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DC Daily

DC Daily offers DC Universe members an added depth of news content that ties back to the original series, comics and community on the service. DC Daily is hosted by a variety of faces familiar to DC fans, with special guests and other co-hosts joining the daily cast. The DC Daily format includes ‘Headlines,’ a run-down of daily news briefs; ‘Reports,’ a single-topic segment that features an in-depth interview or deep-dives into an upcoming book, film or series; and ‘Talk,’ a panel discussion including in-depth analysis about today’s hottest topics and news, which is exclusively available only to DC Universe members via the subscription service.

Genre: Talk Show

Release Date: September 15, 2018

Status: Running

Network: YouTube (Official Website)

Casts: Tiffany Smith

Most recent episode: DC Daily Season 1 Episode 393 - Catwoman With Joëlle Jones! ( 4/14/2020 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
1393Catwoman With Joëlle Jones!Apr-14-202001 year
392RIDDLE ME THIS!Apr-13-202001 year
391DC Daily Interviews Tom KingApr-10-202001 year
390Interview With Mariko TamakiApr-09-202001 year
389Crisis on Infinite Earths RewatchApr-08-202001 year
388All Star Games: The Breakfast League Finale Talk!Apr-07-202001 year
387HARLEY'S BACK!Apr-06-202001 year
386Death Metal With Scott SnyderApr-03-202001 year
385Harley Quinn Season 2 & More!Apr-02-202001 year
384James Tynion IV and Gail Simone talk latest projectsApr-01-202001 year
383All Star Games: The Breakfast League Catch Up Show!Mar-31-202001 year
382Batman Forever ChatMar-30-202001 year
381Batman ‘66 With Burt Ward!Mar-27-202001 year
380Are You There, Todd? It's Me, JokerMar-26-202001 year
379Robin's Split Full EpisodeMar-23-202001 year
378Robin's SplitMar-23-202001 year
377Todd McFarlane Comics ChatMar-20-202001 year
376JUSTICE LEAGUE DARKMar-19-202001 year
375But Seriously, Take My Anti-Life!Mar-18-202001 year
374B:TAS "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?" Full Watch AlongMar-17-202001 year
373B:TAS "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?" Watch AlongMar-17-202001 year
372Clare Grant Talks Ep. 3 Of The Breakfast League!Mar-16-202001 year
371The Cast Chats Superman: Red Son!Mar-13-202001 year
370The Batman Adventures Continue!Mar-12-202001 year
369The Flash #750 Comics ChatMar-11-202001 year
368B:TAS "The Clock King" Full Watch AlongMar-10-202001 year
367B:TAS "The Clock King" Watch AlongMar-10-202001 year
366Vanessa Marshall Talks Ep. 2 Of DC Universe All Star GamesMar-09-202001 year
365Pattsuit BatsuitMar-06-202001 year
364Judas Contract (Should've Read the Fine Print)Mar-05-202001 year
363A Terra-Ble PlaceMar-04-202001 year
362Meet the Directors for the DCYou Unscripted Pilots!Mar-03-202001 year
361Sam Witwer talks Ep.1 of DC Universe All Star Games: The Breakfast League!Mar-02-202001 year
360C2E2 2020 Special!Feb-29-202001 year
359Denys Cowan joins the cast for Static Chat!Feb-28-202001 year
358Freddie Plays Funko!Feb-27-202001 year
357Farewell, AlfredFeb-26-202001 year
