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Come Dine with Me

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the 1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings…

Genre: Food

Release Date: January 10, 2005

Status: Running

Network: Channel 4 (Official Website)

Casts: Dave Lamb

Most recent episode: Come Dine with Me Season 2022 Episode 55 - Bournemouth 5/5 ( 11/18/2022 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
202255Bournemouth 5/5Nov-18-202202 months
54Bournemouth 4/5Nov-17-202202 months
53Bournemouth 3/5Nov-16-202202 months
52Bournemouth 2/5Nov-15-202202 months
51Bournemouth 1/5Nov-14-202202 months
50Liverpool 5/5Nov-11-202202 months
49Liverpool 4/5Nov-10-202202 months
48Liverpool 3/5Nov-09-202202 months
47Liverpool 2/5Nov-08-202202 months
46Liverpool 1/5Nov-07-202202 months
45Manchester 5/5Nov-04-202202 months
44Manchester 4/5Nov-03-202202 months
43Manchester 3/5Nov-02-202202 months
42Manchester 2/5Nov-01-202202 months
41Manchester 1/5Oct-31-202202 months
40Leamington Spa 5/5Oct-28-202202 months
39Leamington Spa 4/5Oct-27-202202 months
38Leamington Spa 3/5Oct-26-202202 months
37Leamington Spa 2/5Oct-25-202202 months
36Leamington Spa 1/5Oct-24-202202 months
35Essex 5/5Oct-21-202202 months
34Essex 4/5Oct-20-202202 months
33Essex 3/5Oct-19-202202 months
32Essex 2/5Oct-18-202202 months
31Essex 1/5Oct-17-202202 months
30Durham 5/5Jun-24-202205 months
29Durham 4/5Jun-23-202205 months
28Durham 3/5Jun-22-202205 months
27Durham 2/5Jun-21-202205 months
26Durham 1/5Jun-20-202205 months
25South London 5/5Jun-17-202205 months
24South London 4/5Jun-16-202205 months
23South London 3/5Jun-15-202205 months
22South London 2/5Jun-14-202205 months
21South London 1/5Jun-13-202205 months
20Edinburgh 5/5Jun-10-202205 months
19Edinburgh 4/5Jun-09-202205 months
18Edinburgh 3/5Jun-08-202205 months
17Edinburgh 2/5Jun-07-202205 months
16Edinburgh 1/5Jun-06-202205 months
15Sheffield (5/5)Jun-03-202205 months
14Sheffield (4/5)Jun-02-202205 months
13Sheffield (3/5)Jun-01-202205 months
12Sheffield (2/5)May-31-202205 months
11Sheffield (1/5)May-30-202205 months
10Swansea (5/5)Mar-04-202205 months
9Swansea (4/5)Mar-03-202205 months
8Swansea (3/5)Mar-02-202205 months
7Swansea (2/5)Mar-01-202205 months
6Swansea (1/5)Feb-28-202205 months
5Gloucestershire (5/5)Feb-25-202205 months
4Gloucestershire (4/5)Feb-24-202205 months
3Gloucestershire (3/5)Feb-23-202205 months
2Gloucestershire (2/5)Feb-22-202205 months
1Gloucestershire (1/5)Feb-21-202205 months
202126Glasgow 5/5Sep-24-202105 months
25Glasgow 4/5Sep-23-202105 months
24Glasgow 3/5Sep-22-202105 months
23Glasgow 2/5Sep-21-202105 months
22Glasgow 1/5Sep-20-202105 months
21North West 6/6Sep-10-202105 months
20North West 5/6Sep-10-202105 months
19North West 4/6Sep-09-202105 months
18North West 3/6Sep-08-202105 months
17North West 2/6Sep-07-202105 months
16North West 1/6Sep-06-202105 months
15Paralympic special 5/5Aug-20-202105 months
14Paralympic special 4/5Aug-19-202105 months
13Paralympic special 3/5Aug-18-202105 months
12Paralympic special 2/5Aug-17-202105 months
11Paralympic special 1/5Aug-16-202105 months
10Sussex 5/5Aug-13-202105 months
9Sussex 4/5Aug-12-202105 months
8Sussex 3/5Aug-11-202105 months
7Sussex 2/5Aug-10-202105 months
6Sussex 1/5Aug-09-202105 months
5Basingstoke 5/5Aug-06-202105 months
4Basingstoke 4/5Aug-05-202105 months
3Basingstoke 3/5Aug-04-202105 months
2Basingstoke 2/5Aug-03-202105 months
1Basingstoke 1/5Aug-02-202105 months
202020Cumbria 5/5Jul-10-202005 months
19Cumbria 4/5Jul-09-202005 months
18Cumbria 3/5Jul-08-202005 months
17Cumbria 2/5Jul-07-202005 months
16Cumbria 1/5Jul-06-202005 months
15Brighton 5/5Jul-03-202005 months
14Brighton 4/5Jul-02-202005 months
13Brighton 3/5Jul-01-202005 months
12Brighton 2/5Jun-30-202005 months
11Brighton 1/5Jun-29-202005 months
10Hull 5/5Jun-26-202005 months
9Hull 4/5Jun-25-202005 months
8Hull 3/5Jun-24-202005 months
7Hull 2/5Jun-23-202005 months
6Hull 1/5Jun-22-202005 months
5Hertfordshire 5/5Jun-19-202005 months
4Hertfordshire 4/5Jun-18-202005 months
3Hertfordshire 3/5Jun-17-202005 months
2Hertfordshire 2/5Jun-16-202005 months
1Hertfordshire 1/5Jun-15-202005 months
20195Essex 5/5Mar-15-201905 months
4Essex 4/5Mar-14-201905 months
3Essex 3/5Mar-13-201905 months
2Essex 2/5Mar-12-201905 months
1Essex 1/5Mar-11-201905 months
201875Blackpool and Preston 5/5Sep-14-201805 months
74Blackpool and Preston 4/5Sep-13-201805 months
73Blackpool and Preston 3/5Sep-12-201805 months
72Blackpool and Preston 2/5Sep-11-201805 months
71Blackpool and Preston 1/5Sep-10-201805 months
70Swindon and Marlborough 5/5Sep-07-201805 months
69Swindon and Marlborough 4/5Sep-06-201805 months
68Swindon and Marlborough 3/5Sep-05-201805 months
67Swindon and Marlborough 2/5Sep-04-201805 months
66Swindon and Marlborough 1/5Sep-03-201805 months
65West Midlands 5/5Aug-31-201805 months
64West Midlands 4/5Aug-30-201805 months
63West Midlands 3/5Aug-29-201805 months
62West Midlands 2/5Aug-28-201805 months
61West Midlands 1/5Aug-27-201805 months
60Gloucestershire 5/5Aug-24-201805 months
59Gloucestershire 4/5Aug-23-201805 months
58Gloucestershire 3/5Aug-22-201805 months
57Gloucestershire 2/5Aug-21-201805 months
56Gloucestershire 1/5Aug-20-201805 months
55Essex 5/5Aug-17-201805 months
54Essex 4/5.Aug-16-201805 months
53Essex 3/5Aug-15-201805 months
52Essex 2/5Aug-14-201805 months
51Essex 1/5Aug-13-201805 months
50Leeds 5/5Aug-10-201805 months
49Leeds 4/5Aug-09-201805 months
48Leeds 3/5Aug-08-201805 months
47Leeds 2/5Aug-07-201805 months
46Leeds 1/5Aug-06-201805 months
45Newcastle 5/5Aug-03-201805 months
44Newcastle 4/5Aug-02-201805 months
43Newcastle 3/5Aug-01-201805 months
42Newcastle 2/5Jul-31-201805 months
41Newcastle 1/5Jul-30-201805 months
40Birmingham 5/5Jul-27-201805 months
39Birmingham 4/5Jul-26-201805 months
38Birmingham 3/5Jul-25-201805 months
37Birmingham 2/5Jul-24-201805 months
36Birmingham 1/5Jul-23-201805 months
35Reading 5/5Jul-20-201805 months
34Reading 4/5Jul-19-201805 months
33Reading 3/5Jul-18-201805 months
32Reading 2/5Jul-17-201805 months
31Reading 1/5Jul-16-201805 months
30Brighton 5/5Jul-13-201805 months
29Brighton 4/5Jul-12-201805 months
28Brighton 3/5Jul-11-201805 months
27Brighton 2/5Jul-10-201805 months
26Brighton 1/5Jul-09-201805 months
25Surrey 5/5Jul-06-201805 months
24Surrey 4/5Jul-05-201805 months
23Surrey 3/5Jul-04-201805 months
22Surrey 2/5Jul-03-201805 months
21Surrey 1/5Jul-02-201805 months
20Edinburgh 5/5Jun-29-201805 months
19Edinburgh 4/5Jun-28-201805 months
18Edinburgh 3/5Jun-27-201805 months
17Edinburgh 2/5Jun-26-201805 months
16Edinburgh 1/5Jun-25-201805 months
15Cardiff 5/5Jun-22-201805 months
14Cardiff 4/5Jun-21-201805 months
13Cardiff 3/5Jun-20-201805 months
12Cardiff 2/5Jun-19-201805 months
11Cardiff 1/5Jun-18-201805 months
10Greater Manchester 5/5Jun-15-201805 months
9Greater Manchester 4/5Jun-14-201805 months
8Greater Manchester 3/5Jun-13-201805 months
7Greater Manchester 2/5Jun-12-201805 months
