Celebrity Treasure Island

Kiwi stars face off in paradise for the chance to win money for their chosen charities. With eliminations each week until the final celebrities remain, it will be a treasure hunt to end all treasure hunts!

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Release Date: August 18, 2019

Status: Running

Network: TVNZ 2 (Official Website)

Most recent episode: Celebrity Treasure Island Season 3 Episode 27 - Season Finale ( 11/2/2022 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
327Season FinaleNov-02-202244 weeks
26Episode 26Nov-01-202264 weeks
25Episode 25Oct-31-202214 weeks
24Episode 24Oct-26-202261 month
23Episode 23Oct-25-202291 month
22Episode 22Oct-24-202251 month
21Episode 21Oct-19-202281 month
20Episode 20Oct-18-202211 month
19Episode 19Oct-17-202211 month
18Episode 18Oct-12-202252 months
17Episode 17Oct-11-202202 months
16Episode 16Oct-10-202202 months
15Episode 15Oct-05-202202 months
14Episode 14Oct-04-202202 months
13Episode 13Oct-03-202202 months
12Episode 12Sep-28-202202 months
11Episode 11Sep-27-202202 months
10Episode 10Sep-26-202212 months
9Episode 9Sep-21-202242 months
8Episode 8Sep-20-202242 months
7Episode 7Sep-19-202242 months
6Episode 6Sep-14-202243 months
5Episode 5Sep-13-202203 months
4Episode 4Sep-12-202233 months
3Episode 3Sep-07-202253 months
2Episode 2Sep-06-202213 months
1Episode 1Sep-05-202223 months
227Season FinaleNov-03-202103 months
26Episode 26Nov-02-202103 months
25Episode 25Nov-01-202103 months
24Episode 24Oct-27-202103 months
23Episode 23Oct-26-202103 months
22Episode 22Oct-25-202103 months
21Episode 21Oct-20-202103 months
20Episode 20Oct-19-202103 months
19Episode 19Oct-18-202103 months
18Episode 18Oct-13-202103 months
17Episode 17Oct-12-202103 months
16Episode 16Oct-11-202103 months
15Episode 15Oct-06-202103 months
14Episode 14Oct-05-202103 months
13Episode 13Oct-04-202103 months
12Episode 12Sep-29-202103 months
11Episode 11Sep-28-202103 months
10Episode 10Sep-27-202103 months
9Episode 9Sep-22-202103 months
8Episode 8Sep-21-202103 months
7Episode 7Sep-20-202103 months
6Episode 6Sep-15-202103 months
5Episode 5Sep-14-202103 months
4Episode 4Sep-13-202103 months
3Episode 3Sep-08-202103 months
2Episode 2Sep-07-202103 months
1Episode 1Sep-06-202103 months
118Episode 18Sep-24-201903 months
17Episode 17Sep-23-201903 months
16Episode 16Sep-22-201903 months
15Episode 15Sep-17-201903 months
14Episode 14Sep-16-201903 months
13Episode 13Sep-15-201903 months
12Episode 12Sep-10-201903 months
11Episode 11Sep-09-201903 months
10Episode 10Sep-08-201903 months
9Episode 9Sep-03-201903 years
8Episode 8Sep-02-201903 years
7Episode 7Sep-01-201903 years
6Episode 6Aug-27-201903 years
5Episode 5Aug-26-201903 years
4Episode 4Aug-25-201903 years
3Episode 3Aug-20-201903 years
2Episode 2Aug-19-201903 years
1Episode 1Aug-18-201903 years

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