356B:TAS "Almost Got ‘Im" Full Watch AlongFeb-25-202001 year
355B:TAS "Almost Got ‘Im" Watch AlongFeb-25-202001 year
354Gotham Under Siege!Feb-24-202001 year
353Toy Fair 2020 PreviewFeb-21-202001 year
352Wonder Woman: BloodlinesFeb-20-202001 year
351Russian SupermanFeb-19-202001 year
350B:TAS "I've Got Batman in my Basement" Full Watch AlongFeb-18-202001 year
349B:TAS "I've Got Batman In My Basement" Watch AlongFeb-18-202001 year
348"Tanks But No Tanks"Feb-17-202001 year
347Misty Lee's Magical Valentine's Day!Feb-14-202001 year
346Static's his name, shocking is his game!Feb-13-202001 year
345The All-New Harley Quinn and the Birds of PreyFeb-12-202001 year
344B:TAS, "Nothing to Fear" Full Watch AlongFeb-11-202001 year
343B:TAS, "Nothing to Fear" Watch AlongFeb-11-202001 year
342Poison Control!Feb-10-202001 year
341Birds of Prey Premieres!Feb-07-202001 year
340Batman and Harley Quinn Movie TalkFeb-06-202001 year
339Harley Quinn & The Birds of Prey Comics ChatFeb-05-202001 year
338B:TAS, "Harley and Ivy" Full Watch AlongFeb-04-202001 year
337B:TAS, "Harley and Ivy" Watch AlongFeb-04-202001 year
336Hallucinogenic Honey?!Feb-03-202001 year
335Todd McFarlane Talkin' ToysJan-31-202001 year
334Phil Jimenez Comics ChatJan-30-202001 year
333Wonder Woman #750 ChatJan-29-202001 year
332B:TAS, "Christmas with the Joker" Full Watch AlongJan-28-202001 year
331B:TAS, "Christmas with the Joker" Watch AlongJan-28-202001 year
330Harley Quinn leans in!Jan-27-202001 year
329DC YOU Unscripted - Top 10 Finalists Pt. 2Jan-24-202001 year
328DC YOU Unscripted - Top 10 Finalists Pt. 1Jan-23-202001 year
327Batman's New TeamJan-22-202001 year
326B:TAS, "On Leather Wings" Full Watch-AlongJan-21-202001 year
325B:TAS, "On Leather Wings" Watch-AlongJan-21-202001 year
324Harley gets an invite from L.O.D!Jan-20-202001 year
323Harley Quinn Catch Up Show!Jan-17-202001 year
322Happy 2020!Jan-16-202001 year
321DC Daily Presents: The Year In Comics 2019Dec-20-201901 year
320DC Daily's Holiday Show!Dec-20-201901 year
319Andrea Romano In Studio CelebrationDec-19-201901 year
318Andrea Romano Tribute ShowDec-18-201901 year
317Birds of Prey dreams really do come true!Dec-17-201901 year
316Harley Quinn finds a Crew!Dec-16-201901 year
315Friday Round Up & Harley Quinn Ep.3 Pre-ShowDec-13-201901 year
314Blue Beetle is the Crisis!Dec-12-201901 year
313Comics Chat & The Infected: Deathbringer #1Dec-11-201901 year
312Lady Shiva Who?Dec-10-201901 year
311No Hora for Harley!Dec-09-201901 year
310Crisis & Harley Quinn Ep 2 Pre-ShowDec-06-201901 year
309Titans, Season 2 Finale, Full Watch-Along!Dec-05-201901 year
308Titans, Season 2 Finale, Watch-Along!Dec-05-201901 year
307What If the Black Lanterns Won?Dec-04-201901 year
306Darkstrike while the Iron's hot!Dec-03-201901 year
305Harley Quinn Begins!Dec-02-201901 year
304The one about Friendsgiving!Nov-29-201901 year
303Comics Chat With James Tynion IVNov-22-201901 year
302When you're a Todd, you're a Todd all the way!Nov-21-201901 year
301Comic Shop!Nov-20-201901 year
300300th Episode ExtravaganzaNov-19-201901 year