6Greater Manchester 1/5Jun-11-201805 months
5GlasgowJan-08-201805 months
4BelfastJan-05-201805 months
3SheffieldJan-04-201805 months
2BirminghamJan-03-201805 months
1Nottingham, Derby and LeicesterJan-02-201805 months
201743Swansea 5/5Dec-08-201705 months
42Swansea 4/5Dec-07-201705 months
41Swansea 3/5Dec-06-201705 months
40Swansea 2/5Dec-05-201705 months
39Swansea 1/5Dec-04-201705 months
38Episode 10Dec-01-201705 months
37Episode 9Nov-30-201705 months
36Episode 8Nov-29-201705 months
35Episode 7Nov-28-201705 months
34Episode 6Nov-27-201705 months
33Episode 5Nov-24-201705 months
32Episode 4Nov-23-201705 months
31Episode 3Nov-22-201705 months
30Episode 2Nov-21-201705 months
29Episode 1Nov-20-201705 months
28NorwichFeb-14-201705 months
27East SussexFeb-13-201705 months
26Hertfordshire - Martin, Amanda, Junior, SusanFeb-10-201705 months
25Glasgow - Jane, Suleman, Jamie, AnnaFeb-09-201705 months
24West Midlands - Sandra, Craig, Fraser, DebbieFeb-08-201705 months
23North East - Philip, India, Melissa, ArnandFeb-07-201705 months
22Fife - Nicky, Kerry, Byam, KeithFeb-06-201705 months
21Essex - Kyla, Lisa, Lee, ChrisFeb-03-201705 months
20Cheltenham - Nik, Julian, Georgia, CharlotteFeb-02-201705 months
19Cambridgeshire - Hollie, Jayne, Matt, RicFeb-01-201705 months
18Lowestoft - Julia, Simon, Jo, PaulJan-31-201705 months
17Watford and Hemel Hempstead - Mabs, Sam, Ben, PerdiJan-27-201705 months
16North Kent - Wendy, Sam, Lauren, MichaelJan-26-201705 months
15South London and Croydon - Craig, Thibault, Gill, RachelleJan-25-201705 months
14Staffordshire - Linda, Abbie, James, ThomJan-24-201705 months
13Birmingham - Chris, Ruby, Adrian, HayleyJan-23-201705 months
12Reading - Victoria, Barry, Kathleen, LamriJan-20-201705 months
11Newcastle - Charity, Craig, Glen, SanilaJan-19-201705 months
10Cotswolds - Daniel, Blanche, Kristian, RachelJan-18-201705 months
9Bury St Edmunds - Phil, Paula, James, JulieJan-17-201705 months
8Glasgow: Lucy, Erica, Anthony, JamesJan-16-201705 months
7Crewe and Stoke: Sarah, Kevin, Kayode, YvetteJan-11-201705 months
6Maidstone and Rochester: Jhiselle, Simon, Suzanne, PeterJan-10-201705 months
5London: Caroline, Lliane, Gareth, CallumJan-09-201705 months
4Scotland: Jennifer, Rory, Darren & LinsayJan-06-201705 months
3Essex: Sacha, Farazana, Gary & KellyJan-05-201705 months
2Woking and Guildford: Mignonne, Neil, Julie, DanielJan-04-201705 months
1Brighton: Clint, Ndana, Sue and EdJan-03-201705 months
201684West Midlands: MichaelDec-16-201605 months
83West Midlands: PaulDec-15-201605 months
82West Midlands: KimDec-14-201605 months
81West Midlands: MarcDec-13-201605 months
80West Midlands: SueDec-12-201605 months
79Edinburgh: JamesDec-09-201605 months
78Edinburgh: AnneDec-08-201605 months
77Edinburgh: SindisoDec-07-201605 months
76Edinburgh: NutanDec-06-201605 months
75Edinburgh: LarahDec-05-201605 months
74Liverpool: ChristineDec-02-201605 months
73Liverpool:Dec-01-201605 months
72Liverpool: ToriaNov-30-201605 months
71Liverpool: SamNov-29-201605 months
70Liverpool: RobNov-28-201605 months
69Leeds: LynneNov-25-201605 months
68Leeds: MattNov-24-201605 months
67Leeds: DanielleNov-23-201605 months
66Leeds: AndyNov-22-201605 months
65Leeds: AliceNov-21-201605 months
64Belfast: MartyNov-18-201605 months
63Belfast: CushlaNov-17-201605 months
62Belfast: JustinNov-16-201605 months
61Belfast: JulieNov-15-201605 months
60Belfast: SteveNov-14-201605 months
59Belfast: PaulOct-26-201605 months
58Belfast: NeilOct-25-201605 months
57Belfast: ClaireOct-24-201605 months
56Leicester: TajOct-21-201605 months
55Leicester: HanOct-20-201605 months
54Leicester: AndyOct-19-201605 months
53Leicester: ShanOct-18-201605 months
52Swansea: JulieOct-14-201605 months
51Swansea: TulaOct-13-201605 months
50Swansea: KolaOct-12-201605 months
49Swansea: RossOct-11-201605 months
48Swansea: AnthonyOct-10-201605 months
47Nottingham/Derby: LesleyOct-07-201605 months
46Nottingham/Derby: AdamOct-06-201605 months
45Nottingham: KimOct-05-201605 months
44Nottingham/Derby: AlistairOct-04-201605 months
43Nottingham/Derby: HaliOct-03-201605 months
42Preston: AnthonyAug-20-201605 months
41Preston: JustinaAug-20-201605 months
40Preston: MartinAug-20-201605 months
39Preston: LottieAug-20-201605 months
38Lytham St Annes and Southport: TanyaAug-06-201605 months
37Lytham St Annes and Southport: MarkAug-06-201605 months
36Lytham St Annes and Southport: SavannahAug-06-201605 months
35Lytham St Annes and Southport: OllieAug-06-201605 months
34Swansea: JadeMar-19-201605 months
33Swansea: LeonMar-19-201605 months
32Swansea: ArwelMar-19-201605 months
31Swansea: AnnaMar-19-201605 months
30Costa del SolMar-04-201605 months
29SuffolkMar-03-201605 months
28SouthamptonMar-02-201605 months
27SwindonMar-01-201605 months
26ShropshireFeb-29-201605 months
25MarbellaFeb-26-201605 months
24Greater ManchesterFeb-25-201605 months
23North WiltshireFeb-24-201605 months
22East LondonFeb-23-201605 months
21YorkFeb-22-201605 months
20NorthamptonJan-29-201605 months
19LeicesterJan-28-201605 months
18CambridgeJan-27-201605 months
17CardiffJan-26-201605 months
16GlasgowJan-25-201605 months
15BristolJan-22-201605 months
14Milton KeynesJan-21-201605 months
13OxfordshireJan-20-201605 months
12YorkJan-19-201605 months
11ColchesterJan-18-201605 months
10PortsmouthJan-15-201605 months
9MidlandsJan-14-201605 months
8South East LondonJan-13-201605 months
7WolverhamptonJan-12-201605 months
6CambridgeshireJan-11-201605 months
5CardiffJan-08-201605 months
4ManchesterJan-07-201605 months
3GlasgowJan-06-201605 months
2SomersetJan-05-201605 months
1East OxfordshireJan-04-201605 months
2015100Derbyhire: PatriciaNov-20-201505 months
99Derbyshire: GarethNov-19-201505 months
98Derbyshire: KatNov-18-201505 months
97Derbyshire: FrazerNov-17-201505 months
96Derbyshire: LydiaNov-16-201505 months
95Peterborough: RosieNov-13-201505 months
94Peterborough: GregoryNov-12-201505 months
93Peterborough: BenNov-11-201505 months
92Peterborough: ChristineNov-10-201505 months
91Peterborough: MoonyNov-09-201505 months
90Sheffield: SimonNov-06-201505 months
89Sheffield: IvorNov-05-201505 months
88Sheffield: MonikaNov-04-201505 months
87Sheffield: ClaireNov-03-201505 months
86Sheffield: HelenNov-02-201505 months
85Devon: AjayOct-30-201505 months
84Devon: NickOct-29-201505 months
83Devon: PascaleOct-28-201505 months
82Devon: SimonOct-27-201505 months
81Devon: HannahOct-26-201505 months
80Guildford: NeilOct-23-201505 months
79Guildford: DavidOct-22-201505 months
78Guildford: CharlotteOct-21-201505 months
77Guildford: ViviOct-20-201505 months
76Guildford: ShaniceOct-19-201505 months
75County Durham: DavidOct-16-201505 months
74County Durham: TinaOct-15-201505 months
73County Durham: StephenOct-14-201505 months
72County Durham: AshleighOct-13-201505 months
71County Durham: JulieOct-12-201505 months
70Leeds: AbbiOct-02-201505 months
69Leeds: AlexOct-01-201505 months
68Leeds: PhilSep-30-201505 months
67Leeds: JanetSep-29-201505 months
66Leeds: SarahSep-28-201505 months
