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Catfish: The TV Show

How do young people who’ve embraced the digital age find love? Often, it’s by connecting online with people they’ve never met in person. These days, messaging on iPhones has replaced the dinner date, and emailing through social media sites often substitutes for face-to-face conversations. The problem with this approach – the guy or girl you’ve f...

Genre: Reality Series, Family, Romance

Release Date: November 12, 2012 (US)

Status: Running

Network: MTV (imdb)

Casts: Max Joseph, Nev Schulman

Most recent episode: Catfish: The TV Show Season 8 Episode 5 - Joseph & Sabrina ( 2/5/2020 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
88x6: William & JamieFeb-12-202005 days
8x5: Joseph & SabrinaFeb-05-2020674 days
8x4: Jesus & AlexisJan-29-202006 days
8x3: Sparkayla & MarithaJan-22-2020643 weeks
8x2: Kristina & FaithJun-19-2019464 weeks
8x1: Mathan & LeahJun-12-2019651 month
77x40: Angel & AntonioAug-21-2019666 months
7x39: Cherie & AvionAug-14-2019276 months
7x38: Trystyn & LaraAug-07-2019216 months
7x37: CJ & ShanaAug-07-2019206 months
7x36: Shirlene And JamesJul-31-2019526 months
7x35: Matthew & ChanceJul-24-2019137 months
7x34: Taylor & ChristianJul-17-2019287 months
7x33: Kaden & AdrianaJul-10-2019187 months
7x32: TBAJul-03-2019117 months
7x31: TBAJun-26-201908 months
7x30: TBAJun-19-201908 months
7x29: Mathan & LeahJun-12-201948 months
7x28: Deven & JamesJan-23-2019121 year
7x27: Nique & AliceJan-16-2019191 year
7x26: Aubri & BrianJan-09-2019121 year
7x25: Dallas & SafariJan-02-2019111 year
7x24: Shakinah & ChrisJan-02-201961 year
7x23: Truth & Ray'QuanDec-26-2018181 year
7x22: Chelsea & LennieDec-19-2018151 year
7x21: Sheila & Rich DollazDec-12-2018181 year
7x20: Rachael & VanceDec-05-2018181 year
7x19: Mike & JoeyNov-28-2018111 year
7x18: Nick & JasmineAug-29-201841 year
7x17: Derek & AnnabelleAug-15-201841 year
7x16: Nae & BrannonAug-08-201852 years
7x15: Chelsea & CharlesAug-01-201842 years
7x14: Breana & JoshJul-25-201882 years
7x13: Angel & JordanJul-18-201831 year
7x12: Nina & JonJul-11-2018171 year
7x11: Kiaira & CortneyJul-11-2018241 year
7x10: Dylan & SaveniaMar-07-2018102 years
7x9: Infiniti & DaveFeb-28-201802 years
7x8: Mandy & JoseFeb-21-201802 years
7x7: Traves & CandyFeb-14-2018192 years
7x6: Zak & GarrettFeb-07-2018132 years
7x5: Mary & AdamJan-31-2018102 years
7x4: Lawrence & CierraJan-24-201802 years
7x3: Kim & MattJan-17-201802 years
7x2: Alyssa & TylerJan-10-2018142 years
7x1: Sheklia & TalliJan-03-2018162 years
66x22: What Kind Of Catfish Are You?Sep-06-201702 years
6x21: Caitlyn & KentonAug-30-201702 years
6x20: Jose & JayAug-23-201702 years
6x19: Nicole & NicoleAug-16-201702 years
6x18: Robin & WayneJul-26-201702 years
6x17: Robert & AshleighJul-19-201702 years
6x16: April & DeanJul-12-201702 years
6x15: Kelsie & BrandonJul-05-201702 years
6x14: Johnny & ConnorJun-28-201702 years
6x13: Still Hooked!May-24-201702 years
6x12: Open InvestigationMay-17-201702 years
6x11: Colleen & TonyMay-10-201723 years
6x10: Dylan & AllyMay-03-201733 years
6x9: Ari & LanumApr-26-201703 years
6x8: Kailani & SamApr-19-201703 years
6x7: Yasmine & LewisApr-12-201723 years
