Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars is a dance competition series which featured judges are Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli.

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Genre: Dance, Reality

Release Date: June 1, 2005 (US)

Status: Running

Network: ABC (Official Website)

Casts: Brooke Burke-Charvet, Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, Len Goodman, Tom Bergeron, Julianne Hough, Erin Andrews, Samantha Harris, Lisa Canning, Alan Dedicoat

Most recent episode: Dancing with the Stars Season 30 Episode 11 - Finale ( 11/22/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
3011FinaleNov-22-202181 week
10Semi-FinalsNov-15-2021112 weeks
9Janet Jackson NightNov-08-202191 week
8Queen NightNov-01-2021161 week
7Horror NightOct-25-2021251 week
6Grease NightOct-18-2021297 days
5Disney Week: Villains NightOct-12-2021246 days
4Disney Week: Heroes NightOct-11-2021316 days
3Britney NightOct-04-2021332 months
2First EliminationSep-27-2021462 months
1Season 30 PremiereSep-20-2021332 months
2911FinaleNov-23-2020182 months
10Semi-FinalsNov-16-202072 months
9Icons NightNov-09-202072 months
8Double Elimination Night – Use Your Vote!Nov-02-2020102 months
7Villains NightOct-26-202052 months
6Top 11Oct-19-202082 months
5'80s NightOct-12-202082 months
4Top 13Oct-05-2020112 months
3Disney NightSep-28-202062 months
2First EliminationSep-22-2020152 months
12020 PremiereSep-14-202052 months
2811FinaleNov-25-201912 months
10Semi-FinalsNov-18-201932 months
9Boy Band & Girl Group NightNov-11-201922 months
8Dance-Off WeekNov-04-201932 months
7Halloween NightOct-28-201922 months
6Week 6Oct-21-201932 months
5Disney NightOct-14-201922 months
4Top 10Oct-07-201932 months
3Movie NightSep-30-201932 months
2First EliminationSep-23-201932 months
1Week 1: PremiereSep-16-201952 months
2711Week 9: FinaleNov-19-201822 months
10Week 8: Semi-FinalsNov-12-201832 years
9Week 7: Country NightNov-05-201832 months
8Week 6: Halloween NightOct-29-201802 years
7Week 5: Disney NightOct-22-201832 months
6Week 4: Trio NightOct-15-201812 years
5Week 3: Most Memorable NightOct-08-201812 months
4Week 2: Las Vegas NightOct-02-201822 months
3Week 2: New York City NightOct-01-201812 months
2Week 1: Premiere (Night 2)Sep-25-201822 months
1Week 1: Premiere (Night 1)Sep-24-201822 months
264Athletes Week 4: The FinaleMay-21-201812 months
3Athletes Week 3: The SemifinalsMay-14-201804 years
2Athletes: Week 2May-07-201822 months
1Athletes Premiere: Week 1Apr-30-201822 months
2512The Finals Part 2Nov-21-201704 years
11The Finals Part 1Nov-20-201704 years
10Semi-FinalsNov-13-201704 years
9Trio NightNov-06-201704 years
8Halloween NightOct-30-201704 years
7A Night At the MoviesOct-23-201704 years
6Disney NightOct-16-201704 years
5Most Memorable Year NightOct-09-201704 years
4Guilty Pleasures NightOct-02-201704 years
3Latin NightSep-26-201704 years
2Ballroom NightSep-25-201704 years
1PremiereSep-18-201704 years
2411Week 10: Finals Pt. 2May-23-201705 years
10Week 10: Finals Pt. 1May-22-201705 years
9Week 9: Semi-FinalsMay-15-201705 years
8Week 8: Trio NightMay-08-201705 years
