This reality series from WE takes us inside the hectic wedding preparations of brides-to-be who are determined to have the perfect wedding – no matter how many tantrums they must throw to achieve that dream. Every episode we meet a new bride who is more selfish and controlling than the previous one. This unique reality show shows the life of brides-to-be and how they fight with their friends, family and future husband to get anything they want for their wedding and for it to be just the way the like it!

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Genre: Reality, Action

Release Date: June 7, 2004 (US)

Status: Running

Network: WE (IMDb, Official Website)


Most recent episode: Bridezillas Season 13 Episode 7 - Quackzilla &VCardZilla ( 11/5/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
137Quackzilla &VCardZillaNov-05-202033 months
6Nigerian Queen & QuackzillaOct-29-202028 months
5Hot Mess Express and Nigerian QueenOct-22-202028 months
4Boho Diva & Hot Mess ExpressOct-15-202013 months
3GuardZilla and Boho DivaOct-08-202013 months
2100K Wedding and GuardZillaOct-01-202033 months
1Big Easy Queen & $100K BrideSep-24-202043 months
1210SecretZilla & BratZillaJul-12-201938 months
9SiblingRivalryZilla & SecretZillaJul-05-201938 months
8ViralZilla & SiblingRivalryZillaMay-03-201968 months
7HerRoyalZilla & ViralZillaApr-26-201922 years
6JerseyZilla & HerRoyalZillaApr-19-201922 years
5DIYZilla & JerseyZillaApr-12-201928 months
4MeanGirlZilla and DIYZillaApr-06-201903 years
3CelebZilla & MeanGirlZillaMar-29-201903 years
2CelebZilla & UndeciZillaMar-22-201903 years
1HangryZilla & CelebZillaMar-15-201903 years
1114Wanna-Bey Zilla & Sly ZillaJul-06-201802 years
13Rebel Zilla & Wanna-Bey ZillaJun-29-201802 years
12Rebel Zilla & Queen ZillaJun-22-201802 years
11Cake Zilla & Runaway ZillaJun-15-201812 years
10Runaway Zilla & Vain ZillaJun-08-201822 years
9Runaway Zilla & Wine ZillaJun-01-201802 years
8Naughty Zilla & Pushover ZillaApr-20-201802 years
7QUEEN ZILLA & NAUGHTY ZILLAApr-13-201828 months
6Storm Zilla & Queen ZillaApr-06-201828 months
5Cry Zilla & Storm ZillaMar-30-201802 years
4Pageant Zilla & Storm ZillaMar-23-201802 years
3Virgin Zilla & Pageant ZillaMar-16-201802 years
2Virgin Zilla & Cougar ZillaMar-09-201828 months
1Country Zilla & Cougar ZillaMar-02-201828 months
1022Wilaura & MeganOct-11-201303 years
21Adrianne & WilauraOct-04-201303 years
20Angela & AdrianneSep-27-201303 years
19Mai-Lee & AngelaSep-20-201303 years
18Roxy & Mai-LeeSep-13-201303 years
17Ariane & RoxySep-06-201308 years
16Ashley & ArianeSep-06-201308 years
15Sophia & AshleyAug-30-201308 years
14Aleshia & SophiaAug-30-201303 years
13Yovanna & AleshiaAug-30-201303 years
12Evelina & YovannaAug-23-201303 years
11Krystal & EvelinaAug-16-201308 years
10Stephanie & KrystalAug-09-201303 years
9Stephanie & TaneemaAug-02-201308 years
8Miyesha & StephanieJul-19-201303 years
7Amanda & MiyeshaJul-12-201303 years
6Joraine & AmandaJul-05-201303 years
5Dekeydra & JoraineJun-28-201303 years
4Amanda & DekeydraJun-21-201303 years
3Amanda & DezjuanJun-14-201303 years
2Dezjuan & ArielJun-07-201303 years
1Haley & ArielMay-31-201303 years
923Where Are They Now? 3.0Nov-18-201202 years
22NatalieNov-04-201219 years
21Natalie & DanielleOct-28-201219 years
