An American crime drama television show that is based on forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology. It surround with an FBI case file concerning the mystery behind human remains brought by FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) to the forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, a highly skilled forensic anthropologist who works at the Jeffersonian Institutein Washington, D.C., and writes novels on the side.. Bones stars Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin, Eric Millegan, T. J. Thyne, Jonathan Adams, Tamara Taylor and John Francis Daley.

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Genre: Crime, Drama

Release Date: September 13, 2005 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: Fox (Official Website)

Casts: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin, T.J. Thyne, Tamara Taylor, John Francis Daley, Eric Millegan, John Boyd, Carla Gallo, Jonathan Adams, Katheryn Winnick, Laura Spencer

Most recent episode: Bones Season 12 Episode 12 - The End in the End ( 3/28/2017 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1212The End in the EndMar-28-201702 years
11The Day in the LifeMar-21-201702 years
10The Radioactive Panthers in the PartyMar-14-201702 years
9The Steal in the WheelsMar-07-201702 years
8The Grief and the GirlFeb-21-201702 years
7The Scare in the ScoreFeb-14-201702 years
6The Flaw in the SawFeb-07-201702 years
5The Tutor in the TussleJan-31-201712 years
4The Price for the PastJan-24-201702 years
3The New Tricks in the Old DogsJan-17-201702 years
2The Brain In The BotJan-10-201702 years
1The Hope In The HorrorJan-03-201702 years
1122The Nightmare in the NightmareJul-21-201602 years
21The Jewel in the CrownJul-14-201602 years
20The Stiff in the CliffJun-23-201602 years
19The Head in the AbutmentJun-16-201632 years
18The Movie in the MakingJun-02-201602 years
17The Secret in the ServiceMay-26-201602 years
16The Strike in the ChordMay-19-201602 years
15The Fight in the FixerMay-12-201602 years
14The Last Shot at a Second ChanceMay-05-201612 years
13The Monster in the ClosetApr-28-201602 years
12The Murder of the MeninistApr-21-201602 years
11The Death in the DefenseApr-14-201602 years
10The Doom in the BoomDec-10-201502 years
9The Cowboy in the ContestDec-10-201502 years
8High Treason in the Holiday SeasonNov-19-201512 years
7The Promise in the PalaceNov-12-201512 years
6The Senator in the Street SweeperNov-05-201512 years
5The Resurrection in the RemainsOct-29-201512 years
4The Carpals in the Coy-WolvesOct-22-201502 years
3The Donor in the DrinkOct-15-201512 years
2The Brother in the BasementOct-08-201502 years
1The Loyalty in the LieOct-01-201512 years
1022The Next in the LastJun-11-201562 years
21The Life in the LightJun-04-201522 years
20The Woman in the WhirlpoolMay-28-201502 years
19The Murder in the Middle EastMay-14-2015142 years
18The Verdict in the VictimsMay-07-2015172 years
17The Lost in the FoundMay-07-201512 years
16The Big Beef at the Royal DinerApr-30-2015162 years
15The Eye in the SkyApr-23-2015102 years
14The Putter in the RoughApr-16-2015172 years
13The Baker in the BitsApr-09-2015142 years
12The Teacher in the BooksApr-02-2015172 years
11The Psychic in the SoupMar-26-2015182 years
10The 200th in the 10thDec-11-201412 years
9The Mutilation of the Master ManipulatorDec-04-201462 years
8The Puzzler in the PitNov-20-2014192 years
7The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-RoundNov-13-201482 years
6The Lost Love in the Foreign LandNov-06-201412 years
5The Corpse at the ConventionOct-30-201422 years
4The Geek in the GuckOct-16-201422 years
3The Purging of the PunditOct-09-201442 years
2The Lance to the HeartOct-02-201422 years
1The Conspiracy in the CorpseSep-25-201442 years
924The Recluse in the ReclinerMay-19-201402 years
23The Drama in the QueenMay-12-201402 years
22The Nail in the CoffinApr-21-201412 years
21The Cold in the CaseApr-14-201432 years
20The High in the LowApr-07-201422 years
19The Turn in the UrnMar-31-201412 years
18The Carrot in the KudzuMar-24-201412 years
17The Repo Man in the Septic TankMar-17-201422 years