299The Reese and Helena Show!Nov-18-201901 year
298Villain of the Year Awards!Nov-15-201901 year
297Dick Grayson Prison BluesNov-14-201901 year
296Movie Club: Superman IVNov-13-201901 year
295JLA: Rock of AgesNov-12-201901 year
294Birds of Prey Gets a Full House!Nov-11-201901 year
293Ideas United: Pitch Your Unscripted Show!Nov-08-201901 year
292The Misadventures of Beast Boy & SuperboyNov-07-201901 year
291Movie Club: Superman IIINov-06-201901 year
290All Hail Saint Batman!Nov-05-201901 year
289Three Birds and a BabyNov-04-201901 year
288The Death of JerichoNov-01-201901 year
287A Very DC Daily Halloween SpecialOct-31-201901 year
286Batman vs Dracula!Oct-30-201901 year
285Dark Knight Day!Oct-29-201901 year
284Yeah, Birds of Prey Has a Bar For MetasOct-28-201901 year
283The Entire 'Gotham by Gaslight' Watch-AlongOct-25-201901 year
282Gotham by Gaslight Watch-AlongOct-25-201901 year
281Can't Get Bruce Wayne Out of My Head!Oct-24-201901 year
280A Tale of Two Flashes!Oct-23-201901 year
279Slick as Thieves!Oct-22-201901 year
278Wonder Woman: 1974Oct-21-201901 year
277Movie Club: Superman IIOct-18-201901 year
276Superboy Joins the Titans!Oct-17-201901 year
275Six Strangest Batman StoriesOct-16-201901 year
274Teen Titans Robot RockOct-15-201901 year
273Oh Yes, Birds of Prey Had a TV Show!Oct-14-201901 year
272Watchmen: The MovieOct-11-201901 year
271A deal with the Deathstroke!Oct-10-201901 year
270Drawing With Kirk ScroggsOct-09-201901 year
269NYCC: Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, Batwoman & WatchmenOct-08-201901 year
268NYCC: Exclusive Birds of Prey Cast Interview!Oct-07-201901 year
267NYCC: New DCU Series! + Birds of Prey Costume RevealOct-04-201901 year
266What Happened to Aqualad?Oct-03-201901 year
265Wonder Woman: Heart of the AmazonOct-02-201901 year
264Joker, Batwoman, & Superman – Oh My!Oct-01-201901 year
263Wonder Woman: Year OneSep-30-201901 year
262Teen Titans Go! vs Teen TitansSep-27-201901 year
261Titans Season 2, Episode 3 "Ghosts"Sep-26-201901 year
260Mr. Freeze Kidnaps Batgirl!Sep-25-201901 year
259Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?Sep-24-201901 year
258Young Justice: Outsiders Season RecapSep-23-201901 year
257Batman Ninja w/ Roger Craig SmithSep-20-201901 year
256Season 2, Episode 2 of Titans!Sep-19-201901 year
255Cowabunga, Batman!Sep-18-201901 year
254Catwoman vs. Red ClawSep-17-201901 year
253Season 2, Episode 1 of Titans!Sep-16-201901 year
252Fan Appreciation DaySep-13-201901 year
251DC Universe: Year One CelebrationSep-12-201901 year
250DC Daily at WB ArchivesSep-11-201901 year
249Batman: Black & WhiteSep-10-201901 year
248Couch Mode on the Big ScreenSep-09-201901 year
247Titans CelebrationSep-06-201901 year
246Young Justice CelebrationSep-05-201901 year
245Food PatrolSep-04-201901 year
244Swamp Thing CelebrationSep-03-201901 year
243Guess Which Outsider Breaks Bad...Aug-30-201901 year
242DC Deck-Building Game: RebirthAug-29-201901 year
241The History of Shazam!Aug-28-201901 year
240The Anti-Life Equation Takes Over!Aug-27-201901 year
239That ‘60s AquamanAug-26-201901 year