20Natalie & CristalOct-21-201213 years
19Cristal & JanelleOct-14-201203 years
18Cristal & DavinaOct-07-201203 years
17Davina & TabbySep-30-201203 years
16Tabby & ChristineSep-23-201203 years
15Christine & MinyonSep-16-201203 years
14Jennifer & LanceSep-09-201203 years
13Jennifer & BlancaSep-02-201219 years
12Remy & BlancaAug-26-201219 years
11Tasha & RemyAug-19-201219 years
10Tasha & TracyAug-12-201219 years
9Michelle & TashaAug-05-201229 years
8Brittany & MichelleJul-29-201219 years
7Liza & BrittanyJul-22-201219 years
6Ashanti & LizaJul-15-201209 years
5Rochelle & AshantiJul-08-201209 years
4Jeanine & RochelleJul-01-201203 years
3Jeanine & CallieJun-24-201203 years
2Marlene & JeanineJun-17-201209 years
1Shederyl & MarleneJun-10-201209 years
822Johanne & CristalNov-06-201102 years
21Johanne & DaphneOct-30-201102 years
20Tifani & JohanneOct-23-201102 years
19Kera & TifaniOct-16-201102 years
18Kim & KeraOct-09-201102 years
17Ruby & KimOct-02-201102 years
16Frankie & RubySep-25-201102 years
15Frankie & MarissaSep-18-201102 years
14Kim & FrankieSep-11-201102 years
13Kim & Danielle WSep-04-201102 years
12Brittany & KimAug-28-201102 years
11Suzy & BrittanyAug-21-201102 years
10Suzy & NicoleAug-14-201102 years
9Suzy & DanniAug-07-201102 years
8Tricia & DanniJul-31-201102 years
7Tricia & DanyelleJul-24-201102 years
6Gloria & TriciaJul-17-201102 years
5Porsha & GloriaJul-10-201102 years
4Kym & PorshaJul-03-201102 years
3Gabrielle & KymJun-26-201102 years
2Krystal & GabrielleJun-19-201102 years
1Erica & KrystalJun-12-201102 years
723Molly, Tasanna & AngelNov-07-201002 years
22Tasha & MollyOct-31-201002 years
21Delilah & TashaOct-24-201002 years
20Erica & DelilahOct-17-201002 years
19Carley & EricaOct-10-201002 years
18Katie & CarleyOct-03-201002 years
17Gloria & KatieSep-26-201002 years
16Jenny & GloriaSep-19-201002 years
15Ayanna & JennySep-12-201002 years
14Melissa & AyannaSep-05-201002 years
13Alex & MelissaAug-29-201002 years
12Stephanie & AlexAug-22-201002 years
11Kendall & StephanieAug-15-201002 years
10Regina & KendallAug-08-201002 years
9Maria & ReginaAug-01-201002 years
8Mia & MariaJul-25-201002 years
7Michelle & MiaJul-18-201002 years
6Martina & MichelleJul-11-201002 years
5Natalie & MartinaJul-04-201002 years
4Sara & NatalieJun-27-201002 years
3Shandra & SaraJun-20-201002 years
2Ivy & ShandraJun-13-201002 years
1Andrea & IvyJun-06-201002 years
622Kelli Lloyd & Karen RefaeliNov-01-200902 years
21Karen Refaeli & Natasha ChurchOct-25-200904 years
20LaDrienna McMillan & Karen RefaeliOct-18-200904 years
19LaDrienna McMillan & Lacey JordanOct-11-200904 years
18LaJune Henderson & Lacey JordanOct-04-200904 years
17LaJune Henderson & Kirsten StiffSep-27-200904 years
16Nicole DeLeo & Kirsten StiffSep-20-200904 years
15Nicole DeLeo & Debra PhippinsSep-13-200904 years
14Adrienne Willmuth & Debra PhippinsSep-06-200904 years
13Adrienne Willmuth & Melissa BrownAug-30-200904 years
12Jessica Pineda & Melissa BrownAug-23-200904 years
11Jessica Pineda & Melissa GriffinAug-16-200904 years
10Valique Brown & Melissa GriffinAug-09-200904 years
9Valique Brown & Melissa CavalcanteAug-02-200904 years
8Karee Gibson & Melissa CavalcanteJul-26-200904 years
7Karee Gibson & Josaine EspinalJul-19-200904 years
6Bernadette Gbondo & Josaine EspinalJul-12-200904 years
