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Deadly Women

Female murderers are often times more horrifying and intriguing than their male counterparts. Their worlds are often defined by obsession, greed, and revenge. Deadly Women fuses bone-chilling story-telling, sumptuous period drama and forensic fact in a bid to explore history’s most alluring female killers. Each episode profiles four famous cases from the past; killers and their victims are brought to life by elaborate dramatized reconstructions.

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Documentary

Release Date: October 9, 2008 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Investigation Discovery (IMDb)

Casts: Lynnanne Zager, Marsha Crenshaw, Candice DeLong

Most recent episode: Deadly Women Season 14 Episode 13 - Making a Killing ( 9/9/2021 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
1413Making a KillingSep-09-202141 year
12Clean Hands Dirty DeedsSep-02-202151 year
11Menage of MurderAug-26-202111 year
10SoullessAug-19-202131 year
9Dangerous LiaisonsAug-12-202121 year
8Killer IntellectAug-05-202131 year
7Ice ColdJul-29-202111 year
6Lethal LiesJul-22-202151 year
5To Have And To HarmJul-15-202111 year
4Kill Their CreatorsJul-08-202131 year
3Flash PointJul-01-202131 year
2Evil SpiritsJun-24-202141 year
1Tainted LoveJun-17-202131 year
1310LovelessOct-24-201902 years
9Blood MoneyOct-17-201921 year
8Ditched and DesperateOct-10-201902 years
7Fatal FixationSep-26-201902 years
6Kill the CompetitionSep-19-201914 years
5Without MercySep-12-201914 years
4Vow to KillSep-05-201912 years
3A Family TragedySep-02-201904 years
2Beauty And The BeastlyAug-29-201912 years
1Fatal LoveAug-22-201914 years
1210The TakersNov-23-201804 years
9Boiling PointNov-16-201804 years
8Jilted and JealousNov-09-201804 years
7Love Turns to HateOct-19-201804 years
6The Blame GameOct-12-201802 years
5Twisted DesiresOct-05-201803 years
4Lover Makes ThreeSep-28-201803 years
3Friends Are FoesSep-21-201803 years
2Kiss Then KillSep-14-201803 years
1Married Today, Gone TomorrowSep-03-201803 years
1113Dumped and DangerousNov-24-201703 years
12Tipping PointNov-17-201702 years
11Keep It in the FamilyNov-10-201711 year
10Fatal TiesNov-03-201721 year
9Love of MoneyOct-27-201721 year
8Hot Tempers, Cold HeartsOct-20-201702 years
7Death WatchOct-13-201702 years
6Hit and RunOct-06-201702 years
5Two to TangleSep-29-201702 years
4The Dark SideSep-22-201702 years
3Broken TiesSep-15-201702 years
2Illicit and LethalSep-08-201703 years
1Mid Life MurderSep-01-201703 years
1013Friends To FoesNov-26-201603 years
12Love Leaves TownNov-25-201603 years
11Anger MismanagementNov-19-201603 years
10DIY BurialNov-12-201611 year
9Unspeakable ActsNov-05-201603 years
8Suspicious MindsOct-22-201603 years
7Killer-in-lawsOct-08-201611 year
6Cash InOct-01-201631 year
5Sugar and SpiteSep-24-201621 year
4Cling 'til DeathSep-17-201603 years
3Bad to the BoneSep-10-201621 year
2Granny Gets a GunSep-03-201611 year
1Killer CougarsAug-27-201641 year
913The VulnerableNov-06-201503 years
12Girl on GirlOct-30-201511 year
11Murder for MeOct-23-201503 years
10Red Hot TemperOct-16-201503 years
9Forever and a DayOct-09-201503 years
8Never Too OldSep-25-201503 years
7Two to KillSep-18-201503 years
6Get Rich QuickSep-11-201503 years
5PaybackSep-04-201503 years
4Green-Eyed MonstersAug-28-201503 years
3Gambling Lives AwayAug-21-201503 years
2DIY OrphansAug-14-201503 years
1Sleeping with the EnemyAug-07-201503 years
820In the FamilyDec-05-201403 years
19Two to TerminateNov-28-201403 years
18Hidden RageNov-21-201403 years
17Total ControlNov-14-201403 years
16ScornedNov-07-201403 years
15Mad or BadOct-24-201413 years
14To Have and to KillOct-17-201413 years
13If Looks Could KillOct-10-201402 years
12Cold as IceOct-03-201413 years
11For the Money HoneySep-26-201403 years
10Second BestSep-19-201403 years
9HeartlessSep-12-201403 years
