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Dancing with the Stars (Australia)

Dancing with the Stars Australia. Are today’s celebrities fleet of foot or do they have two left feet? That’s the question host Daryl Somers and co-host Sonia Kruger will be finding the answer to when they host the second series of the hit variety show Dancing with the Stars.

Genre: Reality, Talent

Release Date: October 5, 2004 (AU)

Status: Running

Network: Seven (AU) (IMDb)

Most recent episode: Dancing with the Stars (Australia) Season 17 Episode 9 - Episode 9 ( 4/5/2020 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
179Episode 9Apr-05-202003 years
8Grand FinalMar-29-202003 years
7Episode 7Mar-22-202003 years
6Episode 6Mar-15-202003 years
5Episode 5Mar-08-202003 years
4Episode 4Mar-01-202003 years
3Episode 3Feb-23-202003 years
2Episode 2Feb-16-202003 years
1Episode 1 - PremiereFeb-09-202003 years
1610Episode 10Apr-22-201904 years
9Episode 9 - Semi FinalApr-15-201904 years
8Episode 8Apr-08-201904 years
7Episode 7Apr-01-201904 years
6Episode 6Mar-25-201904 years
5Episode 5Mar-18-201904 years
4Episode 4Mar-11-201904 years
3Episode 3Mar-04-201904 years
2Episode 2Feb-25-201904 years
1Episode 1Feb-18-201904 years
159Grand FinalSep-07-201503 years
8Episode 8Sep-06-201503 years
7Episode 7Aug-30-201503 years
6Episode 6Aug-23-201503 years
5Episode 5Aug-16-201503 years
4Episode 4Aug-09-201503 years
3Episode 3Aug-02-201503 years
2Episode 2Jul-26-201503 years
1Episode 1Jul-19-201503 years
1410Grand FinalNov-25-201403 years
9Episode 9Nov-18-201403 years
8Episode 8Nov-11-201403 years
7Episode 7Nov-04-201403 years
6Episode 6Oct-30-201403 years
5Episode 5Oct-28-201403 years
4Episode 4Oct-21-201403 years
3Episode 3Oct-14-201403 years
2Episode 2Oct-07-201403 years
1Episode 1Sep-30-201403 years
1311Grand FinalNov-26-201303 years
10Episode 10Nov-19-201303 years
9Episode 9Nov-26-201303 years
8Episode 8Nov-19-201303 years
7Episode 7Nov-12-201303 years
6Episode 6Nov-05-201303 years
5Episode 5Oct-29-201303 years
4Episode 4Oct-22-201303 years
3Episode 3Oct-15-201303 years
2Episode 2Oct-08-201303 years
1Episode 1Oct-01-201303 years
1210Grand FinalJun-17-201203 years
9Episode 9Jun-10-201203 years
8Episode 8Jun-03-201213 years
7Episode 7May-27-201203 years
6Episode 6May-20-201213 years
5Episode 5May-13-201203 years
4Episode 4May-06-201203 years
3Episode 3Apr-29-201203 years
2Episode 2Apr-22-201223 years
1Episode 1Apr-15-201213 years
1110Grand FinalJul-10-201103 years
9Episode 9Jul-03-201103 years
8Episode 8Jun-26-201103 years
7Episode 7Jun-19-201103 years
6Episode 6Jun-12-201103 years
5Episode 5Jun-05-201103 years
4Episode 4May-29-201103 years
3Episode 3May-22-201103 years
2Episode 2May-15-201103 years
1Episode 1May-08-201103 years
1010Grand FinalAug-29-201003 years
9Episode 9Aug-22-201003 years
8Episode 8Aug-15-201003 years
7Episode 7Aug-08-201003 years
6Episode 6Aug-01-201003 years
5Episode 5Jul-25-201003 years