65North Surrey: GiovanniSep-25-201505 months
64North Surrey: PetrinaSep-24-201505 months
63North Surrey: RobSep-23-201505 months
62North Surrey: ShobaSep-22-201505 months
61North Surrey: BeckySep-21-201505 months
60Birmingham: All in OneSep-18-201505 months
59North London: All in OneSep-17-201505 months
58Maidenhead: All in OneSep-16-201505 months
57Southport: All in OneSep-15-201505 months
56Worcestershire: All in OneSep-14-201505 months
55Bolton: All in OneSep-11-201505 months
54Preston: All in OneSep-10-201505 months
53Edinburgh: All in OneSep-09-201505 months
52Berkshire: All in OneSep-08-201505 months
51St. Helens: All in OneSep-07-201505 months
50Worcester: All in OneSep-04-201505 months
49Birmingham: All in OneSep-03-201505 months
48Bolton: All in OneSep-02-201505 months
47Chester: All in OneSep-01-201505 months
46Eastbourne: All in OneAug-31-201505 months
45Swansea: All in OneAug-28-201505 months
44Nottingham: All in OneAug-27-201505 months
43Chester: All in OneAug-26-201505 months
42Preston: All in OneAug-25-201505 months
41North London: All in OneAug-24-201505 months
2014140Bedfordshire: All in OneMar-20-201505 months
139Derby: All In OneMar-19-201505 months
138Swansea: All in OneMar-18-201505 months
137Brighton: All In OneMar-17-201505 months
136Luton: All in OneMar-16-201505 months
135West Yorkshire: All in OneMar-06-201505 months
134Oxford: All in OneMar-05-201505 months
133Leeds: All in OneMar-04-201505 months
132Bath: All in OneMar-03-201505 months
131Newcastle and Northumberland: All in OneMar-02-201505 months
130Leicestershire: All in OneFeb-27-201505 months
129Sheffield: All in OneFeb-26-201505 months
128Bristol: All in OneFeb-25-201505 months
127Southampton: All in OneFeb-24-201505 months
126Exeter: All in OneFeb-23-201505 months
125Black Country and Telford: All In OneFeb-20-201505 months
124Liverpool: All In OneFeb-19-201505 months
123Salisbury: All In OneFeb-18-201505 months
122Telford and Stafford: All In OneFeb-17-201505 months
121South East London: All In OneFeb-16-201505 months
120Newcastle, VickyJan-30-201505 months
119Newcastle, JohnJan-29-201505 months
118Newcastle, LizJan-28-201505 months
117Newcastle, DavidJan-27-201505 months
116Newcastle, ClaireJan-26-201505 months
115Norwich, RichardJan-23-201505 months
114Norwich, BarnabyJan-22-201505 months
113Norwich, JakeJan-21-201505 months
112Norwich, KarenaJan-20-201505 months
111Norwich, Jo-AnneJan-19-201505 months
110Hull, GeorgeJan-16-201505 months
109Hull, NatalieJan-15-201505 months
108Hull, KatrenaJan-14-201505 months
107Hull, JamesJan-13-201505 months
106Hull, JennieJan-12-201505 months
105Gloucestershire, ChrisJan-09-201505 months
104Gloucestershire, PollyJan-08-201505 months
103Gloucestershire, CarmelJan-07-201505 months
102Gloucestershire, SophieJan-06-201505 months
101Gloucestershire, IanJan-05-201505 months
100Weston-super-Mare, TracyOct-24-201405 months
99Weston-super-Mare, ChrisOct-23-201405 months
98Weston-super-Mare, NancyOct-22-201405 months
97Weston-super-Mare, HarryOct-21-201405 months
96Weston-super-Mare, AmandaOct-20-201405 months
95Boston, Carolyn WhileyOct-17-201405 months
94Boston, Sylwia DavyOct-16-201405 months
93Boston, Adrian DaubneyOct-15-201405 months
92Boston, Katy SpenceOct-14-201405 months
91Boston, Annika TaylorOct-13-201405 months
90Llanelli, AinsleyOct-10-201405 months
89Llanelli, MeicOct-09-201405 months
88Llanelli, ChristineOct-08-201405 months
87Llanelli, SteveOct-07-201405 months
86Llanelli, CharlotteOct-06-201405 months
85Derby, David MorrisOct-03-201405 months
2013184Derby, Ondine ShardlowOct-02-201405 months
183Derby, Beth DunmoreOct-01-201405 months
182Derby, Jo-AnnaSep-30-201405 months
181Derby, Dale HarveySep-29-201405 months
180Liverpool: All in OneSep-26-201405 months
179South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire: All in OneSep-25-201405 months
178Coventry: All in OneSep-24-201405 months
177Weymouth: All in OneSep-23-201405 months
176South East Essex: All in OneSep-22-201405 months
175Tyne and Wear: All in OneSep-19-201405 months
174South East London: All in OneSep-18-201405 months
173Torquay and Torbay: All in OneSep-17-201405 months
172Chelmsford and Brentwood: All in OneSep-16-201405 months
171Basingstoke: All in OneSep-15-201405 months
170Northampton, Duncan FieldingMay-30-201405 months
169Northampton, Barb WilesMay-29-201405 months
168Northampton, Caroline NashMay-28-201405 months
167Northampton, DonnaMay-27-201405 months
166Northampton, James CoxMay-26-201405 months
2012265Sutton Coldfield, Patrick McMurrayMay-23-201405 months
264Sutton Coldfield, Sharon WozniakMay-22-201405 months
263Sutton Coldfield, Randy JohnsonMay-21-201405 months
262Sutton Coldfield, Eva PhilippouMay-20-201405 months
261Sutton Coldfield, Laetitia KotsiopoulosMay-19-201405 months
260South London, Charlotte SundbergMay-16-201405 months
259South London, Raphael SteeleMay-15-201405 months
258South London, Licia SnowMay-14-201405 months
257South London, Matt WrenMay-13-201405 months
256South London, Michelle CamachoMay-12-201405 months
255Glasgow, Yvonne FinlaysonMay-09-201405 months
254Glasgow, Erwin OrduzMay-08-201405 months
253Glasgow, Michelle BlackettMay-07-201405 months
252Glasgow, Graeme CurleyMay-06-201405 months
251Glasgow, Alison BennettMay-05-201405 months
250Vale of Aylesbury, Mike BottoMay-02-201405 months
249Vale of Aylesbury, Greg PearsonMay-01-201405 months
248Vale of Aylesbury, Bekki JonesApr-30-201405 months
247Vale of Aylesbury, John FeoreApr-29-201405 months
246Vale of Aylesbury, Natalie DixonApr-28-201405 months
245Dumfries and Galloway, Tammy RiceApr-25-201405 months
244Dumfries and Galloway, Josh JonesApr-24-201405 months
243Dumfries and Galloway, Tommy JardineApr-23-201405 months
242Dumfries and Galloway, Olive MelvilleApr-22-201405 months
241Dumfries and Galloway, Charlene Fry-HendersonApr-21-201405 months
240Cumbria, Wendy TinnionApr-18-201405 months
239Cumbria, Holly VenningApr-17-201405 months
238Cumbria, Katy CropperApr-16-201405 months
237Cumbria, Jonny ThompsonApr-15-201405 months
236Cumbria, Andrew CarruthersApr-14-201405 months
235Woking and Weybridge, Kelly CumminsApr-11-201405 months
234Woking and Weybridge, Sara GildingApr-10-201405 months
233Woking and Weybridge, Steve CarvillApr-09-201405 months
232Woking and Weybridge, Sarah MaynardApr-08-201405 months
231Woking and Weybridge, Vincenzo FerlitaApr-07-201405 months
230Wigan, Caroline HeavenFeb-28-201405 months
229Wigan, Simon GrimwoodFeb-27-201405 months
228Wigan, Alan GregoryFeb-26-201405 months
227Wigan, Natalie CromptonFeb-25-201405 months
226Wigan, Geoff ConwayFeb-24-201405 months
225Essex, Kerrie Brinkley-WhittingtonFeb-21-201405 months
224Essex, Richard HarrisFeb-20-201405 months
223Essex, Claire KellyFeb-19-201405 months
222Essex, Anthony StreetFeb-18-201405 months
221Essex, Tony HoustonFeb-17-201405 months
220North Devon, Viv FosterFeb-14-201405 months
219North Devon, Jenny FoxFeb-13-201405 months
