Death in Paradise

Death In Paradise is a fish-out-of-water story about a quintessential English cop posted to the Caribbean island of Saint-Marie. To anyone else it would be paradise, but for Detective Inspector Richard Poole (Ben Miller) it’s hell! Totally unsuited to the Caribbean way of life, Richard hates the sun, sea and sand and isn’t used to their style of policing. But he is a brilliant detective whose first case on the island is investigating the murder of a British cop. Working with the exotic local Camille (Sara Martins), each week Richard goes about solving an intricate and intriguing murder. The drama was filmed on location in Guadeloupe this year.

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Genre: Crime, Drama

Release Date: October 11, 2011 (US)

Status: Running

Network: BBC One (UK) (imdb)

Casts: Danny John-Jules, Sara Martins, Elisabeth Bourgine, Kris Marshall, Gary Carr, Ben Miller, Don Warrington, Jos├ęphine Jobert, Tobi Bakare

Most recent episode: Death in Paradise Season 10 Episode 8 - Episode 8 ( 2/18/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
108Episode 8Feb-18-202103 weeks
7Episode 7Feb-12-202103 weeks
6Episode 6Feb-05-202103 weeks
5Episode 5Feb-04-202103 weeks
4Episode 4Jan-28-202103 weeks
3Episode 3Jan-21-202103 weeks
2Episode 2Jan-14-202103 weeks
1Episode 1Jan-07-202103 weeks
98Episode 8Feb-27-202091 month
7Episode 7Feb-20-202091 month
6Episode 6Feb-13-202071 month
5Episode 5Feb-06-202091 month
4Episode 4Jan-30-202081 month
3Episode 3Jan-23-202071 month
2Episode 2Jan-16-2020111 month
1Episode 1Jan-09-2020131 month
88Episode 8Feb-28-201971 month
7Episode 7Feb-21-201961 month
6Episode 6Feb-14-201951 month
5Episode 5Feb-07-201961 month
4Episode 4Jan-31-201961 month
3Episode 3Jan-24-201961 month
2Episode 2Jan-17-201961 month
1Episode 1Jan-10-201961 month
78Episode 8Feb-22-201861 month
7Episode 7Feb-15-201861 month
6Episode 6Feb-08-201861 month
5Episode 5Feb-01-201861 month
4The HealerJan-25-201861 month
3Episode 3Jan-18-201861 month
2Episode 2Jan-11-201861 month
1Episode 1Jan-04-201861 month
68Episode 8Feb-23-201761 month
7Episode 7Feb-16-201761 month
6Episode 6Feb-09-201761 month
5Episode 5Feb-02-201761 month
4Episode 4Jan-26-201761 month
3Episode 3Jan-19-201761 month
2Episode 2Jan-12-201751 month
1Episode 1Jan-05-201761 month
58Episode 8Feb-25-201661 month
7Episode 7Feb-18-201661 month
6Episode 6Feb-11-201651 month
5Episode 5Feb-04-201661 month
4Episode 4Jan-28-201651 month
3Episode 3Jan-21-201651 month
2Episode 2Jan-14-201661 month
1Episode 1Jan-07-201661 month
48Episode 8Feb-26-201581 month
7Episode 7Feb-19-201541 month
6Episode 6Feb-12-2015171 month
5Episode 5Feb-05-201541 month
4Episode 4Jan-29-2015111 month
3Episode 3Jan-22-201531 month
2Episode 2Jan-15-201541 month
1Episode 1Jan-08-201561 month
38Episode 8Mar-04-201461 month
7Episode 7Feb-25-201461 month
6Episode 6Feb-18-201481 month
5Episode 5Feb-11-201471 month
4Episode 4Feb-04-201461 month
3Episode 3Jan-28-201461 month
2Episode 2Jan-21-201451 month
1Episode 1Jan-14-201461 month
28Episode 8Feb-26-201361 month
7Episode 7Feb-19-201351 month
6Episode 6Feb-12-201371 month
5Episode 5Feb-05-201361 month
4Episode 4Jan-29-201361 month
3Episode 3Jan-22-201371 month
2Episode 2Jan-15-201361 month
1Episode 1Jan-08-201361 month
18Episode 8Dec-13-201161 month
7Episode 7Dec-06-201161 month
6Episode 6Nov-29-201161 month
5Episode 5Nov-22-201161 month
4Episode 4Nov-15-201161 month
3Episode 3Nov-08-201161 month
2Episode 2Nov-01-201161 month
1Episode 1Oct-25-201171 month

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