Dancing On Ice

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby present a celebrity ice-skating contest, as ten famous faces – all novices in the sport – take to the ice with professional partners in a bid to win viewers’ votes and keep their place in the competition. The celebrities will be coached by legendary 1984 Olympic champions Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean.

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Genre: Celebrity, Reality

Release Date: January 14, 2006 (US)

Status: Running

Network: ITV1 (IMDb, Official Website)

Casts: Phillip Schofield, Christine Bleakley, Holly Willoughby, Robin Cousins, Karen Barber, Jason Gardiner

Most recent episode: Dancing On Ice Season 12 Episode 10 - Show 10 Final ( 3/8/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1210Show 10 FinalMar-08-202012 years
9Show 9 Semi-FinalMar-01-202012 years
7Week 7Feb-16-202012 years
6Week 6: Dance WeekFeb-09-202012 years
5Week 5: Fairy TaleFeb-02-202002 years
4Week 4Jan-26-202002 years
3Week 3: MusicalsJan-19-202002 years
2Week 2Jan-12-202002 years
1Week 1Jan-05-202002 years
1110FinalMar-10-201903 years
9Show 9 - Semi-FinalMar-03-201903 years
8Show 8 - Time Tunnel WeekFeb-24-201903 years
7Show 7Feb-17-201903 years
6Show 6Feb-10-201902 years
5Show 5 FairytalesFeb-03-201903 years
4Show 4Jan-27-201903 years
3Show 3 MusicalsJan-20-201903 years
2Show 2Jan-13-201903 years
1Show 1Jan-06-201903 years
1010Grand FinalMar-11-201802 years
9Semi FinalMar-04-201802 years
8Quarter FinalFeb-25-201802 years
7Show 7Feb-18-201802 years
6Show 6Feb-11-201802 years
5Show 5Feb-04-201802 years
4Show 4Jan-28-201802 years
3Show 3Jan-21-201802 years
2Show 2Jan-14-201802 years
1Show 1Jan-07-201802 years
919FinalMar-09-201402 years
18Skate Off 9Mar-02-201402 years
17Episode 9Mar-02-201402 years
16Skate Off 8Feb-23-201402 years
15Episode 8Feb-23-201402 years
14Skate Off 7Feb-16-201402 years
13Episode 7Feb-16-201402 years
12Skate Off 6Feb-09-201408 years
11Episode 6Feb-09-201408 years
10Skate Off 5Feb-02-201408 years
9Episode 5Feb-02-201408 years
8Skate Off 4Jan-26-201402 years
7Episode 4Jan-26-201402 years
6Skate Off 3Jan-19-201402 years
5Episode 3Jan-19-201402 years
4Skate Off 2Jan-12-201402 years
3Episode 2Jan-12-201402 years
2Skate Off 1Jan-05-201402 years
1Episode 1Jan-05-201402 years
819FinalsMar-11-201309 years
18Semi-Finals (Skate-Off)Mar-04-201309 years
17Semi-FinalsMar-03-201309 years
16Week 6 (Skate-Off): 5 Down to 4Feb-24-201309 years
15Week 6: "Props Week"Feb-24-201309 years
14Week 5 (Skate-Off) : 6 Down to 5Feb-17-201309 years
13Week 5: "Team Challenge"Feb-17-201309 years
12Week 4 (Skate-Off) : 7 Down to 6Feb-10-201309 years
11Week 4: "Love Week"Feb-10-201309 years
10Week 3 (Skate-Off) : 8 Down to 7Feb-03-201309 years
9Week 3:"The Leveller"Jan-27-201309 years
8Week 2 (Skate-Off) : 9 Down to 8Jan-27-201302 years
7Week 2: "School Disco Night"Jan-27-201309 years
6Week 1 (Skate-Off) : 10 Down to 9Jan-20-201309 years
5Week 1 : "The Duel"Jan-20-201309 years