218North Devon, Damion FearnleyFeb-12-201405 months
217North Devon, Kirsten BrendFeb-11-201405 months
216North Devon, Hector ChristieFeb-10-201405 months
215Eastbourne, Russell TurnbullFeb-07-201405 months
214Eastbourne, Adam HoltFeb-06-201405 months
213Eastbourne, Becci MoloneyFeb-05-201405 months
212Eastbourne, Anne-Marie HamiltonFeb-04-201405 months
211Eastbourne, Kirsty DavenportFeb-03-201405 months
210Welsh Valleys, Gill LeonardJan-30-201405 months
209Welsh Valleys, Ryan WoodwardJan-30-201405 months
208Welsh Valleys, Tasnim SardarJan-29-201405 months
207Welsh Valleys, Dave MorrisJan-28-201405 months
206Welsh Valleys, Kerry Bolwell-WilliamsJan-27-201405 months
205All in One: WorcestershireJan-10-201405 months
204All in One: BristolJan-09-201405 months
203All in One: SuffolkJan-08-201405 months
202All in One: NorthumberlandJan-07-201405 months
201All in One: South OxfordshireJan-06-201405 months
200North Kent, John TowerJul-16-201305 months
199North Kent, Yvette TamaraJul-15-201305 months
198Merseyside, Jamie SomersJul-12-201305 months
197Merseyside, Anna SeniorJul-11-201305 months
196Merseyside, Jade ChantelleJul-10-201305 months
195Merseyside, Steven BoothJul-09-201305 months
194Merseyside, Danielle GreenwoodJul-08-201305 months
193Lincolnshire, Alex CoxonJul-05-201305 months
192Lincolnshire, Jack StoneJul-04-201305 months
191Lincolnshire, Chris MooreJul-03-201305 months
190Lincolnshire, Ali RobertsJul-02-201305 months
189Lincolnshire, Amanda SherrattJul-01-201305 months
188Cambridge, David GoodierJun-28-201305 months
187Cambridge, Hawa SydiqueJun-27-201305 months
186Cambridge, Matt SuillivanJun-26-201305 months
185Cambridge, Kay GreenwoodJun-25-201305 months
184Cambridge, Dean FaulknerJun-24-201305 months
183Inverness, Jamie TullochJun-14-201305 months
182Inverness, Zarina AinslieJun-13-201305 months
181Inverness, David EdesJun-12-201305 months
180Inverness, Melissa KirbyJun-11-201305 months
179Inverness, Gillian SutherlandJun-10-201305 months
178Lichfield, Amanda SmithJun-07-201305 months
177Lichfield, Tim TraversJun-06-201305 months
176Lichfield, JP Goodyear-MartinezJun-05-201305 months
175Lichfield, Ronnie ImlahJun-04-201305 months
174Lichfield, James HerbertJun-03-201305 months
173Winchester, William TilsleyMay-31-201305 months
172All in One: CumbriaMay-31-201305 months
171Winchester, Georgia GrovesMay-30-201305 months
170Winchester, Patricia PearsonMay-29-201305 months
169Winchester, Francis LeighMay-28-201305 months
168Winchester, Ptol SlatteryMay-27-201305 months
167All in One: SurreyMay-24-201305 months
166All in One: BanburyMay-17-201305 months
165All in One BurnleyMay-10-201305 months
164All in One: Turnbridge WellsMay-03-201305 months
163All in One: Kensington And ChelseaApr-07-201305 months
162Grand National Special (Part Two)Apr-05-201305 months
161Grand National Special (Part One)Apr-04-201305 months
160All in One: MiddlesbroughMar-29-201305 months
159All in One: Kings LynnMar-22-201305 months
158All in One: BenidormMar-15-201305 months
157All in One: SurreyMar-14-201305 months
156All in One: PetersboroughMar-13-201305 months
155Southend, Scott LangleyMar-08-201305 months
154All in One: ChippenhamMar-08-201305 months
153Southend, Steph BarrettMar-07-201305 months
152Southend, Damian LoneraganMar-06-201305 months
151Southend, Carol DolmanMar-05-201305 months
150Southend, Julie-Ann RaynerMar-04-201305 months
149All in One: ChesterfieldMar-01-201305 months
148Mansfield, Julia SmithMar-01-201305 months
147Mansfield, Rachel ImmsFeb-28-201305 months
146Mansfield, Gareth HardingFeb-27-201305 months
145Mansfield, TomaszFeb-26-201305 months
144Mansfield, Tina AinsworthFeb-25-201305 months
143All in One: North Kent CoastFeb-22-201305 months
142Dudley, Sarah FreemanFeb-22-201305 months
141Dudley, Vicky PellFeb-21-201305 months
140Dudley, Di DawsonFeb-20-201305 months
139Dudley, Adam ReeceFeb-19-201305 months
138Dudley, Mandeep RajputFeb-18-201305 months
137Somerset, Linda RossiterFeb-15-201305 months
136Somerset, Emily ParkerFeb-14-201305 months
135Somerset, Richard LeesFeb-13-201305 months
134Somerset, Simon DyerFeb-12-201305 months
133Somerset, Kerry MackenzieFeb-11-201305 months
132All in One: BristolFeb-10-201305 months
131Lincoln, Natashka InghamFeb-08-201305 months
130Lincoln, Richard Summers-CalvertFeb-07-201305 months
129Lincoln, Glenn PriestlyFeb-06-201305 months
128Lincoln, Caroline BevisFeb-05-201305 months
127Lincoln, Hunni HindleyFeb-04-201305 months
126All in One: EdinburghFeb-03-201305 months
125Shropshire, Paul ShuttleworthFeb-01-201305 months
124Shropshire, Josh SedgleyJan-31-201305 months
2011223Shropshire, Richard MercerJan-30-201305 months
222Shropshire, Penny TimmisJan-29-201305 months
221Shropshire, Zoe BaileyJan-28-201305 months
220All in One: BarnsleyJan-27-201305 months
219Sheffield, GinaJan-25-201305 months
218Sheffield, Tommy JonesJan-24-201305 months
217Sheffield, YanaJan-23-201305 months
216Sheffield, Paul WoodJan-22-201305 months
215Sheffield, Louise McGowanJan-21-201305 months
214All in One: Lake DistrictJan-20-201305 months
213Colchester, Jodie EdzekielJan-18-201305 months
212Colchester, James CoeJan-17-201305 months
211Colchester, AdrenaJan-16-201305 months
210Colchester, DariusJan-15-201305 months
209Colchester, Richard MasseyJan-14-201305 months
208All in One: East Coast of YorkshireJan-13-201305 months
207Portsmouth, Rose ProencaJan-11-201305 months
206Portsmouth, Christopher MarloweJan-10-201305 months
205Portsmouth, Kathy 'Hurricane' AndersonJan-09-201305 months
204All in One: WrexhamJan-08-201305 months
203Portsmouth, Will DixonJan-08-201305 months
202Portsmouth, Allison HampshireJan-07-201305 months
201All in One: Comedy Mash-UpJan-04-201305 months
200Kingston, Ken OputaJun-18-201205 months
199All in One: WindsorJun-17-201205 months
198All in One: ChichesterJun-08-201205 months
197Come Dine with Me Top 30Jun-06-201205 months
196All in One: HartlepoolJun-01-201205 months
195All in One: Jubilee SpecialMay-27-201205 months
194All in One: CrawleyMay-25-201205 months
193All in One: Great YarmouthMay-18-201205 months
192All in One: AberdeenMay-11-201205 months
191All in One: EssexMay-04-201205 months
190All in One: Folkestone and DoverApr-27-201205 months
189All in One: BirminghamApr-20-201205 months
188East Hampshire, Sue HoodApr-20-201205 months
187East Hampshire, Kyle CurtisApr-19-201205 months
186East Hampshire, Natalie Edemska-PlantApr-18-201205 months
185East Hampshire, Jax NaudiApr-17-201205 months
184East Hampshire, Nik ChristidesApr-16-201205 months
183All in One: StokeApr-13-201205 months
182Darlington, Eseyoma SodjeApr-13-201205 months
181Darlington, Charlotte LangleyApr-12-201205 months
180Darlington, Barry I'AnsonApr-11-201205 months
179Darlington, James EmsonApr-10-201205 months
178Darlington, Clair Sherwood-ParkinApr-09-201205 months
177All in One: PrestonApr-06-201205 months
176Chelmsford, Martin YoungApr-06-201205 months
175Chelmsford, John MabeyApr-05-201205 months
174Chelmsford, Deborah CroghanApr-04-201205 months
