Deadliest Catch

It’s the world’s deadliest job-where a man could die every week-the most macho of manly occupations: the Alaskan crab fisherman. Deadliest Catch features the wild and treacherous life of the crab fisherman. This dramatic series will document the end of an era-what veteran crab fishermen are calling The Last Rodeo. The first season documents the last time race, as it is the last season where they are pitted against the clock. Later seasons contains a less action packed theme, and delves deeper into the lives and minds of those on the boats. We follow the crews through laughter and sorrow while on the hunt for crab. The series is dedicated to the brave men and women lost at sea, and to the families they left behind. And to Phil Harris, the captain of the Cornelia Marie, who died on February 9, 2010. Warning: This show is not scripted, and every injury and/or death appearing is real. Take note of this if you are viewing it with children and/or people sensitive to blood and graphic scenes.

Genre: Reality Series, Documentary

Release Date: April 12, 2005 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Discovery Channel (Official Website)

Casts: Mike Rowe

Most recent episode: Deadliest Catch Season 16 Episode 23 - Everything Changes ( 9/22/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1623Everything ChangesSep-22-202076 months
22Blood Is Thicker Than WaterSep-15-202046 months
21End of the BeginningSep-08-202076 months
20A Problem Like MariaSep-01-202076 months
19Rogue Wave JuggernautAug-25-202077 months
18Like Father Like DaughterAug-18-202088 months
17Danger CloseAug-04-202048 months
16Bering Sea Wrecking BallJul-28-202038 months
15Gut InstinctJul-21-202059 months
14Bering Sea CrashJul-14-202039 months
13Bomb CycloneJul-07-202059 months
12Dutch Harbor Double CrossJun-30-202059 months
11Chase Boat RescueJun-23-202059 months
10Harm's WayJun-16-202079 months
9Cold War Heating UpJun-09-2020610 months
8Mayday MaydayJun-02-2020710 months
7Into The RedMay-26-20201010 months
6The Bleeding EdgeMay-19-20201110 months
5Double AgentMay-12-20201210 months
4Shotguns and Fist FightsMay-05-2020710 months
3Breaking PointApr-28-2020512 months
2Typhoon HagibisApr-21-2020512 months
1Cold War RivalsApr-14-2020512 months
1521Smoke on the Bering SeaSep-10-201901 year
20Dead or AliveSep-03-201911 year
19Time and Tide Wait for No ManAug-27-201901 year
18Dark ShipAug-20-201901 year
17Unholy AllianceAug-13-201911 year
16Hell or High WaterAug-06-201901 year
15UnbreakableJul-23-201921 year
14Devil's CutJul-16-201911 year
13Crane WreckJul-09-201931 year
12Sixty Foot MonsterJun-25-201921 year
11Hell Hath No FuryJun-18-201911 year
10Curse of the Russian LineJun-11-201921 year
9Russian RouletteJun-04-201911 year
8Tough InheritanceMay-28-201911 year
7Winter is HereMay-21-201921 year
6Blood in the WaterMay-14-201901 year
5Triple JeopardyMay-07-201911 year
4Single Point of FailureApr-30-201901 year
3Knife in the RibsApr-23-201901 year
2Super SwarmApr-16-201931 year
1Battle of KingsApr-09-201911 year
1420Last Haul of the SeasonSep-04-2018011 months
19Storm SurgeAug-28-2018011 months
18Blood and WaterAug-21-2018011 months
17No Safe HarborAug-14-2018011 months
16Turf WarsAug-07-2018011 months
15Greenhorn OverboardJul-31-2018011 months
14Supermoon StormJul-17-2018011 months
13Vanished on the Bering SeaJul-03-2018011 months
12Winter's FuryJun-26-2018011 months
11BlackoutJun-19-2018011 months
10Winter's CurseJun-12-2018011 months
9PurgatoryJun-05-2018011 months
8Becoming CaptainMay-29-2018011 months
7Clash of KingsMay-22-2018011 months
6Arctic HurricaneMay-15-2018011 months
5Collision VoidMay-08-2018011 months