4Skate Off 2Jan-13-201309 years
32nd Six - Knock Out RoundJan-13-201309 years
2Skate OffJan-06-201319 years
11st Six - Knock Out RoundJan-07-201309 years
723The FinalMar-25-2012010 years
22Skate Off 11Mar-18-2012010 years
21Live Show 11Mar-18-2012010 years
20Skate Off 10Mar-11-2012010 years
19Live Show 10Mar-11-2012010 years
18Skate Off 9Mar-04-2012010 years
17Live Show 9Mar-04-2012010 years
16Skate Off 8Feb-26-2012010 years
15Live Show 8Feb-26-2012010 years
14Skate Off 7Feb-19-2012010 years
13Live Show 7Feb-19-2012010 years
12Skate Off 6Feb-12-2012010 years
11Live Show 6Feb-12-2012010 years
10Skate Off 5Feb-05-2012010 years
9Live Show 5Feb-05-2012010 years
8Skate Off 4Jan-29-2012010 years
7Live Show 4Jan-29-2012010 years
6Skate Off 3Jan-22-2012010 years
5Live Show 3Jan-22-2012010 years
4Skate Off 2Jan-15-2012010 years
3Live Show 2Jan-15-2012010 years
2Skate Off 1Jan-08-2012010 years
1Qualifying 1Jan-08-2012010 years
623Week 10 - The FinalMar-27-201102 years
22Week 9 - The Semi Final (Skate Off)Mar-20-201102 years
21Week 9 - The Semi FinalMar-20-201102 years
20Week 8 - Props (Skate Off)Mar-13-201102 years
19Week 8 - PropsMar-13-201102 years
18Week 7 - Team challenge (Skate Off)Mar-06-201102 years
17Week 7 - Team challengeMar-06-201102 years
16Week 6 (Skate Off)Feb-27-201102 years
15Week 6Feb-27-201102 years
14Week 5 - Ultimate Skills Test (Skate Off)Feb-20-201102 years
13Week 5 - Ultimate Skills TestFeb-20-201102 years
12Week 4 - Jump (Skate Off)Feb-13-201102 years
11Week 4 - JumpFeb-13-201102 years
10Week 3 - Step combination (Skate Off)Feb-06-201102 years
9Week 3 - Step combinationFeb-06-201102 years
8Week 2 - The Ice Pick (Skate Off)Jan-30-201102 years
7Week 2 - The Ice PickJan-30-201102 years
6Week 1 (Skate Off)Jan-23-201102 years
5Week 1Jan-23-201102 years
4Qualifying 2 (Skate Off)Jan-16-201102 years
3Qualifying 2Jan-16-201102 years
2Qualifying 1 (Skate Off)Jan-09-201102 years
1Qualifying 1Jan-09-201102 years
535The FinalMar-28-201002 years
34Week 12 PreviewMar-26-201002 years
33Week 11 (Skate Off)Mar-21-201002 years
32Week 11Mar-21-201002 years
31Week 11 PreviewMar-19-201002 years
30Week 10 (Skate Off)Mar-14-201002 years
29Week 10Mar-14-201002 years
28Week 10 PreviewMar-12-201002 years
27Week 9 (Skate Off)Mar-07-201002 years
26Week 9Mar-07-201002 years
25Week 9 PreviewMar-05-201002 years
24Week 8 (Skate Off)Feb-28-201002 years
23Week 8Feb-28-201002 years
22Week 8 PreviewFeb-26-201002 years
21Week 7 (Skate Off)Feb-21-201002 years
20Week 7Feb-21-201002 years
19Week 7 PreviewFeb-19-201002 years
18Week 6 (Skate Off)Feb-14-201002 years
17Week 6Feb-14-201002 years
16Week 6 PreviewFeb-12-201002 years
15Week 5 (Skate Off)Feb-07-201002 years
14Week 5Feb-07-201002 years
13Week 5 PreviewFeb-05-201002 years
12Week 4 (Skate Off)Jan-31-201002 years
11Week 4Jan-31-201002 years
10Week 4 PreviewJan-29-201002 years
9Week 3 (Skate Off)Jan-24-201002 years
8Week 3Jan-24-201002 years
7Week 3 PreviewJan-22-201002 years
6Week 2 (Skate Off)Jan-17-201002 years
5Week 2Jan-17-201002 years
