FatFeb-22-199505 years
5Mandela's Nuclear NightmareFeb-15-199505 years
4Who's Taking Care?Feb-08-199505 years
3Murky WatersJan-25-199505 years
2Serving Two MastersJan-18-199505 years
1The Torture TrailJan-11-199505 years
199436A Social Dis-serviceDec-14-199405 years
35The Andreotti FileDec-07-199405 years
34The Lindane LegacyNov-30-199405 years
33Spy in the CampNov-23-199405 years
32Privateers on ParadeNov-16-199405 years
31The Casalee FileNov-09-199405 years
30Out of ControlNov-02-199405 years
29Terror on the DoorstepOct-26-199405 years
28Insult to InjuryOct-19-199405 years
27Kids on the RocksOct-16-199405 years
26Accident Waiting to HappenOct-12-199405 years
25A Rwandan NightmareJun-08-199405 years
24The Cyprus ConnectionJun-01-199405 years
23Murder of Childhood (Abridged)May-25-199405 years
22Murder of ChildhoodMay-19-199405 years
21The Pill GenerationMay-18-199405 years
20Shackled ChildrenMay-11-199405 years
19Democracy in DeclineMay-04-199405 years
18Whitehall on Trial (2)Apr-27-199405 years
17Baby's Sweet ToothApr-20-199405 years
16Pocket NeutronApr-13-199405 years
15The Other MandelaApr-06-199405 years
14Les Enfants TerriblesMar-30-199405 years
13Inside God's BunkerMar-23-199405 years
12A Danger to HealthMar-16-199405 years
11Grecian Tragedy (2)Mar-09-199405 years
10The Great Coal ConundrumMar-02-199405 years
9Jayne's JourneyFeb-23-199405 years
8Getting Away With RapeFeb-16-199405 years
7Asylum for SaleFeb-09-199405 years
6The Munchausen SyndromeFeb-09-199405 years
5The Munchausen FileFeb-02-199405 years
4BSE - The Human Link?Jan-26-199405 years
3Operation DominoJan-19-199405 years
2Down for the CountJan-12-199405 years
1A Greater CroatiaJan-05-199405 years
199334A Disaster of Epic ProportionsDec-15-199305 years
33The Loss of the MarchionessDec-08-199305 years
32The Doughty Street PapersDec-01-199305 years
31Dispatches (24/11/1993)Nov-24-199305 years
30The Batches in QuestionNov-17-199305 years
29Dispatches (10/11/1993)Nov-10-199305 years
28Who's Minding the Managers?Nov-03-199305 years
27Gone to the DogsOct-27-199305 years
26Whitehall on TrialOct-20-199305 years
25Marriage ContractOct-13-199305 years
24The HillOct-06-199305 years
23The Key to WatergateJun-16-199305 years
22Adventure Too FarJun-09-199305 years
21The Trail of Red MercuryJun-02-199305 years
20The Children of RomaniaMay-26-199305 years
19Relative HellMay-19-199305 years
18Nuclear NightmareMay-12-199305 years
17Grecian TragedyMay-05-199305 years
16The Samson UnitApr-28-199305 years
15Crime and PrejudiceApr-21-199305 years
14Taxing TimesApr-14-199305 years
13An Age ApartApr-07-199305 years
12Caught in the ActMar-31-199305 years
11AIDS and AfricaMar-24-199305 years
10Murder in Moss SideMar-17-199305 years
9A Tax Too FarMar-10-199305 years
8The Gluckman FilesFeb-24-199305 years
7The Battle of Twyford DownFeb-17-199305 years
6Other People's ChildrenFeb-10-199305 years
5A Town Called KozaracFeb-03-199305 years
4Fatal DoseJan-27-199305 years
3Preparing For PowerJan-20-199305 years
2The Fight GameJan-13-199305 years
1One Man in TenJan-06-199305 years
199234Dying to DietDec-16-199205 years
33All the Presidency MenDec-09-199205 years
32The Generation GameDec-02-199205 years
31The First ThatcheriteNov-25-199205 years
30The 'R' WordNov-18-199205 years
29Germans For SaleNov-11-199205 years
28Visible Harm?Nov-04-199205 years
27Bordering on Big BrotherOct-28-199205 years
26Relative HellOct-21-199205 years
25Not Quite ForeverOct-14-199205 years
24Missing in Action (2)Jun-17-199205 years
23The People of the Shining PathJun-10-199205 years
22For Queen Or Country?Jun-03-199205 years
21The Czechoslovak CasinoMay-27-199205 years
20Body SearchMay-20-199205 years
19Hidden AssetsMay-13-199205 years
18Blind DataMay-06-199205 years
17The Return to OlympiaApr-29-199205 years
16Cloud Over EuropeApr-22-199205 years
15Red Star UnwrappedApr-15-199205 years
14Campaign DiaryApr-08-199205 years
13Election 1992: The Issue They Don't DebateApr-01-199205 years
12Election 1992: Every Child in Britain (2)Mar-25-199205 years
11Election 1992: Democracy in DangerMar-18-199205 years
10The End of the Union?Mar-11-199205 years
9A Question of SizewellMar-04-199205 years
8The Law of the GhettoFeb-26-199205 years