6x6: Mecca & TannerApr-05-201703 years
6x5: Marvin & AustinMar-29-201703 years
6x4: Telizza & ShaiMar-22-201763 years
6x3: Danny & RosaMar-15-201703 years
6x2: Alante & NevaehMar-08-201743 years
6x1: Shawny & JackMar-01-201743 years
55x20: Andrew & ZachSep-21-201631 year
5x19: Luis & SydneySep-14-201601 year
5x18: Catherine & GrahamSep-07-201603 years
5x17: Andrea, Alex & AndreaAug-31-201601 year
5x16: Candic & TitusAug-24-201661 year
5x15: Spencer & KatyAug-17-201633 years
5x14: Larissa & AnthonyAug-10-201624 years
5x13: Lucas & ManyAug-10-201604 years
5x12: Vince & AlyssaMay-11-201644 years
5x11: Paris & TaraMay-04-201644 years
5x10: Kayla & CourtneyApr-27-201644 years
5x9: Tyreme & TomorrowApr-20-201624 years
5x8: Joanna & BoApr-13-201634 years
5x7: Ray & LexiApr-06-201644 years
5x6: Michael & ChanelleMar-30-201604 years
5x5: Jaylin & Ja'laMar-23-201604 years
5x4: Brendan & McKennaMar-17-201604 years
5x3: Leuh & JustinMar-09-201604 years
5x2: Jeanette & DerickMar-02-201604 years
5x1: Dejay, Malik & JosiahFeb-24-201631 year
44x19: Brittany & BryonAug-30-201531 year
4x18: Devan & RylanAug-26-201524 years
4x17: Hundra & EmilyAug-19-201514 years
4x16: Sydney & AyisshaAug-12-201504 years
4x15: Andria & DavidAug-05-201535 years
4x14: Thad & SaraJul-29-201525 years
4x13: Prophet & TrinityJul-22-201505 years
4x12: Falesha & JacquelineJul-15-201515 years
4x11: Tiana & JamesJul-08-201521 year
4x10: Steven & SammMay-06-201521 year
4x9: Blaire & MarkieApr-29-201505 years
4x8: Jamey & AriApr-22-201501 year
4x7: Whitney & BreApr-12-201505 years
4x6: Felipe & JasmineApr-01-201505 years
4x5: Chitara & PriscillaMar-25-201505 years
4x4: Daisy & MarcusMar-18-201535 years
4x3: Harold & ArmaniMar-11-201521 year
4x2: Courtney & IsaakMar-04-201521 year
4x1: Miracle & JavonniFeb-25-201521 year
33x11: Bianca & BroganJul-09-201405 years
3x10: Blake & KendraJul-08-201446 years
3x9: Jeff & MeganJul-02-201426 years
3x8: Miranda & CamerynJun-25-201406 years
3x7: Solana & ElijahJun-18-201426 years
3x6: John & KelseyJun-11-201416 years
3x5: Tracie & ReeseJun-04-201446 years
3x4: Lucille & Kidd ColeMay-28-201456 years
3x3: Antoinette & AlbertMay-21-201446 years
3x2: Antwane & TonyMay-14-201436 years
3x1: Craig & ZoeMay-07-201426 years
22x16: Oct-15-201326 years
2x15: Mike & CarolineOct-15-201356 years
2x14: Keyonnah & Bow WowOct-08-201346 years
2x13: Derek & KristenOct-01-201346 years
2x12: Nick & MelissaSep-24-201336 years
2x11: Aaliyah & AliciaSep-10-201326 years
2x10: Ashley & MikeSep-03-201356 years
2x9: Artis & JessAug-25-201326 years
2x8: Jesse & BrianAug-20-201326 years
2x7: Mike & KristenAug-06-201336 years
2x6: Jen & SkylarJul-30-201357 years
2x5: Dorion & JeszicaJul-23-201377 years
2x4: Lauren & DerekJul-16-201367 years
2x3: Ramon & PaolaJul-09-201347 years
2x2: Anthony & MarqJul-02-201306 years
2x1: Cassie & SteveJun-25-201337 years
11x12: Feb-25-201327 years
1x11: Mike & FeliciaFeb-18-201317 years
1x10: Rico & Ja'mariJan-28-201327 years
1x9: Rod & EbonyJan-21-201316 years
1x8: Tyler & AmandaJan-14-201307 years
1x7: Joe & Kari AnnJan-07-201327 years
1x6: Kya & AlyxDec-17-201206 years
1x5: Jarrod & AbbyDec-10-201227 years
