Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side

Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side is the daily news/magazine based show about Big Brother, which is presented by Rylan Clark every night of the week. Emma Willis previously presented the show on non-eviction nights, however as of February 2015, Clark became the sole presenter. The show is filmed in Stage 6 at Elstree Studios, which is only a short walk from the main house itself.The show features debates and conversations about the latest goings on in the house with a studio audience and celebrity panel.

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Release Date: August 18, 2011

Status: Running

Network: Channel 5 (Official Website)

Most recent episode: Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side Season 15 Episode 2 - Episode 2 ( 8/17/2018 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
152Episode 2Aug-17-201803 years
1Episode 1Aug-16-201803 years
1423Episode 23Feb-02-201803 years
22Episode 22Feb-01-201803 years
21Episode 21Jan-31-201803 years
20Episode 20Jan-30-201803 years
19Episode 19Jan-29-201803 years
18Episode 18Jan-26-201803 years
17Episode 17Jan-25-201803 years
16Episode 16Jan-23-201803 years
15Episode 15Jan-22-201803 years
14Episode 14Jan-19-201803 years
13Episode 13Jan-18-201803 years
12Episode 12Jan-17-201803 years
11Episode 11Jan-16-201803 years
10Episode 10Jan-15-201803 years
9Episode 9Jan-12-201803 years
8Episode 8Jan-11-201803 years
7Episode 7Jan-10-201803 years
6Episode 6Jan-09-201803 years
5Episode 5Jan-08-201803 years
4Episode 4Jan-05-201803 years
3Episode 3Jan-04-201803 years
2Episode 2Jan-03-201803 years
1Episode 1Jan-02-201803 years
1319Episode 19Aug-25-201703 years
18Episode 18Aug-24-201703 years
17Episode 17Aug-23-201703 years
16Episode 16Aug-22-201703 years
15Episode 15Aug-21-201703 years
14Episode 14Aug-18-201703 years
13Episode 13Aug-17-201703 years
12Episode 12Aug-16-201703 years
11Episode 11Aug-15-201703 years
10Episode 10Aug-14-201703 years
9Episode 9Aug-11-201703 years
8Episode 8Aug-10-201703 years
7Episode 7Aug-09-201703 years
6Episode 6Aug-08-201703 years
5Episode 5Aug-07-201703 years
4Episode 4Aug-04-201703 years
3Episode 3Aug-03-201703 years
2Episode 2Aug-02-201703 years
1Episode 1Aug-01-201703 years
1219Episode 19Jan-27-201703 years
18Episode 18Jan-26-201703 years
17Episode 17Jan-25-201703 years
16Episode 16Jan-24-201703 years
15Episode 15Jan-23-201703 years
14Episode 14Jan-20-201703 years
13Episode 13Jan-19-201703 years
12Episode 12Jan-18-201703 years
11Episode 11Jan-17-201703 years
10Kerry Katona, Lizzie Cundy, Angie Best, Austin ArmacostJan-16-201703 years
9Ricky Norwood, Roman Kemp, Dan WoottonJan-13-201703 years
8Stephanie Pratt, Charlie King, Anne DiamondJan-12-201703 years
7Kristina Rihanoff, James Whale, Rustie Lee, Nikki GrahameJan-11-201703 years
6Craig Revel Horwood, Luisa Zissman, Jordan BanjoJan-10-201703 years
5Vanessa Feltz, Karthik Nagesan, Frankie Cocozza, Ola JordanJan-09-201703 years
4Martin Roberts, Michelle Heaton, Shaun Williamson, SinittaJan-06-201703 years
3Lisa Appleton, Denise Welch, Russell Grant, Jessica CunninghamJan-05-201703 years
2Casey Batchelor, Bobby Norris, Saira Khan, Luke KempnerJan-04-201703 years
1Katie Price, Mark-Francis Vandelli, Chelsee Healey, Joe SwashJan-03-201703 years
1125Episode 25Aug-26-201603 years
24Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side: Live in the HouseAug-25-201603 years
23Episode 23Aug-23-201603 years
22Episode 22Aug-22-201603 years
21Episode 21Aug-21-201603 years
20Episode 20Aug-19-201603 years
19Episode 19Aug-18-201603 years
18Episode 18Aug-17-201603 years
17Episode 17Aug-16-201603 years
16Episode 16Aug-15-201603 years
15Episode 15Aug-14-201603 years
14Episode 14Aug-12-201603 years
13Episode 13Aug-11-201603 years
12Episode 12Aug-10-201603 years
11Episode 11Aug-09-201603 years
