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Defenders UK

Following the work of enforcement officers as they battle to protect the public from the crooks and con men endangering our health, families and homes.


Release Date: November 26, 2018

Status: Running

Network: BBC One (Official Website)

Most recent episode: Defenders UK Season 5 Episode 5 - Episode 5 ( 1/27/2023 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
510Episode 10Feb-03-202301 day
9Episode 9Feb-02-202301 day
8Episode 8Feb-01-202301 day
7Episode 7Jan-31-202301 day
6Episode 6Jan-30-202301 day
5Episode 5Jan-27-2023422 mins
4Episode 4Jan-26-202371 day
3Episode 3Jan-25-202301 day
2Episode 2Jan-24-202301 day
1Episode 1Jan-23-202301 day
410Episode 10Oct-08-202101 day
9Episode 9Oct-07-202101 day
8Episode 8Oct-06-202101 day
7Episode 7Oct-05-202101 day
6Episode 6Oct-04-202101 day
5Episode 5Oct-01-202101 day
4Episode 4Sep-30-202101 day
3Episode 3Sep-29-202101 day
2Episode 2Sep-28-202101 day
1Episode 1Sep-27-202101 day
310Episode 10Oct-30-202001 day
9Episode 9Oct-29-202001 day
8Episode 8Oct-28-202001 day
7Episode 7Oct-27-202001 day
6Episode 6Oct-26-202001 day
5Episode 5Oct-23-202001 day
4Episode 4Oct-22-202001 day
3Episode 3Oct-21-202001 day
2Episode 2Oct-20-202001 day
1Episode 1Oct-19-202001 day
210Episode 10Sep-13-201903 years
9Episode 9Sep-12-201903 years
8Episode 8Sep-11-201903 years
7Episode 7Sep-10-201903 years
6Episode 6Sep-09-201903 years
5Episode 5Sep-06-201903 years
4Episode 4Sep-05-201903 years
3Episode 3Sep-04-201903 years
2Episode 2Sep-03-201903 years
1Episode 1Sep-02-201903 years
115Episode 15Dec-14-201804 years
14Episode 14Dec-13-201804 years
13Episode 13Dec-12-201804 years
12Episode 12Dec-11-201804 years
11Episode 11Dec-10-201804 years
10Episode 10Dec-07-201804 years
9Episode 9Dec-06-201804 years
8Episode 8Dec-05-201804 years
7Episode 7Dec-04-201804 years
6Episode 6Dec-03-201804 years
5Episode 5Nov-30-201804 years
4Episode 4Nov-29-201804 years
3Episode 3Nov-28-201804 years
2Episode 2Nov-27-201804 years
1Episode 1Nov-26-201804 years

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