173Chelmsford, Scott JohnsonApr-03-201205 months
172Chelmsford, Alex SullivanApr-02-201205 months
171All in One: Made in Chelsea SpecialMar-31-201205 months
170All in One: WolverhamptonMar-30-201205 months
169Bath, Denis VerrierMar-30-201205 months
168Bath, Becky TylerMar-29-201205 months
167Bath, Jon WicheardMar-28-201205 months
166Bath, Mel Lewis-LegerMar-27-201205 months
165Bath, Liv SargeantMar-26-201205 months
164All in One: BasildonMar-23-201205 months
163East London, Chintu GademsettyMar-23-201205 months
162East London, Delia ElliotMar-22-201205 months
161East London, Alan PriceMar-21-201205 months
160East London, Yoshki GreenbergMar-20-201205 months
159East London, Simran SamraMar-19-201205 months
158All in One: East SussexMar-16-201205 months
157Blackpool, Nicole BarrowMar-16-201205 months
156Blackpool, Jason HowittMar-15-201205 months
155Blackpool, Paula ParadaemaMar-14-201205 months
154Blackpool, Jason FubarMar-13-201205 months
153Blackpool, Kathryn HoskissonMar-12-201205 months
152All in One: CardiffMar-11-201205 months
151All in One: StockportMar-09-201205 months
150Newport, Duncan PowellMar-09-201205 months
149Newport, Sarah KinnearMar-08-201205 months
148Newport, Emma JonesMar-07-201205 months
147Newport, Pippa BartolottiMar-06-201205 months
146Newport, Jay ColemanMar-05-201205 months
145York, Rebecca RyanMar-02-201205 months
144All in One: Costa del Sol 2Mar-02-201205 months
143York, Yvonne McGillMar-01-201205 months
142York, Annie AlbericciFeb-29-201205 months
141York, Trevor RooneyFeb-28-201205 months
140York, Steve CarlyleFeb-27-201205 months
139All in One: WatfordFeb-24-201205 months
138Belfast , Fiona RushFeb-24-201205 months
137Belfast , Rosie SmythFeb-23-201205 months
136Belfast , Cat AndersonFeb-22-201205 months
135Belfast , Lenny IrvingFeb-21-201205 months
134Belfast, Marcus Hunter-NeillFeb-20-201205 months
133Glasgow, Caroline WardropeFeb-17-201205 months
132All in One: North LondonFeb-17-201205 months
131Glasgow, Siobhan DaleyFeb-16-201205 months
130Glasgow, Mandy WongFeb-15-201205 months
129Glasgow, Paul CowanFeb-14-201205 months
128Glasgow, Craig Alexander WilsonFeb-13-201205 months
127Oxford, Heidi KellowayFeb-10-201205 months
126All in One: SheffieldFeb-10-201205 months
125Oxford, James HearleFeb-09-201205 months
124Oxford, Victoria CollettFeb-08-201205 months
123Oxford, Richard BerreclothFeb-07-201205 months
122Oxford, Marlon WilliamsFeb-06-201205 months
121East Kent, Stephen DrewFeb-03-201205 months
120All in One: OldhamFeb-03-201205 months
119East Kent, Sally ParryFeb-02-201205 months
118East Kent, Emma PhillipsFeb-01-201205 months
117East Kent, Alexandra AustenJan-31-201205 months
116East Kent, Wes LeaverJan-30-201205 months
115Ipswich, Nikki YucelJan-27-201205 months
114All in One: South LondonJan-27-201205 months
113Ipswich, Dave JamesJan-26-201205 months
112Ipswich, David J. MarksJan-25-201205 months
111Ipswich, Kerrie PankhurstJan-24-201205 months
110Ipswich, Claire FlattJan-23-201205 months
109East Lancashire, Nigel WomackJan-20-201205 months
108All in One: ScarboroughJan-20-201205 months
107East Lancashire, Chelsea SymcoxJan-19-201205 months
106East Lancashire, Chris SlaterJan-18-201205 months
105East Lancashire, Jenna TattersallJan-17-201205 months
104East Lancashire, Vicki FairbrotherJan-16-201205 months
103All in One: Isle of WightJan-13-201205 months
102All in One: Celebrity SpecialJan-06-201205 months
101All in One: Derry/LondonderryJan-01-201205 months
100Middlesborough, Dawn GriffithsJul-04-201105 months
99Coventry, Michelle RussellJul-01-201105 months
98All in One: LeicesterJul-01-201105 months
97Coventry, Tony JacksonJun-30-201105 months
96Coventry, Joanne EdwardsJun-29-201105 months
95Coventry, Chris TaborJun-28-201105 months
94Coventry, Annierose CroneJun-27-201105 months
93Plymouth, Charlie BrunelJun-24-201105 months
92All in One: NorthamptonJun-24-201105 months
91Plymouth, Sarah JoyJun-23-201105 months
90Plymouth, Tony WadeJun-22-201105 months
89Plymouth, Suzanne HydeJun-21-201105 months
88Plymouth, Annie WroeJun-20-201105 months
87Hull, Glenn DavisonJun-17-201105 months
86All in One: HarrogateJun-17-201105 months
85Hull, Sarah WilliamsJun-16-201105 months
84Hull, Dan SmithJun-15-201105 months
83Hull, Krystyna StarkJun-14-201105 months
82Hull, Sarita RobinsonJun-13-201105 months
81Merseyside, Lin ReardenJun-10-201105 months
80Merseyside - Justin SumnerJun-09-201105 months
2010179Merseyside, Jean-Jacques SilittoJun-08-201105 months
178Merseyside, Ashley BurkeJun-07-201105 months
177Merseyside, Siobhan ParkinsonJun-06-201105 months
176Medway - Kent, Michael DodsworthJun-03-201105 months
175Medway - Kent , Patrick FyshJun-02-201105 months
174Medway - Kent, Esther KennedyJun-01-201105 months
173Medway - Kent, Laura LeiboMay-31-201105 months
172Medway - Kent, Nina GaskellMay-30-201105 months
171All in One: LeedsMay-29-201105 months
170All in One: NewcastleMay-22-201105 months
169All in One: ExeterMay-15-201105 months
168All in One: North East LondonMay-08-201105 months
167All in One: South East EssexMay-01-201105 months
166All in One: Royal Wedding SpecialApr-29-201105 months
165All in One: SouthamptonApr-24-201105 months
164All in One: BedfordApr-17-201105 months
163All in One: SwanseaApr-10-201105 months
162All in One: WorcesterApr-03-201105 months
161All in One: North West LondonMar-27-201105 months
160East Cheshire, Zoe MillerMar-25-201105 months
159East Cheshire, Michelle KenworthyMar-24-201105 months
158East Cheshire, Nick HawkinsMar-23-201105 months
157East Cheshire, Hazel ArdernMar-22-201105 months
156East Cheshire, Val SlaterMar-21-201105 months
155All in One: NuneatonMar-20-201105 months
154West Lancashire, Lorraine RimmerMar-18-201105 months
153West Lancashire, Louise DeeMar-17-201105 months
152West Lancashire, Chris MoseyMar-16-201105 months
151West Lancashire, Lindsay PulfordMar-15-201105 months
150West Lancashire, Ross ChapmanMar-14-201105 months
149All in One: WalsallMar-13-201105 months
148All in One: North LancashireMar-06-201105 months
147North London, Boe OlaleyeMar-04-201105 months
146North London, Joss WoolfMar-03-201105 months
145North London, Niyi AdelakunMar-02-201105 months
144North London, Francesca SawyerMar-01-201105 months
143North London, Lola OdubaFeb-28-201105 months
142All in One: AyrshireFeb-27-201105 months
141Gloucestershire, Ameena CottFeb-25-201105 months
140Gloucestershire, Marc HarrisFeb-24-201105 months
139Gloucestershire, Kayleigh HuntFeb-23-201105 months
138Gloucestershire, Gerry HillFeb-22-201105 months
137Gloucestershire, Zac KwintnerFeb-21-201105 months
136All in One: DorsetFeb-20-201105 months
135Birmingham, Toni ShuklaFeb-18-201105 months
134Birmingham, Paz ThakrarFeb-17-201105 months
133Birmingham, Vanessa ErigbogboFeb-16-201105 months
132Birmingham, John FennelFeb-15-201105 months
131Birmingham, April RichardsFeb-14-201105 months
130All in One: South BuckinghamshireFeb-13-201105 months
129Doncaster, Barry HillFeb-11-201105 months