10Episode 10Aug-08-201603 years
9Episode 9Aug-07-201603 years
8Episode 8Aug-05-201603 years
7Episode 7Aug-04-201603 years
6Episode 6Aug-03-201603 years
5Episode 5Aug-02-201603 years
4Episode 4Aug-01-201603 years
3Episode 3Jul-31-201603 years
2Episode 2Jul-29-201603 years
1Episode 1Jul-28-201603 years
1025CBB17 - Episode 25Feb-05-201603 years
24CBB17 - Episode 24Feb-04-201603 years
23CBB17 - Episode 23 - Live in the HouseFeb-04-201603 years
22CBB17 - Episode 22Feb-03-201603 years
21CBB17 - Episode 21Feb-02-201603 years
20CBB17 - Episode 20Feb-01-201603 years
19CBB17 - Episode 19Jan-29-201603 years
18CBB17 - Episode 18Jan-28-201603 years
17CBB17 - Episode 17Jan-27-201603 years
16CBB17 - Episode 16Jan-26-201603 years
15CBB17 - Episode 15Jan-25-201603 years
14CBB17 - Episode 14Jan-22-201603 years
13CBB17 - Episode 13Jan-21-201603 years
12CBB17 - Episode 12Jan-20-201603 years
11CBB17 - Episode 11Jan-19-201603 years
10CBB17 - Episode 10Jan-18-201603 years
9CBB17 - Episode 9Jan-15-201603 years
8CBB17 - Episode 8Jan-14-201603 years
7CBB17 - Episode 7Jan-13-201603 years
6CBB17 - Episode 6Jan-12-201603 years
5CBB17 - Episode 5Jan-11-201603 years
4CBB17 - Episode 4Jan-08-201603 years
3CBB17 - Episode 3Jan-07-201603 years
2CBB17 - Episode 2Jan-06-201603 years
1CBB17 - Episode 1Jan-05-201603 years
929Episode 29Sep-24-201503 years
28Episode 28Sep-23-201503 years
27Episode 27Sep-22-201503 years
26Episode 26Sep-21-201503 years
25Episode 25Sep-20-201503 years
24Episode 24Sep-19-201503 years
23Episode 23Sep-18-201503 years
22Episode 22Sep-17-201503 years
21Episode 21Sep-16-201503 years
20Episode 20Sep-15-201503 years
19Episode 19Sep-14-201503 years
18Episode 18Sep-13-201503 years
17Episode 17Sep-12-201503 years
16Episode 16Sep-11-201503 years
15Episode 15Sep-10-201503 years
14Episode 14Sep-09-201503 years
13Episode 13Sep-08-201503 years
12Episode 12Sep-07-201503 years
11Episode 11Sep-06-201503 years
10Episode 10Sep-05-201503 years
9Episode 9Sep-04-201503 years
8Episode 8Sep-03-201503 years
7Episode 7Sep-02-201503 years
6Episode 6Sep-01-201503 years
5Episode 5Aug-31-201503 years
4Episode 4Aug-30-201503 years
3Episode 3Aug-29-201503 years
2Episode 2Aug-28-201503 years
1Episode 1Aug-27-201503 years
823Episode 23Feb-06-201503 years
22Episode 22Feb-05-201503 years
21Episode 21Feb-04-201503 years
20Episode 20Feb-03-201503 years
19Episode 19Feb-02-201503 years
18Episode 18Jan-30-201503 years
17Episode 17Jan-29-201503 years
16Episode 16Jan-28-201503 years
15Episode 15Jan-27-201503 years
14Episode 14Jan-26-201503 years
13Episode 13Jan-23-201503 years
12Episode 12Jan-22-201503 years
11Episode 11Jan-21-201503 years
10Episode 10Jan-20-201503 years
9Episode 9Jan-19-201503 years
8Episode 8Jan-16-201503 years
7Episode 7Jan-15-201503 years
6Episode 6Jan-14-201503 years
5Episode 5Jan-13-201503 years
4Episode 4Jan-12-201503 years
3Episode 3Jan-09-201503 years
2Episode 2Jan-08-201503 years
1Episode 1Jan-07-201503 years
720Episode 20Sep-12-201403 years
19Episode 19Sep-11-201403 years
18Episode 18Sep-10-201403 years
17Episode 17Sep-09-201403 years
16Episode 16Sep-08-201403 years
15Episode 15Sep-05-201403 years
14Episode 14Sep-04-201403 years
13Episode 13Sep-03-201403 years
12Episode 12Sep-02-201403 years
11Episode 11Sep-01-201403 years
10Episode 10Aug-29-201403 years
9Episode 9Aug-28-201403 years
8Episode 8Aug-27-201403 years
7Episode 7Aug-26-201403 years
6Episode 6Aug-25-201403 years
5Episode 5Aug-22-201403 years
4Episode 4Aug-21-201403 years
3Episode 3Aug-20-201403 years
2Episode 2Aug-19-201403 years
1Episode 1Aug-18-201403 years
619Episode 19Jan-29-201403 years
18Episode 18Jan-28-201403 years
17Episode 17Jan-27-201403 years
16Episode 16Jan-24-201403 years
15Episode 15Jan-23-201403 years
14Episode 14Jan-22-201403 years
13Episode 13Jan-21-201403 years
12Episode 12Jan-20-201403 years
11Episode 11Jan-17-201403 years
