Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods is an American drama series that focuses on the Irish-American Reagan family of police officers with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) – Francis “Frank” Reagan, Danny, Erin, Jamie, and Joseph. It stars Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, Len Cariou, Jennifer Esposito, Amy Carlson, Sami Gayle and Tom Selleck.

Genre: Police Procedure, Drama

Release Date: September 24, 2010 (US)

Status: Running

Network: CBS (CBS)

Casts: Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Len Cariou, Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, Marisa Ramirez, Jennifer Esposito, Vanessa Ray

Most recent episode: Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 11 - Guardian Angels ( 4/9/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1116Episode 16May-14-202103 weeks
15Episode 15May-07-202103 weeks
14Episode 14Apr-30-202103 weeks
13Episode 13Apr-23-202103 weeks
12Happy EndingsApr-16-2021016 hours
11Guardian AngelsApr-09-20215815 hours
10The Common GoodApr-02-2021441 week
9For Whom the Bell TollsMar-26-2021582 weeks
8More Than Meets the EyeMar-05-2021464 weeks
7In Too DeepFeb-12-2021344 weeks
6The New NormalFeb-05-2021444 weeks
5Spilling SecretsJan-22-2021302 months
4RedemptionJan-08-2021193 months
3AtonementDec-18-2020163 months
2In the Name of the FatherDec-11-2020193 months
1Triumph Over TraumaDec-04-2020303 months
1019Family SecretsMay-01-2020910 months
18Hide in Plain SightApr-24-2020812 months
17The Puzzle PalaceApr-03-202071 year
16The First 100 DaysMar-13-202071 year
15Vested InterestsMar-06-202051 year
14Fog of WarFeb-14-202091 year
13RecklessJan-31-202001 year
12Where the Truth LiesJan-10-202021 year
11Careful What You Wish ForJan-03-202011 year
10Bones to PickDec-06-201901 year
9Grave ErrorsNov-22-201901 year
8Friends in High PlacesNov-15-201911 year
7Higher StandardsNov-08-201931 year
6Glass HousesNov-01-201901 year
5The Price You PayOct-25-201911 year
4Another LookOct-18-201901 year
3Behind the SmileOct-11-201911 year
2Naughty or NiceOct-04-201912 years
1The Real DealSep-27-201902 years
922Something BlueMay-10-201921 year
21IdentityMay-03-201911 year
20Strange BedfellowsApr-26-201901 year
19Common EnemiesApr-12-201901 year
18RectifyApr-05-201921 year
17Two-FacedMar-15-201901 year
16Past TenseMar-08-201901 year
15BluesFeb-15-201901 year
14My Brother's KeeperFeb-08-201901 year
13Ripple EffectFeb-01-201901 year
12MilestonesJan-11-201901 year
11DisruptedJan-04-201901 year
10Authority FiguresDec-07-201801 year
9HandcuffsNov-30-201801 year
8Stirring the PotNov-16-201801 year
7By Hook or By CrookNov-09-201801 year
6TrustNov-02-201801 year
5Thicker Than WaterOct-26-201801 year
4BlackoutOct-19-201801 month
3Mind GamesOct-12-201801 month
2Meet the New BossOct-05-201801 year
1Playing with FireSep-28-201801 year
822My Aim is TrueMay-11-201816 days
21The Devil You KnowMay-04-201816 days
20Your SixApr-27-201816 days
19Risk ManagementApr-13-201816 days
18Friendship, Love, and LoyaltyApr-06-201816 days
17Close CallsMar-30-201801 year
16Tale of Two CitiesMar-09-201836 days
15LegacyMar-02-201801 year
14School of Hard KnocksFeb-02-201816 days
13Erasing HistoryJan-19-201836 days
12The BraveJan-12-201816 days
11Second ChancesJan-05-201826 days
10Heavy is the HeadDec-08-201716 days
9Pain KillersDec-01-201736 days
8Pick Your PoisonNov-17-201701 year
7Common GroundNov-10-201716 days
6Brushed OffNov-03-201701 year
5The ForgottenOct-27-201716 days
4Out of the BlueOct-20-201716 days
3The Enemy of My EnemyOct-13-201701 year
2Ghosts of the PastOct-06-201726 days
1Cutting LossesSep-29-201716 days
722The Thin Blue LineMay-05-201736 days
