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Dancing On Ice

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby present a celebrity ice-skating contest, as ten famous faces – all novices in the sport – take to the ice with professional partners in a bid to win viewers’ votes and keep their place in the competition. The celebrities will be coached by legendary 1984 Olympic champions Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean.

Genre: Celebrity, Reality

Release Date: January 14, 2006 (US)

Status: Running

Network: ITV1 (IMDb, Official Website)

Casts: Phillip Schofield, Christine Bleakley, Holly Willoughby, Robin Cousins, Karen Barber, Jason Gardiner

Most recent episode: Dancing On Ice Season 12 Episode 7 - Week 7 ( 2/16/2020 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1212x7: Week 7Feb-16-2020221 day
12x6: Week 6: Dance WeekFeb-09-2020141 week
12x5: Week 5: Fairy TaleFeb-02-202002 weeks
12x4: Week 4Jan-26-202002 weeks
12x3: Week 3: MusicalsJan-19-202002 weeks
12x2: Week 2Jan-12-202002 weeks
12x1: Week 1Jan-05-202002 weeks
1111x10: FinalMar-10-2019512 months
11x9: Show 9 - Semi-FinalMar-03-2019112 months
11x8: Show 8 - Time Tunnel WeekFeb-24-2019112 months
11x7: Show 7Feb-17-201911 year
11x6: Show 6Feb-10-201901 year
11x5: Show 5 FairytalesFeb-03-201931 year
11x4: Show 4Jan-27-201911 year
11x3: Show 3 MusicalsJan-20-201911 year
11x2: Show 2Jan-13-201911 year
11x1: Show 1Jan-06-201961 year
1010x10: Grand FinalMar-11-2018112 years
10x9: Semi FinalMar-04-201822 years
10x8: Quarter FinalFeb-25-201822 years
10x7: Show 7Feb-18-2018122 years
10x6: Show 6Feb-11-2018122 years
10x5: Show 5Feb-04-2018122 years
10x4: Show 4Jan-28-2018102 years
10x3: Show 3Jan-21-201802 years
10x2: Show 2Jan-14-201892 years
10x1: Show 1Jan-07-201842 years
99x19: FinalMar-09-201416 years
9x18: Skate Off 9Mar-02-201406 years
9x17: Episode 9Mar-02-201406 years
9x16: Skate Off 8Feb-23-201406 years
9x15: Episode 8Feb-23-201406 years
9x14: Skate Off 7Feb-16-201416 years
9x13: Episode 7Feb-16-201416 years
9x12: Skate Off 6Feb-09-201406 years
9x11: Episode 6Feb-09-201406 years
9x10: Skate Off 5Feb-02-201406 years
9x9: Episode 5Feb-02-201406 years
9x8: Skate Off 4Jan-26-201402 years
9x7: Episode 4Jan-26-201402 years
9x6: Skate Off 3Jan-19-201402 years
9x5: Episode 3Jan-19-201402 years
9x4: Skate Off 2Jan-12-201402 years
9x3: Episode 2Jan-12-201402 years
9x2: Skate Off 1Jan-05-201402 years
9x1: Episode 1Jan-05-201402 years
88x19: FinalsMar-11-201307 years
8x18: Semi-Finals (Skate-Off)Mar-04-201307 years
8x17: Semi-FinalsMar-03-201307 years
8x16: Week 6 (Skate-Off): 5 Down to 4Feb-24-201307 years
8x15: Week 6: "Props Week"Feb-24-201307 years
8x14: Week 5 (Skate-Off) : 6 Down to 5Feb-17-201307 years
8x13: Week 5: "Team Challenge"Feb-17-201307 years
8x12: Week 4 (Skate-Off) : 7 Down to 6Feb-10-201307 years
8x11: Week 4: "Love Week"Feb-10-201307 years
8x10: Week 3 (Skate-Off) : 8 Down to 7Feb-03-201327 years
8x9: Week 3:"The Leveller"Jan-27-201307 years
8x8: Week 2 (Skate-Off) : 9 Down to 8Jan-27-201302 years
8x7: Week 2: "School Disco Night"Jan-27-201307 years
8x6: Week 1 (Skate-Off) : 10 Down to 9Jan-20-201307 years
8x5: Week 1 : "The Duel"Jan-20-201307 years
8x4: Skate Off 2Jan-13-201307 years
8x3: 2nd Six - Knock Out RoundJan-13-201327 years
