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Catfish: The TV Show

How do young people who’ve embraced the digital age find love? Often, it’s by connecting online with people they’ve never met in person. These days, messaging on iPhones has replaced the dinner date, and emailing through social media sites often substitutes for face-to-face conversations. The problem with this approach – the guy or girl you’ve fallen for could be lying about who they really are. Now, from the producers of the acclaimed documentary film, Catfish, comes a new MTV series that brings together couples who’ve interacted solely through their LCD screens. Over the course of months or years – these romantics have become smitten – but what will happen when they meet in real life for the first time? In each episode, with the guidance and help of the star of the Catfish movie, Nev Schulman, and his filmmaking pal, Max Joseph, a hopeful romantic partner will go on an emotional journey to discover the truth about their significant other. Has that object of affection been telling the truth? Will true love truly blossom? When that fateful knock on the front door finally comes – only one thing is certain – that these incredible voyages will be filled with mystery, uncertainty, forgiveness, joy, and sometimes, even shocking revelations.

Genre: Reality, Family, Romance

Release Date: November 12, 2012 (US)

Status: Running

Network: MTV (imdb)

Casts: Max Joseph, Nev Schulman

Most recent episode: Catfish: The TV Show Season 9 Episode 4 - Dustin & Keegan ( 8/26/2020 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
94Dustin & KeeganAug-26-202003 years
3Dre & CaseyAug-19-202003 years
2Kristen & SarahAug-12-202003 years
1Jason & KeithAug-05-2020423 weeks
877Sham & PhillipMar-28-202301 week
76Tayler & ColtonMar-21-20235020 hours
75Shay & CeejayMar-14-2023481 week
74Motherwolff & DavidMar-07-2023502 weeks
73Malcolm & MissyFeb-28-2023333 weeks
72Angel & SharonAug-16-2022317 months
71Mark & TaylorAug-09-202247 months
70John & MeganAug-02-2022298 months
69Rudy & TyrellJul-26-2022408 months
68Charles & NikkiJul-19-2022208 months
67Kimberly & FlavourJul-12-2022368 months
66Reese & JesicaJul-05-2022179 months
65Kaycee & MikeJun-28-2022469 months
64Keontae & TylerJun-21-2022259 months
63Ivy & DanteJun-14-2022349 months
62Nick & EnglandJun-07-20223810 months
61Victoria & AnthonyMay-31-20222110 months
60Onyx & LolaMar-16-202281 year
59Pamela & FernandoMar-09-202201 year
58Hayley & BritaniMar-02-202221 year
57William & BreezyFeb-23-2022161 year
56Gabby & KendrickFeb-16-2022171 year
55Emma & EJFeb-09-2022131 year
54Adam & MercyJan-26-2022121 year
53Romeo & MichaelJan-19-202281 year
52Tracii & AceJan-12-202281 year
51Myldred, India & KJJan-05-2022131 year
50Vonni & AndrewAug-31-202161 year
49Diamond & SteveAug-24-202161 year
48Kailan & JordanAug-17-202171 year
47Dey & CodyAug-10-202181 year
46Brittany & MarkAug-03-202151 year
45Zark & RogerJul-27-202181 year
44Deonn & LaniseJul-20-202141 year
43Alexis & JaymesJul-13-202161 year
42Aaron & TreyvonJul-06-202151 year
41Nyhjee & CiannaJun-29-202141 year
40Aaliyah & PaulaJun-22-202151 year
39Jeremiah & LindaJun-15-202141 year
38Michael & DustinJun-08-202181 year
37Apryl & DarylJun-01-202181 year
36Bryn & StephanieMay-25-202171 year
35Imari & ?May-18-202181 year
34Courtney & ChrisMay-11-202181 year
33Tyler & StefanyMay-04-202141 year
32Paul & CaiteaJan-19-202141 year
31Tam & JamenaJan-12-202161 year
30Will & CherryJan-05-202151 year
29Jason & MarDec-29-202031 year
28Michael & JuliaDec-22-202041 year
27DeJuan & TyneaDec-15-202041 year
26Scooba & RenaeDec-08-202041 year
25Eric & LiannaDec-01-202031 year
24Tony & TianaNov-18-202041 year
23Jake & TaylorNov-11-202071 year
22Jeanette, Kiara & PatrickNov-04-202051 year
21Jay & AnnaOct-28-202051 year
20Brooklyn & JasonOct-14-202051 year
19Dianela & JoseOct-07-202051 year
18Ryan & MicahSep-23-202051 year
17Zay & JaydaSep-16-202041 year
16Stephanie & DannySep-09-202031 year
15Kirsten & AlexSep-02-202041 year
14Dustin & KeeganAug-26-202041 year
13Dre & CaseyAug-19-202051 year
