Celebrity Name Game

Celebrity Name Game is a hilarious and innovative rapid-fire game show that combines the best of pop culture with the best of comedy.

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Genre: Game Show

Release Date: September 22, 2014 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: Variety (Official Website)

Casts: Craig Ferguson

Most recent episode: Celebrity Name Game Season 2 Episode 130 - Sara Foster & Erin Foster ( 5/27/2016 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
2130Sara Foster & Erin FosterMay-27-201602 years
129Sara Rue & Bryshere "Yazz" GrayMay-26-201602 years
128Ross Mathews & Kate FlanneryMay-25-201602 years
127Minnie Driver & Michael EalyMay-24-201602 years
126Eddie Kaye Thomas & Lauren AshMay-23-201602 years
125Second Chance Week: Kit Hoover & Billy BushMay-20-201602 years
124Second Chance Week: Kit Hoover & Billy BushMay-19-201602 years
123Second Chance Week: Billy Bush & Kit HooverMay-18-201602 years
122Second Chance Week: Megyn Price & Nia VardalosMay-17-201602 years
121Second Chance Week: Megyn Price & Nia VardalosMay-16-201602 years
120Julie Chen & Sheryl UnderwoodMay-13-201602 years
119Lauren Ash & Eddie Kaye ThomasMay-12-201602 years
118Kevin Pollak & Patrick FabianMay-11-201602 years
117David Arquette & Ross MathewsMay-10-201602 years
116Michael Ealy & Minnie DriverMay-09-201602 years
115Sasha Alexander & Kevin FrazierMay-06-201602 years
114Lauren Ash & Eddie Kaye ThomasMay-05-201602 years
113Amy Smart & Rachelle LefevreMay-04-201602 years
112"Weird Al" Yankovic & Sara RueMay-03-201602 years
111Angela Kinsey & Taye DiggsMay-02-201602 years
110Gilles Marini & Rick FoxApr-29-201602 years
109David Arquette & Sara RueApr-28-201602 years
107Billy Gardell & Yvette Nicole BrownApr-26-201602 years
106Megyn Price & Nia VardalosApr-25-201602 years
105Megyn Price & Russell HornsbyApr-22-201602 years
104Sara Foster & Erin FosterApr-21-201602 years
103Amy Smart & Rachelle LefevreApr-20-201602 years
102Ali Landry & Scott AdistApr-19-201602 years
101Ian Gomez & Yvette Nicole BrownApr-18-201602 years
100Episode 100Feb-25-201602 years
99Matt McGorry & Dascha PolancoFeb-24-201602 years
98Tichina Arnold & Gilles MariniFeb-23-201602 years
97Ali Landry & Hana Mae LeeFeb-22-201602 years
96Russell Hornsby & Vivica A. FoxFeb-19-201602 years
95Ross Mathews & Virginia MadsenFeb-18-201602 years
94Melissa Peterman & Willie GarsonFeb-17-201602 years
93Ross Mathews and Virginia MadsenFeb-16-201602 years
92Brian McKnight and Nia VardalosFeb-15-201602 years
91Ian Gomez and "Weird Al" Yankovic.Feb-12-201602 years
90David Alan Grier and Annaleigh Ashford.Feb-11-201602 years
89Brian McKnight and Nia Vardalos.Feb-10-201602 years
88Ian Gomez and "Weird Al" Yankovic.Feb-09-201602 years
87Randy Jackson and Sara Rue.Feb-08-201602 years
86Alex Borstein and Terrell Owens.Feb-06-201602 years
85Rick Fox and Rachelle Lefevre.Feb-05-201602 years
83Rick Fox and Rachelle Lefevre.Feb-04-201602 years
1182Ana Gasteyer & Billy GardellMay-20-201502 years