7Week 7: A Night at the MoviesMay-01-201705 years
6Week 6: Boy Bands vs. Girl Groups NightApr-24-201705 years
5Week 5: Disney NightApr-17-201705 years
4Week 4: Most Memorable YearApr-10-201705 years
3Week 3 - Vegas NightApr-03-201705 years
2Week 2Mar-27-201705 years
1Week 1: PremiereMar-20-201705 years
2315Week 11: Finals Pt. 2Nov-22-201603 years
14Week 11: Finals Pt. 1Nov-21-201603 years
13Week 10 - Semi-FinalsNov-14-201603 years
12Week 9: Showstoppers NightNov-07-201603 years
11Week 8: Halloween NightOct-31-201603 years
10Week 7: Eras NightOct-24-201603 years
9Week 6: Latin NightOct-17-201603 years
8Week 5: Most Memorable YearOct-10-201603 years
7Week 4: The ResultsOct-04-201603 years
6Week 4Oct-03-201603 years
5Week 3: The ResultsSep-27-201603 years
4Week 3Sep-26-201603 years
3Week 2: The ResultsSep-20-201603 years
2Week #2 (The Results from last week & new Performances)Sep-19-201603 years
1Week 1: PremiereSep-12-201603 years
2211Week 10: Finale Part 2May-24-201603 years
10Week 10: Finale Part 1May-23-201603 years
9Week 9: Semi-FinalsMay-16-201616 years
8Week 8: You Be the JudgeMay-09-201613 years
7Week 7: IconsMay-02-201616 years
6Week 6: Famous Dances NightApr-25-201606 years
5Week 5: Switch-Up ChallengeApr-18-201603 years
4Week 4: Disney films musicApr-11-201603 years
3Week 3: Most Memorable YearApr-04-201603 years
2Week 2: Latin NightMar-28-201603 years
1Week 1: PremiereMar-21-201603 years
2114The Winner is AnnouncedNov-24-201503 years
13Week 11: The FinalsNov-23-201503 years
12Week 10: SemifinalsNov-16-201506 years
11Week 9: Showstoppers NightNov-09-201503 years
10Week 8: Icons NightNov-02-201503 years
9Week 7: Halloween NightOct-26-201503 years
8Week 6: Famous DancesOct-19-201503 years
7Week 5: The Switch UpOct-12-201503 years
6Week 4: Most Memorable YearOct-05-201506 years
5Week 3: TV Night with Guest Judge Alfonso RibeiroSep-28-201503 years
4Week 2: Hometown Glory Part 2Sep-22-201503 years
3Week 2: Hometown Glory Part 1Sep-21-201503 years
2Season 21 Premiere Part 2: First DancesSep-15-201506 years
1Season 21 PremiereSep-14-201503 years
2015[no episode title yet]May-19-201506 years
14[no episode title yet]May-18-201506 years
13The winner is announcedMay-19-201507 years
1210th & Final Week of PerformancesMay-18-201507 years
11Week #9 ResultsMay-12-201507 years
10Week #9 PerformancesMay-11-201507 years
9Week #8 ResultsMay-05-201507 years
8Week #7 Results & Week #8 PerformancesMay-04-201507 years
7Week #6 Results & Week #7 PerformancesApr-27-201507 years
6Week #5 Results & Week #6 PerformancesApr-20-201507 years
5Week #4 Results & Week #5 PerformancesApr-13-201507 years
4Week #3 Results & Week #4 PerformancesApr-06-201507 years
3Week #2 Results & Week #3 PerformancesMar-30-201507 years
2Week #1 Results & Week #2 PerformancesMar-23-201507 years
1Season 20 begins & the 12 new Celebrities perform for the 1st time tonightMar-16-201502 years
1914The winning dance team is announcedNov-25-201407 years
13Week #10 (The Results from last week & new Performances)Nov-24-201407 years
12Week #9 (The Results from last week & new Performances)Nov-17-201407 years
