Follows the unpredictable twists of missing person cases, tracking investigations aimed at solving how and why people simply vanish. While some of the resolutions are heartwarming and others tragic, many cases remain open to this day and continue to be a source of unbearable frustration for family members.

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Genre: Mystery, Crime, Documentary

Release Date: January 11, 2010 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Investigation Discovery (IMDb, Investigation Discovery)


Most recent episode: Disappeared Season 9 Episode 14 - A Date With Danger ( 6/24/2018 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
914A Date With DangerJun-24-201802 years
13A Date With DangerJun-24-201838 months
12Breaking AwayJun-12-201828 months
11Last StopJun-03-201822 years
10So Close to HomeMay-27-201813 months
9So Close to HomeMay-27-201833 months
8Last WordsApr-08-201828 months
7Last WordsApr-08-201828 months
6The Vanishing HourMay-06-201828 months
5Born This WayApr-29-201828 months
4Into the MistApr-22-201828 months
3Into the MistApr-22-201828 months
2Edge of FourteenApr-01-201823 months
1Edge of FourteenApr-01-201828 months
0A Date with DangerMar-17-201802 years
813The Long Way HomeJun-25-201702 years
12Lost AngelJun-18-201713 months
11A Bridge Too FarJun-11-201728 months
10The Last SummerJun-04-201728 months
9The One That Got AwayMay-28-201703 months
8About a BoyMay-21-201728 months
7Flight RiskMay-07-201703 months
6Into the NightApr-30-201728 months
5Every Mother's SonApr-23-201713 months
4On a MissionApr-16-201733 months
3Spirited AwayApr-09-201723 months
2The Silent SonApr-02-201728 months
1American GothicMar-26-201728 months
710Girl InterruptedJun-06-201628 months
9Love TriangleJun-06-201613 months
8A Family ManMay-30-201613 months
7California LeavingMay-23-201628 months
6No Stone UnturnedMay-16-201628 months
5Off the GridMay-09-201628 months
4Walk Into DarknessMay-02-201628 months
3Road To NowhereApr-25-201628 months
2Against the TideApr-18-201628 months
1Somebody's WatchingApr-11-201602 years
615At the CrossroadsApr-04-201303 months
14Birds of PreyApr-04-201303 months
13Long Lost LoveApr-04-201303 months
12Final SeasonMar-31-201303 months
11A Diamond is ForeverFeb-04-201313 months
10Breaking NewsJan-28-201303 months
9Out of the AshesJan-21-201313 months
8Radio SilenceJan-14-201306 months
7Missing in the MountainsJan-14-201328 months
6City of AngelsDec-24-201206 months
5One Way TicketDec-17-201228 months
4Dark VoyageDec-10-201228 months
3The Dutchman's CurseDec-03-201228 months
2The Soldier's WifeNov-26-201228 months
1Lost in the DarkNov-19-201228 months
517Missing by DesignApr-30-201213 months
16Hard Life in the Big EasyApr-23-201228 months
15Just a Nice GuyApr-16-201206 months
14Footprints in the SandApr-09-201228 months
13Too Young For LoveApr-02-201228 months
12Final ExamMar-26-201228 months
11The VortexMar-19-201213 months
10Little Girl LostMar-12-201206 months
9Into the BayouMar-05-201228 months
8A Soldier's StoryFeb-27-201203 months
7Hometown HeroFeb-20-201228 months
6Last CallFeb-13-201203 months
5Daddy's GirlFeb-06-201228 months
4Wrong Side of the TracksJan-30-201213 months
3Crime & PunishmentJan-23-201228 months
2Dancing into DarknessJan-16-201228 months
1The Road Not TakenJan-09-201206 months
427Missing by DesignApr-30-201202 years
26Hard Life in the Big EasyApr-23-201202 years
25Just a Nice GuyApr-16-201202 years
24Footprints in the SandApr-09-201202 years
23Too Young For LoveApr-02-201202 years
22Final ExamMar-26-201202 years
21The VortexMar-19-201202 years
20Little Girl LostMar-12-201202 years
19Into the BayouMar-05-201202 years
18A Soldier's StoryFeb-27-201202 years
17Hometown HeroFeb-20-201202 years
16Last CallFeb-13-201212 years
15Daddy's GirlFeb-06-201202 years
14Innocence LostJan-02-201213 months
13The Wedding RingDec-19-201128 months
12Midnight WalkDec-12-201113 months
11Vanished in VermontDec-05-201103 months
10Mystery on Lake SeminoleNov-28-201128 months
9Spring Break NightmareNov-21-201103 months
8Memory LaneNov-14-201113 months
7A Father's QuestNov-07-201128 months
6The Dark RavineOct-31-201106 months
5Missing ValentineOct-24-201128 months
4Game OverApr-25-201113 months
3Heavy Metal MysteryApr-18-201113 months
2Secrets of a SonApr-11-201103 months
1Running For Her LifeApr-04-201103 months
317Game OverApr-25-201102 years
16Heavy Metal MysteryApr-18-201102 years
15Secrets of a SonApr-11-201102 years
14Running For Her LifeApr-04-201102 years
13Silent NightMar-28-201103 months
12Lost HeroMar-21-201103 months
11A Mother's MissionMar-14-201103 months
10The Springfield ThreeMar-07-201103 months
9A Family's CurseFeb-28-201103 months
8Soul SearcherFeb-21-201102 years
7The Darkest NightFeb-14-201113 months
6Into the WoodsFeb-07-201128 months
5Gone on the 4th of JulyJan-31-201128 months
4The Final ChordJan-24-201113 months
3Murky WatersJan-17-201128 months
2Secret RendezvousJan-10-201103 months
1Mystery at the BorderJan-03-201103 months
213Gone at 17Dec-27-201028 months
12Doomed RomanceDec-20-201013 months
11Final PrayerDec-13-201028 months
10Paradise LostDec-06-201028 months
9Unfinished BusinessNov-29-201028 months
8Mojave MysteryNov-22-201013 months
7Danger at DuskNov-15-201028 months
6Lost HighwayNov-08-201003 months
5Lost TrustNov-01-201003 months
4No ExitOct-25-201028 months
3Vanishing BrideOct-18-201028 months
2The Beauty Queen MysteryOct-11-201007 months
1The Secret JourneyOct-04-201003 months
113Royal SecretsMar-29-201003 months
12Dark WatersMar-22-201003 months
11When the Music StoppedMar-15-201013 months
10Rosemary's SecretMar-08-201003 months
9The Most Hated Woman in AmericaMar-01-201028 months
8The Long Drive HomeFeb-22-201003 months
7Favourite SonFeb-15-201013 months
6Miles to NowhereFeb-08-201013 months
5A Lost SoulFeb-01-201046 months
4The Last Truck StopJan-25-201033 months
3A Fateful MeetingJan-18-201046 months
2A Mother's SecretJan-11-201046 months
1The End of InnocenceDec-01-200946 months
04Gone in Georgia: A Disappeared SpecialApr-12-201502 years
3Lone Star Mystery: A Disappeared SpecialJan-07-201502 years
2Lauren is Lost: A Disappeared SpecialAug-31-201402 years
1Missing in Maui: A Disappeared SpecialMay-26-201402 years

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