181Molly Sims & Will SassoMay-19-201502 years
180Seth Gabel & Racheal HarrisMay-18-201502 years
179Sara Rue & Carson KressleyMay-15-201502 years
178Karina Smirnoff & Joey LawrenceMay-14-201502 years
177Mel B. & Constance MarieMay-13-201502 years
176Busy Phillips & Kathryn HahnMay-12-201502 years
175Nicolle Sullivan & Melanie LynskeyMay-11-201502 years
174Seth Gabel & Rachael HarrisMay-08-201502 years
173Marilu Henner & Bianca KajlichMay-07-201502 years
172Yvette Nicole Brown & Michael EalyMay-06-201502 years
171Karina Smirnoff & Joey LawrenceMay-05-201502 years
170Mario Lopez & Katy MixonMay-04-201502 years
169Second Chance Week: Cat Deeley & Ross MathewsMay-01-201502 years
168Second Chance Week: Cat Deeley & Ross MathewsApr-30-201502 years
167Second Chance Week: Cat Deeley & Ross MathewsApr-29-201502 years
166Second Chance Week: Cat Deeley & Ross MathewsApr-28-201502 years
165Second Chance Week: Cat Deeley & Ross MathewsApr-27-201502 years
164Jenny Garth & Tom BergeronApr-24-201502 years
163Aisha Tyler & Kevin NealonApr-23-201502 years
162David Arquette & Tiffani ThiessenApr-22-201502 years
161Billy Gardell & Ana GasteyerApr-21-201502 years
160Kathryn Hahn & Busy PhillipsApr-20-201502 years
159Dan Bucatinsky & Jim O'HeirApr-17-201502 years
158Ian Ziering & Teri PoloApr-16-201502 years
157Seth Gabel & Rachael HarrisApr-15-201502 years
156Lisa Lampanelli & Teri PoloApr-14-201502 years
155Stacey Dash & Mario LopezApr-13-201502 years
154Sheryl Crowe & Josh HopkinsMar-06-201502 years
153Tony Hale & Jane LeevesMar-05-201502 years
152Sheryl Underwood & Emmanuelle ChrigulMar-04-201502 years
151Jerry Springer & RhettaMar-03-201502 years
150Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Cameron MathesonMar-02-201502 years
149Ian Ziering & Teri PoloFeb-26-201502 years
148Chris Kattan & Karina SmirnoffFeb-26-201502 years
147Mario Lopez & Michael EalyFeb-25-201502 years
146Kathryn Hahn & Megyn PriceFeb-25-201502 years
145Nicole Sullivan & Will SassoFeb-24-201502 years
144Ian Gomez & Nia VardalosFeb-24-201502 years
143Ross Mathews & Megyn PriceFeb-23-201502 years
142Courteney Cox & David ArquetteFeb-23-201502 years
141Kate Flannery & Dave FoleyFeb-20-201502 years
140Jerry Springer & Steve WilkosFeb-20-201502 years
139Kevin McHale & Yvette Nicole BrownFeb-19-201502 years
138Carson Kressley & Sara RueFeb-19-201502 years
137Aisha Tyler & Kevin NealonFeb-18-201502 years
136Cameron Mathison & Jamie-Lynn SiglerFeb-18-201502 years
135Stacey Dash & Mario LopezFeb-17-201502 years
134Marilu Henner & Bianca KajlichFeb-09-201502 years
133Tom Bergeron & Jennie GarthFeb-16-201502 years
132Ross Mathews & Megyn PriceFeb-16-201502 years
131Kate Flannery & Dave FoleyFeb-13-201502 years
130Ian Gomez & Nia VardalosFeb-13-201502 years
129David Arquette & Tiffani ThiessenFeb-12-201502 years
128Darin Criss & Sheryl CrowFeb-12-201502 years
127Sara Rue & Raven SymoneFeb-11-201502 years
126DJ Qualls & Margaret ChoFeb-11-201502 years
125Nicole Sullivan & Will SassoFeb-10-201502 years
124Aisha Tyler & Kevin NelandFeb-10-201502 years
