Bondi Rescue

The original beach rescue series ‘Bondi Rescue’ is back for a seventh season. Over the last six summers, Australian Television audiences were introduced to the dramatic world of the Bondi lifeguards, the real life heroes who patrol one of the world

Genre: Reality Series, Action

Release Date: February 6, 2006 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Ten (AU) (IMDb, Official Website)

Casts: Andrew Günsberg

Most recent episode: Bondi Rescue Season 15 Episode 6 - Episode 6 ( 4/8/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
156Episode 6Apr-08-202031 week
5Episode 5Apr-08-202041 week
4Episode 4Apr-01-2020011 months
3Episode 3Apr-01-202051 week
2Episode 2Mar-25-202001 year
1Episode 1Mar-25-202051 week
1410Episode 10Oct-02-2019011 months
9Episode 9Sep-25-2019011 months
8Episode 8Apr-19-2019011 months
7Episode 7Apr-03-201921 week
6Episode 6Mar-27-201902 years
5Episode 5Mar-20-201921 week
4Episode 4Mar-13-201921 week
3Episode 3Mar-06-201902 years
2Episode 2Feb-27-201931 week
1Episode 1Feb-20-2019011 months
1310Episode 10Apr-23-2018011 months
9Episode 9Apr-23-2018011 months
8Episode 8Mar-27-2018011 months
7Episode 7Mar-27-2018011 months
6Episode 6Mar-21-2018011 months
5Episode 5Mar-21-2018011 months
4Episode 4Mar-20-2018011 months
3Episode 3Mar-20-2018011 months
2Episode 2Mar-13-2018011 months
1Episode 1Mar-13-2018011 months
1213Episode 13Apr-30-2017011 months
12Episode 12Apr-25-2017011 months
11Episode 11Apr-23-2017011 months
10Episode 10Apr-02-2017011 months
9Episode 9Mar-26-2017011 months
8Episode 8Mar-19-2017011 months
7Episode 7Mar-12-2017011 months
6Episode 6Mar-05-2017011 months
5Episode 5Feb-26-2017011 months
4Episode 4Feb-19-2017011 months
3Episode 3Feb-12-2017011 months
2Episode 2Feb-05-2017011 months
1Episode 1Jan-29-2017011 months
1113Episode 13Jul-10-2016011 months
12Episode 12May-29-2016011 months
11Episode 11May-01-2016011 months
10Episode 10Apr-26-2016011 months
9Episode 9Apr-19-2016011 months
8Episode 8Apr-12-2016011 months
7Episode 7Apr-05-2016011 months
6Episode 6Mar-31-2016011 months
5Episode 5Mar-29-2016011 months
4Episode 4Mar-23-2016011 months
3Episode 3Mar-22-2016011 months
2Episode 2Mar-18-2016011 months
1Episode 1Mar-11-2016011 months
1012Episode 12Aug-30-2015011 months
11Episode 11Aug-02-2015011 months
10Episode 10Aug-23-2015011 months
9Episode 9Aug-16-2015011 months
8Episode 8Aug-09-2015011 months
7Episode 7Apr-28-2015011 months
6Episode 6Apr-21-2015011 months
5Episode 5Apr-14-2015011 months
4Episode 4Apr-07-2015011 months
3Episode 3Mar-31-2015011 months
2Episode 1Mar-24-2015011 months
1Episode 1Mar-17-2015011 months
917Episode 17Nov-02-2014011 months
16Episode 16Oct-26-2014011 months
15Episode 15May-25-2014011 months
14Episode 14May-18-2014011 months
13Episode 13May-11-2014011 months
12Episode 12May-04-2014011 months
11Episode 11Apr-28-2014011 months
10Episode 10Apr-28-2014011 months
9Episode 9Apr-21-2014011 months
8Episode 8Apr-21-2014011 months
7Episode 7Apr-14-2014011 months
6Episode 6Apr-07-2014011 months
5Episode 5Mar-31-2014011 months
4Episode 4Mar-24-2014011 months
3Episode 3Mar-17-2014011 months
2Episode 2Mar-10-2014011 months
1Episode 1Mar-03-2014011 months
815Episode 15Jun-02-2013011 months
14Episode 14May-26-2013011 months
13Episode 13May-19-2013011 months
12Episode 12May-05-2013011 months
11Episode 11Apr-28-2013011 months
10Episode 10Apr-21-2013011 months
9Episode 9Apr-14-2013011 months
8Episode 8Apr-07-2013011 months
7Episode 7Mar-31-2013011 months
6Episode 6Mar-24-2013011 months
5Episode 5Mar-10-2013011 months