5Bernadette Gbondo & Angela ParkJul-05-200904 years
4Levitriss West & Angela ParkJun-28-200904 years
3Levitriss West & Valerie NietoJun-21-200904 years
2Christina Ibendahl & Valerie NietoJun-14-200904 years
1Courtney Cray & Valarie NietoJun-07-200904 years
522Cari & RebeccaOct-26-200804 years
21DeShawn & CariOct-19-200804 years
20Amanda & DeShawnOct-12-200804 years
19Shanteca & AmandaOct-05-200804 years
18Dona & ShantecaSep-28-200804 years
17Vanessa & DonaSep-21-200804 years
16Jennifer & VanessaSep-14-200804 years
15Misty & JenniferSep-07-200804 years
14Megan & MistyAug-31-200804 years
13Megan & CelindaAug-24-200804 years
12Tanesha & MeganAug-17-200804 years
11Kristen & TaneshaAug-10-200804 years
10Kristen & BrandiAug-03-200804 years
9Brandi & DawnJul-27-200804 years
8Dawn & MonicaJul-20-200804 years
7Monica & LisaJul-13-200804 years
6Lisa & YoumikaJul-06-200804 years
5Katrina & LisaJun-29-200804 years
4Katrina & JanelleJun-22-200804 years
3Kenya & KatrinaJun-15-200804 years
2Jennifer & KenyaJun-08-200804 years
1Ayesha & JenniferJun-01-200804 years
418Athena & PhebieOct-14-200704 years
17Michelle & AthenaOct-07-200704 years
16Candice & MichelleSep-30-200704 years
15Chris & CandiceSep-23-200704 years
14Gina & ChrisSep-16-200704 years
13Melisha & GinaSep-09-200704 years
12Melisha & SuzanneSep-02-200704 years
11Stephani & MelishaAug-26-200704 years
10Stephani & DanikaAug-19-200704 years
9Tasha & StephanieAug-12-200704 years
8Tasha & DeniseAug-05-200704 years
7Monica & TashaJul-29-200704 years
6Maria & MonicaJul-22-200704 years
5Sharon & MariaJul-15-200704 years
4Alicia & SharonJul-08-200704 years
3Kaileema & AliciaJul-01-200704 years
2Anita & AliciaJun-24-200704 years
1Anita & AndreaJun-17-200704 years
318Bessa & JonOct-08-200604 years
17Charlene & JonOct-01-200604 years
16Karyn & JonSep-24-200604 years
15Melody & KarynSep-17-200604 years
14Dana & MelodySep-10-200604 years
13Malia & DanaSep-03-200604 years
12Rhyan & MaliaAug-27-200604 years
11Calisse & MaliaAug-20-200604 years
10Kristina & CalisseAug-13-200604 years
9MilenaAug-06-200604 years
8Shelayna & MilenaJul-30-200604 years
7Shelayna & LadessiaJul-23-200604 years
6Angela & ShelaynaJul-16-200604 years
5Regina & AngelaJul-09-200604 years
4Regina & LydeeJul-02-200604 years
3Marsha & ReginaJun-25-200604 years
2Marsha & YoshieJun-18-200604 years
1Marsha & NikkiJun-11-200604 years
28Julia, Cynthia & KarenJul-20-200504 years
7Kathleen, Cynthia, Karen & JuliaJul-13-200504 years
6Michelle, Karen, Julia & AmyJul-06-200504 years
5Miho, Amy, Karen & CynthiaJun-29-200504 years
4Tricia, Karen, Miho & CynthiaJun-22-200504 years
3Brooke, Miho, Julia & AmyJun-15-200504 years
2Miho, Julia, Karen & AmyJun-08-200504 years
1Vanessa, Karen, Julia & CynthiaJun-01-200504 years
18Korliss & NoelleJul-20-200404 years
7Magdalena, Korliss & NoelleJul-13-200404 years
6Antonella, Magdalena & KorlissJul-06-200404 years
5Antonella, Patricia & MagdalenaJun-29-200404 years
4Gretchen, Antonella & PatriciaJun-22-200404 years
3Jada, Antonella & GretchenJun-15-200404 years
2Adrianna, Jada & AntonellaJun-08-200404 years
1Thuy, Adrianna & JadaJun-01-200404 years
02Scared Fit: Zilla Melissa Mother-In-LargeJul-13-201802 years
1Where are they now?Jun-01-201802 years

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