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Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is a police procedural/thriller/drama series that follows a team of profilers from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) based in Quantico, Virginia. Stars Joe Mantegna, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, AJ Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, Thomas Gibson, Lola Glaudini (seasons 1-2), Mandy Patinkin (seasons 1-3) and Rachel Nichols.

Genre: Police, Drama, Thriller

Release Date: September 22, 2005 (US)

Status: Running

Network: CBS (Official Website)

Casts: Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Kirsten Vangsness, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, Joe Mantegna, Paget Brewster, Mandy Patinkin, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Lola Glaudini, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rachel Nichols

Most recent episode: Criminal Minds Season 16 Episode 10 - Episode 10 ( 2/9/2023 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
1610Episode 10Feb-09-20231061 month
9Episode 9Feb-02-2023751 month
8Pas de DeuxJan-26-2023631 month
7Pieces of MeJan-19-2023661 month
6True ConvictionJan-12-2023801 month
5Oedipus WrecksDec-15-2022171 month
4Pay-Per-ViewDec-08-2022861 month
3MooseDec-01-2022821 month
2SicariusNov-24-2022521 month
1Just Getting StartedNov-24-2022611 month
1510And in the EndFeb-19-202011 year
9Face OffFeb-19-202011 year
8Family TreeFeb-12-202001 year
7RustyFeb-05-202011 year
6Date NightFeb-05-202011 year
5GhostJan-29-202011 year
4SaturdayJan-22-202001 year
3Spectator SlowingJan-15-202011 year
2AwakeningsJan-08-202011 year
1Under the SkinJan-08-202011 year
1415Truth or DareFeb-06-201919 months
14Sick and EvilJan-30-201929 months
13ChameleonJan-23-201929 months
12HamelinJan-09-201929 months
11Night LightsJan-02-201929 months
10Flesh and BloodDec-12-201829 months
9Broken WingDec-05-201829 months
8AshleyNov-21-201829 months
7Twenty SevenNov-14-201829 months
6LukeNov-07-201829 months
5The Tall ManOct-31-201819 months
4InnocenceOct-24-201829 months
3Rule 34Oct-17-201829 months
2Starter HomeOct-10-201819 months
1300Oct-03-201829 months
1322BelieverApr-18-201819 months
21Mixed SignalsApr-18-201829 months
20All You Can EatApr-11-201829 months
19Ex ParteApr-04-201829 months
18The Dance of LoveMar-28-201829 months
17The CapilanosMar-21-201829 months
16Last GaspMar-14-201829 months
15AnnihilatorMar-07-201829 months
14MiasmaJan-31-201829 months
13CureJan-24-201829 months
12Bad Moon on the RiseJan-17-201829 months
11Full-Tilt BoogieJan-10-201829 months
10SubmergedJan-03-201829 months
9False FlagDec-06-201729 months
8Neon TerrorNov-22-201729 months
7Dust and BonesNov-15-201719 months
6The BunkerNov-08-201739 months
5Lucky StrikesOct-25-201729 months
4Killer AppOct-18-201729 months
3Blue AngelOct-11-201729 months
2To a Better PlaceOct-04-201739 months
1Wheels UpSep-27-201729 months
1222Red LightMay-10-201729 months
21Green LightMay-03-201719 months
20UnforgettableApr-26-201729 months
19True NorthApr-05-201729 months
18Hell's KitchenMar-29-201729 months
17In the DarkMar-22-201729 months
16Assistance is FutileMar-15-201729 months
15Alpha MaleMar-01-201719 months
14Collision CourseFeb-22-201729 months
13SpencerFeb-15-201729 months
12A Good HusbandFeb-08-201729 months
11Surface TensionFeb-01-201729 months
10Seek and DestroyJan-11-201729 months
9Profiling 202Jan-04-201719 months
8ScarecrowDec-07-201649 months
7Mirror ImageNov-30-201629 months
6Elliott's PondNov-16-201629 months
5The Anti-Terror SquadNov-09-201629 months
4KeeperOct-26-201629 months
3TabooOct-12-201629 months
2Sick DayOct-05-201629 months
1The Crimson KingSep-28-201629 months
1122The StormMay-04-201629 months
21Devil's BackboneApr-20-201629 months
20Inner BeautyApr-13-201619 months
19TributeMar-30-201629 months
18A Beautiful DisasterMar-23-201629 months
17The SandmanMar-16-201629 months
16DerekMar-02-201629 months
15A Badge and a GunFeb-24-201629 months
14HostageFeb-10-201629 months
13The BondJan-27-201629 months
12DriveJan-20-201629 months
11EntropyJan-13-201619 months
10Future PerfectDec-09-201529 months
9Internal AffairsDec-02-201529 months
8AwakeNov-18-201529 months
7Target RichNov-11-201529 months
6PariahvilleNov-04-201529 months
