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Britain's Got More Talent

Britain’s Got More Talent is a companion show of Britain’s Got Talent which is broadcast on digital channel ITV2 and on TV3 Ireland, after the main ITV and TV3 Britain’s Got Talent broadcast. It shows some of the behind-the-scenes footage and highlights of the Britain’s Got Talent and shows the emotional responses of the contestants after the judges comment on their performances. Hosted by Stephen Mulhern.

Genre: Reality

Release Date: June 9, 2007 (UK)

Status: Running

Network: ITV2 (IMDb)

Casts: Stephen Mulhern

Most recent episode: Britain's Got More Talent Season 13 Episode 14 - Episode 14 ( 6/2/2019 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
1314Episode 14Jun-02-201914 years
13Episode 13May-31-201914 years
12Episode 12May-30-201903 years
11Episode 11May-29-201903 years
10Episode 10May-28-201904 years
9Episode 9May-27-201904 years
8Episode 8May-25-201914 years
7Episode 7May-18-201903 years
6Episode 6May-11-201903 years
5Episode 5May-04-201904 years
4Episode 4Apr-27-201904 years
3Episode 3Apr-20-201904 years
2Episode 2Apr-13-201903 years
1Episode 1Apr-06-201904 years
1214[no episode title yet]03 years
13Episode 13Jun-03-201803 years
12Episode 12Jun-01-201803 years
11Episode 11May-31-201803 years
10Episode 10May-30-201803 years
9Episode 9May-29-201803 years
8Episode 8May-28-201803 years
7Episode 7May-26-201803 years
6Episode 6May-19-201803 years
5Episode 5May-12-201803 years
4Episode 4May-05-201803 years
3Episode 3Apr-28-201803 years
2Episode 2Apr-21-201803 years
1Episode 1Apr-14-201803 years
1113Episode 13Jun-03-2017412 months
12Episode 12Jun-02-2017412 months
11Episode 11Jun-01-2017212 months
10Episode 10May-31-2017312 months
9Episode 9May-30-2017212 months
8Episode 8May-29-2017212 months
7Episode 7May-27-2017212 months
6Episode 6May-20-201701 year
5Episode 5May-13-2017212 months
4Episode 4May-06-2017212 months
3Episode 3Apr-29-2017312 months
2Episode 2Apr-22-2017312 months
1Episode 1Apr-15-2017312 months
1013Episode 13May-28-201603 years
12Episode 12May-26-201603 years
11Episode 11May-25-201603 years
10Episode 10May-24-201603 years
9Episode 9May-23-201603 years
8Episode 8May-22-201603 years
7Episode 7May-21-201603 years
6Episode 6May-14-201603 years
5Episode 5May-07-201603 years
4Episode 4Apr-30-201603 years
3Episode 3Apr-23-201603 years
2Episode 2Apr-16-201603 years
1Episode 1Apr-09-201603 years
914Simon's Top Ten MomentsJun-03-201503 years
13Episode 13May-31-201523 years
12Episode 12May-29-201563 years
11Episode 11May-28-201503 years
10Episode 10May-27-201523 years
9Episode 9May-26-201533 years
8Episode 8May-25-201503 years
7Episode 7May-23-201503 years
6Episode 6May-16-201503 years
5Episode 5May-09-201503 years
4Episode 4May-02-201503 years
3Episode 3Apr-25-201503 years
2Episode 2Apr-18-201503 years
1Episode 1Apr-11-201503 years
820David's Top Ten MomentsApr-09-201503 years
19Alesha's Top Ten MomentsApr-07-201503 years
18Amanda's Top Ten MomentsApr-06-201503 years
17Best and Worst (4)Jun-12-201403 years
16Best and Worst (3)Jun-11-201403 years
15Best and Worst (2)Jun-10-201403 years
14Best and Worst (1)Jun-09-201403 years
13Episode 13Jun-07-201403 years
12Episode 12May-31-201403 years
11Episode 11May-29-201403 years
10Episode 10May-28-201403 years
9Episode 9May-27-201403 years
8Episode 8May-26-201403 years
7Episode 7May-25-201403 years
6Episode 6May-17-201403 years
5Episode 5May-10-201403 years
4Episode 4May-03-201403 years
3Episode 3Apr-26-201403 years
2Episode 2Apr-19-201403 years
1Episode 1Apr-12-201403 years
717Best and Worst: Most Amazing MomentsJun-12-2013010 years
16Best and Worst: Cutest Moments EverJun-11-2013010 years
15Best and Worst: Singers and DancersJun-10-2013010 years
14Best and Worst: Lol MomentsJun-09-2013010 years
13Episode 13Jun-08-2013010 years
12Episode 12Jun-01-2013010 years
11Episode 11May-31-2013010 years
10Episode 10May-30-2013010 years