4Episode 4Jul-18-201003 years
3Episode 3Jul-11-201003 years
2Episode 2Jul-04-201003 years
1Episode 1Jun-27-201003 years
911103 years
10Grand FinalSep-06-200903 years
9Episode 9Aug-30-200903 years
8Episode 8Aug-23-200903 years
7Episode 7Aug-16-200903 years
6Episode 6Aug-09-200903 years
5Episode 5Aug-02-200903 years
4Episode 4Jul-26-200903 years
3Episode 3Jul-19-200903 years
2Episode 2Jul-12-200903 years
1Episode 1Jul-05-200903 years
8111103 years
10Grand FinalNov-09-200803 years
9Episode 9Nov-02-200803 years
8Episode 8Oct-26-200803 years
7Episode 7Oct-19-200803 years
6Episode 6Oct-12-200803 years
5Episode 5Oct-05-200803 years
4Episode 4Sep-28-200803 years
3Episode 3Sep-21-200803 years
2Episode 2Sep-14-200803 years
1Episode 1Sep-07-200803 years
710Grand FinalNov-27-200703 years
9Episode 9Nov-20-200703 years
8Episode 8Nov-13-200703 years
7Episode 7Nov-06-200703 years
6Episode 6Oct-30-200703 years
5Episode 5Oct-23-200703 years
4Episode 4Oct-16-200703 years
3Episode 3Oct-09-200703 years
2Episode 2Oct-02-200703 years
1Episode 1Sep-25-200703 years
610Grand FinalMay-01-200703 years
9Episode 9Apr-24-200703 years
8Episode 8Apr-17-200703 years
7Episode 7Apr-10-200703 years
6Episode 6Mar-27-200703 years
5Episode 5Mar-20-200703 years
4Episode 4Mar-13-200703 years
3Episode 3Mar-06-200703 years
2Episode 2Feb-27-200703 years
1Episode 1Feb-20-200703 years
510Grand FinalNov-28-200603 years
9Episode 9Nov-21-200603 years
8Episode 8Nov-14-200603 years
7Episode 7Nov-07-200603 years
6Episode 6Oct-31-200603 years
5Episode 5Oct-24-200603 years
4Episode 4Oct-17-200603 years
3Episode 3Oct-10-200603 years
2Episode 2Oct-03-200603 years
1Episode 1Sep-26-200603 years
410Grand FinalMay-09-200603 years
9Episode 9May-02-200603 years
8Episode 8Apr-25-200603 years
7Episode 7Apr-18-200603 years
6Episode 6Apr-04-200603 years
5Episode 5Mar-28-200603 years
4Episode 4Mar-14-200603 years
3Episode 3Mar-07-200603 years
2Episode 2Feb-28-200603 years
1Episode 1Feb-21-200603 years
312[no episode title yet]Nov-22-200503 years
11[no episode title yet]Nov-15-200503 years
10Grand FinalNov-08-200503 years
9Episode 9Nov-01-200503 years
8Episode 8Oct-25-200503 years
7Episode 7Oct-18-200503 years
6Episode 6Oct-11-200503 years
5Episode 5Oct-04-200503 years
4Episode 4Sep-27-200503 years
3Episode 3Sep-20-200503 years
2Episode 2Sep-13-200503 years
1Episode 1Sep-06-200503 years
210Grand FinalApr-19-200503 years
9Episode 9Apr-12-200503 years
8Episode 8Apr-05-200503 years
7Episode 7Mar-29-200503 years
6Episode 6Mar-15-200503 years
5Episode 5Mar-08-200503 years
4Episode 4Mar-01-200503 years
3Episode 3Feb-22-200503 years
2Episode 2Feb-15-200503 years
1Episode 1Feb-08-200503 years
18Grand FinalNov-23-200403 years
7Episode 7Nov-16-200403 years
6Episode 6Nov-09-200403 years
5Episode 5Nov-02-200403 years
4Episode 4Oct-26-200403 years
3Episode 3Oct-19-200403 years
2Episode 2Oct-12-200403 years
1Episode 1Oct-05-200403 years

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