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Brain Games

Brain Games, the three-part special on National Geographic Channel, uses interactive experiments, visual illusions, and other mental tricks to reveal the inner-workings of the brain. Wanna shake someone out of their I-can-too-text/talk-and-drive conviction? Wanna see cocksure crime eyewitnesses recall nearly every detail wrong? “Brain Games” delivers three distinct and equally mesmerizing hours of cleverly staged exercises demonstrating how the brain does its job. You’ll have great fun playing. Even when you learn just how (sigh) pathetic your own average performance has been. And that’s after playful narrator Neil Patrick Harris gives us every opportunity to try again. (He even tells us how to do it.) Thankfully, NPH also explains why our minds betray us.

Genre: Documentary, Family, Educational

Release Date: October 9, 2011 (US)

Status: Running

Network: National Geographic Channel (IMDB)

Casts: Jason Silva

Most recent episode: Brain Games Season 8 Episode 8 - Tiffany Haddish: Movie Magic ( 3/2/2020 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
88Tiffany Haddish: Movie MagicMar-02-202011 year
7Rebel Wilson: Love and AttractionFeb-24-202011 year
6Mark Cuban: Power and MoneyFeb-17-202003 years
5Jack Black: MusicFeb-10-202011 year
4Kids vs. AdultsFeb-03-202011 year
3Mind Over MatterJan-27-202011 year
2Ted Danson: Fact Or Fiction?Jan-20-202011 year
1Male Brain Vs. Female BrainJan-20-202011 year
76The Survivor BrainMar-20-201611 year
5Super SensesMar-13-201611 year
4Life of the BrainMar-06-201611 year
3Brains Behaving BadlyFeb-28-201611 year
2The God BrainFeb-21-201611 year
1Meet the BrainFeb-14-201611 year
67Try This at HomeOct-26-201503 years
6ImaginationJun-29-201503 years
5Animal vs. ManJun-29-201503 years
4PerspectiveJun-28-201503 years
3SleepJun-28-201503 years
2ScamsJun-28-201503 years
1Positive ThinkingJun-28-201503 years
510FacesMar-16-201511 year
9[no episode title yet]Mar-09-201511 year
8[no episode title yet]Mar-02-201511 year
7[no episode title yet]Feb-23-201511 year
6[no episode title yet]Feb-16-201511 year
5[no episode title yet]Feb-09-201541 year
4[no episode title yet]Feb-02-201511 year
3[no episode title yet]Jan-26-201511 year
2[no episode title yet]Jan-19-201511 year
1[no episode title yet]Jan-12-201511 year
412[no episode title yet]Sep-05-201403 years
11[no episode title yet]Sep-05-201403 years
10[no episode title yet]Aug-25-201411 year
9[no episode title yet]Aug-18-201411 year
8[no episode title yet]Aug-11-201411 year
7[no episode title yet]Aug-04-201411 year
6[no episode title yet]Jul-28-201411 year
5[no episode title yet]Jul-28-201411 year
4[no episode title yet]Jul-21-201411 year
3[no episode title yet]Jul-21-201411 year
2[no episode title yet]Sep-05-201411 year
1[no episode title yet]Sep-05-201411 year
319[no episode title yet]Aug-25-201403 years
18[no episode title yet]Aug-18-201403 years
17[no episode title yet]Aug-11-201403 years
16[no episode title yet]Aug-04-201403 years
15[no episode title yet]Jul-28-201403 years
14[no episode title yet]Jul-28-201403 years
13[no episode title yet]Jul-21-201403 years
12[no episode title yet]Jul-21-201403 years
11[no episode title yet]Jul-14-201403 years
10[no episode title yet]Jul-14-201411 year
9[no episode title yet]Mar-17-201411 year
8[no episode title yet]Mar-10-201411 year
7[no episode title yet]Mar-03-201411 year
6[no episode title yet]Feb-24-201411 year
5[no episode title yet]Feb-03-201421 year
4[no episode title yet]Jan-27-201411 year
3[no episode title yet]Jan-20-201411 year
2[no episode title yet]Jan-13-201411 year
1[no episode title yet]Jan-13-201411 year
213[no episode title yet]Nov-11-201303 years
12[no episode title yet]Jun-24-201311 year
11[no episode title yet]Jun-17-201311 year
10[no episode title yet]Jun-10-201311 year
9[no episode title yet]Jun-03-201311 year
8[no episode title yet]May-27-201311 year
7[no episode title yet]May-20-201311 year
6[no episode title yet]May-13-201311 year
5[no episode title yet]May-06-201311 year
4[no episode title yet]Apr-29-201311 year
3[no episode title yet]Apr-29-201311 year
2[no episode title yet]Apr-22-201311 year
1[no episode title yet]Apr-22-201311 year
13Remember This!Oct-09-201111 year
2Pay Attention!Oct-09-201111 year
1Watch This!Oct-09-201111 year

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