12Kristen & SarahAug-12-202051 year
11Jason & KeithAug-05-202051 year
10Gemini & MyrandaMar-11-202011 year
9Aaliyah & JaquanMar-04-202011 year
8Dejohn & CashayFeb-26-202011 year
7Danielle & BjFeb-19-202011 year
6William & JamieFeb-12-202011 year
5Joseph & SabrinaFeb-05-202011 year
4Jesus & AlexisJan-29-202011 year
3Sparkayla & MarithaJan-22-202021 year
2Antonnio & AlfredJan-15-202041 year
1Red & JalissaJan-08-202041 year
740Angel & AntonioAug-21-201921 year
39Cherie & AvionAug-14-201921 year
38Trystyn & LaraAug-07-201931 year
37CJ & ShanaAug-07-201921 year
36Shirlene & JamesJul-31-201941 year
35Matthew & ChanceJul-24-201911 year
34Taylor & ChristianJul-17-201921 year
33Kaden & AdrianaJul-10-201921 year
32Angel & RemyJul-03-201921 year
31Oceanna & NellyJun-26-201911 year
30Kristina & FaithJun-19-201911 year
29Mathan & LeahJun-12-201911 year
28Deven & JamesJan-23-201911 year
27Nique & AliceJan-16-201911 year
26Aubri & BrianJan-09-201911 year
25Dallas & SafariJan-02-201911 year
24Shakinah & ChrisJan-02-201911 year
23Truth & Ray'QuanDec-26-201811 year
22Chelsea & LennieDec-19-201811 year
21Sheila & Rich DollazDec-12-201841 year
20Rachael & VanceDec-05-201811 year
19Mike & JoeyNov-28-201811 year
18Nick & JasmineAug-29-201811 year
17Derek & AnnabelleAug-15-201811 year
16Nae & BrannonAug-08-201811 year
15Chelsea & CharlesAug-01-201811 year
14Breana & JoshJul-25-201811 year
13Angel & JordanJul-18-201811 year
12Nina & JonJul-11-201811 year
11Kiaira & CortneyJul-11-201811 year
10Dylan & SaveniaMar-07-201811 year
9Infiniti & DaveFeb-28-201811 year
8Mandy & JoseFeb-21-201811 year
7Traves & CandyFeb-14-201811 year
6Zak & GarrettFeb-07-201811 year
5Mary & AdamJan-31-201811 year
4Lawrence & CierraJan-24-201811 year
3Kim & MattJan-17-201811 year
2Alyssa & TylerJan-10-201811 year
1Sheklia & TalliJan-03-201811 year
622What Kind Of Catfish Are You?Sep-06-201703 years
21Caitlyn & KentonAug-30-201703 years
20Caitlyn & KentonAug-30-201711 year
19Jose & JayAug-23-201721 year
18Nicole & NicoleAug-16-201711 year
17Robin & WayneJul-26-201711 year
16Robert & AshleighJul-19-201721 year
15April & DeanJul-12-201711 year
14Kelsie & BrandonJul-05-201711 year
13Johnny & ConnorJun-28-201711 year
12Open InvestigationMay-17-201721 year
11Colleen & TonyMay-10-201711 year
10Dylan & AllyMay-03-201711 year
9Ari & LanumApr-26-201711 year
8Kailani & SamApr-19-201711 year
7Yasmine & LewisApr-12-201731 year
6Mecca & TannerApr-05-201711 year
5Marvin & AustinMar-29-201711 year
4Telizza & ShaiMar-22-201711 year
3Danny & RosaMar-15-201711 year
2Alante & NevaehMar-08-201711 year
1Shawny & JackMar-01-201711 year
520Andrew & ZachSep-21-201611 year
19Luis & SydneySep-14-201611 year
18Catherine & GrahamSep-07-201611 year
17Andrea, Alex & AndreaAug-31-201611 year
16Candic & TitusAug-24-201611 year
15Spencer & KatyAug-17-201611 year
14Larissa & AnthonyAug-10-201611 year
13Lucas & ManyAug-10-201611 year
12Vince & AlyssaMay-11-201611 year
11Paris & TaraMay-04-201611 year
10Kayla & CourtneyApr-27-201611 year
9Tyreme & TomorrowApr-20-201611 year
8Joanna & BoApr-13-201611 year
7Ray & LexiApr-06-201621 year
6Michael & ChanelleMar-30-201611 year
5Jaylin & Ja'laMar-23-201611 year
4Brendan & McKennaMar-17-201611 year
3Leuh & JustinMar-09-201611 year
2Jeanette & DerickMar-02-201611 year
1Dejay, Malik & JosiahFeb-24-201611 year
419Brittany & BryonAug-30-201503 years
18Devan & RylanAug-26-201511 year
17Hundra & EmilyAug-19-201511 year
16Sydney & AyisshaAug-12-201511 year
15Andria & DavidAug-05-201511 year
14Thad & SaraJul-29-201511 year
13Prophet & TrinityJul-22-201511 year
12Falesha & JacquelineJul-15-201511 year
11Tiana & JamesJul-08-201511 year
10Steven & SammMay-06-201511 year
9Blaire & MarkieApr-29-201511 year
8Jamey & AriApr-22-201511 year
7Whitney & BreApr-12-201511 year
6Felipe & JasmineApr-01-201511 year
5Chitara & PriscillaMar-25-201511 year
4Daisy & MarcusMar-18-201521 year
3Harold & ArmaniMar-11-201511 year
2Courtney & IsaakMar-04-201511 year
1Miracle & JavonniFeb-25-201511 year
311Bianca & BroganJul-09-201403 years
10Bianca & BroganJul-09-201421 year
9Jeff & MeganJul-02-201411 year
