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Call Me Fitz

Set almost entirely in a used car dealership, Call Me Fitz follows a handsome, substance abusing scoundrel, Fitz (Jason Priestley), who torments his naive co workers, sleeps with any woman who has a pulse and thinks his life is perfect. In an attempt to secure a hold on

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: September 19, 2010 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: HBO (CA) (imbd)

Casts: Brooke Nevin, Ernie Grunwald, Gillian Ferrier, Donavon Stinson, Tracy Dawson, Kathleen Munroe, Peter MacNeill, Jason Priestley

Most recent episode: Call Me Fitz Season 4 Episode 10 - ( 12/2/2013 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
44x10: Dec-02-201316 years
4x9: Dec-02-201306 years
4x8: Nov-25-201306 years
4x7: Nov-18-201306 years
4x6: Nov-11-201306 years
4x5: Nov-04-201336 years
4x4: Oct-28-201326 years
4x3: Oct-21-201336 years
4x2: Oct-14-201316 years
4x1: Oct-10-201326 years
33x12: Dec-02-201217 years
3x11: Nov-25-201227 years
3x10: Nov-18-201227 years
3x9: Nov-11-201227 years
3x8: Nov-04-201217 years
3x7: Oct-28-201207 years
3x6: Oct-21-201207 years
3x5: Oct-14-201207 years
3x4: Oct-07-201217 years
3x3: Sep-30-201207 years
3x2: Sep-23-201217 years
3x1: Sep-23-201227 years
22x13: Dec-11-201106 years
2x12: Dec-04-201106 years
2x11: Nov-27-201106 years
2x10: Nov-20-201106 years
2x9: Nov-13-201106 years
2x8: Nov-06-201106 years
2x7: Oct-30-201106 years
2x6: Oct-23-201106 years
2x5: Oct-16-201106 years
2x4: Oct-09-201106 years
2x3: Oct-02-201106 years
2x2: Sep-25-201106 years
2x1: Sep-25-201106 years
11x13: Dec-05-201006 years
1x12: Nov-28-201006 years
1x11: Nov-21-201006 years
1x10: Nov-14-201006 years
1x9: Nov-07-201006 years
1x8: Oct-31-201006 years
1x7: Oct-24-201006 years
1x6: Oct-17-201006 years
1x5: Oct-10-201006 years
1x4: Oct-03-201006 years
1x3: Sep-26-201006 years
1x2: Sep-19-201006 years
1x1: Sep-19-201006 years

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