Bob's Burgers

From the creator of Home Movies comes a new animated show on Fox. “Bob’s Burgers” it’s about a guy (Bob) who runs a burger grill at an East Coast seaside town with his “tightly wound wife and three unhelpful kids”.

Genre: Comedy, Animation

Release Date: January 9, 2011 (US)

Status: Running

Network: FOX (IMDb)

Casts: John Roberts, Kristen Schaal, Harry Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, Larry Murphy

Most recent episode: Bob's Burgers Season 13 Episode 5 - Not Found ( 11/1/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
135TBANov-01-202006 months
4TBAOct-18-202006 months
1122Season FinaleMay-23-202101 week
21Episode 21May-16-202101 week
20Episode 20May-09-202101 week
19TBAMay-16-202104 weeks
18Some Kind of Fender BenderfulApr-18-20214420 hours
17Fingers-looseApr-11-2021501 week
16Y Tu Tina TambiénMar-28-2021413 weeks
15Sheshank RedumptionMar-21-2021423 weeks
14Mr. Lonely FartsMar-14-2021341 month
13An Incon-wheelie-ent TruthMar-07-2021431 month
12Die Card, or Card TryingFeb-28-2021402 months
11Romancing the BeefFeb-21-2021493 weeks
10Yachty or NiceDec-13-2020194 months
9Mommy BoyDec-06-2020194 months
8The Terminalator II: Terminals of EndearmentNov-29-2020105 months
7Diarrhea of a Poopy KidNov-22-2020164 months
6Bob Belcher and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad KidsNov-15-2020115 months
5Fast Time Capsules at Wagstaff SchoolNov-08-2020175 months
4Heartbreak Hotel-oweenNov-01-2020185 months
3Copa-bob-banaOct-11-2020136 months
2Worms of In-rear-mentOct-04-2020106 months
1Dream a Little Bob of BobSep-27-2020106 months
1022Prank You for Being a FriendMay-17-2020910 months
21Local She-roMay-10-20201110 months
20Poops!... I Didn't Do It AgainMay-03-2020912 months
19The Handyman CanApr-26-2020612 months
18Tappy Tappy Tappy Tap Tap TapApr-19-2020512 months
17Just the TripMar-22-202071 year
16Flat-Top O' the Morning to YaMar-15-202021 year
15Yurty Rotten ScoundrelsMar-08-202051 year
14Wag the SongMar-01-202041 year
13Three Girls and a Little WharfyFeb-23-202081 year
12A Fish Called TinaFeb-16-202061 year
11DrumforgivenJan-12-202011 year
10Have Yourself a Maily Linda ChristmasDec-15-201911 year
9All That GeneDec-01-201921 year
8Now We're Not Cooking with GasNov-24-201911 year
7Land of the LoftNov-17-201911 year
6The Hawkening: Look Who's Hawking NowNov-10-201901 year
5Legends of the MallNov-03-201926 months
4Pig Trouble in Little TinaOct-20-201926 months
3Motor, She BoatOct-13-201926 months
2Boys Just Wanna Have FungusOct-06-201916 months
1The Ring (But Not Scary)Sep-29-201936 months
923TBAMay-19-2019011 months
22Yes Without My ZekeMay-12-201936 months
21P.T.A. It Ain't SoMay-05-201936 months
20The Gene MileApr-28-201916 months
19Long Time Listener, First Time BobApr-07-201926 months
18If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Marionette?Mar-24-201926 months
17What About Blob?Mar-17-201926 months
16Roamin' Bob-idayMar-10-201916 months
15The Fresh Princ-ipalMar-03-201916 months
14Every Which Way But GooseFeb-17-201916 months
13Bed, Bob and BeyondFeb-10-201916 months
12The Helen HuntJan-13-201916 months
11Lorenzo's Oil? No, Linda'sJan-06-201902 years
10Better Off SledDec-09-201816 months
9UFO No You Didn'tDec-02-201816 months
8Roller? I Hardly Knew Her!Nov-25-201816 months
7I Bob Your PardonNov-18-201802 years
6Bobby DriverNov-11-201816 months
5Live and Let FlyNov-04-201802 years