16The Source in the SludgeMar-10-201412 years
15The Heiress in the HillJan-31-201422 years
14The Master in the SlopJan-24-201412 years
13Big in the PhilippinesJan-17-201422 years
12The Ghost in the KillerJan-10-201442 years
11The Spark in the ParkDec-06-201312 years
10The Mystery in the MeatNov-22-201312 years
9The Fury in the JuryNov-15-201312 years
8The Dude in the DamNov-11-201312 years
7The Nazi on the HoneymoonNov-04-201332 years
6The Woman in WhiteOct-21-201332 years
5The Lady on the ListOct-14-201312 years
4The Sense in the SacrificeOct-07-201322 years
3El Carnicero en el CocheSep-30-201322 years
2The Cheat in the RetreatSep-23-201332 years
1The Secrets in the ProposalSep-16-2013102 years
0[no episode title yet]Sep-04-201309 years
824The Secret in the SiegeApr-29-201312 years
23The Pathos in the PathogensApr-22-201322 years
22The Party in the PantsApr-15-201322 years
21The Maiden in the MushroomsApr-01-201312 years
20The Blood from the StonesMar-25-201322 years
19The Doom in the GloomMar-18-201332 years
18The Survivor in the SoapMar-04-201352 years
17The Fact in the FictionFeb-25-201362 years
16The Friend in NeedFeb-18-201332 years
15The Shot in the DarkFeb-11-201352 years
14The Doll in the DerbyFeb-04-201342 years
13The Twist in the PlotJan-28-201372 years
12The Corpse on the CanopyJan-21-201342 years
11The Archaeologist in the CocoonJan-14-201352 years
10The Diamond in the RoughJan-14-201352 years
9The Ghost in the MachineDec-03-201252 years
8The But in the JokeNov-26-201242 years
7The Bod in the PodNov-19-201232 years
6The Patriot in PurgatoryNov-12-201232 years
5The Method in the MadnessNov-05-201242 years
4The Tiger in the TaleOct-08-201252 years
3The Gunk in the GarageOct-01-201242 years
2The Partners in the DivorceSep-24-201252 years
1The Future in the PastSep-17-201272 years
713The Past in the PresentMay-14-201242 years
12The Suit on the SetMay-07-201232 years
11The Family in the FeudApr-30-201252 years
10The Warrior in the WussApr-23-201232 years
9The Don't in the DoApr-16-201262 years
8The Bump in the RoadApr-09-201252 years
7The Prisoner in the PipeApr-02-201232 years
6The Crack in the CodeJan-12-201232 years
5The Twist in the TwisterDec-08-201122 years
4The Male in the MailDec-01-201132 years
3The Prince in the PlasticNov-17-201132 years
2The Hot Dog in the CompetitionNov-10-201122 years
1The Memories in the Shallow GraveNov-03-201132 years
623The Change in the GameMay-19-201132 years
22The Hole in the HeartMay-12-201132 years
21The Signs in the SilenceMay-05-201132 years
20The Pinocchio in the PlanterApr-28-201122 years
19The FinderApr-21-201132 years
18The Truth in the MythApr-14-201132 years
17The Feet on the BeachApr-07-201112 years
16The Blackout in the BlizzardMar-17-201112 years
15The Killer in the CrosshairsMar-10-201132 years
14The Bikini in the SoupFeb-17-201132 years
13The Daredevil in the MoldFeb-10-201122 years
12The Sin in the SisterhoodFeb-03-201132 years
11The Bullet in the BrainJan-27-201132 years
10The Body in the BagJan-20-201122 years
9The Doctor in the PhotoDec-09-201022 years
8The Twisted Bones in the Melted TruckDec-02-201062 years
7The Babe in the BarNov-18-201032 years
6The Shallow in the DeepNov-11-201032 years
5The Bones That Weren'tNov-04-201032 years
4The Body and the BountyOct-14-201032 years
3The Maggots in the MeatheadOct-07-201012 years
2The Couple in the CaveSep-30-201032 years
1The Mastodon in the RoomSep-23-201032 years
522The Beginning in the EndMay-20-201032 years
21The Boy with the AnswerMay-13-201032 years
20The Witch in the WardrobeMay-06-201032 years
19The Rocker in the Rinse CycleApr-29-201032 years
18The Predator in the PoolApr-22-201032 years
17The Death of the Queen BeeApr-15-201032 years
16The Parts in the Sum of the WholeApr-08-201032 years
15The Bones on a Blue LineApr-01-201022 years
14The Devil in the DetailsFeb-04-201032 years
13The Dentist in the DitchJan-28-201032 years
12The Proof in the PuddingJan-21-201022 years
11The X in the FileJan-14-201032 years
10The Goop on the GirlDec-10-200932 years
9The Gamer in the GreaseDec-03-200932 years
8The Foot in the ForeclosureNov-19-200932 years
