Cake Boss

The staff of Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, led by Buddy Valastro, shows how it prepares elaborate themed cakes for various occasions. Each episode typically features the preparation of two cakes for events including receptions, charity events and theme parties as well as weddings and birthdays.

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Genre: Reality, Cooking, Food

Release Date: April 19, 2009 (US)

Status: Running

Network: TLC (IMDb)

Casts: Buddy Valastro, Joey Faugno, Mauro Castano, Frankie Amato, Jr., Ralph Attanasia III, Danny Dragone, Grace Faugno, Maddalena Castano, Mary Sciarrone

Most recent episode: Cake Boss Season 12 Episode 10 - Next Great Bride, Fish Cake And Caesar Castano ( 4/11/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1210Next Great Bride, Fish Cake And Caesar CastanoApr-11-202002 years
9Giant Tooth and Masquerade Sweet 16Apr-04-202002 years
8Extraterrestrials and Giant TacosMar-28-202002 years
7Cuckoo Cake, Birthday Surprise, and New BakeryMar-21-202002 years
6Sweet 16, Hulas and Tiny Hamster CakeMar-14-202002 years
5Turtle Rescue, Roller Derby and Treasure HuntMar-07-202002 years
4Thunderbirds And ButterfliesFeb-29-202002 years
3Waves, Watermelons And Wipe OutsFeb-22-202002 years
2Rollercoasters, Cook-offs And Cupcake IslandFeb-15-202002 years
1Dinosaurs, Brush Strokes And Edible ArtFeb-15-202002 years
1128A Barter, a Baker, and an Italian ProfessorNov-09-201902 years
27Volcanoes, Drive-ins & Movie MagicNov-02-201902 years
26Mining Cake, Sailing Santa, and Sister MakeoversOct-26-201902 years
25Father's Day Collapse, Buddy's Surprise, And Tee TimeOct-05-201902 years
24Ships Ahoy, Mary's Mix-up And Elevator ErrorSep-28-201902 years
23Color Festival, Sofia's Graduating And A Paint DateSep-21-201902 years
22Mommas Day, Floral Flavors And Cake ClinicsSep-14-201902 years
21Steampunks, Kiwi Cake and Babysitting JittersSep-07-201902 years
20Robots And Rainbow UnicornsAug-31-201902 years
19Father-daughter Dance And Bachelorette PartyAug-24-201902 years
18Glass Cake and 100th BirthdayAug-17-201902 years
17Pinata Party and Gender RevealAug-10-201902 years
16Holly Jolly Hoboken and Ugly SweatersAug-03-201902 years
15Enduring Love, an Ending and Edited OutJul-27-201902 years
14Secret Proposals, Patients And Privacy PleaseJul-20-201902 years
13Pep Rally, Birthday Treat And Fancy FeetJul-13-201902 years
12Dreams Come TrueJul-06-201902 years
11Creepy Crawly Cake and Haunted HouseJun-29-201902 years
1025 Years And CountingJun-22-201902 years
9Pep Rally, Birthday Treat, and Fancy FeetJul-13-201902 years
8Mermaids, Promotions, and Puppy LoveJun-08-201902 years
7Viking Ships and Ice Cream ConesJun-08-201902 years
6Diggerland, Dol and DressesJun-01-201902 years
5Wedding Bells and Flower PowerJun-01-201902 years
4Go Fly a KiteMay-25-201902 years
3Color Run and Back to School FunMay-25-201902 years
2Flamenco and Capture the FlagMay-18-201902 years
1Fiery Dragons and Marrying CatsMay-18-201902 years
1024Seasons Greetings and Saintly Surprises02 years
23Wintery Wonderland Wedding02 years
22Leather, Lace and a Princess Cake02 years
21Soccer and Mary's Big Break02 years
20Mummy Mia!02 years
19Camels, Ostriches and Cake Wishes02 years
18Quinceaneras, Quarterbacks and K9’s02 years
17Home Runs and Rabbit Holes02 years
16Levers And LeatherJul-03-201802 years
15Lucky Ducks, Toy Trunk And Dance MovesJul-03-201802 years
14Doll House, Joe's 50th, and Apple DramaJun-26-201802 years
13Creeps, Carvings and CoffinsJun-26-201802 years
12Java Buzz, Kid Rocker and Twisted SistersJun-19-201802 years
11Seasons Greetings And Saintly SurprisesDec-02-201702 years
10Wintry Wonderland WeddingDec-02-201702 years
9Quinceaneras, Quarterbacks And K9'sNov-11-201702 years
8Cravings, Coffins and Classic CarsOct-28-201702 years
7A Tight Fit, Gems and Rabbit HolesOct-21-201702 years
6High Kicks, Prom Proposal And Giving BackOct-14-201702 years