11Week #8 (The Results from last week & new Performances)Nov-10-201407 years
10Week #7 (The Results from last week & new Performances)Nov-03-201417 years
9Week #6 (The Results from last week & new Performances)Oct-27-201417 years
8Week #5 (The Results from last week & new Performances)Oct-20-201417 years
7Week #4 (The Results from last week & new Performances)Oct-13-201417 years
6Week #3 (The Results from last week & new Performances)Oct-06-201417 years
5Week #3 (Performances)Sep-29-201417 years
4Week #2 (The Results)Sep-23-201417 years
3Week #2 (Performances)Sep-22-201417 years
2Week #1 (The Results)Sep-16-201417 years
1Week 1: Fall 2014 Fall Premiere Part 1Sep-15-201412 years
1811Week 10: Finals Night 2May-20-201408 years
10Week 10: Finals Night 1May-19-201408 years
9Episode 9May-12-201408 years
8Episode 8May-05-201408 years
7Episode 7Apr-28-201452 months
6Episode 6Apr-21-201452 months
5Episode 5Apr-14-201442 months
4Episode 4Apr-07-201442 months
3Episode 3Mar-31-201452 months
2Episode 2Mar-24-2014122 months
1Episode 1Mar-17-2014162 months
1712Season Finale - Winner is CrownedNov-26-201318 years
11Episode 11Nov-25-201318 years
10Episode 10Nov-18-201308 years
9Episode 9Nov-11-201308 years
8Episode 8Nov-04-201308 years
7Episode 7Oct-28-201322 months
6Episode 6Oct-21-201332 months
5Episode 5Oct-14-201322 months
4Week 4Oct-07-201308 years
3Week 3Sep-30-201302 years
2Week 2Sep-23-201302 years
1Week 1Sep-16-201302 years
1619Week 10 - Final (Night 2) - Season FinaleMay-21-201308 years
18Week 10 - Final (Night 1)May-20-201308 years
17Week 9 - Semi-Final ResultsMay-14-201309 years
16Week 9 - Semi-Final PerformanceMay-13-201308 years
15Week 8 - ResultsMay-07-201308 years
14Week 8 - PerformanceMay-06-201309 years
13Week 7 - ResultsApr-30-201309 years
12Week 7 - PerformanceApr-29-201309 years
11Week 6 - ResultsApr-23-201309 years
10Week 6 - PerformanceApr-22-201303 years
9Week 5 - ResultsApr-16-201303 years
8Week 5 - PerformanceApr-15-201303 years
7Week 4 - ResultsApr-09-201303 years
6Episode 4Apr-08-201308 years
5Season 16, Episode 3AApr-02-201309 years
4Episode 3Apr-01-201308 years
3Season 16, Episode 2AMar-26-201308 years
2Episode 2Mar-25-201319 years
1Episode 1Mar-18-201319 years
1519Season 15 FinaleNov-27-201208 years
18Week 10: FinaleNov-26-201219 years
17Week 9: Results showNov-20-201219 years
16Week 9: Semi-finalsNov-19-201208 years
15Week 8: Results showNov-13-201209 years
14Week 8: Trio ChallengeNov-12-201218 years
13Week 7: Fusion dancesNov-05-201218 years
12Week 6: Results showOct-30-201218 years
11Week 6: Country weekOct-29-201218 years
10Week 5: Guilty Pleasures (2)Oct-23-201228 years
9Week 5: Guilty Pleasures (1)Oct-22-201208 years
8Week 4: Results showOct-16-201218 years
7Week 4: Opponents' choiceOct-15-201228 years
6Week 3: Results showOct-09-201238 years
5Week 3: Iconic dancesOct-08-201228 years
4Week 2: Results showOct-02-201208 years
3Week 2: Jive or QuickstepOct-01-201218 years
2Week 1: Results showSep-25-201208 years
1Week 1: Cha-Cha-Cha or FoxtrotSep-24-201208 years
1419Season 14 FinaleMay-22-2012010 years
18Episode 18May-21-2012010 years
17Episode 17May-15-2012010 years
16Episode 16May-14-2012010 years