5The Night WatchOct-28-201529 months
4OutlawOct-21-201519 months
3Til Death Do Us PartOct-14-201519 months
2The WitnessOct-07-201519 months
1The JobSep-30-201529 months
1023The HuntMay-06-2015159 months
22ProtectionApr-29-201529 months
21Mr. ScratchApr-22-201529 months
20A Place at the TableApr-15-2015189 months
19Beyond BordersApr-08-2015169 months
18Rock Creek ParkMar-25-201579 months
17Breath PlayMar-11-2015199 months
16LockdownMar-04-2015369 months
15ScreamFeb-11-2015159 months
14Hero WorshipFeb-04-2015169 months
13Nelson's SparrowJan-28-201599 months
12AnonymousJan-21-201569 months
11The Forever PeopleJan-14-201569 months
10Amelia PorterDec-10-201429 months
9FateNov-26-2014109 months
8The Boys of Sudworth PlaceNov-19-201469 months
7HashtagNov-12-2014149 months
6If the Shoe FitsNov-05-201449 months
5Boxed InOct-29-201469 months
4The ItchOct-22-201439 months
3A Thousand SunsOct-15-201439 months
2BurnOct-08-201439 months
1'X'Oct-01-201439 months
924DemonsMay-14-201429 months
23AngelsMay-07-201429 months
22FatalApr-30-201429 months
21What Happens in Mecklinburg…Apr-09-201429 months
20Blood RelationsApr-02-201429 months
19The Edge of WinterMar-19-201429 months
18RabidMar-12-201429 months
17PersuasionMar-05-201419 months
16GabbyFeb-26-201419 months
15Mr. & Mrs. AndersonFeb-19-201439 months
14200Feb-05-201429 months
13The Road HomeJan-22-201429 months
12The Black QueenJan-15-201429 months
11BullyDec-11-201329 months
10The CallerNov-27-201329 months
9Strange FruitNov-20-201329 months
8The ReturnNov-13-201319 months
7GatekeeperNov-06-201319 months
6In the BloodOct-30-201339 months
5Route 66Oct-23-201339 months
4To Bear WitnessOct-16-201329 months
3Final ShotOct-09-201339 months
2The InspiredOct-02-201329 months
1The InspirationSep-25-201339 months
824The ReplicatorMay-22-2013110 years
23Brothers HotchnerMay-22-201339 months
22#6May-15-201329 months
21Nanny DearestMay-08-201329 months
20AlchemyMay-01-201339 months
19Pay It ForwardApr-10-201349 months
18RestorationApr-03-201339 months
17The GatheringMar-20-201349 months
16Carbon CopyFeb-27-201339 months
15BrokenFeb-20-201339 months
14All That RemainsFeb-06-201379 months
13Magnum OpusJan-23-201359 months
12ZugzwangJan-16-201369 months
11PerennialsDec-12-201229 months
10The LessonDec-05-201249 months
9Magnificent LightNov-28-201249 months
8The Wheels on the Bus…Nov-21-201269 months
7The FallenNov-14-201259 months
6The ApprenticeshipNov-07-201249 months
5The Good EarthOct-31-201259 months
4God ComplexOct-24-201259 months
3Through the Looking GlassOct-17-201269 months
2The PactOct-10-201279 months
1The SilencerSep-26-201259 months
724RunMay-16-2012110 years
23HitMay-16-201229 months
22Profiling 101May-09-201259 months
21Divining RodMay-02-201269 months
20The CompanyApr-11-201239 months
19Heathridge ManorApr-04-201249 months
18FoundationMar-21-201249 months
17I Love You, Tommy BrownMar-14-201279 months
16A Family AffairFeb-29-2012119 months
15A Thin LineFeb-22-201259 months
14Closing TimeFeb-15-201289 months
13Snake EyesFeb-08-201259 months
12Unknown SubjectJan-25-201229 months
11True GeniusJan-18-201239 months
10The Bittersweet ScienceDec-14-201139 months
9Self-Fulfilling ProphecyDec-07-201129 months
8HopeNov-16-201139 months
7There's No Place Like HomeNov-09-201129 months
6EpilogueNov-02-201139 months
5From Childhood's HourOct-19-201139 months
4PainlessOct-12-201129 months
3Dorado FallsOct-05-201129 months
2ProofSep-28-201129 months
1It Takes a VillageSep-21-201129 months
624Supply & DemandMay-18-201139 months
23Big SeaMay-11-201139 months
22Out of the LightMay-04-201121 year
21The StrangerApr-13-201139 months
20Hanley WatersApr-06-201139 months
19With Friends Like These…Mar-30-201139 months
18LaurenMar-16-201129 months
17ValhallaMar-02-201139 months
16CodaFeb-23-201139 months
15Today I DoFeb-16-201139 months
14Sense MemoryFeb-09-201139 months
13The Thirteenth StepJan-26-201129 months
12CorazonJan-19-201139 months
1125 to LifeDec-15-201029 months
10What Happens at Home…Dec-08-201039 months
9Into the WoodsNov-17-201029 months
8Reflection of DesireNov-10-201039 months
7Middle ManNov-03-201039 months
6Devil's NightOct-27-201029 months
5Safe HavenOct-20-201039 months
4Compromising PositionsOct-13-201039 months
3Remembrance of Things PastOct-06-201039 months
2JJSep-29-201019 months