5Helicopters, Hypnosis and Hay BalesOct-07-201702 years
4Steins, Stethoscopes And StudsSep-30-201702 years
3Buddha, Brandenburg and Big AirSep-30-201702 years
2Momma's Day, Floral Flavors and Cake ClinicsSep-30-201702 years
1Farewell to Momma MarySep-30-201702 years
930A Barter, A Baker, And An Italian ProfessorOct-25-201702 years
29Mining Cake, Sailing Santa, And Sister MakeoversOct-25-201702 years
28Farewell To Momma MaryOct-18-201702 years
27Volcanoes, Drive-Ins, & Movie MagicOct-18-201702 years
26Father's Day Collapse, Buddy's Surprise, And Tee TimeOct-11-201702 years
25Sailors and Marines and Twins cakeOct-11-201702 years
24Color Festival, Sofia's Graduating And A Paint DateOct-04-201702 years
23Momma's Day, Floral Flavors And Cake ClinicsOct-04-201702 years
22Steampunks, Kiwi Cake And Babysitting JittersSep-27-201702 years
21Father-Daughter Dance and Bachelorette PartySep-20-201702 years
20Glass Cake and 100th BirthdayAug-08-201702 years
19Episode 19Aug-08-201702 years
18Episode 18Jul-25-201702 years
17Enduring Love, an Ending and Edited OutJul-27-201702 years
16Secret Proposal, Patients and Privacy PleaseJul-20-201702 years
15Pep Rally, Birthday Treat and Fancy FeetJul-13-201702 years
14Saudi Arabia And Lobster Tail FeastJul-06-201702 years
13Soccer & Mary's Big BreakJul-25-201702 years
12Dreams Come TrueAug-16-201702 years
11Creepy Crawly Cake And Haunted HouseJul-25-201702 years
1025 Years And CountingApr-14-201702 years
9Ballet and South African BiltongApr-14-201702 years
8Mermaids, Promotions and Puppy LoveApr-07-201702 years
7Viking Ships and Ice Cream ConesApr-07-201702 years
6Go Fly a KiteMar-31-201702 years
5Diggerland, Dol and DressesMar-31-201702 years
4Color Run and Back to School FunMar-24-201702 years
3Flamenco and Capture the FlagMar-24-201702 years
2Wedding Bells and Flower PowerMar-17-201702 years
1Fiery Dragons And Marrying CatsMar-17-201702 years
830Leather, Lace and a Princess CakeJan-11-201701 month
29Football CakeJan-11-201701 month
28Taj Mahal and Prom ProposalSep-25-201702 years
27Red, White and ChewDec-21-201602 years
26Helicopters and HypnosisDec-21-201602 years
25Home Runs and Rabbit HolesDec-21-201602 years
24Classic Cars and Grace's SurpriseDec-21-201602 years
23Camels, Ostriches and Cake WishesDec-21-201602 years
22Mummy Mia!Dec-21-201602 years
21High Kicks, Hockey Sticks and CapoeiraSep-25-201702 years
20Seasons Greetings and Saintly SurprisesOct-25-201602 years
19Wintery Wonderland WeddingOct-25-201602 years
18Hay Bales and a Health ScareOct-18-201601 month
17Snowman, Mentor and Model MaryOct-18-201601 month
16Quinceañeras, Quaterbacks and K9'sOct-11-201602 years
15Creeps, Carvings and CoffinsOct-11-201601 month
14Gems, Geodes and Cake Boss JuniorOct-04-201601 month
13Tall Orders and a Tight FitOct-04-201601 month
12Monkey Business and Mary in ChargeSep-27-201601 month
11Snowman, Mentor and Model MarySep-27-201701 month
10Steins, Stethoscopes and StudsSep-20-201601 month
9Buddha, Brandenburg and Big AirSep-20-201602 years
8Spies, Splashes and Bakery LoveSep-13-201601 month
7Bugging Out and Big CheersSep-13-201602 years
6Fairy Tales, Farewells, and Fake NosesSep-06-201601 month
5Wine and WaltzesSep-06-201601 month
4Mary Models, Toys and Turkish MarblingAug-30-201602 years
3Botanical Cakes and Anti-Lock BrakesAug-30-201602 years
2Sand Castles and Seeing DoubleAug-23-201602 years
1Pirates and PastriesAug-23-201602 years
724Windmill, Wedding Cake Twist, Winding DownNov-24-201502 years
23[no episode title yet]Nov-17-201502 years
22[no episode title yet]Nov-17-201502 years
21[no episode title yet]Nov-10-201502 years
20[no episode title yet]Nov-10-201502 years
19Windmill, Wedding Cake Twist, Winding DownNov-17-201501 month
18[no episode title yet]Oct-20-201502 years
17[no episode title yet]Oct-20-201502 years
16[no episode title yet]Oct-13-201502 years
15[no episode title yet]Oct-13-201502 years