9Episode 9May-28-2013010 years
8Episode 8May-27-2013010 years
7Episode 7May-26-2013010 years
6Episode 6May-18-2013010 years
5Episode 5May-11-2013010 years
4Episode 4May-04-2013010 years
3Episode 3Apr-27-2013010 years
2Episode 2Apr-20-2013010 years
1Episode 1Apr-13-2013010 years
617All StarsMay-16-2012011 years
16Kids and Pets UnleashedMay-15-2012011 years
15All Singing All DancingMay-14-2012011 years
14Funniest MomentsMay-13-2012011 years
13Episode 13May-12-2012011 years
12Episode 12May-10-2012011 years
11Episode 11May-09-2012011 years
10Episode 10May-08-2012011 years
9Episode 9May-07-2012011 years
8Episode 8May-06-2012111 years
7Episode 7May-05-2012111 years
6Episode 6Apr-28-2012211 years
5Episode 5Apr-21-2012211 years
4Episode 4Apr-14-2012311 years
3Episode 3Apr-07-2012211 years
2Episode 2Mar-31-2012011 years
1Episode 1Mar-24-2012111 years
517Best & Worst (4)Jun-09-201103 years
16Best & Worst (3)Jun-08-201103 years
15Best & Worst (2)Jun-07-201103 years
14Best & Worst (1)Jun-06-201103 years
13Episode 13Jun-04-201103 years
12Episode 12Jun-03-201103 years
11Episode 11Jun-02-201103 years
10Episode 10Jun-01-201103 years
9Episode 9May-31-201103 years
8Episode 8May-30-201103 years
7Episode 7May-29-201103 years
6Episode 6May-21-201103 years
5Episode 5May-14-201103 years
4Episode 4May-07-201103 years
3Episode 3Apr-30-201103 years
2Episode 2Apr-23-201103 years
1Episode 1Apr-16-201103 years
417Best & Worst (4)Jun-10-201003 years
16Best & Worst (3)Jun-09-201003 years
15Best & Worst (2)Jun-08-201003 years
14Best & Worst (1)Jun-07-201003 years
13Episode 13Jun-05-201003 years
12Episode 12Jun-04-201003 years
11Episode 11Jun-03-201003 years
10Episode 10Jun-02-201003 years
9Episode 9Jun-01-201003 years
8Episode 8May-31-201003 years
7Episode 7May-30-201003 years
6Episode 6May-23-201003 years
5Episode 5May-15-201003 years
4Episode 4May-08-201003 years
3Episode 3May-01-201003 years
2Episode 2Apr-24-201003 years
1Episode 1Apr-17-201003 years
316Best & Worst (3)Jun-03-200903 years
15Best & Worst (2)Jun-02-200903 years
14Best & Worst (1)Jun-01-200903 years
13Episode 13May-30-200903 years
12Episode 12May-29-200903 years
11Episode 11May-28-200903 years
10Episode 10May-26-200903 years
9Episode 9May-25-200903 years
8Episode 8May-24-200903 years
7Episode 7May-23-200903 years
6Episode 6May-16-200903 years
5Episode 5May-09-200903 years
4Episode 4May-02-200903 years
3Episode 3Apr-25-200903 years
2Episode 2Apr-18-200903 years
1Episode 1Apr-11-200903 years
217Best & Worst (3)Jun-05-200803 years
16Best & Worst (2)Jun-04-200803 years
15Best & Worst (1)Jun-03-200803 years
14Episode 14May-31-200803 years
13Episode 13May-31-200803 years
12Episode 12May-30-200803 years
11Episode 11May-29-200803 years
10Episode 10May-28-200803 years
9Episode 9May-27-200803 years
8Episode 8May-26-200803 years
7Episode 7May-24-200803 years
6Episode 6May-17-200803 years
5Episode 5May-10-200803 years
4Episode 4May-03-200803 years
3Episode 3Apr-26-200803 years
2Episode 2Apr-19-200803 years
1Episode 1Apr-12-200803 years
19Episode 9Jun-17-200703 years
8Episode 8Jun-16-200703 years
7Episode 7Jun-15-200706 years
6Episode 6Jun-14-200706 years
5Episode 5Jun-13-200706 years
4Episode 4Jun-12-200706 years
3Episode 3Jun-11-200706 years
2Episode 2Jun-10-200706 years
1Episode 1Jun-09-200706 years
012Top Ten Moments: Social SuperstarsApr-14-201803 years
11Top Ten Moments: LOL MomentsApr-07-201803 years
10Top Ten Moments: Golden BuzzersApr-01-201803 years
9Top Ten Moments: Stephen's Unsung HeroesMar-25-201803 years
8Top 10 Live Show MomentsApr-09-201603 years
7Top 10 Animal ActsApr-03-201603 years
6Top 10 Comedy MomentsApr-02-201603 years
5Top 10 SurprisesMar-26-201603 years
4Simon's Top 10 MomentsJun-03-201503 years
3David Walliams' Favourite MomentsApr-09-201503 years
2Amanda Holden's Favourite MomentsApr-06-201503 years
1Alesha Dixon's Favourite MomentsApr-07-201503 years

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