7Beyond FaithFeb-19-199205 years
6AZT - Cause for ConcernFeb-12-199205 years
5Sick at HeartFeb-05-199205 years
4The Hanson FileJan-29-199205 years
3Mother Russia's ChildrenJan-22-199205 years
2Patent on LifeJan-15-199205 years
1The Audit of WarJan-08-199205 years
199135Christmas in KurdistanDec-18-199105 years
34Holding the BabyDec-11-199105 years
33Don King, UnauthorisedDec-04-199105 years
32The Truth that Sets Us FreeNov-27-199105 years
31The Last TabooNov-20-199105 years
30The Swiss ConnectionNov-13-199105 years
29Missing in ActionNov-06-199105 years
28Georgian NightmareOct-30-199105 years
27Every Child in BritainOct-23-199105 years
26In the Cleaning MachineOct-16-199105 years
25Strange CustomsOct-09-199105 years
24The CommitteeOct-02-199105 years
23The MovementJun-12-199105 years
22Castro's Secret FixJun-05-199105 years
21Saddam's IraqMay-29-199105 years
20The Arthur LegendMay-22-199105 years
19The Ballot FixersMay-08-199105 years
18The Promised LandMay-01-199105 years
17Mr Major's Number 10Apr-24-199105 years
16Tapping into ToxnetApr-17-199105 years
15A Dream BetrayedApr-10-199105 years
14Sir John's ShuttleApr-03-199105 years
13Strange Case of DemocracyMar-27-199105 years
12Keep On RunningMar-20-199105 years
11A Very British RecessionMar-13-199105 years
10Voices From TibetMar-06-199105 years
9Thinking of the SoldierFeb-27-199105 years
8The Provoked WifeFeb-20-199105 years
7Skeletons Have NamesFeb-13-199105 years
6CrackdownFeb-06-199105 years
5Saddam's Secret ArmyJan-30-199105 years
4Hanson TrustJan-29-199105 years
3Mr Bush's Road to WarJan-23-199105 years
2What Happened at Christmas IslandJan-16-199105 years
1Giant of the GulfJan-09-199105 years
199040The Prozac FileDec-19-199001 year
39The Prozac FileDec-19-199005 years
38Against the OddsDec-12-199005 years
37The Case Against WarDec-05-199005 years
36A Good and Faithful ServantNov-28-199005 years
35Divided She Falls?Nov-21-199005 years
34Kingmaker of KarachiNov-14-199005 years
33Moscow's Mafia MillionsNov-07-199005 years
32Black and BlueOct-31-199005 years
31The Oregon FormulaOct-24-199005 years
30Bad Meat TrailOct-17-199005 years
29Rivers of FireOct-10-199005 years
28Listen to the ChildrenOct-03-199005 years
27Guinness - The Inside StorySep-26-199005 years
26Game on the IceJun-27-199005 years
25Eritrea: Fight to the DeathJun-20-199005 years
24The AIDS CatchJun-13-199005 years
23The Stasi TapesJun-06-199005 years
22Dispatches (30/05/1990)May-30-199005 years
21A Tale of Two CartelsMay-23-199005 years
20Romanian RouletteMay-16-199005 years
19The Great Green HypeMay-09-199005 years
18The Most Neglected CrimeMay-02-199005 years
17The Russians A ComingApr-25-199005 years
16The Children of FireApr-18-199005 years
15Terms for PeaceApr-11-199005 years
14Apartheid's AssassinsApr-04-199005 years
13In the Name of HungerMar-28-199005 years
12Legalise It!Mar-21-199005 years
11'Gerry'Mar-14-199005 years
10A Greater GermanyMar-07-199005 years
9Beyond the RubiconFeb-28-199005 years
8Troubled WatersFeb-21-199005 years
7Stalin's GhostFeb-14-199005 years
6Degrees for SaleFeb-07-199005 years
5Miracle MoleculeJan-31-199005 years
4The Great Leap BackwardsJan-24-199005 years
3Gamma AlarmJan-17-199005 years
2When Porton Pays the PiperJan-10-199005 years
1The PlunderersJan-03-199005 years
198939Road to DamascusDec-20-198905 years
38Privatising PolandDec-13-198905 years
37Licence to KillDec-06-198905 years
36Twelve Days in NovemberNov-29-198905 years
35Hungarians Not ComradesNov-22-198905 years
34The False Confession FileNov-15-198905 years
33In the Coal HoleNov-08-198905 years
32Mission ImpossibleNov-01-198905 years
31The Undoing of EdwinaOct-25-198905 years
30No, Prime MinisterOct-18-198905 years
29The Day of the TechnopathOct-11-198905 years
28The Spanish ConnectionOct-04-198905 years
27Terror IslandJul-05-198905 years
26A State of DecayJun-28-198905 years
25Year of the LocustJun-21-198905 years
24Empire of the SunJun-14-198905 years
23Fit as a FiddleJun-07-198905 years
22The Ultimate BlasphemyMay-31-198905 years
21Warlord of KayanMay-24-198905 years
20Not What the Doctor OrderedMay-17-198905 years
19The Sins of the FathersMay-10-198905 years
18A Suitable Case for TreatmentMay-03-198905 years