8x2: Skate OffJan-06-201337 years
8x1: 1st Six - Knock Out RoundJan-07-201327 years
77x23: The FinalMar-25-201208 years
7x22: Skate Off 11Mar-18-201208 years
7x21: Live Show 11Mar-18-201208 years
7x20: Skate Off 10Mar-11-201208 years
7x19: Live Show 10Mar-11-201208 years
7x18: Skate Off 9Mar-04-201208 years
7x17: Live Show 9Mar-04-201208 years
7x16: Skate Off 8Feb-26-201208 years
7x15: Live Show 8Feb-26-201208 years
7x14: Skate Off 7Feb-19-201208 years
7x13: Live Show 7Feb-19-201208 years
7x12: Skate Off 6Feb-12-201208 years
7x11: Live Show 6Feb-12-201208 years
7x10: Skate Off 5Feb-05-201208 years
7x9: Live Show 5Feb-05-201208 years
7x8: Skate Off 4Jan-29-201208 years
7x7: Live Show 4Jan-29-201208 years
7x6: Skate Off 3Jan-22-201208 years
7x5: Live Show 3Jan-22-201208 years
7x4: Skate Off 2Jan-15-201208 years
7x3: Live Show 2Jan-15-201208 years
7x2: Skate Off 1Jan-08-201208 years
7x1: Qualifying 1Jan-08-201208 years
66x23: Week 10 - The FinalMar-27-201102 years
6x22: Week 9 - The Semi Final (Skate Off)Mar-20-201102 years
6x21: Week 9 - The Semi FinalMar-20-201102 years
6x20: Week 8 - Props (Skate Off)Mar-13-201102 years
6x19: Week 8 - PropsMar-13-201102 years
6x18: Week 7 - Team challenge (Skate Off)Mar-06-201102 years
6x17: Week 7 - Team challengeMar-06-201102 years
6x16: Week 6 (Skate Off)Feb-27-201102 years
6x15: Week 6Feb-27-201102 years
6x14: Week 5 - Ultimate Skills Test (Skate Off)Feb-20-201102 years
6x13: Week 5 - Ultimate Skills TestFeb-20-201102 years
6x12: Week 4 - Jump (Skate Off)Feb-13-201102 years
6x11: Week 4 - JumpFeb-13-201102 years
6x10: Week 3 - Step combination (Skate Off)Feb-06-201102 years
6x9: Week 3 - Step combinationFeb-06-201102 years
6x8: Week 2 - The Ice Pick (Skate Off)Jan-30-201102 years
6x7: Week 2 - The Ice PickJan-30-201102 years
6x6: Week 1 (Skate Off)Jan-23-201102 years
6x5: Week 1Jan-23-201102 years
6x4: Qualifying 2 (Skate Off)Jan-16-201102 years
6x3: Qualifying 2Jan-16-201102 years
6x2: Qualifying 1 (Skate Off)Jan-09-201102 years
6x1: Qualifying 1Jan-09-201102 years
55x35: The FinalMar-28-201002 years
5x34: Week 12 PreviewMar-26-201002 years
5x33: Week 11 (Skate Off)Mar-21-201002 years
5x32: Week 11Mar-21-201002 years
5x31: Week 11 PreviewMar-19-201002 years
5x30: Week 10 (Skate Off)Mar-14-201002 years
5x29: Week 10Mar-14-201002 years
5x28: Week 10 PreviewMar-12-201002 years
5x27: Week 9 (Skate Off)Mar-07-201002 years
5x26: Week 9Mar-07-201002 years
5x25: Week 9 PreviewMar-05-201002 years
5x24: Week 8 (Skate Off)Feb-28-201002 years
5x23: Week 8Feb-28-201002 years
5x22: Week 8 PreviewFeb-26-201002 years
5x21: Week 7 (Skate Off)Feb-21-201002 years
5x20: Week 7Feb-21-201002 years
5x19: Week 7 PreviewFeb-19-201002 years
5x18: Week 6 (Skate Off)Feb-14-201002 years
5x17: Week 6Feb-14-201002 years
5x16: Week 6 PreviewFeb-12-201002 years
5x15: Week 5 (Skate Off)Feb-07-201002 years
5x14: Week 5Feb-07-201002 years
5x13: Week 5 PreviewFeb-05-201002 years
5x12: Week 4 (Skate Off)Jan-31-201002 years
5x11: Week 4Jan-31-201002 years
5x10: Week 4 PreviewJan-29-201002 years
5x9: Week 3 (Skate Off)Jan-24-201002 years
5x8: Week 3Jan-24-201002 years
5x7: Week 3 PreviewJan-22-201002 years
5x6: Week 2 (Skate Off)Jan-17-201001 year
5x5: Week 2Jan-17-201001 year
5x4: Week 2 PreviewJan-15-201001 year
5x3: Week 1 (Skate Off)Jan-10-201001 year