4Salt WoundsMay-01-2018011 months
3Dead in the WaterApr-24-2018011 months
2First BloodApr-17-2018011 months
1Battle LinesApr-10-2018111 months
1323Johnathan Hillstrand LegacySep-05-2017011 months
22Last Damn Arctic StormAug-29-2017011 months
21Lost At SeaAug-22-2017011 months
20Hillstrand's Last CatchAug-15-2017011 months
19Last Damn Arctic StormAug-29-2017011 months
18Lost at SeaAug-22-2017011 months
17Hillstrand's Last CatchAug-15-2017011 months
16Man DownAug-08-2017011 months
15Respect EarnedAug-01-2017011 months
14450 Mile StormJul-18-2017011 months
13Dead-StickJul-11-2017011 months
12Arctic Mega StormJun-27-2017011 months
11Hurricane AlleyJun-20-2017011 months
10Back to the Killing SeasonJun-13-2017011 months
9The Russian LineJun-06-2017011 months
840-Foot MonstersMay-30-2017011 months
7Poisoned at SeaMay-23-2017011 months
6Hail Mary, Full of CrabMay-16-2017011 months
5Bad MoonMay-09-2017011 months
4Crushing BlowsMay-02-2017011 months
3Down in FlamesApr-25-2017011 months
2Seismic ShiftApr-18-2017011 months
1Uncharted TerritoryApr-11-2017011 months
1218The Widowmaker, Part 2Aug-02-2016011 months
17The Widowmaker, Part 1Jul-26-2016011 months
16Life or Death DecisionJul-19-2016011 months
15Blood & GutsJul-12-2016011 months
14Fire at Sea, Part 2Jul-05-2016011 months
13Fire at Sea, Part 1Jun-21-2016011 months
12Settling the ScoreJun-14-2016011 months
11Raw DealJun-07-2016011 months
10Proving GroundsMay-31-2016011 months
9Into the GaleMay-24-2016011 months
8Winter is ComingMay-17-2016011 months
7Cold WarMay-10-2016011 months
6100% Injury RateMay-03-2016011 months
5Million-Dollar-BetApr-26-2016011 months
4Swedish TwinsApr-19-2016011 months
3No Good Deed...Apr-12-2016111 months
2First TimersApr-05-2016011 months
1Ticking BombMar-29-2016011 months
1118We Have Not Yet Begun to FightAug-18-2015011 months
17I'm the CaptainAug-11-2015011 months
16BeastmodeAug-04-2015011 months
15New Blood, Old WoundsJul-28-2015011 months
14Bite the HandJul-21-2015011 months
135-Year Storm, Part 2Jul-14-2015011 months
125-Year Storm, Part 1Jun-30-2015011 months
11New Captain on the BlockJun-23-2015011 months
10Lunatic FringeJun-16-2015011 months
9Hell's BellsJun-09-2015011 months
8Zero HourJun-02-2015011 months
7Heavy Lies the CrownMay-26-2015011 months
6Wasted TalentMay-19-2015011 months
5Super Typhoon, Part 2May-12-2015011 months
4Super Typhoon, Part 1May-05-2015011 months
3Legend of the Cornelia MarieApr-28-20151311 months
2Prodigal SonApr-21-2015011 months
1A Brotherhood TestedApr-14-2015011 months
1016You'll Know My Name is the Lord...Aug-05-2014111 months
15SabotageJul-29-2014211 months
14Breaking MandyJul-22-2014111 months
13Greatest Game Ever FishedJul-15-2014211 months
12Women DriversJul-08-2014011 months
11Blonde AmbitionJul-01-2014211 months
10Fisherman's DaughterJun-24-2014211 months
9Skipper Harris in TrainingJun-17-2014011 months
8Cornelia Marie BlueJun-10-2014211 months
7Lost at SeaJun-03-201427 years
6Falling DownMay-27-201427 years
5On the RocksMay-20-201407 years
4Against the LawMay-13-201407 years
3Darwin's LawMay-06-201407 years
2Family AffairApr-29-201407 years
1Careful What You Wish ForApr-22-201407 years
0Deadliest Catch: Behind The Lens: 10 Years in the MakingApr-22-201407 years
916The Final BattleJul-30-201308 years
15Man OverboardJul-23-201318 years
14Ship of Iron, Men of SteelJul-16-201327 years
13So You Wanna Be a Boat Owner...Jul-09-201307 years
12Listing LoverJul-02-201308 years
11We're Not Gonna Take ItJun-25-201307 years
10Sleeping with the EnemyJun-18-201308 years
9The Storm of the SeasonJun-11-201308 years
8Kicking Off with a BangJun-04-201303 years