15Episode 15May-08-2012010 years
14Episode 14May-07-201208 years
13Episode 13May-01-201208 years
12Episode 12Apr-30-2012210 years
11Episode 11Apr-24-2012210 years
10Episode 10Apr-23-201218 years
9Episode 9Apr-17-201218 years
8Episode 8Apr-16-2012110 years
7Episode 7Apr-10-2012110 years
6Episode 6Apr-09-2012310 years
5Episode 5Apr-03-2012010 years
4Episode 4Apr-02-2012110 years
3Episode 3Mar-27-2012010 years
2Episode 2Mar-26-2012110 years
1Episode 1Mar-19-2012210 years
1320Season 13 FinaleNov-22-2011010 years
19Episode 19Nov-21-201108 years
18Episode 18Nov-15-2011010 years
17Episode 17Nov-14-2011010 years
16Episode 16Nov-08-2011010 years
15Episode 15Nov-07-2011010 years
14Episode 14Nov-01-2011010 years
13Episode 13Oct-31-2011010 years
12Episode 12Oct-25-2011010 years
11Episode 11Oct-24-2011010 years
10Episode 10Oct-18-2011010 years
9Episode 9Oct-17-2011010 years
8Episode 8Oct-11-2011010 years
7Episode 7Oct-10-2011010 years
6Episode 6Oct-04-2011010 years
5Episode 5Oct-03-2011010 years
4Episode 4Sep-27-2011010 years
3Episode 3Sep-26-2011010 years
2Episode 2Sep-20-2011010 years
1Episode 1Sep-19-2011010 years
1220Season 12 FinaleMay-24-201108 years
19Episode 19May-23-201108 years
18Episode 18May-17-201108 years
17Episode 17May-16-201108 years
16Episode 16May-10-201108 years
15Episode 15May-09-201108 years
14Episode 14May-03-201108 years
13Episode 13May-02-201108 years
12Episode 12Apr-26-201108 years
11Episode 11Apr-25-201108 years
10Episode 10Apr-19-201108 years
9Episode 9Apr-18-201108 years
8Episode 8Apr-12-201108 years
7Episode 7Apr-11-201108 years
6Episode 6Apr-05-201108 years
5Episode 5Apr-04-201108 years
4Episode 4Mar-29-201108 years
3Episode 3Mar-29-201108 years
2Episode 2Mar-28-201108 years
1Episode 1Mar-21-201108 years
1120Season 11 FinaleNov-23-201008 years
19Episode 19Nov-22-201008 years
18Episode 18Nov-16-201008 years
17Episode 17Nov-15-201008 years
16Episode 16Nov-09-201008 years
15Episode 15Nov-08-201008 years
14Episode 14Nov-02-201008 years
13Episode 13Nov-01-201008 years
12Episode 12Oct-26-201008 years
11Episode 11Oct-25-201008 years
10Episode 10Oct-19-201008 years
9Episode 9Oct-18-201008 years
8Episode 8Oct-12-201008 years
7Episode 7Oct-11-201008 years
6Episode 6Oct-05-201008 years
5Episode 5Oct-04-201008 years
4Episode 4Sep-28-201008 years
3Episode 3Sep-27-201008 years
2Episode 2Sep-21-201008 years
1Episode 1Sep-20-201008 years
1019Season 10 FinaleMay-25-201008 years
18Episode 1010May-24-201008 years
17Episode 1009AMay-18-201008 years
16Episode 1009May-17-201008 years
15Episode 1008AMay-11-201008 years
14Episode 1008May-10-201008 years
13Episode 1007AMay-04-201008 years
12Episode 1007May-03-201008 years
11Episode 1006AApr-27-201008 years
10Episode 1006Apr-26-201008 years
9Episode 1005AApr-20-201008 years
8Episode 1005Apr-19-201008 years
7Episode 1004AApr-13-201008 years
6Episode 1004Apr-12-201008 years
5Episode 1003AApr-06-201008 years
4Episode 1003Apr-05-201008 years
3Episode 1002AMar-30-201008 years
2Episode 1002Mar-29-201008 years
1Episode 1001Mar-22-201008 years
921Season 9 FinaleNov-24-200908 years
20Episode 20Nov-23-200908 years
19Episode 19Nov-17-200908 years