5x2: Week 1Jan-10-201001 year
5x1: Meet the StarsJan-08-201002 years
44x21: FinalMar-22-200902 years
4x20: Show 10 ResultsMar-15-200902 years
4x19: Show 10Mar-15-200902 years
4x18: Show 9 ResultsMar-08-200902 years
4x17: Show 9Mar-08-200902 years
4x16: Show 8 ResultsMar-01-200902 years
4x15: Show 8Mar-01-200902 years
4x14: Show 7 ResultsFeb-22-200902 years
4x13: Show 7Feb-22-200902 years
4x12: Show 6 ResultsFeb-15-200902 years
4x11: Show 6Feb-15-200902 years
4x10: Show 5 ResultsFeb-08-200902 years
4x9: Show 5Feb-08-200902 years
4x8: Show 4 ResultsFeb-01-200902 years
4x7: Show 4Feb-01-200902 years
4x6: Show 3 ResultsJan-25-200902 years
4x5: Show 3Jan-25-200902 years
4x4: Show 2 ResultsJan-18-200902 years
4x3: Show 2Jan-18-200902 years
4x2: Show 1 ResultsJan-11-200902 years
4x1: Show 1Jan-11-200902 years
33x19: FinalMar-16-200802 years
3x18: Show 9 ResultsMar-09-200802 years
3x17: Show 9Mar-09-200802 years
3x16: Show 8 ResultsMar-02-200802 years
3x15: Show 8Mar-02-200802 years
3x14: Show 7 ResultsFeb-24-200802 years
3x13: Show 7Feb-24-200802 years
3x12: Show 6 ResultsFeb-17-200802 years
3x11: Show 6Feb-17-200802 years
3x10: Show 5 ResultsFeb-10-200802 years
3x9: Show 5Feb-10-200802 years
3x8: Show 4 ResultsFeb-03-200802 years
3x7: Show 4Feb-03-200802 years
3x6: Show 3 ResultsJan-27-200802 years
3x5: Show 3Jan-27-200802 years
3x4: Show 2 ResultsJan-20-200802 years
3x3: Show 2Jan-20-200802 years
3x2: Show 1 ResultsJan-13-200802 years
3x1: Show 1Jan-13-200802 years
22x20: Champion of Champions ResultsMar-24-200702 years
2x19: Champion of ChampionsMar-24-200702 years
2x18: Final ResultsMar-17-200702 years
2x17: FinalMar-17-200702 years
2x16: Show 8 ResultsMar-10-200702 years
2x15: Show 8Mar-10-200702 years
2x14: Show 7 ResultsMar-03-200702 years
2x13: Show 7Mar-03-200702 years
2x12: Show 6 ResultsFeb-24-200702 years
2x11: Show 6Feb-24-200702 years
2x10: Show 5 ResultsFeb-17-200702 years
2x9: Show 5Feb-17-200702 years
2x8: Show 4 ResultsFeb-10-200702 years
2x7: Show 4Feb-10-200702 years
2x6: Show 3 ResultsFeb-03-200702 years
2x5: Show 3Feb-03-200702 years
2x4: Show 2 ResultsJan-27-200702 years
2x3: Show 2Jan-27-200702 years
2x2: Show 1 ResultsJan-20-200702 years
2x1: Show 1Jan-20-200702 years
11x16: Final ResultsMar-04-200602 months
1x15: FinalMar-04-200602 months
1x14: Show 7 ResultsFeb-25-200602 months
1x13: Show 7Feb-25-200602 months
1x12: Show 6 ResultsFeb-18-200602 months
1x11: Show 6Feb-18-200602 months
1x10: Show 5 ResultsFeb-11-200602 months
1x9: Show 5Feb-11-200602 months
1x8: Show 4 ResultsFeb-04-200602 months
1x7: Show 4Feb-04-200602 months
1x6: Show 3 ResultsJan-28-200602 months
1x5: Show 3Jan-28-200602 months
1x4: Show 2 ResultsJan-21-200602 months
1x3: Show 2Jan-21-200602 months
1x2: Show 1 ResultsJan-14-200602 months
1x1: Show 1Jan-14-200602 months
00x9: Dancing on Ice The Live Tour 201202 years
0x8: Dancing on Ice The Live Tour 201102 years
0x7: Dancing on Ice The Live Tour 201002 years
0x6: Dancing on Ice The Live Tour 200902 years
0x5: Dancing on Ice The Live Tour 200802 years
0x4: Dancing on Ice The Live Tour 200702 years
0x3: Dancing on Ice at ChristmasDec-25-200802 years
0x2: Dancing on Ice Goes GoldJul-22-201202 years
0x1: The Bolero Tour LiveFeb-14-200902 years

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