4Nightmare on Ocean Avenue StreetOct-21-201826 months
3TweentrepreneursOct-14-201826 months
2The Taking of Funtime One Two ThreeOct-07-2018011 months
1Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for NowSep-30-201816 months
821Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters for YouMay-20-201816 months
20Mission Impos-slug-bleMay-20-201816 months
19Mo Mommy Mo ProblemsMay-13-2018011 months
18As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of RampsMay-13-2018011 months
17BoywatchMay-06-201806 months
16Are You There Bob? It's Me, BirthdayApr-29-201816 months
15Go Tina on the MountainApr-22-201816 months
14The Trouble with DoublesApr-15-2018011 months
13Cheer Up Sleepy GeneApr-08-201816 months
12The Hurt SoccerApr-01-201816 months
11Sleeping with the FrenemyMar-25-201816 months
10The Secret Ceramics Room of SecretsMar-18-201816 months
9Y Tu Ga-Ga TambienMar-11-2018011 months
8V for Valentine-dettaJan-14-201816 months
7Bleakening, Part 2Dec-10-2017011 months
6Bleakening, Part 1Dec-10-201716 months
5Thanks-HoardingNov-19-201716 months
4Sit Me Baby One More TimeNov-05-2017011 months
3The Wolf of Wharf StreetOct-22-201716 months
2The Silence of the LouiseOct-15-201716 months
1BrunchsquatchOct-01-201716 months
722Into the MildJun-11-201716 months
21Paraders of the Lost FloatMay-21-201715 months
20Mom, Lies and VideotapesMay-07-201716 months
19Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is LindaApr-30-201716 months
18The Laser-inthApr-23-201715 months
17Zero Larp ThirtyApr-23-201716 months
16Eggs for DaysApr-02-201706 months
15Ain't Miss Debatin'Mar-26-201716 months
14AquaticismMar-26-2017011 months
13The Grand Mama-Pest HotelMar-19-201716 months
12Like Gene for ChocolateMar-12-201716 months
11A Few 'Gurt MenMar-05-201716 months
10There's No Business Like Mr. Business BusinessFeb-19-201716 months
9Bob ActuallyFeb-12-2017011 months
8Ex MachTinaJan-08-201706 months
7The Last Gingerbread House on the LeftNov-27-2016011 months
6The QuirkducersNov-20-201616 months
5Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?Nov-20-201616 months
4They Serve Horses, Don't They?Nov-06-2016011 months
3Teen-a-WitchOct-23-201616 months
2Sea Me NowOct-09-201616 months
1Flu-ouiseSep-25-201616 months
619Glued: Where's My BobMay-22-201626 months
18Secret Admiral-irerMay-22-201626 months
17The Horse Rider-erMay-15-201626 months
16Bye Bye Boo BooMay-08-2016111 months
15Pro Tiki / Con TikiApr-24-201626 months
14The Hormone-iumsApr-17-201616 months
13Wag the HogApr-10-201626 months
12Stand by GeneApr-03-201626 months
11House of 1000 BouncesApr-03-201626 months
10Lice Things Are LiceMar-13-201616 months
9Sacred CouchMar-06-2016011 months
8Sexy Dance HealingFeb-21-201616 months
7The Gene and Courtney ShowFeb-14-201616 months
6The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her LoverJan-17-201616 months
5Nice-CapadesNov-15-2015011 months
4Gayle Makin' Bob SledNov-08-201506 months
3The HaunteningOct-18-201516 months
2The Land ShipOct-11-201516 months
1Sliding BobsSep-27-201516 months
521The Oeder GamesMay-17-2015226 months
20Hawk & ChickMay-17-2015226 months
19HousetrapMay-10-2015226 months
18Eat, Spray, LindaMay-03-2015316 months
17Itty Bitty Ditty CommitteeApr-26-201516 months
16The Runaway ClubMar-22-2015226 months
15Adventures in Chinchilla-sittingMar-15-2015226 months
14L'il Hard DadMar-08-2015246 months
13The Gayle TalesMar-01-20152911 months