17Dispatches (28/04/1989)Apr-26-198905 years
16The Most Neglected CrimeApr-19-198905 years
15Carry on FlyingApr-12-198905 years
14ChicoApr-05-198905 years
13Young, Homeless and BrokeMar-29-198905 years
12Voices From Long LartenMar-22-198905 years
11Burma - Dying for DemocracyMar-15-198905 years
10The Return of the Death SquadsMar-08-198905 years
9The Case of 'F'Mar-01-198905 years
8The Toxic TrailFeb-22-198905 years
7AfghanFeb-15-198905 years
6The Copper Seven StoryFeb-08-198905 years
5Buckets of MoneyFeb-01-198905 years
4The Spy Who Broke the CodeJan-25-198905 years
3Cooking the BooksJan-18-198905 years
2Gorbachev's AsylumsJan-11-198905 years
1Return to Year Zero?Jan-04-198905 years
198834A Very Polish SecretDec-14-198805 years
33The CountertradersDec-07-198805 years
32The Battle for Stone BassettNov-30-198805 years
31The Winds of DeathNov-23-198805 years
30The Day the Dream DiedNov-16-198805 years
29Tibet - A Case to AnswerNov-09-198805 years
28Exporting High Technology from West to EastNov-02-198805 years
27Turkey: Trading with TortureOct-26-198805 years
26The Two State SolutionOct-19-198805 years
25Trouble on the WaterfrontOct-12-198805 years
24Disciples of ChaosOct-05-198805 years
23The Hashish ConnectionJul-01-198805 years
22Milky BusinessJun-24-198805 years
21The Raid on San Fernando: Communist Rebels in The PhilippinesJun-17-198805 years
20What's Best for the Children? : CoventryJun-10-198805 years
19Illegal BettingJun-03-198805 years
18NATO's Nuclear ProgrammeMay-27-198805 years
17War in the DesertMay-20-198805 years
16The P.L.O.May-13-198805 years
15FreemasonryMay-06-198805 years
14Cancer ResearchApr-22-198805 years
13Talking to the TerroristsApr-15-198805 years
12Cuba From InsideApr-08-198805 years
11Single Union Deals With EmployersMar-25-198805 years
10Charity FraudMar-18-198805 years
9The LobbyMar-11-198805 years
8Radioactive BritainMar-04-198805 years
7Working for WelfareFeb-26-198805 years
6PalauFeb-19-198805 years
5IranFeb-12-198805 years
4Interview with John StalkerFeb-05-198805 years
3Danger! Men at WorkJan-22-198805 years
2Waiting for the ConsultantJan-15-198805 years
1The Miner's DebateJan-08-198805 years
19878Korea: Poverty ProhibitedDec-18-198705 years
7Kimberly Carlile - Falling Through the NetDec-11-198705 years
6Gunning for GovernmentDec-04-198705 years
5Selling the TunnelNov-27-198705 years
4Divided by LawNov-20-198705 years
3AIDS - The Unheard VoicesNov-13-198705 years
2In The RedNov-06-198705 years
1DispatchesOct-30-198705 years
2811[no episode title yet]Apr-14-201407 years
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2727[no episode title yet]Aug-12-201308 years
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18[no episode title yet]Jun-03-201308 years
17[no episode title yet]May-13-201308 years
16[no episode title yet]Apr-29-201308 years
15[no episode title yet]Apr-22-201308 years
14[no episode title yet]Apr-08-201308 years
13[no episode title yet]Mar-25-201308 years
12[no episode title yet]Mar-18-201308 years
11[no episode title yet]Mar-11-201308 years
10[no episode title yet]Mar-04-201308 years
9[no episode title yet]Feb-25-201308 years
8[no episode title yet]Feb-18-201308 years
7[no episode title yet]Feb-11-201308 years
6[no episode title yet]Feb-04-201308 years
5[no episode title yet]Jan-30-201309 years
4[no episode title yet]Jan-28-201309 years
3[no episode title yet]Jan-21-201309 years
2[no episode title yet]Jan-14-201309 years
1[no episode title yet]Jan-07-201309 years
2615[no episode title yet]Aug-20-201219 years
14[no episode title yet]Aug-13-201209 years
13[no episode title yet]Aug-06-201209 years
12[no episode title yet]Jul-30-201209 years
11[no episode title yet]Jul-16-201209 years
10[no episode title yet]Jul-09-201209 years
9[no episode title yet]Jul-02-201209 years
8[no episode title yet]Jun-25-201209 years
7[no episode title yet]Jun-18-201209 years
6[no episode title yet]Jun-11-201209 years
5[no episode title yet]May-28-201209 years
4[no episode title yet]May-21-201209 years
3[no episode title yet]May-14-201209 years
2[no episode title yet]Feb-23-201209 years
1[no episode title yet]Feb-13-201209 years
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