7The Dwarf in the DirtNov-12-200932 years
6The Tough Man in the Tender ChickenNov-05-200932 years
5A Night at the Bones MuseumOct-15-200932 years
4The Beautiful Day in the NeighborhoodOct-08-200932 years
3The Plain in the ProdigyOct-01-200922 years
2The Bond in the BootSep-24-200922 years
1Harbingers in the FountainSep-17-200922 years
426The End in the BeginningMay-14-200932 years
25The Critic in the CabernetMay-07-200932 years
24The Beaver in the OtterApr-30-200962 years
23The Girl in the MaskApr-23-200932 years
22The Double Death of the Dearly DepartedApr-20-200932 years
21Mayhem on a CrossApr-16-200932 years
20The Cinderella in the CardboardApr-15-200932 years
19The Science in the PhysicistApr-09-200932 years
18The Doctor in the DenApr-02-200922 years
17The Salt in the WoundsMar-19-200922 years
16The Bones That FoamMar-12-200922 years
15The Princess and the PearFeb-19-200962 years
14The Hero in the HoldFeb-05-200932 years
13Fire in the IceJan-22-200932 years
12Double Trouble in the PanhandleJan-22-200922 years
11The Bone That BlewNov-26-200832 years
10The Passenger in the OvenNov-19-200832 years
9The Con Man in the Meth LabNov-12-200832 years
8The Skull in the SculptureNov-05-200822 years
7The He in the SheOct-08-200822 years
6The Crank in the ShaftOct-01-200832 years
5The Perfect Pieces in the Purple PondSep-24-200822 years
4The Finger in the NestSep-17-200832 years
3Man in the OuthouseSep-10-200832 years
2Yanks in the U.K., Part 2Sep-03-200812 years
1Yanks in the U.K., Part 1Sep-03-200832 years
315The Pain in the HeartMay-19-200822 years
14The Wannabe in the WeedsMay-12-200822 years
13The Verdict in the StoryMay-05-200822 years
12The Baby in the BoughApr-28-200822 years
11Player Under PressureApr-21-200822 years
10The Man in the MudApr-14-200822 years
9The Santa in the SlushNov-27-200722 years
8The Knight on the GridNov-20-200722 years
7Boy in the Time CapsuleNov-13-200752 years
6Intern in the IncineratorNov-06-200722 years
5Mummy in the MazeOct-30-200742 years
4The Secret in the SoilOct-23-200722 years
3Death in the SaddleOct-09-200712 years
2Soccer Mom in the Mini-VanOct-02-200722 years
1The Widow's Son in the WindshieldSep-25-200722 years
221Stargazer in a PuddleMay-16-200722 years
20The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone HouseMay-09-200722 years
19Spaceman in a CraterMay-02-200722 years
18The Killer in the ConcreteApr-04-200722 years
17The Priest in the ChurchyardMar-28-200732 years
16The Boneless Bride in the RiverMar-21-200722 years
15Bodies in the BookMar-14-200732 years
14The Man in the MansionFeb-14-200722 years
13The Girl in the GatorFeb-07-200732 years
12The Man in the CellJan-31-200722 years
11Judas on a PoleDec-13-200622 years
10The Headless Witch in the WoodsNov-29-200622 years
9Aliens in a SpaceshipNov-15-200622 years
8The Woman in the SandNov-08-200622 years
7The Girl with the CurlNov-01-200632 years
6The Girl in Suite 2103Oct-04-200622 years
5The Truth in the LyeSep-27-200622 years
4The Blonde in the GameSep-20-200622 years
3The Boy in the ShroudSep-13-200632 years
2Mother and Child in the BaySep-06-200632 years
1The Titan on the TracksAug-30-200622 years
122The Woman in LimboMay-17-200622 years
21The Soldier on the GraveMay-10-200622 years
20The Graft in the GirlApr-26-200622 years
19The Man in the MorgueApr-19-200612 years
18The Man with the BoneApr-05-200612 years
17The Skull in the DesertMar-29-200632 years
16The Woman in the TunnelMar-22-200632 years
15Two Bodies in the LabMar-15-200622 years
14The Man on the FairwayMar-08-200622 years
13The Woman in the GardenFeb-15-200622 years
12The Superhero in the AlleyFeb-08-200622 years
11The Woman in the CarFeb-01-200622 years
10The Woman at the Airport22 years
9The Man in the Fallout ShelterDec-13-200522 years
8The Girl in the FridgeNov-29-200522 years
7The Man on Death RowNov-22-200522 years
6The Man in the WallNov-15-200552 years
5A Boy in a BushNov-08-200522 years
4The Man in the BearNov-01-200522 years
3A Boy in a TreeSep-27-200522 years
2The Man in the SUVSep-20-200522 years
1PilotSep-13-200511 year

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