123Lisa Lampanelli & Teri PoloFeb-17-201502 years
122Ian Ziering & Teri PoloFeb-09-201502 years
121Mario Lopez & Katy MixonFeb-06-201502 years
120Kate Flannery & Dave FoleyFeb-06-201502 years
119Cheryl Burke & Scott WolfFeb-05-201502 years
118Rocco Disprito & Sherri SheperdFeb-05-201502 years
117Kathryn Hahn & Megyn PriceFeb-04-201502 years
116Constance Zimmer & Will SassoNov-20-201402 years
115Steve Wilkos & Jerry SpringerFeb-03-201502 years
114Michael Ealy & Mario LopezFeb-03-201502 years
113Holly Robinson Peete & Kathryn HahnFeb-02-201502 years
112Angela Kinsey & Vivica A. FoxFeb-02-201502 years
111Nia Vardalos & Cat DeeleyJan-30-201502 years
110Megyn Price & Ross MathewsJan-29-201502 years
109Ana Gasteyer & Joely FisherJan-28-201502 years
108Margaret Cho & DJ QuallsJan-27-201502 years
107Mena Suvari & Joely FisherJan-26-201502 years
106Ana Gasteyer & Joely FisherJan-23-201502 years
105Nicole Sullivan & Melanie LynskeyJan-22-201502 years
104Retta & Jerry SpringerJan-21-201502 years
103Kathryn Hahn & Megyn PriceJan-20-201502 years
102Sheryl Underwood & Emmanuelle ChroquiJan-19-201502 years
101Tom Arnold & Peter FacinelliJan-16-201502 years
100Billy Gardell & Cheri OteriJan-15-201502 years
99Luke Perry & Kathy NajimyJan-14-201502 years
98DJ Qualls & Margaret ChoJan-13-201502 years
97Lisa Kudrow & Tom ArnoldJan-12-201502 years
96Teri Polo & Ian ZieringNov-26-201402 years
95Kate Flannery & Dave FoleyNov-26-201402 years
94Cameron Mathison & Jamie-Lynn SiglerNov-25-201402 years
93Joey Lawrence & Karina SmirnoffNov-25-201402 years
92Rocco DiSpirito & Sherri ShepherdNov-24-201402 years
90Vivica A. Fox & Jesse WilliamsNov-21-201402 years
89Nicole Sullivan & Melanie LynskeyNov-21-201402 years
88Jonathan Mangum & Wayne BradyNov-20-201402 years
87Holly Robinson Peete & Kathryn HahnNov-19-201402 years
86Carson Kressley & Sara RueNov-19-201402 years
85Mario Lopez & Michael EalyNov-18-201402 years
84Ross Mathews & Cat DeeleyNov-18-201402 years
83Marilu Henner & Bianca KajlichNov-17-201402 years
82David Arquette & Courteney CoxNov-17-201402 years
81Jenna Ushkowitz & Sherri ShepherdNov-14-201402 years
80Will Sasso & Molly SimsNov-14-201402 years
79Molly Sims & Will SassoNov-14-201402 years
78Lisa Lampanelli & Teri PoloNov-13-201402 years
77Lisa Kudrow & Tom ArnoldNov-13-201402 years
76David Alan Grier & Scott WolfNov-12-201402 years
75Josh Hopkins & Sheryl CrowNov-12-201402 years
74Mena Suvari & Joely FisherNov-11-201402 years
73DJ Qualls & Margaret ChoNov-11-201402 years
72Ian Gomez & Nia VardalosNov-10-201402 years
71Angela Kinsey & Vivica A. FoxNov-10-201402 years
70Mel B & Constance MarieNov-07-201402 years
69Mel B & Constance MarieNov-07-201402 years
68Yvette Nicole Brown & Kevin McHaleNov-06-201402 years
67Dave Foley & Kate FlanneryNov-06-201402 years
66Will Sasso & Constance ZimmerNov-05-201402 years
65Nia Vardalos & Cat DeeleyNov-05-201402 years
64Constance Zimmer & Will SassoNov-04-201402 years
63Nev Schulman & Vivica A. FoxNov-04-201402 years