10Episode 10Jan-16-201403 years
9Episode 9Jan-15-201403 years
8Episode 8Jan-14-201403 years
7Episode 7Jan-13-201403 years
6Episode 6Jan-10-201403 years
5Episode 5Jan-09-201403 years
4Episode 4Jan-08-201403 years
3Episode 3Jan-07-201403 years
2Episode 2Jan-06-201403 years
1Episode 1Jan-03-201403 years
520Episode 20Sep-13-201303 years
19Episode 19Sep-12-201303 years
18Episode 18Sep-11-201303 years
17Episode 17Sep-10-201303 years
16Episode 16Sep-09-201303 years
15Episode 15Sep-08-201303 years
14Episode 14Sep-06-201303 years
13Episode 13Sep-05-201303 years
12Episode 12Sep-04-201303 years
11Episode 11Sep-03-201303 years
10Episode 10Sep-02-201303 years
9EpisodeSep-01-201303 years
8Episode 8Aug-30-201303 years
7Episode 7Aug-29-201303 years
6Episode 6Aug-28-201303 years
5Episode 5Aug-27-201303 years
4Episode 4Aug-26-201303 years
3Episode 3Aug-25-201303 years
2Episode 2Aug-23-201303 years
1Episode 1Aug-22-201303 years
423Episode 23Jan-25-201303 years
22Episode 22Jan-24-201303 years
21Episode 21Jan-23-201303 years
20Episode 20Jan-22-201303 years
19Episode 19Jan-21-201303 years
18Episode 18Jan-20-201303 years
17Episode 17Jan-19-201303 years
16Episode 16Jan-18-201303 years
15Episode 15Jan-17-201303 years
14Episode 14Jan-16-201303 years
13Episode 13Jan-15-201303 years
12Episode 12Jan-14-201303 years
11Episode 11Jan-13-201303 years
10Episode 10Jan-12-201303 years
9Episode 9Jan-11-201303 years
8Episode 8Jan-10-201303 years
7Episode 7Jan-09-201303 years
6Episode 6Jan-08-201303 years
5Episode 5Jan-07-201303 years
4Episode 4Jan-06-201303 years
3Episode 3Jan-05-201303 years
2Episode 2Jan-04-201303 years
1Episode 1Jan-03-201303 years
324Episode 24Sep-07-201203 years
23Episode 23Sep-06-201203 years
22Episode 22Sep-05-201203 years
21Episode 21Sep-04-201203 years
20Episode 20Sep-03-201203 years
19Episode 19Sep-02-201203 years
18Episode 18Sep-01-201203 years
17Episode 17Aug-31-201203 years
16Episode 16Aug-30-201203 years
15Episode 15Aug-29-201203 years
14Episode 14Aug-28-201203 years
13Episode 13Aug-27-201203 years
12Episode 12Aug-26-201203 years
11Episode 11Aug-25-201203 years
10Episode 10Aug-24-201203 years
9Episode 9Aug-23-201203 years
8Episode 8Aug-22-201203 years
7Episode 7Aug-21-201203 years
6Episode 6Aug-20-201203 years
5Episode 5Aug-19-201203 years
4Episode 4Aug-18-201203 years
3Episode 3Aug-17-201203 years
2Episode 2Aug-16-201203 years
1Episode 1Aug-15-201203 years
223Episode 23Jan-27-201203 years
22Episode 22Jan-26-201203 years
21Episode 21Jan-25-201203 years
20Episode 20Jan-24-201203 years
19Episode 19Jan-23-201203 years
18Episode 18Jan-22-201203 years
17Episode 17Jan-21-201203 years
16Episode 16Jan-20-201203 years
15Episode 15Jan-19-201203 years
14Episode 14Jan-18-201203 years
13Episode 13Jan-17-201203 years
12Episode 12Jan-16-201203 years
11Episode 11Jan-15-201203 years
10Episode 10Jan-14-201203 years
9Episode 9Jan-13-201203 years
8Episode 8Jan-12-201203 years
7Episode 7Jan-11-201203 years
6Episode 6Jan-10-201203 years
5Episode 5Jan-09-201203 years
4Episode 4Jan-08-201203 years
3Episode 3Jan-07-201203 years
2Episode 2Jan-06-201203 years
1Episode 1Jan-05-201203 years
122Episode 22Sep-08-201103 years
21Episode 21Sep-07-201103 years
20Episode 20Sep-06-201103 years
19Episode 19Sep-05-201103 years
18Episode 18Sep-04-201103 years
17Episode 17Sep-03-201103 years
16Episode 16Sep-02-201103 years
15Episode 15Sep-01-201103 years
14Episode 14Aug-31-201103 years
132011-08-30Aug-30-201103 years
122011-08-29Aug-29-201103 years
112011-08-28Aug-28-201103 years
102011-08-27Aug-27-201103 years
92011-08-26Aug-26-201103 years
82011-08-25Aug-25-201103 years
72011-08-24Aug-24-201103 years
62011-08-23Aug-23-201103 years
52011-08-22Aug-22-201103 years
42011-08-21Aug-21-201103 years
32011-08-20Aug-20-201103 years
22011-08-19Aug-19-201103 years
12011-08-18Aug-18-201103 years

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