1The Longest NightSep-22-201029 months
523Our Darkest HourMay-26-201039 months
22The Internet is ForeverMay-19-201049 months
21Exit WoundsMay-12-201039 months
20...A Thousand WordsMay-05-201039 months
19Rite of PassageApr-14-201029 months
18The FightApr-07-201039 months
17Solitary ManMar-10-201049 months
16Mosley LaneMar-03-201039 months
15Public EnemyFeb-10-201029 months
14ParasiteFeb-03-201049 months
13Risky BusinessJan-20-201019 months
12The Uncanny ValleyJan-13-201039 months
11RetaliationDec-16-200939 months
10The Slave of DutyDec-09-200929 months
9100Nov-25-200939 months
8OutfoxedNov-18-200929 months
7The PerformerNov-11-200939 months
6The Eyes Have ItNov-04-200929 months
5Cradle to GraveOct-21-200939 months
4HopelessOct-14-200929 months
3ReckonerOct-07-200929 months
2HauntedSep-30-200939 months
1Nameless, FacelessSep-23-200939 months
426To Hell...and Back (2)May-20-200939 months
25To Hell...and Back (1)May-20-200939 months
24AmplificationMay-13-200929 months
23RoadkillMay-06-200939 months
22The Big WheelApr-29-200949 months
21A Shade of GrayApr-22-200949 months
20ConflictedApr-08-200939 months
19House on FireMar-25-200929 months
18OmnivoreMar-18-200929 months
17DemonologyMar-11-200929 months
16Pleasure is My BusinessFeb-25-200929 months
15Zoe's RepriseFeb-18-200939 months
14Cold ComfortFeb-11-200949 months
13BloodlineJan-21-200939 months
12Soul MatesJan-14-200929 months
11NormalDec-17-200829 months
10Brothers in ArmsDec-10-200839 months
952 PickupNov-26-200829 months
8MasterpieceNov-19-200829 months
7MemoriamNov-12-200839 months
6The InstinctsNov-05-200839 months
5Catching OutOct-29-200839 months
4ParadiseOct-22-200849 months
3Minimal LossOct-08-200839 months
2The Angel MakerOct-01-200839 months
1MayhemSep-24-200829 months
320Lo-FiMay-21-200849 months
19Tabula RasaMay-14-200839 months
18The CrossingMay-07-200829 months
17In HeatApr-30-200829 months
16Elephant's MemoryApr-16-200839 months
15A Higher PowerApr-09-200839 months
14DamagedApr-02-200829 months
13LimelightJan-23-200839 months
123rd LifeJan-09-200839 months
11BirthrightDec-12-200749 months
10True NightNov-28-200749 months
9PenelopeNov-21-200739 months
8LuckyNov-14-200739 months
7IdentityNov-07-200729 months
6About FaceOct-31-200739 months
5Seven SecondsOct-24-200739 months
4Children of the DarkOct-17-200729 months
3Scared to DeathOct-10-200729 months
2In Birth and DeathOct-03-200739 months
1DoubtSep-26-200729 months
223No Way Out, Part II: The Evolution of FrankMay-16-200734 months
22LegacyMay-09-200744 months
21Open SeasonMay-02-200744 months
20Honor Among ThievesApr-11-200754 months
19Ashes and DustMar-21-200734 months
18JonesFeb-28-200744 months
17DistressFeb-21-200754 months
16Fear and LoathingFeb-14-200744 months
15RevelationsFeb-07-200744 months
14The Big GameFeb-04-200744 months
13No Way OutJan-17-200744 months
12Profiler, ProfiledDec-13-200644 months
11Sex, Birth, DeathNov-29-200644 months
10Lessons LearnedNov-22-200634 months
9The Last WordNov-15-200644 months
8Empty PlanetNov-08-200644 months
7North MammonNov-01-200644 months
6The BoogeymanOct-25-200654 months
5AftermathOct-18-200654 months
4PsychodramaOct-11-200644 months
3The Perfect StormOct-04-200644 months
2P911Sep-27-200664 months
1The Fisher King (2)Sep-20-200634 months
Episode[no episode title yet]Sep-20-200621 year
122The Fisher King (1)May-10-200653 months
21Secrets and LiesMay-03-200663 months
20Charm and HarmApr-19-200673 months
19MachismoApr-12-200643 months
18Somebody's WatchingMar-29-200663 months
17A Real RainMar-22-200653 months
16The TribeMar-08-200653 months
15Unfinished BusinessMar-01-200663 months
14Riding the LightningJan-25-200643 months
13PoisonJan-18-200663 months
12What Fresh Hell?Jan-11-200653 months
11Blood HungryDec-14-200563 months
10The Popular KidsNov-30-200553 months
9DerailedNov-23-200563 months
8Natural Born KillerNov-16-200553 months
7The FoxNov-09-200543 months
6L.D.S.K.Nov-02-200563 months
5Broken MirrorOct-19-200543 months
4Plain SightOct-12-200563 months
3Won't Get Fooled AgainOct-05-200553 months
2CompulsionSep-28-200553 months
1Extreme AggressorSep-22-200543 months
04[no episode title yet]08 years
3[no episode title yet]08 years
2[no episode title yet]08 years
1[no episode title yet]08 years

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