128Doncaster, Signe JaseFeb-10-201105 months
127Doncaster, Tracey HewerFeb-09-201105 months
126Doncaster, Martyn BilbyFeb-08-201105 months
125Doncaster, Zoe PrinceFeb-07-201105 months
124All in One: West NottinghamshireFeb-06-201105 months
123Nottingham, Barry DickmanFeb-04-201105 months
122Nottingham, Brian HodgesFeb-03-201105 months
121Nottingham, Janice OvertonFeb-02-201105 months
120Nottingham, Alex FosterFeb-01-201105 months
119Nottingham, Stephanie HaleJan-31-201105 months
118All in One: West LincolnshireJan-30-201105 months
117West London, Jane WelchJan-28-201105 months
116West London, Emma Boardman MagliocchettiJan-27-201105 months
115West London, ZaeJan-26-201105 months
114West London, Steve CapelJan-25-201105 months
113West London, Azzi KaliliJan-24-201105 months
112All in One: East LancashireJan-23-201105 months
111Cardiff, Stewart DuffJan-22-201105 months
110Cardiff, Gina Goddard-BellJan-22-201105 months
109Cardiff, Emma NurseJan-22-201105 months
108Cardiff, Huw JonesJan-22-201105 months
107Cardiff, Sophie Hunter-BrownJan-22-201105 months
106Kent, Chris NewboldJan-21-201105 months
105Kent, Anthony WaitJan-20-201105 months
104Kent, Donna GrievesJan-19-201105 months
103Kent, Marcello MarinoJan-18-201105 months
102Kent, Lydia JonesJan-17-201105 months
101All in One: Celebrity Special, Diane Abbott, Terry Christian, Wayne Sleep, Danielle LloydJan-10-201105 months
100All in One: SouthendSep-17-201005 months
99Peterborough, Ricky DentSep-17-201005 months
98Peterborough, Aly NicholsonSep-16-201005 months
97Peterborough, Carolle BarlowSep-15-201005 months
96All in One: Celebrity Special, Debbie McGee, Lembit Öpik, Iain Lee, Jodie MarshSep-14-201005 months
95Peterborough, Shane JacksonSep-14-201005 months
94Peterborough, Parveen AshrafSep-13-201005 months
93East London, January Jones-OmatajoSep-10-201005 months
92East London, Sarah AngoldSep-09-201005 months
91East London, Timothy SandersonSep-08-201005 months
90East London, Ryan WatersSep-07-201005 months
89All in One: Big Brother Winners, Nadia Almada, Brian Belo, Sophie Reade, Brian DowlingSep-06-201005 months
88East London, Vicki PengilleySep-06-201005 months
87Brighton, AnaSep-03-201005 months
86Brighton, Alistair JamesSep-02-201005 months
85Brighton, DJ MelodySep-01-201005 months
84Brighton, John O'SullivanAug-31-201005 months
83Brighton, Pasha du ValentineAug-30-201005 months
82All in One: Reality Stars, Janice Dickinson, Samantha Fox, Jeff Brazier, Calum BestJul-15-201005 months
81All in One: DoncasterJul-04-201005 months
80All in One: DerbyJun-27-201005 months
79All in One, Stoke on TrentJun-20-201005 months
2009178All in One: TauntonJun-13-201005 months
177All in One: Footballers Special, Neil Ruddock John Fashanu, Carlton Palmer, Frank WorthingtonJun-09-201005 months
176All in One: WAGS Special, Nicola T, Chantelle Tagoe, Jessica Lawlor, Jude CisseJun-08-201005 months
175All in One: DarlingtonMay-30-201005 months
174All in One: Gameshows Special, Pat Sharp, Anthea Redfern, Jenny Powell, Michael BarrymoreMay-23-201005 months
173All in One: South East LondonMay-23-201005 months
172All in One: NottinghamMay-16-201005 months
171All in One: ManchesterMay-09-201005 months
170All in One: Celebrity Special, Derek Hatton, Edwina Currie, Rod Liddle, Brian PaddickMay-06-201005 months
169All in One: CheltenhamApr-28-201005 months
168All in One: BelfastApr-25-201005 months
167Extra Portions: North Kent, Stuart RichardsApr-22-201005 months
166Extra Portions: North Kent, Claire WoodApr-21-201005 months
165Extra Portions: North Kent, Dan BowmanApr-20-201005 months
164Extra Portions: North Kent, Katie Reynolds-DobbsApr-19-201005 months
163All in One: BrightonApr-18-201005 months
162Extra Portions: Birmingham, Mike OlleyApr-15-201005 months
161Extra Portions: Birmingham, Kishor PawApr-14-201005 months
160Extra Portions: Birmingham, Katie SmithApr-13-201005 months
159Extra Portions: Birmingham, Claudine StevensApr-12-201005 months
158All in One: CardiffApr-11-201005 months
157All in One: North SomersetApr-04-201005 months
156Extra Portions: North London, Nir ZamekApr-01-201005 months
155Extra Portions: North London, Bindi HoldingMar-31-201005 months
154Extra Portions: North London, Harry IaonnouMar-30-201005 months
153Extra Portions: North London, Nicole GanzMar-29-201005 months
152Extra Portions: Luton, Noorani WilliamsonMar-25-201005 months
151Extra Portions: Luton, Martin PalmerMar-24-201005 months
150Extra Portions: Luton, Luigi MuscellaMar-23-201005 months
149Extra Portions: Luton, Alison Balfour-LynnMar-22-201005 months
148All in One: DudleyMar-21-201005 months
147Extra Portions: York, Andy SwalesMar-18-201005 months
146Extra Portions: York, Famida WilsonMar-17-201005 months
145Extra Portions: York, Chris BushMar-16-201005 months
144Extra Portions: York, Claire BaronMar-15-201005 months
143All in One: Celebrity Special, Claire Sweeney, Darren Day, Kim Woodburn, Tom O'ConnorMar-14-201005 months
142Extra Portions: Royal Berkshire, Sarah LewisMar-11-201005 months
141Extra Portions: Royal Berkshire, Fred WilkinsonMar-10-201005 months
140Extra Portions: Royal Berkshire, Tony ByrdMar-09-201005 months
139Extra Portions: Royal Berkshire, Helen KentMar-08-201005 months
138Extra Portions: Blackburn, Stephen MahonMar-04-201005 months
137Extra Portions: Blackburn, Michelle BrandonMar-03-201005 months
136Extra Portions: Blackburn, Steve BurnsMar-02-201005 months
135Extra Portions: Blackburn, Kelly BarlowMar-01-201005 months
134Extra Portions: Liverpool, Lyndsey HalliganFeb-25-201005 months
133Extra Portions: Liverpool, Paul OwenFeb-24-201005 months
132Extra Portions: Liverpool, Valerie WatsonFeb-23-201005 months
131Extra Portions: Liverpool, Ray ParryFeb-22-201005 months
130Extra Portions: Celebrity, Lynne FranksFeb-18-201005 months
129Extra Portions: Celebrity, Michelle GayleFeb-17-201005 months
128Extra Portions: Celebrity, Chris EllisonFeb-16-201005 months
127Extra Portions: Celebrity, Raef BjayouFeb-15-201005 months
126South Yorkshire, Kerry LloydFeb-12-201005 months
125South Yorkshire, Gary HoldenFeb-11-201005 months
124South Yorkshire, Mark HanniganFeb-10-201005 months
123South Yorkshire, Toni MorganFeb-09-201005 months
122South Yorkshire, Alison MurrieFeb-08-201005 months
121Halifax, Steve RobertsFeb-05-201005 months
120Halifax, Diana Swales-PickeringFeb-04-201005 months
119Halifax, Edward OliverFeb-03-201005 months
118Halifax, Caroline BlackburnFeb-02-201005 months
117Halifax, Leilani TingFeb-01-201005 months
116All in One: Celebrity Special: Donald MacIntyre, Javine Hylton, David Spinx, Jan LeemingJan-31-201005 months
115Surrey (Guildford), Terry GallagherJan-29-201005 months
114Surrey (Guildford), Rachel UnderwoodJan-28-201005 months
113Surrey (Guildford), Maggie ThompsonJan-27-201005 months
112Surrey (Guildford), Amanda KeelingJan-26-201005 months
111Surrey (Guildford), Mike AldousJan-25-201005 months
110Bolton, Sarah RothwellJan-22-201005 months
109Bolton, Paul DaviesJan-21-201005 months