14[no episode title yet]Oct-06-201502 years
13[no episode title yet]Oct-06-201502 years
12[no episode title yet]Feb-24-201402 years
11[no episode title yet]Feb-17-201402 years
10[no episode title yet]Feb-10-201402 years
9[no episode title yet]Feb-03-201402 years
8[no episode title yet]Jan-27-201402 years
7[no episode title yet]Jan-20-201402 years
6[no episode title yet]Jan-13-201412 years
5[no episode title yet]Jan-13-201412 years
4The Butcher and the BakerJul-03-201501 month
3[no episode title yet]Jan-06-201402 years
2Kid Crush and CarnivalJun-26-201501 month
1Everything Old is New AgainJun-26-201501 month
628Up, Up & AwayFeb-24-201401 month
27Fiery CompetitionFeb-17-201401 month
26Biceps and BirthdaysFeb-10-201401 month
25Icing the CakeFeb-03-201401 month
24Down the DrainJan-27-201401 month
23Sicilian SamuraiJan-20-201401 month
22Carlo's CowboysJan-13-201401 month
21Next Great BrideJan-13-201401 month
20Pimp My CakeJan-06-201401 month
19Viva Cake Boss!Jan-06-201401 month
18[no episode title yet]Dec-30-201318 years
17[no episode title yet]Dec-30-201318 years
16[no episode title yet]Aug-12-201308 years
15Camp Carlo'sAug-05-201301 month
14[no episode title yet]Jul-29-201308 years
13[no episode title yet]Jul-22-201318 years
12[no episode title yet]Jul-15-201318 years
11[no episode title yet]Jul-08-201318 years
10Muscles and MarriageJul-01-201301 month
9-Glow in the Dark CakeJun-24-201301 month
8From Russia with CakeJun-17-201301 month
7Snowed OutJun-17-201301 month
6[no episode title yet]Jun-10-201308 years
5[no episode title yet]Jun-10-201308 years
4-[no episode title yet]Jun-03-201308 years
3[no episode title yet]Jun-03-201308 years
2[no episode title yet]May-27-201309 years
1[no episode title yet]Nov-27-201229 years
530[no episode title yet]Feb-18-201309 years
29[no episode title yet]Feb-18-201309 years
28[no episode title yet]Feb-11-201309 years
27[no episode title yet]Feb-04-201309 years
26[no episode title yet]Jan-28-201309 years
25[no episode title yet]Jan-07-201309 years
24Twirls, Whirls and CrashesJan-07-201301 month
23[no episode title yet]Dec-17-201209 years
22[no episode title yet]Dec-17-201209 years
21[no episode title yet]Dec-10-201219 years
20[no episode title yet]Dec-10-201219 years
19From Fury to FurryDec-03-201201 month
18Ugly Feet and a FiestaDec-03-201201 month
17[no episode title yet]Nov-26-201209 years
16[no episode title yet]Jul-23-201219 years
15[no episode title yet]Jul-23-201219 years
14That's Some Nice MeatJul-16-201201 month
13[no episode title yet]Jul-16-201209 years
12Going Up?Jul-09-201201 month
11Ice-ing on the CakeJul-09-201201 month
10[no episode title yet]Jul-02-201209 years
9[no episode title yet]Jul-02-201209 years
8Presidents, Peanut Butter & Popping-inJun-25-201201 month
7[no episode title yet]Jun-18-201209 years
6[no episode title yet]Jun-11-201219 years
5[no episode title yet]Jun-11-201219 years
4[no episode title yet]Jun-04-201219 years
3[no episode title yet]Jun-04-201219 years
2[no episode title yet]May-28-2012010 years
1[no episode title yet]May-28-2012010 years
437[no episode title yet]Jan-30-201202 years
36Cake Block, Cruise & a Carlo's CeremonyJan-23-201201 month
35Bling, Barbecue & BlueprintsNov-28-201101 month
34[no episode title yet]Nov-21-201102 years
33[no episode title yet]Nov-14-201102 years
32[no episode title yet]Nov-07-201102 years
31[no episode title yet]Oct-31-201102 years
30[no episode title yet]Oct-24-201102 years
29[no episode title yet]Oct-17-201102 years
28[no episode title yet]Oct-10-201102 years
27A Funny Regis & Fifty WeddingsOct-10-201101 month
26[no episode title yet]Oct-03-201102 years
25State Fair, Syracuse Bound & Special AnniversaryOct-03-201102 years
24[no episode title yet]Sep-26-201102 years
23[no episode title yet]Sep-26-201102 years
22Prize Cow, Pop-Tarts & PatienceAug-01-201101 month
21Campfire, Computers and a ConcernJul-25-201101 month