12The Millie-Churian CandidateFeb-15-2015226 months
11Can't Buy Me MathFeb-08-2015226 months
10Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and LouiseJan-25-201566 months
9Speakeasy RiderJan-11-201566 months
8Midday RunJan-04-201566 months
7Tina Tailor Soldier SpyDec-14-201416 months
6Father of the BobDec-07-201496 months
5Best BurgerNov-30-201476 months
4Dawn of the PeckNov-23-2014136 months
3Friends with Burger-fitsNov-16-2014256 months
2Tina and the Real GhostNov-02-201446 months
1Work Hard or Die Trying, GirlOct-05-201436 months
422World Wharf II: The Wharfening (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town -- Part II)May-18-201416 months
21Wharf HorseMay-11-201416 months
20Gene It OnMay-04-201416 months
19The Kids Run AwayApr-27-201416 months
18AmbergrisApr-20-201416 months
17The EquestranautsApr-13-201416 months
16I Get Psy-chic Out of YouApr-06-201416 months
15The Kids Rob a TrainMar-30-201416 months
14Uncle TeddyMar-23-201416 months
13Mazel TinaMar-16-201416 months
12The Frond FilesMar-09-201416 months
11Easy Commercial, Easy GommercialJan-26-201416 months
10Presto Tina-oJan-12-201426 months
9Slumber PartyJan-05-201416 months
8Christmas in the CarDec-15-201316 months
7Bob and DeliverDec-08-201316 months
6Purple Rain-UnionDec-01-201316 months
5Turkey in a CanNov-24-201316 months
4My Big Fat Greek BobNov-10-201316 months
3Seaplane!Nov-03-201316 months
2Fort NightOct-06-201316 months
1A River Runs Through BobSep-29-201316 months
323The UnnaturalMay-12-201316 months
22Carpe MuseumMay-05-201316 months
21Boyz 4 NowApr-28-201326 months
20The Kids Run the RestaurantApr-21-2013011 months
19Family FracasApr-14-201316 months
18It Snakes a VillageMar-24-201316 months
17Two for TinaMar-17-201316 months
16TopsyMar-10-201326 months
15O.T. The Outside ToiletMar-03-201326 months
14Lindapendant WomanFeb-17-201316 months
13My Fuzzy ValentineFeb-10-201336 months
12Broadcast Wagstaff School NewsJan-27-2013311 months
11Nude BeachJan-13-2013311 months
10Mother Daughter Laser RazorJan-06-201346 months
9God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-MannequinsDec-16-201226 months
8The Unbearable Like-Likeness of GeneDec-09-201216 months
7Tina-Rannosaurus WrecksDec-02-201226 months
6The DeepeningNov-25-201216 months
5An Indecent Thanksgiving ProposalNov-18-201216 months
4Mutiny on the WindbreakerNov-11-201226 months
3Bob Fires the KidsNov-04-201236 months
2Full BarsOct-07-201236 months
1Ear-sy RiderSep-30-2012111 months
29BeefsquatchMay-20-2012111 months
8Bad TinaMay-13-201226 months
7Moody FoodieMay-06-201226 months
6Dr. YapApr-29-2012311 months
5Food Truckin'Apr-15-201246 months
4BurgerbossApr-01-201236 months
3Synchronized SwimmingMar-25-201226 months
2Bob Day AfternoonMar-18-201236 months
1The BelchiesMar-11-201236 months
113TorpedoMay-22-201116 months
12LobsterfestMay-15-201116 months
11Weekend at Mort'sMay-08-2011011 months
10Burger WarApr-10-201116 months
9Spaghetti Western and MeatballsMar-27-201116 months
8Art CrawlMar-20-201116 months
7Bed & BreakfastMar-13-201116 months
6Sheesh! Cab, Bob?Mar-06-201116 months
5Hamburger Dinner TheaterFeb-20-201116 months
4Sexy Dance FightingFeb-13-201116 months
3Sacred CowJan-23-201116 months
2Crawl SpaceJan-16-2011011 months
1Human FleshJan-09-201116 months
02Louise's Chalkboard011 months
1Demo for Fox (Pilot)Apr-17-2012011 months

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