8Miranda & CamerynJun-25-201411 year
7Solana & ElijahJun-18-201411 year
6John & KelseyJun-11-201411 year
5Tracie & SammieJun-04-201411 year
4Lucille & Kidd ColeMay-28-201411 year
3Antoinette & AlbertMay-21-201411 year
2Antwane & TonyMay-14-201411 year
1Craig & ZoeMay-07-201411 year
216[no episode title yet]Oct-15-201303 years
15Mike & CarolineOct-15-201321 year
14Keyonnah & Bow WowOct-08-201321 year
13Derek & KristenOct-01-201331 year
12Nick & MelissaSep-24-201311 year
11Aaliyah & AliciaSep-10-201321 year
10Ashley & MikeSep-03-201321 year
9Artis & JessAug-25-201311 year
8Jesse & BrianAug-20-201311 year
7Mike & KristenAug-06-201331 year
6Jen & SkylarJul-30-201321 year
5Dorion & JeszicaJul-23-201341 year
4Lauren & DerekJul-16-201331 year
3Ramon & PaolaJul-09-201321 year
2Anthony & MarqJul-02-201311 year
1Cassie & SteveJun-25-201311 year
112[no episode title yet]Feb-25-201303 years
11Mike & FeliciaFeb-18-201311 year
10Rico & Ja'mariJan-28-201311 year
9Rod & EbonyJan-21-201321 year
8Tyler & AmandaJan-14-201311 year
7Joe & Kari AnnJan-07-201311 year
6Kya & AlyxDec-17-201211 year
5Jarrod & AbbyDec-10-201221 year
4Jasmine & MikeDec-03-201221 year
3Kim & MattNov-26-201221 year
2Trina & ScorpioNov-19-201221 year
1Sunny & JamisonNov-12-201211 year
050Catfish Trolls: Ciera & Eskimo Jay03 years
49Catfish Trolls: Camyonce & Rollin’ RayJul-25-201803 years
48Catfish Trolls: Miss Mia Rose & MaldivaJul-18-201803 years
47Catfish Keeps It 100: Where Are They Now?Jun-27-201803 years
46Catfish Keeps It 100: Creepy Catfish CountdownMay-11-201803 years
45Catfish Keeps it 100: Charlamagne's Favorite F'ing Catfish MomentsMay-04-201803 years
44Catfish Keeps It 100: Top 10 Most WantedApr-25-201803 years
43Catfish Keeps It 100: The AftershockApr-18-201803 years
42Catfish Keeps It 100: Catfish Breaks the Internet AgainApr-11-201803 years
41Catfish Keeps It 100: The Young and the CatfishedApr-04-201803 years
40 Catfish Keeps It 100: Dear Nev & MaxMar-14-201803 years
39To Catch a CatfishDec-27-201703 years
38What Kind of Catfish Are You?Sep-06-201703 years
37When Catfish Broke the InternetAug-09-201703 years
36Liar Liar Catfish on FireAug-02-201703 years
35It's a Cat Cat Cat Catfish WorldJun-28-201703 years
34Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 10Jun-07-201703 years
33Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 9May-31-201703 years
32Still Hooked!May-24-201703 years
31Hooked on LoveFeb-25-201703 years
30Top Ten Holy S*@#! Catfish MomentsFeb-25-201703 years
29Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 8Sep-28-201603 years
28Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 7Aug-29-201603 years
27The Ones That Got AwayApr-20-201603 years
26Best Moments EverMar-16-201603 years
25Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 6Nov-23-201503 years
24Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 5Nov-16-201503 years
23Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 4Sep-09-201503 years
22The Anatomy of CatfishJul-22-201503 years
21Fresh Catch SpecialJul-08-201503 years
20Chatfish Live After Show - Steven & SammMay-06-201503 years
19Where Are They Now?May-13-201503 years
18Stephanie & DavidApr-08-201503 years
17The Untold Stories Part 3Apr-15-201503 years
16Felipe & Jasmine: Live After ShowApr-01-201503 years
15Chatfish Live After Show - Season 3 FinaleSep-07-201403 years
14Nev and Max's 15 Craziest Catfish Moments CountdownFeb-18-201503 years
13Chatfish Live After Show - Season 4 PremiereFeb-25-201503 years
12The MovieJan-10-201003 years
11Blake & KierstenJul-08-201403 years
10The Untold Stories Part 2Jul-02-201403 years
9Chatfish Live After Show - Season 3 PremiereMay-07-201403 years
8The Untold Stories Part 1Apr-30-201403 years
7Season 2 Reunion SpecialOct-16-201303 years
6Catfish Season 2: Last HooksOct-15-201303 years
5Mid-Season ReunionAug-13-201303 years
4Dorion & Jeszica: Live After ShowJul-23-201303 years
3Lauren & Derek: Live After ShowJul-16-201303 years
2Hooked On Catfish: The Road To Season 2Jun-18-201303 years
1Season 1 Reunion SpecialFeb-26-201303 years

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