18Episode 18Nov-16-200908 years
17Episode 17Nov-10-200908 years
16Episode 16Nov-09-200908 years
15Episode 15Nov-03-200908 years
14Episode 14Nov-02-200908 years
13Episode 13Oct-27-200908 years
12Episode 12Oct-26-200908 years
11Episode 11Oct-20-200908 years
10Episode 10Oct-19-200908 years
9Episode 9Oct-13-200908 years
8Episode 8Oct-12-200908 years
7Episode 7Oct-06-200908 years
6Episode 6Oct-05-200908 years
5Episode 5Sep-29-200908 years
4Episode 4Sep-28-200908 years
3Episode 3Sep-23-200908 years
2Episode 2Sep-22-200908 years
1Episode 1Sep-21-200908 years
821Season 8 FinaleMay-19-200908 years
20Episode 811May-18-200908 years
19Episode 810AMay-12-200908 years
18Episode 810May-11-200908 years
17Episode 809AMay-05-200908 years
16Episode 809May-04-200908 years
15Episode 808AApr-28-200908 years
14Episode 808Apr-27-200908 years
13Episode 807AApr-21-200908 years
12Episode 807Apr-20-200908 years
11Episode 806AApr-14-200908 years
10Episode 806Apr-13-200908 years
9Episode 805AApr-07-200908 years
8Episode 805Apr-06-200908 years
7Episode 804AMar-31-200908 years
6Episode 804Mar-30-200908 years
5Episode 803AMar-24-200908 years
4Episode 803Mar-23-200908 years
3Episode 802AMar-17-200903 years
2Episode 802Mar-16-200903 years
1Episode 801Mar-09-200903 years
721Season 7 FinaleNov-25-200808 years
20Episode 710Nov-24-200808 years
19Episode 709ANov-18-200808 years
18Episode 709Nov-17-200808 years
17Episode 708ANov-11-200808 years
16Episode 708Nov-10-200808 years
15Episode 707ANov-05-200808 years
14Episode 707Nov-03-200808 years
13Episode 706AOct-28-200808 years
12Episode 706Oct-27-200808 years
11Episode 705AOct-21-200808 years
10Episode 705Oct-20-200808 years
9Episode 704AOct-14-200808 years
8Episode 704Oct-13-200808 years
7Episode 703AOct-07-200808 years
6Episode 703Oct-06-200808 years
5Episode 702 ASep-30-200808 years
4Episode 702Sep-29-200808 years
3Episode 701BSep-24-200808 years
2Episode 701ASep-23-200808 years
1Episode 701Sep-22-200808 years
621Season 6 FinaleMay-20-200808 years
20Episode 610May-19-200808 years
19Episode 609AMay-13-200808 years
18Episode 609May-12-200808 years
17Episode 608AMay-06-200808 years
16Episode 608May-05-200808 years
15Episode 607AApr-29-200808 years
14Episode 607Apr-28-200808 years
13Episode 606AApr-22-200808 years
12Episode 606Apr-21-200808 years
11Episode 605AApr-15-200808 years
10Episode 605Apr-14-200808 years
9Episode 604AApr-08-200808 years
8Episode 604Apr-07-200808 years
7Episode 603AApr-01-200808 years
6Episode 603Mar-31-200808 years
5Episode 602AMar-25-200808 years
4Performance Recap ShowMar-25-200808 years
3Episode 602Mar-24-200808 years
2Episode 601AMar-18-200808 years
1Season 6 PremiereMar-17-200808 years
521Season 5 FinaleNov-27-200708 years
20Performance Show 10Nov-26-200708 years
19Result Show 9Nov-20-200704 years
18Performance Show 9Nov-19-200708 years
17Result Show 8Nov-13-200708 years
16Performance Show 8Nov-12-200708 years
15Result Show 7Nov-06-200708 years
14Performance Show 7Nov-05-200704 years
13Results Show 6Oct-30-200708 years
12Performance Show 6Oct-29-200708 years
11Results Show 5Oct-23-200708 years
10Performance Show 5Oct-22-200708 years