238Batman Beyond: 20 Years LaterAug-23-201901 year
237Superman: For All SeasonsAug-22-201901 year
236Batman: Hush Animated With Spoilers!Aug-21-201901 year
235But I Thought We Were Super FriendsAug-20-201901 year
234Keanu is Constantine!Aug-19-201901 year
233Movie Talk With Michael UslanAug-16-201901 year
232Michael Uslan on ComicsAug-15-201901 year
231Young Justice vs Granny GoodnessAug-14-201901 year
230Cyborg vs. The Father BoxAug-13-201901 year
229Young Justice: Outsiders RecapAug-12-201901 year
228The KitchenAug-09-201901 year
227Swamp Thing FinaleAug-08-201901 year
226Halo's Secret Revealed!Aug-07-201901 year
225Outsiders Go Viral!Aug-06-201901 year
224The Justice League's Freaky FridayAug-05-201901 year
223Toitle Soup!Aug-02-201901 year
222The Anatomy LessonAug-01-201901 year
221Captain Beast BoyJul-31-201901 year
220Young Justice, Young RomanceJul-30-201901 year
219Hush!Jul-29-201901 year
218Sunderland Meets Swamp ThingJul-26-201901 year
217Swamp Thing's First KissJul-25-201901 year
216DC Batman Panel from SDCCJul-24-201901 year
215DC Universe Panel from SDCCJul-23-201901 year
214SDCC: Harley Quinn Sneak Peek + Young Justice & Doom PatrolJul-22-201901 year
213SDCC Day 3: New Watchmen Trailer + Batman: Hush PremiereJul-20-201901 year
212SDCC Day 2: Batman Beyond Going HDJul-19-201901 year
211SDCC Day 1: Batman Hall of Fame Party!Jul-18-201901 year
210DC's Going to SDCC 2019Jul-17-201901 year
209Young Justice Goes to RussiaJul-16-201901 year
208Francis Manapul DrawsJul-15-201901 year
207Who Shot Alec Holland?Jul-12-201901 year
206A Phantom Stranger Is Just a Friend You Haven't MetJul-11-201901 year
205Supergirl CelebrationJul-10-201901 year
204Young Justice Goes "Metal"Jul-09-201901 year
203Batman, I Am Your Father!Jul-08-201901 year
202Happy Harbor Summer SupercationJun-28-201901 year
201Swamp FeverJun-27-201901 year
200DC Daily Celebrates 200 EpisodesJun-26-201901 year
199Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss ChroniclesJun-25-201901 year
198Summer Supercation: AtlantisJun-24-201901 year
197DC PrideJun-21-201901 year
196Swamp Thing vs ZombieJun-20-201901 year
195Summer Supercation: GothamJun-19-201901 year
194Krypton Season 2 Chat with Cameron Cuffe and Colin SalmonJun-18-201901 year
193Batman 89 Pizza Party!Jun-17-201901 year
192Father's DayJun-14-201901 year
191Swamp Thing to the Rescue!Jun-13-201901 year
190Summer Supercation: MetropolisJun-12-201901 year
189In Brightest Day, In Blackest NightJun-11-201901 year
188Kneel Before Zod!Jun-10-201901 year
187To Themyscira!Jun-07-201901 year
186Enter the Swamp Thing!Jun-06-201901 year
185No Justice Book ClubJun-05-201901 year
184Batman: Gotham City Chronicles "To Sink A City"Jun-04-201901 year
183Battle of the ZodsJun-03-201901 year
182Episode 182May-31-201901 year
181Episode 181May-30-201901 year
180Episode 180May-29-201901 year
179Episode 179May-28-201901 year
178Episode 178May-24-201901 year
177Episode 177May-23-201901 year
176Episode 176May-22-201901 year
175Episode 175May-21-201901 year
174Episode 174May-20-201901 year
173Episode 173May-17-201901 year