108Bolton, Kate MayersJan-20-201005 months
107Bolton, Mark HoggJan-19-201005 months
106Bolton, Yvonne HurstJan-18-201005 months
105Basingstoke, Spencer UrenJan-15-201005 months
104Basingstoke, Gabrielle HennigJan-14-201005 months
103Basingstoke, Richard CarpenterJan-13-201005 months
102Basingstoke, Sophie BranfieldJan-12-201005 months
101Basingstoke, Gill BuleyJan-11-201005 months
100Extra Portions: Celebrity, Caprice BourretAug-03-200905 months
99Extra Portions: Celebrity, Nancy SorrellAug-03-200905 months
98Extra Portions: East Yorkshire, John BeachellJul-30-200905 months
97Extra Portions: East Yorkshire, Sandra BrooksJul-29-200905 months
96Extra Portions: East Yorkshire, Andrew SmithJul-28-200905 months
95Extra Portions: East Yorkshire, Wendy SpencerJul-27-200905 months
94Extra Portions: Celebrity, Peter StringfellowJul-23-200905 months
93Extra Portions: Celebrity, Michelle HeatonJul-22-200905 months
92Extra Portions: Celebrity, Lee RyanJul-21-200905 months
91Extra Portions: Celebrity, Linda BarkerJul-20-200905 months
90Extra Portions: Aberdeen, Robert (Bob) CalderJul-16-200905 months
89Extra Portions: Aberdeen, Laura RojalesJul-15-200905 months
88Extra Portions: Aberdeen, Rick BreckenridgeJul-14-200905 months
87Extra Portions: Aberdeen, Amanda WestlakeJul-13-200905 months
86Extra Portions: Celebrity, MC HarveyJul-09-200905 months
85Extra Portions: Celebrity, Tamara BeckwithJul-08-200905 months
84Extra Portions: Celebrity, Lynsey de PaulJul-07-200905 months
83Extra Portions: Celebrity, Jonathan AnsellJul-06-200905 months
82Torbay, Carol SylvesterJun-19-200905 months
81Trobay, Patrick WalkerJun-18-200905 months
80Torbay, David WardJun-17-200905 months
79Torbay, Alison DeareJun-16-200905 months
78Torbay, Gavin DyerJun-15-200905 months
77Portsmouth, Lynne DerryJun-12-200905 months
76Portsmouth, Shenna IvesJun-11-200905 months
75Portsmouth, Maria WilkinsonJun-10-200905 months
74Portsmouth, Lee StaffordJun-09-200905 months
73Portsmouth, Kate HibbertJun-08-200905 months
72Dundee, Jimmy FoxJun-04-200905 months
71Dundee, Laura CunninghamJun-03-200905 months
70Dundee, Francis GlancyJun-02-200905 months
69Dundee, Tara TaskerJun-01-200905 months
68West London, Thoby YoungMay-29-200905 months
67West London, Amii Van AmerongenMay-28-200905 months
66West London, Sabrina GhaynorMay-27-200905 months
65West London, Hugo PreeceMay-26-200905 months
64West London, Greg BasireMay-25-200905 months
63All in One: CroydonMay-24-200905 months
62All in One: BristolMay-17-200905 months
61All in One: LutonMay-10-200905 months
60All in One: BlackpoolMay-05-200905 months
59All in One: WolverhamptonMay-03-200905 months
58All in One: Isle Of WightApr-26-200905 months
57All in One: BirminghamApr-19-200905 months
56All in One: TeessideApr-05-200905 months
55All in One: HuddersfieldMar-29-200905 months
54All in One: SouthamptonMar-15-200905 months
53All in One: West YorkshireMar-08-200905 months
52All in One: SwindonMar-01-200905 months
51All in One: Celebrity Special, Raef Bjayou, Chris Ellison, Michelle Gayle, Lynne FranksFeb-22-200905 months
50Sunderland, Roy LedgerFeb-20-200905 months
49Sunderland, Anthony Merton-SmithFeb-19-200905 months
48Sunderland, Ashley HughesFeb-18-200905 months
47Sunderland, Bernice SaltzerFeb-17-200905 months
46Sunderland, Tony GriffithsFeb-16-200905 months
45All in One: Celebrity Special, Julia Bradbury, Philip Olivier, Edwina Currie, Christopher BigginsFeb-15-200905 months
44Manchester, Chris BradyFeb-13-200905 months
43Manchester, Shaida ShippingFeb-12-200905 months
42Manchester, Jane BatesFeb-11-200905 months
41Manchester, Matthew NicholsFeb-10-200905 months
40Manchester, Dave WheelerFeb-09-200905 months
39South London, Moni BarhjiFeb-05-200905 months
38South London, Peter RixhamFeb-04-200905 months
37South London, Lisa ConnellFeb-03-200905 months
36South London, Judi LembkeFeb-02-200905 months
35Ipswich, Gerard KingJan-30-200905 months
34Ipswich, Lisa QuintonJan-29-200905 months
33Ipswich, Angie RobertsonJan-28-200905 months
32Ipswich, Barry DavisJan-27-200905 months
31Ipswich, Zoë CondonJan-26-200905 months
30Preston, Paul MorrisJan-23-200905 months
29Preston, Dawn BarryJan-22-200905 months
28Preston, Bernard DorsettJan-21-200905 months
27Preston, Valerie HollidayJan-20-200905 months
26Preston, Nigel EvansJan-19-200905 months
25Celebrity Special, Linda LusardiJan-16-200905 months
24Celebrity Special, Abi TitmussJan-15-200905 months
23Celebrity Special, Paul RossJan-14-200905 months
22Celebrity Special, Lesley JosephJan-13-200905 months
21Celebrity Special, Rodney MarshJan-12-200905 months
20Extra Portions: Coventry, Marie Hughes-PriceJan-09-200905 months
19Extra Portions: Coventry, Jon BramleyJan-09-200905 months
18Extra Portions: Coventry, Vera Phillips GriffithJan-09-200905 months
17Extra Portions: Coventry, James PaleyJan-09-200905 months
16Extra Portions: Bath, Annie ToddJan-08-200905 months
15Extra Portions: Bath, Adrian DandoJan-08-200905 months
14Extra Portions: Bath, Simon GoddardJan-08-200905 months
13Extra Portions: Bath, Sarah HillmanJan-08-200905 months
12Extra Portions: Norwich, Wendy HoldsworthJan-07-200905 months
11Extra Portions: Norwich, Seamus FarrellyJan-07-200905 months
10Extra Portions: Norwich, David KnightJan-07-200905 months
9Extra Portions: Norwich, Zara DaviesJan-07-200905 months
8Extra Portions: Sheffield, Ollie BaxterJan-06-200905 months
7Extra Portions: Sheffield, Hazel GlossopJan-06-200905 months
6Extra Portions: Sheffield, Chris CrossleyJan-06-200905 months
5Extra Portions: Sheffield, Susanne BellJan-06-200905 months
4Extra Portions: Newcastle, Brenda MallamJan-05-200905 months
3Extra Portions: Newcastle, Rebecca HamblyJan-05-200905 months
2Extra Portions: Newcastle, Brian MooreJan-05-200905 months
1Extra Portions: Newcastle, Lee EleyJan-05-200905 months
200854Extra Portions: Devon, Darren FrameDec-24-200805 months
53Extra Portions: Devon, Sarah CorbettDec-24-200805 months
52Extra Portions: Devon, Deborah Custance-BakerDec-24-200805 months
51Extra Portions: Devon, Karen BretagneDec-24-200805 months
50Extra Portions: Newport, Jan TaylorDec-23-200805 months
49Extra Portions: Newport, Sam MalletDec-23-200805 months
48Extra Portions: Newport, Tony WardleDec-23-200805 months
47Extra Portions: Newport, Nick PayneDec-23-200805 months
46Extra Portions: Bournemouth, Clive PageDec-22-200805 months
45Extra Portions: Bournemouth, James DeanDec-22-200805 months
44Extra Portions: Bournemouth, Sonia PeckDec-22-200805 months
43Extra Portions: Bournemouth, Claudette BradyDec-22-200805 months
42All in One: Royal BerkshireDec-18-200805 months
41All in One: BlackburnDec-11-200805 months
40All in One: PlymouthDec-04-200805 months
39All in One: East YorkshireNov-28-200805 months
38All in One: AberdeenNov-21-200805 months
37All in One: Celebrity Special, Caprice Bourret, Nicky Clarke, Jimmy Osmond, Nancy SorrellNov-14-200805 months
36Gloucester, Kat McLeodSep-19-200805 months
35Gloucester, Nick CooperSep-18-200805 months