9Results Show 4Oct-16-200708 years
8Performance Show 4Oct-15-200708 years
7Results Show 3Oct-09-200708 years
6Performance Show 3Oct-08-200704 years
5Results Show 2Oct-02-200708 years
4Performance Show 2Oct-01-200708 years
3Results ShowSep-26-200708 years
2Performance ShowSep-25-200708 years
1Season 5 PremiereSep-24-200708 years
420Season 4 FinaleMay-22-200708 years
19Final PerformanceMay-21-200708 years
18Result ShowMay-15-200708 years
17Performance ShowMay-14-200708 years
16Result ShowMay-08-200708 years
15Performance ShowMay-07-200708 years
14Result ShowMay-01-200708 years
13Performance ShowApr-30-200708 years
12Result ShowApr-24-200708 years
11Performance ShowApr-23-200708 years
10Result ShowApr-17-200708 years
9Performance ShowApr-16-200708 years
8Result ShowApr-10-200708 years
7Performance ShowApr-09-200708 years
6Result ShowApr-03-200708 years
5Performance ShowApr-02-200708 years
4Result ShowMar-27-200708 years
3Performance Recap ShowMar-27-200708 years
2Performance ShowMar-26-200708 years
1Body MovinMar-19-200708 years
320Season 3 FinaleNov-15-200604 years
19Final RoundNov-14-200604 years
18Round Nine, ResultsNov-08-200604 years
17Round NineNov-07-200604 years
16Round Eight, ResultsNov-01-200604 years
15Round EightOct-31-200604 years
14Round Seven, ResultsOct-25-200604 years
13Round SevenOct-24-200604 years
12Round Six, ResultsOct-18-200604 years
11Round SixOct-17-200604 years
10Round Five, ResultsOct-11-200604 years
9Round FiveOct-10-200604 years
8Round Four, ResultsOct-04-200604 years
7Round FourOct-03-200604 years
6Round Three, ResultsSep-27-200604 years
5Round ThreeSep-26-200604 years
4Round Two, ResultsSep-20-200604 years
3Round TwoSep-19-200608 years
2Round One, ResultsSep-13-200604 years
1Round OneSep-12-200608 years
216Season 2 FinaleFeb-26-200608 years
15Final RoundFeb-23-200608 years
14Round 7 resultsFeb-17-200608 years
13Round 7Feb-16-200608 years
12Round 6 resultsFeb-10-200608 years
11Round 6Feb-09-200608 years
10Round 5 resultsFeb-03-200608 years
9Round 5Feb-02-200608 years
8Round 4 resultsJan-27-200608 years
7Round 4Jan-26-200608 years
6Round 3 resultsJan-20-200608 years
5Round 3Jan-19-200608 years
4Round 2 resultsJan-13-200608 years
3Round 2Jan-12-200608 years
2Round 1 resultsJan-06-200608 years
1Round 1Jan-05-200608 years
18[no episode title yet]Sep-22-200503 years
7[no episode title yet]Sep-20-200506 years
6Season 1 FinaleJul-06-200508 years
5Round 5Jun-29-200513 years
4Round 4Jun-22-200513 years
3Round 3Jun-15-200513 years
2Round 2Jun-08-200508 years
1Round 1Jun-01-200508 years
013[no episode title yet]Nov-25-201406 years
12[no episode title yet]Sep-20-201106 years
11[no episode title yet]May-20-201406 years
10[no episode title yet]Mar-19-201306 years
9[no episode title yet]Oct-09-201206 years
8[no episode title yet]Oct-02-201206 years
7[no episode title yet]Mar-23-201206 years
6[no episode title yet]May-17-201106 years
5[no episode title yet]May-10-201106 years
4[no episode title yet]May-03-201106 years
3[no episode title yet]Apr-26-201106 years
2[no episode title yet]06 years
1[no episode title yet]May-07-200806 years

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