172Episode 172May-16-201901 year
171Episode 171May-15-201901 year
170Episode 170May-14-201901 year
169Episode 169May-13-201901 year
168Episode 168May-10-201901 year
167Episode 167May-09-201901 year
166Episode 166May-08-201901 year
165Episode 165May-07-201901 year
164Episode 164May-06-201901 year
163Episode 163May-03-201901 year
162Episode 162May-02-201901 year
161Episode 161May-01-201901 year
160Episode 160Apr-30-201901 year
159Episode 159Apr-29-201901 year
158Episode 158Apr-26-201901 year
157Episode 157Apr-25-201901 year
156Episode 156Apr-24-201901 year
155Episode 155Apr-23-201901 year
154Episode 154Apr-22-201901 year
153Episode 153Apr-19-201901 year
152Episode 152Apr-18-201901 year
151Episode 151Apr-17-201901 year
150Episode 150Apr-16-201901 year
149Episode 149Apr-15-201901 year
148Episode 148Apr-12-201901 year
147Episode 147Apr-11-201901 year
146Episode 146Apr-10-201901 year
145Episode 145Apr-09-201901 year
144Episode 144Apr-08-201901 year
143Episode 143Apr-05-201901 year
142Episode 142Apr-04-201901 year
141Episode 141Apr-03-201901 year
140Episode 140Apr-02-201901 year
139Episode 139Apr-01-201901 year
138Episode 138Mar-29-201901 year
137Episode 137Mar-28-201901 year
136Episode 136Mar-27-201901 year
135Episode 135Mar-26-201901 year
134Episode 134Mar-25-201901 year
133Episode 133Mar-22-201901 year
132Episode 132Mar-21-201901 year
131Episode 131Mar-20-201901 year
130Episode 130Mar-19-201901 year
129Episode 129Mar-18-201901 year
128Episode 128Mar-15-201901 year
127Episode 127Mar-14-201901 year
126Episode 126Mar-13-201901 year
125Episode 125Mar-12-201901 year
124Episode 124Mar-11-201901 year
123Episode 123Mar-08-201901 year
122Episode 122Mar-07-201901 year
121Episode 121Mar-06-201901 year
120Episode 120Mar-05-201901 year
119Episode 119Mar-04-201901 year
118Episode 118Mar-01-201901 year
117Episode 117Feb-28-201901 year
116Episode 116Feb-27-201901 year
115Episode 115Feb-26-201901 year
114Episode 114Feb-25-201901 year
113Episode 113Feb-22-201901 year
112Episode 112Feb-21-201901 year
111Episode 111Feb-20-201901 year
110Episode 110Feb-19-201901 year
109Episode 109Feb-18-201901 year
108Episode 108Feb-15-201901 year
107Episode 107Feb-14-201901 year
106Episode 106Feb-13-201901 year
105Episode 105Feb-12-201901 year
104Episode 104Feb-11-201901 year
103Episode 103Feb-08-201901 year
102Episode 102Feb-07-201901 year
101Episode 101Feb-06-201901 year
100Episode 100Feb-05-201901 year
99Episode 99Feb-04-201901 year
98Episode 98Feb-01-201901 year
97Episode 97Jan-31-201901 year
96Episode 96Jan-30-201901 year
95Episode 95Jan-29-201901 year
94Episode 94Jan-28-201901 year
93Episode 93Jan-25-201901 year
92Episode 92Jan-24-201901 year
91Episode 91Jan-23-201901 year
90Episode 90Jan-22-201901 year
89Episode 89Jan-21-201901 year
88Episode 88Jan-18-201901 year
87Episode 87Jan-17-201901 year
86Episode 86Jan-16-201901 year
85Episode 85Jan-15-201901 year
84Episode 84Jan-14-201901 year
83Episode 83Jan-11-201901 year
82DC: New Frontier - Legacy of Darwyn CookeJan-09-201901 year
81Episode 81Jan-08-201901 year
80Episode 80Jan-04-201901 year