8Lover's RevengeSep-05-201431 year
7Self Made WidowsAug-29-201403 years
6Hunger for CashAug-22-201403 years
5Catch Me If You CanAug-15-201403 years
4Three's a CrowdAug-14-201413 years
3Never Too YoungAug-08-201403 years
2Mom's MoneyAug-01-201431 year
1Lady of BloodAug-01-201403 years
720Untamed EvilNov-29-201303 years
19Brutal BrideNov-22-201303 years
18Souls of StoneNov-15-201303 years
17No MercyNov-08-201303 years
16Killer KinNov-01-201303 years
15Double TroubleOct-25-201303 years
14Innocent BloodOct-18-201303 years
13Dark HeartsOct-11-201303 years
12VengeanceOct-04-201303 years
11Heartless SoulsSep-27-201303 years
10Sadistic SoulsSep-20-201303 years
9Above the LawSep-13-201303 years
8Lethal TeensSep-06-201303 years
7Wed to MurderAug-30-201303 years
6Evil GuardiansAug-23-201303 years
5Vicious VixensAug-16-201303 years
4Mean TeensAug-09-201303 years
3Without PityAug-02-201303 years
2Money HungryJul-26-201303 years
1Malicious HeartsJul-19-201303 years
620Brides of BloodJan-25-201303 years
19Death KnockJan-18-201303 years
18Bury the BoyfriendJan-11-201303 years
17Without ConscienceJan-04-201303 years
16Eternal RevengeNov-30-201203 years
15Mommy's Little HelperNov-23-201203 years
14Death BenefitsNov-16-201203 years
13Kinky KillersNov-09-201203 years
12Bury Their BabiesNov-02-201203 years
11Ruthless RevengeOct-26-201203 years
10Too Close for ComfortOct-19-201203 years
9Teen TerrorOct-12-201203 years
8No Good ReasonOct-05-201203 years
7Love You to PiecesSep-28-201203 years
6Murder of InnocenceSep-21-201203 years
5Web of DeathSep-14-201203 years
4Matriarchs of MurderSep-07-201203 years
3Insatiable GreedAug-31-201203 years
2Parents PerilAug-24-201203 years
1Hunting HumansAug-17-201203 years
520Killer KidsJan-27-201211 year
19Match Made for MurderJan-20-201203 years
18Deadly DelinquentsJan-13-201203 years
17Lover's RevengeJan-06-201203 years
16Senseless SlayingsDec-30-201103 years
15Baby-Faced KillersDec-16-201103 years
14Lethal LoveDec-09-201103 years
13Pleasure from PainDec-02-201103 years
12Sins of the SisterNov-25-201103 years
11An Inconvenient MarriageNov-18-201103 years
10Deadly PossessionsNov-11-201103 years
9Sacrifice Their BloodNov-04-201103 years
8Love to DeathSep-16-201103 years
7Breaking PointSep-09-201103 years
6Kill for CashSep-02-201103 years
5To Love and to MurderAug-26-201103 years
4Kill Their OwnAug-19-201103 years
3Hearts of StoneAug-12-201103 years
2Loathe Thy NeighborAug-05-201103 years
1Twisted ThrillsJul-29-201103 years
417[no episode title yet]Dec-30-201003 years
16Teen KillersDec-23-201003 years
15Married to MurderDec-16-201003 years
14Love SickDec-09-201003 years
13A Daughter's RevengeNov-11-201003 years
12Love Gone WrongNov-04-201003 years
11Secrets and LiesOct-28-201003 years
10Under His ControlOct-21-201003 years
9In Cold BloodOct-07-201003 years
8Beyond SuspicionSep-30-201003 years
7The Sacred BondSep-23-201003 years
6Master ManipulatorsSep-16-201003 years
5Till Death Do Us PartSep-09-201003 years
4Dangerous LiaisonsSep-02-201003 years
3Fortune HuntersAug-26-201003 years
2OutlawsAug-19-201003 years
1An Eye for an EyeAug-12-201003 years
313Blood LinesNov-12-200901 year
12Lethal VengeanceNov-05-200901 year
11Born BadOct-29-200911 year
10Mothers Who KillOct-22-200921 year
9Lethal LoversOct-15-200911 year
8Fatal ObsessionOct-08-200901 year
7Evil InfluenceOct-01-200911 year
6Hearts of DarknessSep-24-200901 year
5Forbidden LoveSep-17-200901 year
4Behind the MaskSep-10-200922 years
3The DisturbedSep-03-200902 years
2Blood for MoneyAug-27-200911 year
1Young BloodAug-20-200922 years
26PredatorsNov-13-200811 year
5Bad MedicineNov-06-200801 year
4Dark SecretsOct-30-200822 years
3Twisted MindsOct-23-200831 year
2Fatal AttractionOct-16-200801 year
1Thrill KillsOct-09-200811 year
13RevengeFeb-22-200502 years
2GreedFeb-15-200501 year
1ObsessionFeb-08-200521 year

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