7Goodbye JakeMay-28-201308 years
6Fist to the FaceMay-21-201308 years
5Judgment DayMay-14-201308 years
4The Crooke & the TanglerMay-07-201308 years
3Blood in the MorningApr-30-201308 years
2Dagger in the BackApr-23-201308 years
1Mutiny on the Bering SeaApr-16-201308 years
816The Bitter, Bloody EndJul-24-201219 years
15Release the BeastJul-17-201229 years
14Fearless LeadersJul-10-201209 years
13LandlockedJul-03-201229 years
12Collision CourseJun-26-201209 years
11No ExitJun-19-201209 years
10Rise and FallJun-12-201209 years
9Nowhere to Go But DownJun-05-201219 years
8The AftermathMay-29-201209 years
7I Don't Wanna DieMay-22-201209 years
6Vital SignsMay-15-201209 years
5Alien AbductionMay-08-201209 years
4The HookMay-01-201209 years
3Weak LinksApr-24-201219 years
2Turf WarApr-17-201229 years
1The GambleApr-10-201229 years
0[no episode title yet]Apr-03-201209 years
716Mohawks and Madness, Goodness and GladnessJul-26-2011011 months
15I Smell a NightmareJul-19-2011011 months
14The IslandJul-12-2011011 months
13Pirate SchoolJul-05-2011011 months
12It's Not All Mai Tais and YahtzeeJun-28-2011011 months
11Birds, Bones and BloodJun-21-2011011 months
10Frontier MedicineJun-14-2011011 months
9Sea ChangeJun-07-2011011 months
8Graduation DayMay-31-2011011 months
7Thick as ThievesMay-24-2011011 months
6Exit WoundsMay-17-2011011 months
5A Wing and a PrayerMay-10-2011011 months
4Breaking PointMay-03-2011011 months
3Old Age and TreacheryApr-26-2011011 months
2Proving GroundsApr-19-2011011 months
1New BloodApr-12-2011011 months
617EndlessJul-27-2010011 months
16EndlessJul-27-2010011 months
15ValhallaJul-20-2010011 months
14Redemption DayJul-13-2010011 months
13Cain and AbelJul-06-2010011 months
12Empty ThroneJun-29-2010011 months
11Blown Off CourseJun-22-2010011 months
10The Darkened SeasJun-15-2010011 months
9Glory DaysJun-08-2010011 months
8We're Not in Kansas AnymoreJun-01-2010011 months
7When Hell Freezes OverMay-25-2010011 months
6False PassMay-18-2010011 months
5Arctic QuestMay-11-2010011 months
4Bering Sea Swim ClubMay-04-201018 months
3Sea TestedApr-27-201015 months
2Breaking 'Em InApr-20-2010011 months
1Slow BurnApr-13-201015 months
516ShipwreckedJul-28-2009011 months
15Day of ReckoningJul-21-2009011 months
14Bitter TearsJul-14-2009011 months
13Ends of the EarthJul-07-2009011 months
12A Slap in the Face or a Kick in the ButtJun-30-2009011 months
11LockoutJun-23-2009011 months
10Sea of MiseryJun-16-2009011 months
9No Second ChancesJun-09-2009011 months
8Payback TimeJun-02-2009011 months
7Down to the WireMay-26-2009011 months
6DeadlineMay-19-2009011 months
5Long Haul, Short FusesMay-12-2009011 months
4Put Up or Shut UpMay-05-2009011 months
3Stay Focused or DieApr-28-2009011 months
2Red Skies in the MorningApr-21-2009011 months
1Everything on the LineApr-14-200923 weeks
416The Final HourJul-22-2008011 months
15Catch as Catch CanJul-15-2008011 months
14Changing TidesJul-08-2008011 months
13Fresh BloodJul-01-200807 years
12Mortal MenJun-24-2008011 months
11Big Weather, Big TroubleJun-17-200807 years
10Blow UpJun-10-200807 years
9Storm SeasonJun-03-200825 months
8No Season for Old MenMay-27-200807 years
7Seeking the CatchMay-20-200807 years
6Racing the ClockMay-13-200807 years
5No MercyMay-06-200807 years
4Unsafe and UnsoundApr-29-200807 years
3A Numbers GameApr-22-200807 years
2Striking OutApr-15-200825 months
1Get 'Em Back Safe!Apr-15-200807 years
312A Frozen FinishJun-19-200707 years
11Ice and Open WaterJun-12-200707 years
10Trials of the GreenhornsJun-05-200707 years
9Crossing the LineMay-29-200707 years
8Caught in the StormMay-22-200707 years
7New BeginningsMay-15-200707 years
6The Last LapMay-08-200707 years