4Week 2 PreviewJan-15-201002 years
3Week 1 (Skate Off)Jan-10-201002 years
2Week 1Jan-10-201002 years
1Meet the StarsJan-08-201002 years
421FinalMar-22-200902 years
20Show 10 ResultsMar-15-200902 years
19Show 10Mar-15-200902 years
18Show 9 ResultsMar-08-200902 years
17Show 9Mar-08-200902 years
16Show 8 ResultsMar-01-200902 years
15Show 8Mar-01-200902 years
14Show 7 ResultsFeb-22-200902 years
13Show 7Feb-22-200902 years
12Show 6 ResultsFeb-15-200902 years
11Show 6Feb-15-200902 years
10Show 5 ResultsFeb-08-200902 years
9Show 5Feb-08-200902 years
8Show 4 ResultsFeb-01-200902 years
7Show 4Feb-01-200902 years
6Show 3 ResultsJan-25-200902 years
5Show 3Jan-25-200902 years
4Show 2 ResultsJan-18-200902 years
3Show 2Jan-18-200902 years
2Show 1 ResultsJan-11-200902 years
1Show 1Jan-11-200902 years
319FinalMar-16-200802 years
18Show 9 ResultsMar-09-200802 years
17Show 9Mar-09-200802 years
16Show 8 ResultsMar-02-200802 years
15Show 8Mar-02-200802 years
14Show 7 ResultsFeb-24-200802 years
13Show 7Feb-24-200802 years
12Show 6 ResultsFeb-17-200802 years
11Show 6Feb-17-200802 years
10Show 5 ResultsFeb-10-200802 years
9Show 5Feb-10-200802 years
8Show 4 ResultsFeb-03-200802 years
7Show 4Feb-03-200802 years
6Show 3 ResultsJan-27-200802 years
5Show 3Jan-27-200802 years
4Show 2 ResultsJan-20-200802 years
3Show 2Jan-20-200802 years
2Show 1 ResultsJan-13-200802 years
1Show 1Jan-13-200802 years
220Champion of Champions ResultsMar-24-200702 years
19Champion of ChampionsMar-24-200702 years
18Final ResultsMar-17-200702 years
17FinalMar-17-200702 years
16Show 8 ResultsMar-10-200702 years
15Show 8Mar-10-200702 years
14Show 7 ResultsMar-03-200702 years
13Show 7Mar-03-200702 years
12Show 6 ResultsFeb-24-200702 years
11Show 6Feb-24-200702 years
10Show 5 ResultsFeb-17-200702 years
9Show 5Feb-17-200702 years
8Show 4 ResultsFeb-10-200702 years
7Show 4Feb-10-200702 years
6Show 3 ResultsFeb-03-200702 years
5Show 3Feb-03-200702 years
4Show 2 ResultsJan-27-200702 years
3Show 2Jan-27-200702 years
2Show 1 ResultsJan-20-200702 years
1Show 1Jan-20-200702 years
116Final ResultsMar-04-200602 years
15FinalMar-04-200602 years
14Show 7 ResultsFeb-25-200602 years
13Show 7Feb-25-200602 years
12Show 6 ResultsFeb-18-200602 years
11Show 6Feb-18-200602 years
10Show 5 ResultsFeb-11-200602 years
9Show 5Feb-11-200602 years
8Show 4 ResultsFeb-04-200602 years
7Show 4Feb-04-200602 years
6Show 3 ResultsJan-28-200602 years
5Show 3Jan-28-200602 years
4Show 2 ResultsJan-21-200602 years
3Show 2Jan-21-200602 years
2Show 1 ResultsJan-14-200602 years
1Show 1Jan-14-200602 years
09Dancing on Ice The Live Tour 201202 years
8Dancing on Ice The Live Tour 201102 years
7Dancing on Ice The Live Tour 201002 years
6Dancing on Ice The Live Tour 200902 years
5Dancing on Ice The Live Tour 200802 years
4Dancing on Ice The Live Tour 200702 years
3Dancing on Ice at ChristmasDec-25-200802 years
2Dancing on Ice Goes GoldJul-22-201202 years
1The Bolero Tour LiveFeb-14-200902 years

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