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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 18 -

Airdate: 2010-Dec-16

Episode summary:

Vaughn tells Michael that he now considers him an enemy, and demands Michael turn over the NOC list. When Michael is trying to receive help, he is spotted by Vaughn's men and a car chase ensues, leading to Jesse suffering a compound fracture in his leg. Michael, Fiona and Jesse hide in an abandoned hotel which is surrounded by Vaughn's men. Vaughn promises no harm as long as Michael gives him the list. Meanwhile Sam and Madeline try to convince Congressman Cowley to pass the list higher up. Despite some stubbornness, Cowley gives in. Sam tries to get Madeline to leave Miami, but she is intercepted by Vaughn's men. Michael and Fiona are left to make a desperate suicide move by running into a nearby shed and blowing themselves up, while Jesse leaves with the thumb drive. As they run out of bullets and are prepared to detonate their bomb (which would kill them and Vaughn along with his men), a team of US Marines, brought by Cowley and led by Sam, attack and arrest Vaughn and his men. As he is led away, a dismayed Vaughn tells Michael they could have done great things together. As Maddie and Jesse are attended to by paramedics, two men ask Michael to get in a limo, telling Michael only that they want to "ask some questions." After a lengthy drive, they hand an exhausted Michael an overcoat and drop him off. He stands on the sidewalk in the cold, watching an unnamed man (Dylan Baker) approach, who Michael appears to recognize. The man welcomes Michael back; as they walk into the building, it is revealed that the United States Capitol is nearby, showing that Michael is now in Washington, DC.

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