1x4: Jasmine & MikeDec-03-201227 years
1x3: Kim & MattNov-26-201227 years
1x2: Trina & ScorpioNov-19-201226 years
1x1: Sunny & JamisonNov-12-201207 years
00x50: Catfish Trolls: Ciera & Eskimo Jay02 years
0x49: Catfish Trolls: Camyonce & Rollin’ RayJul-25-201802 years
0x48: Catfish Trolls: Miss Mia Rose & MaldivaJul-18-201802 years
0x47: Catfish Keeps It 100: Where Are They Now?Jun-27-201802 years
0x46: Catfish Keeps It 100: Creepy Catfish CountdownMay-11-201802 years
0x45: Catfish Keeps it 100: Charlamagne's Favorite F'ing Catfish MomentsMay-04-201802 years
0x44: Catfish Keeps It 100: Top 10 Most WantedApr-25-201802 years
0x43: Catfish Keeps It 100: The AftershockApr-18-201802 years
0x42: Catfish Keeps It 100: Catfish Breaks the Internet AgainApr-11-201802 years
0x41: Catfish Keeps It 100: The Young and the CatfishedApr-04-201802 years
0x40: Catfish Keeps It 100: Dear Nev & MaxMar-14-201802 years
0x39: To Catch a CatfishDec-27-201702 years
0x38: What Kind of Catfish Are You?Sep-06-201702 years
0x37: When Catfish Broke the InternetAug-09-201702 years
0x36: Liar Liar Catfish on FireAug-02-201702 years
0x35: It's a Cat Cat Cat Catfish WorldJun-28-201702 years
0x34: Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 10Jun-07-201702 years
0x33: Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 9May-31-201702 years
0x32: Still Hooked!May-24-201702 years
0x31: Hooked on LoveFeb-25-201702 years
0x30: Top Ten Holy S*@#! Catfish MomentsFeb-25-201702 years
0x29: Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 8Sep-28-201602 years
0x28: Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 7Aug-29-201602 years
0x27: The Ones That Got AwayApr-20-201602 years
0x26: Best Moments EverMar-16-201602 years
0x25: Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 6Nov-23-201502 years
0x24: Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 5Nov-16-201502 years
0x23: Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 4Sep-09-201502 years
0x22: The Anatomy of CatfishJul-22-201502 years
0x21: Fresh Catch SpecialJul-08-201502 years
0x20: Chatfish Live After Show - Steven & SammMay-06-201502 years
0x19: Where Are They Now?May-13-201502 years
0x18: Stephanie & DavidApr-08-201502 years
0x17: The Untold Stories Part 3Apr-15-201502 years
0x16: Felipe & Jasmine: Live After ShowApr-01-201502 years
0x15: Chatfish Live After Show - Season 3 FinaleSep-07-201402 years
0x14: Nev and Max's 15 Craziest Catfish Moments CountdownFeb-18-201502 years
0x13: Chatfish Live After Show - Season 4 PremiereFeb-25-201502 years
0x12: The MovieJan-10-201002 years
0x11: Blake & KierstenJul-08-201402 years
0x10: The Untold Stories Part 2Jul-02-201402 years
0x9: Chatfish Live After Show - Season 3 PremiereMay-07-201402 years
0x8: The Untold Stories Part 1Apr-30-201402 years
0x7: Season 2 Reunion SpecialOct-16-201302 years
0x6: Catfish Season 2: Last HooksOct-15-201302 years
0x5: Mid-Season ReunionAug-13-201302 years
0x4: Dorion & Jeszica: Live After ShowJul-23-201302 years
0x3: Lauren & Derek: Live After ShowJul-16-201302 years
0x2: Hooked On Catfish: The Road To Season 2Jun-18-201302 years
0x1: Season 1 Reunion SpecialFeb-26-201302 years

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