34All in One: Celebrity Special, Peter Stringfellow, Lee Ryan, Michelle Heaton, Linda BarkerSep-17-200805 months
33Gloucester, Pat ShepherdSep-17-200805 months
32Gloucester, Richenda HinesSep-16-200805 months
31Gloucester, Tim SmallSep-15-200805 months
30Kent, Steven ParksSep-12-200805 months
29Kent, Zoe MortlockSep-11-200805 months
28Kent, Allen BrockingtonSep-10-200805 months
27Kent, Trevor SmithSep-09-200805 months
26Kent, Tanya JaySep-08-200805 months
25Birmingham, Suzie AllenSep-05-200805 months
24Birmingham, Wayne StarrSep-04-200805 months
23Birmingham, Amanda KlemanSep-03-200805 months
22Birmingham, Ian HarveySep-02-200805 months
21Birmingham, Nicola BennettSep-01-200805 months
20Manchester, Stuart BurkeAug-29-200805 months
19Manchester, Karen OultenAug-28-200805 months
18Manchester, Dan CumberlandAug-27-200805 months
17Manchester, Susan BrickellAug-26-200805 months
16Manchester, Carlos BullerAug-25-200805 months
15All in One: NorwichJun-19-200805 months
14All in One: DevonJun-12-200805 months
13All in One: GlasgowJun-05-200805 months
12All in One: BathMay-29-200805 months
11All in One: OxfordMay-22-200805 months
10All in One: SheffieldMay-15-200805 months
9All in One: NewportMay-08-200805 months
8All in One: BournemouthMay-01-200805 months
7All in One: CoventryApr-24-200805 months
6All in One: NewcastleApr-17-200805 months
5All in One: Celebrity Special, Jonathan Ansell, Lynsey de Paul, Tamara Beckwith, MC HarveyApr-10-200805 months
4Cardiff, Jane LloydJan-04-200805 months
3Cardiff, Charlie BalchJan-03-200805 months
2Cardiff, Jim BlytheJan-02-200805 months
1Cardiff, Annette HowardJan-01-200805 months
200716Cardiff, Suzanne GreenDec-31-200705 months
15Bristol, Chyna WarrenSep-14-200705 months
14Bristol, Clive BromhallSep-13-200705 months
13Bristol, Ronnie MastersSep-12-200705 months
12Bristol, Rachel HodgsonSep-11-200705 months
11Bristol, Nick NeedsSep-10-200705 months
10Cheshire, Howard YuillSep-07-200705 months
9Cheshire, Jan BurrowsSep-06-200705 months
8Cheshire, Edward DaviesSep-05-200705 months
7Cheshire, Katie NodenSep-04-200705 months
6Cheshire, Nicola NobletSep-03-200705 months
5Swansea, Heather SkipperJan-05-200705 months
4Swansea, Karen PerryJan-04-200705 months
3Swansea, Sue ThomasJan-03-200705 months
2Swansea, Ernest LemonheighJan-02-200705 months
1Swansea, David MurrayJan-01-200705 months
200643All in One: York (Christmas Special)Dec-22-200605 months
42Ayr, Sarah PickeringSep-22-200605 months
41Ayr, Lizzy McCubbinSep-21-200605 months
40Ayr, Forbes RobertsonSep-20-200605 months
39Ayr, Elaine MunroSep-19-200605 months
38Ayr, Maureen KissockSep-18-200605 months
37Cambridge, Carolyn TycerSep-15-200605 months
36Cambridge, Simone BreneisSep-14-200605 months
35Cambridge, Phill WebbSep-13-200605 months
34Cambridge, Gael NorrisSep-12-200605 months
33Cambridge, Rachel Tooher-RuddSep-11-200605 months
32Belfast, Caroline TeelingSep-08-200605 months
31Belfast, Jon CrossSep-07-200605 months
30Belfast, Colin McAllisterSep-06-200605 months
29Belfast, Marty HendersonSep-05-200605 months
28Belfast, Rosemary McLoughlinSep-04-200605 months
27Edinburgh, Jennifer CrosbieAug-31-200605 months
26Edinburgh, James GammieAug-30-200605 months
25Edinburgh, Tanya WilliamsAug-29-200605 months
24Edinburgh, Paul DwyerAug-28-200605 months
23Edinburgh, Tracy DobbieAug-27-200605 months
22Derby, Danny FletcherAug-25-200605 months
21Derby, Michelle CooperAug-24-200605 months
20Derby, Patsy Sewell-MwambaAug-23-200605 months
19Derby, Graham FoxAug-22-200605 months
18Derby, Julia KnightAug-21-200605 months
17London, Richard WhitakerAug-18-200605 months
16London, John SantamariaAug-17-200605 months
15London, Patricia VarleyAug-16-200605 months
14London, Jonathan NorrisAug-15-200605 months
13London, Linda ShansonAug-14-200605 months
12Liverpool, Margret ThemlowAug-04-200605 months
11Liverpool, Ian CookAug-03-200605 months
10Liverpool, Nikki O'learyAug-02-200605 months
9Liverpool, Dan RedfernAug-01-200605 months
8Liverpool, Terry WhiteJul-31-200605 months
7Celebrity Special, Aggie MckenzieJul-28-200605 months
6Celebrity Special, Toby YoungJul-27-200605 months
5Celebrity Special, Anneka RiceJul-26-200605 months
4Celebrity Special, Linda RobsonJul-25-200605 months
3Celebrity Special, Rowland RivronJul-24-200605 months
2Dundee, Adam SmithJun-05-200605 months
1South London, Mathew BakerFeb-06-200605 months
200555London, Serena WilsonOct-28-200505 months
54London, Jacqueline GillOct-27-200505 months
53London, Bill BuckleyOct-26-200505 months
52London, Chris D'SlyvaOct-25-200505 months
51London, Isabelle GoldsteinOct-24-200505 months
50Nottingham, Sam HughesOct-21-200505 months
49Nottingham, Jarrod PepperOct-20-200505 months
48Nottingham, Jenny CrossOct-19-200505 months
47Nottingham, Gordon ToddOct-18-200505 months
46Nottingham, Karen CullenOct-17-200505 months
45Glasgow, Ishrat GazalaOct-14-200505 months
44Glasgow, Sharon EatonOct-13-200505 months
43Glasgow, Christine ThorntonOct-12-200505 months
42Glasgow, Paul LydonOct-11-200505 months
41Glasgow, Aileen DunnOct-10-200505 months
40Brighton, Melinda PadleyOct-07-200505 months
39Brighton, Nathalie ClarkeOct-06-200505 months
38Brighton, Paula PearsonOct-05-200505 months
37Brighton, Julia JohnOct-04-200505 months
36Brighton, Margaret O'LoughlinOct-03-200505 months
35Doncaster, Rosslyn ThompsonSep-30-200505 months
34Doncaster, Danny ChurchillSep-29-200505 months
33Doncaster, Steve CliftSep-28-200505 months
32Doncaster, Katherine TaylorSep-27-200505 months
31Doncaster, Neena RaineySep-26-200505 months
30Essex, Amanda Swanwick-AharoniSep-23-200505 months
29Essex, Keeley LawrenceSep-22-200505 months
28Essex, Kevin ReynoldsSep-21-200505 months
27Essex, June TedaldiSep-20-200505 months
26Essex, Jane Phillips MartinSep-19-200505 months
25Celebrity Special, David QauntickSep-16-200505 months
24Celebrity Special, Helen LedererSep-15-200505 months
23Celebrity Special, Ulrika JonssonSep-14-200505 months
22Celebrity Special, Mica ParisSep-13-200505 months
21Celebrity Special, Ben de LisiSep-12-200505 months
20London, Paul MartinFeb-04-200505 months
19London, Rocky ScottFeb-03-200505 months
18London, Sarah DonohueFeb-02-200505 months
17London, David ThomasFeb-01-200505 months
16London, Jane FurlongJan-31-200505 months
15Leeds, Paul UlettJan-28-200505 months
14Leeds, Pippa HudsonJan-27-200505 months
13Leeds, Craig McAlpineJan-26-200505 months
12Leeds, Stuart MossJan-25-200505 months
11Leeds, Vera LiburdJan-24-200505 months
10London, Belinda TaylorJan-21-200505 months
9London, MIchael O'KeefeJan-20-200505 months
8London, Pauline MorrisonJan-19-200505 months
7London, Bruce MainwaringJan-18-200505 months
6London, Moona MessamriJan-17-200505 months
5Stoke, Father Lucifer WilliamsJan-14-200505 months
4Stoke, Lesley BloodJan-13-200505 months
3Stoke, Tricia MartinJan-12-200505 months
2Stoke, Sarah Adams-LipaJan-11-200505 months
1Stoke, Jane BagleyJan-10-200505 months

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