62Tom Bergeron & Jennie GarthNov-03-201402 years
61Wayne Brady & Jonathan MangumNov-03-201402 years
60David Alan Grier & Scott WolfOct-31-201402 years
59Yvette Nicole Brown & Michael EalyOct-31-201402 years
58Sheryl Crow & Darren CrissOct-30-201402 years
57Joely Fisher & Ana GasteyerOct-30-201402 years
56Aisha Tyler & Kevin NealonOct-29-201402 years
55Jonathan Mangum & Wayne BradyOct-29-201402 years
54Jerry Springer & Steve WilkosOct-28-201402 years
53Stacey Dash & Mario LopezOct-28-201402 years
52Chris Kattan & Karina SmirnoffOct-27-201402 years
51Angela Kinsey & Vivica A. FoxOct-27-201402 years
50Jesse Williams & Vivica A. FoxOct-24-201402 years
49Luke Perry & Kathy NajimyOct-24-201402 years
48Tony Hale & Jane LeevesOct-23-201402 years
47Jamie Lynn Sigler & Cameron MathisonOct-23-201402 years
46Tom Arnold & Mel BOct-22-201402 years
45Busy Phillips & Kathryn HahnOct-22-201402 years
44Sara Rue & Raven SymoneOct-21-201402 years
43Yvette Nicole Brown & Michael EalyOct-21-201402 years
42Megyn Price & Ross MathewsOct-20-201402 years
41Courtney Cox & David ArquetteOct-20-201402 years
40Tom Arnold & Peter FacinelliOct-17-201402 years
39Scott Wolf & David Alan GrierOct-17-201402 years
38Karina Smirnoff & Chris KattanOct-16-201402 years
37Raven Symone & Sara RueOct-16-201402 years
36Emmanuelle Chriqui & Sheryl UnderwoodOct-15-201402 years
35Holly Peete & Kathryn HahnOct-15-201402 years
34Nia Vardalos & Cat DeeleyOct-14-201402 years
33Retta & Jerry SpringerOct-14-201402 years
32Mario Lopez & Katy MixonOct-13-201402 years
31Ana Gasteyer & Billy GardellOct-13-201402 years
30Dan Bucatinsky & Jim O'HeirOct-10-201402 years
29Rocci DiSpirito & Sherri ShepherdOct-10-201402 years
28David Arquette & Tiffani ThiessenOct-09-201402 years
27Jane Leeves & Tony HaleOct-09-201402 years
26Tom Arnold & Mel BOct-08-201402 years
25Constance Zimmer & Will SassoOct-08-201402 years
24Kathy Najimy & Luke PerryOct-07-201402 years
23Jenna Ushkowitz & Sherri ShepherdOct-07-201402 years
22Dave Foley & Kate FlanneryOct-06-201402 years
21Nia Vardalos & Cat DeeleyOct-06-201402 years
20Yvette Nicole Brown & Kevin McHaleOct-03-201402 years
19Mel B & Tom ArnoldOct-03-201402 years
18Tom Arnold & Peter FacinelliOct-02-201402 years
17Cheryl Burke & Scott WolfOct-02-201402 years
16Vivica A. Fox & Nev SchulmanOct-01-201402 years
15Courteney Cox & David ArquetteOct-01-201402 years
14Dan Bucatinsky & Jim O'HeirSep-30-201402 years
13Cheri Oteri & Billy GardellSep-30-201402 years
12Will Sasso & Nicole SullivanSep-29-201402 years
11Kate Flannery & Dave FoleySep-29-201402 years
10[no episode title yet]Sep-26-201402 years
9[no episode title yet]Sep-26-201402 years
8[no episode title yet]Sep-25-201402 years
7[no episode title yet]Sep-25-201402 years
6[no episode title yet]Sep-24-201402 years
5[no episode title yet]Sep-24-201402 years
4[no episode title yet]Sep-23-201402 years
3[no episode title yet]Sep-23-201402 years
2[no episode title yet]Sep-22-201402 years
1[no episode title yet]Sep-22-201402 years

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