4Episode 4Mar-03-2013011 months
3Episode 3Feb-24-2013011 months
2Episode 2Feb-23-2013011 months
1Episode 1Feb-17-2013011 months
713Episode 13May-07-2012011 months
12Episode 12Apr-30-2012011 months
11Episode 11Apr-23-2012011 months
10Episode 10Apr-16-2012011 months
9Episode 9Apr-09-2012011 months
8Episode 8Apr-02-2012011 months
7Episode 7Mar-19-2012011 months
6Episode 6Mar-12-2012011 months
5Episode 5Mar-05-2012011 months
4Episode 4Feb-27-2012111 months
3Episode 3Feb-20-2012011 months
2Episode 2Feb-13-2012011 months
1Episode 1Feb-06-2012011 months
614Episode 14011 months
13Episode 13011 months
12Episode 12Apr-24-2011011 months
11Episode 11Apr-17-2011011 months
10Episode 10Apr-10-2011011 months
9Episode 9Apr-03-2011011 months
8Episode 8Mar-27-2011011 months
7Episode 7Mar-20-2011011 months
6Episode 6Mar-13-2011011 months
5Episode 5Mar-06-2011011 months
4Episode 4Feb-27-2011011 months
3Episode 3Feb-20-2011011 months
2Episode 2Feb-13-2011011 months
1Episode 1Feb-06-2011011 months
513Episode 13May-02-2010011 months
12Episode 12Apr-25-2010011 months
11Episode 11Apr-18-2010011 months
10Episode 10Apr-11-2010011 months
9Episode 9Apr-04-2010011 months
8Episode 8Mar-28-2010011 months
7Episode 7Mar-21-2010011 months
6Episode 6Mar-14-2010011 months
5Episode 5Mar-07-2010011 months
4Episode 4Feb-28-2010011 months
3Episode 3Feb-21-2010011 months
2Episode 2Feb-14-2010011 months
1Episode 1Feb-07-2010011 months
413Episode 13May-03-2009011 months
12Episode 12Apr-26-2009011 months
11Episode 11Apr-19-2009011 months
10Episode 10Apr-12-2009011 months
9Episode 9Apr-05-2009011 months
8Episode 8Mar-29-2009011 months
7Episode 7Mar-22-2009011 months
6Episode 6Mar-15-2009011 months
5Episode 5Mar-08-2009011 months
4Episode 4Mar-01-2009011 months
3Episode 3Feb-22-2009011 months
2Episode 2Feb-15-2009011 months
1Episode 1Feb-08-2009011 months
314Episode 14May-06-2008011 months
13Episode 13Apr-29-2008011 months
12Episode 12Apr-22-2008011 months
11Episode 11Apr-15-2008011 months
10Episode 10Apr-08-2008011 months
9Episode 9Apr-01-2008011 months
8Episode 8Mar-25-2008011 months
7Episode 7Mar-18-2008011 months
6Episode 6Mar-11-2008011 months
5Episode 5Mar-04-2008011 months
4Episode 4Feb-26-2008011 months
3Episode 3Feb-19-2008011 months
2Episode 2Feb-12-2008011 months
1Episode 1Feb-05-2008011 months
213Episode 13011 months
10Episode 10Apr-09-2007011 months
9Episode 9Apr-02-2007011 months
8Episode 8Mar-26-2007011 months
7Episode 7Mar-19-2007011 months
6Episode 6Mar-12-2007011 months
5Episode 5Mar-05-2007011 months
4Episode 4Feb-26-2007011 months
3Episode 3Feb-19-2007011 months
2Episode 2Feb-12-2007011 months
1Episode 1Feb-05-2007011 months
122Episode 22011 months
21Episode 21011 months
20Episode 20011 months
19Episode 19011 months
18Episode 18011 months
17Episode 17011 months
16Episode 16011 months
15Episode 15011 months
14Episode 14011 months
13Episode 13011 months
12Episode 12011 months
11Episode 11011 months
10Episode 10011 months
9Episode 9011 months
8Episode 8Mar-27-2006011 months
7Episode 7Mar-20-2006011 months
6Episode 6Mar-13-2006011 months
5Episode 5Mar-06-2006011 months
4Episode 4Feb-27-2006011 months
3Episode 3Feb-20-2006011 months
2Episode 2Feb-13-2006011 months
1Episode 1Feb-06-2006011 months
04Season 09 - Best Of Bondi Rescue (Part 2)May-26-2014011 months
3Season 09 - Best Of Bondi Rescue (Part 1)May-19-2014011 months
2Season 08 - Best of Bondi Rescue (Part 2)Mar-31-2013011 months
1Season 08 - Best of Bondi Rescue (Part 1)Mar-24-2013011 months

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