20Cheeseburgers, Cures & a ChallengeJul-18-201101 month
19Moving Cake, Marbles & Mess UpsJul-11-201101 month
18Bugs, Break Ups & Burned-outJul-11-201101 month
17Competition, Complications, & CommunionJun-27-201101 month
16A Big Bumblebee & a Bossy GraceJun-20-201101 month
15Headphones, Helicopters, & HandcuffedJun-13-201101 month
14[no episode title yet]Jun-06-201102 years
13Space Shuttle, Stepping Up & Surprise!May-30-201101 month
12[no episode title yet]Apr-11-201102 years
11[no episode title yet]Apr-04-201102 years
10[no episode title yet]Mar-28-201102 years
9Punches, Psychics & PipingMar-21-201101 month
8[no episode title yet]Mar-14-201102 years
7[no episode title yet]Mar-07-201102 years
6[no episode title yet]Feb-28-201102 years
5[no episode title yet]Feb-21-201102 years
4[no episode title yet]Feb-14-201102 years
3[no episode title yet]Feb-07-201102 years
2[no episode title yet]Feb-07-201102 years
1[no episode title yet]Jan-31-201102 years
324Santa, Sunrise & Snowmen CupcakesNov-29-201001 month
23[no episode title yet]Nov-22-201002 years
22[no episode title yet]Nov-15-201002 years
21[no episode title yet]Nov-08-201002 years
20Pipes, a Phoenix, & a Problematic KitchenNov-01-201001 month
19[no episode title yet]Oct-25-201002 years
18[no episode title yet]Oct-18-201002 years
17[no episode title yet]Oct-18-201002 years
16[no episode title yet]Oct-11-201002 years
15[no episode title yet]Aug-23-201002 years
14[no episode title yet]Aug-16-201002 years
13[no episode title yet]Aug-09-201008 years
12[no episode title yet]Aug-02-201008 years
11[no episode title yet]Jul-26-201008 years
10[no episode title yet]Jul-19-201008 years
9[no episode title yet]Jul-12-201008 years
8[no episode title yet]Jun-28-201008 years
7[no episode title yet]Jun-21-201008 years
6[no episode title yet]Jun-21-201008 years
5[no episode title yet]Jun-14-201008 years
4[no episode title yet]Jun-14-201008 years
3[no episode title yet]Jun-07-201008 years
2[no episode title yet]Jun-07-201008 years
1[no episode title yet]May-31-201008 years
218Castles, Cannolis & Cartoon CharactersFeb-10-201001 month
17Aquarium Adventures & An AnnouncementJan-02-201001 month
16[no episode title yet]Jan-31-201008 years
15[no episode title yet]Jan-25-201008 years
14[no episode title yet]Jan-18-201008 years
13[no episode title yet]Jan-11-201008 years
12[no episode title yet]Jan-04-201008 years
11[no episode title yet]Dec-14-200908 years
10[no episode title yet]Dec-07-200908 years
9[no episode title yet]Nov-30-200908 years
8[no episode title yet]Nov-23-200908 years
7[no episode title yet]Nov-23-200908 years
6Children, Cage and a ChallengeNov-09-200901 month
5A Battleship, Ballet and Burning!Nov-09-200901 month
4[no episode title yet]Nov-02-200908 years
3[no episode title yet]Nov-02-200908 years
2[no episode title yet]Oct-26-200908 years
1[no episode title yet]Oct-26-200908 years
113Fireworks, Falling Fondant and FathersAug-24-200901 month
12Leaning, Lobsters and LecturesAug-17-200901 month
11A Blindfold, A Bikini and Breathing FireAug-10-200901 month
10Chinese Culture and CannolisJul-27-200901 month
9Soldiers, Sand and SaladsJul-20-200901 month
8Museum, Mistakes, and Mother MaryJul-13-200901 month
7Doves, Ducks and DelicaciesJul-06-200901 month
6Undead, Unclothed and Unhappy MamaJun-29-200901 month
5Bi-Plane, Bridezilla and Busting BuddyJun-22-200901 month
4Weddings, Water and Whacked!Jun-15-200901 month
3Bunny, Birthday and Burnt FoodJun-08-200901 month
2A Fire, a Fashionista and FamilyJun-01-200901 month
1A Bride, a Boat and Bamboozled!May-25-200901 month
09Cake Boss: Family SecretsNov-28-201102 years
8Cake Boss: Family FeastNov-24-201102 years
7Cake Boss: Dear BuddyOct-10-201102 years
6Cake Boss: Baby SpecialMar-06-201102 years
5Ugly Cake02 years
4Mary's E-mail02 years
3Deleted Scenes02 years
2Cake Off02 years
1Ultimate Cake BossMay-31-201002 years

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