5Bering Sea SalvationMay-01-200707 years
4Cheating DeathApr-24-200707 years
3Pain and PaybacksApr-17-200707 years
2The Unforgiving SeaApr-10-200707 years
1A Tragic BeginningApr-03-200707 years
212Cashing InJun-13-200607 years
11Race Against the IceJun-06-200625 months
10Pribilof StareMay-30-200605 months
9On the EdgeMay-23-200605 months
8Man vs. IceMay-16-200625 months
7Smoke on the WaterMay-09-200607 years
6A New Hunt BeginsMay-02-200625 months
5Friends and RivalsApr-25-200607 years
4The Finish LineApr-18-200607 years
3On the CrabApr-11-200607 years
2Batten Down the HatchesApr-04-200607 years
1Heading Out to SeaMar-28-200607 years
110The Final RunJun-14-200525 months
9The Clock's TickingJun-07-200507 years
8Good FishingMay-31-200525 months
7High HopesMay-24-200507 years
6Man OverboardMay-17-200505 months
5Dead of WinterMay-10-200507 years
4Beat the ClockMay-03-200507 years
3Lady LuckApr-26-200507 years
2Long Sleepless NightsApr-19-200525 months
1GreenhornsApr-12-200507 years
056The Legend of Wild BillJun-06-2017011 months
55The Mystery of F/V DestinationJul-02-2019011 months
54Tortured to GreatnessMay-08-2019011 months
53Strategy & DeceptionApr-30-2019011 months
52Legend of Sean DwyerApr-23-2019011 months
51Deadliest Catch: Unfinished BusinessApr-02-2019011 months
50Battle ScarsSep-04-2018011 months
49Salt and SteelAug-28-2018011 months
48Battle ScarsSep-04-2018011 months
47Tortured to GreatnessMay-08-2019011 months
46Strategy & DeceptionApr-30-2019011 months
45Legend of Sean DwyerApr-23-2019011 months
44Deadliest Catch: Unfinished BusinessApr-02-2019011 months
43Bering Sea TriangleJul-03-2018011 months
42Coast Guard HeroesMay-30-2018011 months
41Legend of Jake AndersonApr-24-2018011 months
40The Bait: Live From the ShipyardApr-17-2018011 months
39The Bait: Live from the DocksApr-10-2018011 months
38Johnathan Hillstrand Legacy011 months
37Captain vs. CaptainApr-03-2018011 months
36Evolution Of Danger011 months
35A Hillstrand 4th Of JulyJul-04-2017011 months
34Legends Born And Broken Apr-04-2017011 months
33Sig Hansen LegacyAug-23-2016011 months
32Captains of the Bering SeaAug-10-2016011 months
31Legend of the WizardApr-05-2016011 months
30Deadliest Catch: A Season in HellMar-23-2016011 months
29The Best of the Time BanditMar-15-2016011 months
28The Best of the NorthwesternMar-08-2016011 months
27Legend of the Cornelia MarieApr-21-2015011 months
26Season 10 RevealedApr-07-2015011 months
25Deadliest Catch: Behind The Lens: 10 Years in the MakingAug-08-2014011 months
24Legend of the NorthwesternApr-29-2014011 months
23Season 9 RevealedApr-15-2014011 months
22Behind the ScenesApr-15-2014011 months
21Hail MaryJul-23-2013011 months
20Legend of the Time BanditApr-16-2013011 months
19The BeginningApr-09-2013011 months
18An Epic SeasonApr-09-2013011 months
17Deadliest Catch: RevelationsJul-31-2012011 months
16Best of Season 7Apr-03-2012011 months
15Inside the Catch: Near DeathApr-24-2012011 months
14Inside the Catch: Best BrawlsApr-17-2012011 months
13Inside the Catch: DeckhandsApr-10-2012011 months
12Behind the Scenes of Season 7Jul-26-2011011 months
11GreenhornsJun-07-2011011 months
10Best of Season 6Apr-07-2011011 months
9Behind The Scenes of Season 6Jul-25-2010011 months
8Roughest and Toughest MomentsJul-19-2009011 months
7Behind The Scenes of Season 5 Jul-26-2009011 months
6Best of Season 4Apr-07-2009011 months
5Behind The Scenes of Season 4Jul-22-2008011 months
4Best of Season 3Apr-15-2008011 months
3Behind The Scenes of Season 3Jun-26-2007011 months
2Best of Season 2Mar-27-2007011 months
1Best of Season 1Mar-26-2006011 months

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