79Episode 79Jan-03-201901 year
78Episode 78Jan-02-201901 year
77Episode 77Jan-01-201901 year
76DC: The Year In Comics 2018Dec-31-201801 year
75Episode 75Dec-28-201801 year
74Episode 74Dec-27-201801 year
73Episode 73Dec-24-201801 year
72Episode 72Dec-22-201801 year
71Episode 71Dec-21-201801 year
70Episode 70Dec-20-201801 year
69Episode 69Dec-19-201801 year
68Episode 68Dec-18-201801 year
67Episode 67Dec-17-201801 year
66Episode 66Dec-14-201801 year
65Episode 65Dec-13-201801 year
64Episode 64Dec-12-201801 year
63Episode 63Dec-11-201801 year
62Episode 62Dec-10-201801 year
61Episode 61Dec-07-201801 year
60Episode 60Dec-06-201801 year
59Episode 59Dec-05-201801 year
58Episode 58Dec-04-201801 year
57Episode 57Dec-03-201801 year
56Episode 56Nov-30-201801 year
55Episode 55Nov-29-201801 year
54Episode 54Nov-28-201801 year
53Episode 53Nov-27-201801 year
52Episode 52Nov-26-201801 year
51Episode 51Nov-23-201801 year
50Episode 50Nov-22-201801 year
49Episode 49Nov-21-201801 year
48Episode 48Nov-20-201801 year
47Episode 47Nov-19-201801 year
46Episode 46Nov-16-201801 year
45Episode 45Nov-15-201801 year
44Episode 44Nov-14-201801 year
43Episode 43Nov-13-201801 year
42Episode 42Nov-12-201801 year
41Episode 41Nov-09-201801 year
40Episode 40Nov-08-201801 year
39Episode 39Nov-07-201801 year
38Episode 38Nov-06-201801 year
37Episode 37Nov-05-201801 year
36Episode 36Nov-02-201801 year
35Episode 35Nov-01-201801 year
34Episode 34Oct-31-201801 year
33Episode 33Oct-30-201801 year
32Episode 32Oct-29-201801 year
31Episode 31Oct-26-201801 year
30Episode 30Oct-25-201801 year
29Episode 29Oct-24-201801 year
28Episode 28Oct-23-201801 year
27Episode 27Oct-22-201801 year
26Episode 26Oct-19-201801 year
25Episode 25Oct-18-201801 year
24Episode 24Oct-17-201801 year
23Episode 23Oct-16-201801 year
22Episode 22Oct-15-201801 year
21Episode 21Oct-12-201801 year
20Episode 20Oct-11-201801 year
19Episode 19Oct-10-201801 year
18Episode 18Oct-09-201801 year
17Episode 17Oct-08-201801 year
16Episode 16Oct-05-201801 year
15Episode 15Oct-04-201801 year
14Episode 14Oct-03-201801 year
13Episode 13Oct-02-201801 year
12DC is going to NYCC, and Dan DiDio talks foil covers and 100-Page Giants!Oct-01-201801 year
11Lego DC Supervillains, Titans, and BordertownSep-28-201801 year
10CW's Crossover Elseworlds, Batman Curse of the White Knight, and Primal AgeSep-27-201801 year
9Birds of Prey Movie And Heroes in Crisis #1!Sep-26-201801 year
8Young Justice Pilot, Girl Scout cookie Pro Contest, Deathstroke Vs Batman HistorySep-25-201801 year
7Batman and Teen Titans Giant #3, Watchmen TV, Batman: The Animated Series!Sep-24-201801 year
6Hawkman, DC Collection by Jim Lee, and Harley Quinn #50Sep-21-201801 year
5Stargirl, Titans Premiere, and Birds of Prey!Sep-20-201801 year
4Vertigo's Border Town, DC Black Label, and Anatomy of a Metahuman!Sep-19-201801 year
3Wonder Woman Run, 1990s THE FLASH & The Legacy of George Perez (Part 2)Sep-18-201801 year
2Introducing the New Joker + The Legacy of George Perez (Part 1)Sep-17-201801 year
1Batman DaySep-15-201803 years

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