21Foreign InterferenceApr-28-201726 days
20No Retreat, No SurrenderApr-14-201716 days
19Love LostApr-07-201736 days
18A Deep Blue GoodbyeMar-31-201716 days
17Shadow of a DoubtMar-10-201736 days
16Hard BargainFeb-17-201736 days
15Lost SoulsFeb-10-201711 year
14In and OutFeb-03-201716 days
13The One That Got AwayJan-20-201716 days
12Not Fade AwayJan-13-201716 days
11GeneticsJan-06-201716 days
10Unbearable LossDec-09-201616 days
9ConfessionsNov-18-201601 month
8Personal BusinessNov-11-201601 year
7Guilt by AssociationNov-04-2016011 months
6WhistleblowersOct-28-2016011 months
5For the CommunityOct-21-201616 days
4Mob RulesOct-14-201601 year
3The Price of JusticeOct-07-201616 days
2Good Cop, Bad CopSep-30-201636 days
1The Greater GoodSep-23-201616 days
622BlowbackMay-06-201611 year
21The Extra MileApr-29-201626 days
20Down the Rabbit HoleApr-15-201616 days
19Blast from the PastApr-08-201616 days
18Town Without PityApr-01-201626 days
17Friends in NeedMar-11-201616 days
16Help Me Help YouFeb-26-201616 days
15Fresh StartFeb-19-201616 days
14The Road to HellFeb-12-201616 days
13Stomping GroundsJan-22-201616 days
12CursedJan-15-201601 year
11Back in the DayJan-08-201616 days
10Flags of Our FathersDec-11-201516 days
9Hold OutsNov-20-201516 days
8Unsung HeroesNov-13-201516 days
7The Bullitt MustangNov-06-201501 year
6Rush to JudgmentOct-30-201516 days
5BackstabbersOct-23-201516 days
4With Friends Like TheseOct-16-201516 days
3All the News That's Fit to ClickOct-09-201516 days
2Absolute PowerOct-02-201501 year
1Worst Case ScenarioSep-25-201516 days
522The Art of WarMay-01-2015201 month
21New RulesApr-24-201516 days
20PaybackApr-10-201586 days
19Through the Looking GlassApr-03-201516 days
18Bad CompanyMar-13-2015176 days
17Occupational HazardsMar-06-2015226 days
16In the BoxFeb-20-201516 days
15Power PlayersFeb-13-2015226 days
14The Poor DoorFeb-06-2015211 year
13Love StoriesJan-30-201501 year
12Home Sweet HomeJan-16-2015116 days
11BaggageJan-09-201566 days
10Sins of the FatherJan-02-201586 days
9Under the GunDec-12-201416 days
8Power of the PressNov-21-2014116 days
7Shoot the MessengerNov-07-201436 days
6Most WantedOct-31-201431 year
5Loose LipsOct-24-201421 year
4Excessive ForceOct-17-201446 days
3Burning BridgesOct-10-201411 year
2Forgive and ForgetOct-03-201446 days
1PartnersSep-26-201436 days
422ExilesMay-09-201416 days
21Above and BeyondMay-02-201401 year
20Custody BattleApr-25-201401 year
19Secret ArrangementsApr-11-201401 year
18Righting WrongsApr-04-201401 year
17Knockout GameMar-14-201416 days
16Insult to InjuryMar-07-201401 year
15Open SecretsFeb-28-201416 days
14Manhattan QueensJan-31-201416 days
13Unfinished BusinessJan-17-201426 days
12The BoogeymanJan-10-201426 days
11Ties That BindDec-20-201301 year
10Mistaken IdentityDec-13-201316 days
9Bad BloodNov-22-201301 year
8Justice ServedNov-15-201316 days
7Drawing DeadNov-08-201301 year
6Growing BoysNov-01-201301 year
5Lost and FoundOct-25-201301 year
4The Truth About LyingOct-18-201311 month
3To Protect and ServeOct-11-201316 days
2The City That Never SleepsOct-04-201316 days
1Unwritten RulesSep-27-201326 days
323This Way OutMay-10-201316 days
22The Bitter EndMay-03-201301 month
21Devil's BreathApr-26-201311 month
20Ends and MeansApr-12-201326 days
19Loss of FaithApr-05-201326 days
18No RegretsMar-15-201311 year
17Protest Too MuchMar-08-201311 year
16Quid Pro QuoFeb-22-201336 days
15WarriorsFeb-15-201316 days
14Men in BlackFeb-08-2013211 months
13Inside JobsFeb-01-201336 days
12FramedJan-18-201366 days
11Front Page NewsJan-11-201326 days
10Fathers and SonsJan-04-201346 days
9Secrets and LiesDec-07-201216 days
8Higher EducationNov-30-201226 days
7NightmaresNov-09-201236 days
6Greener GrassNov-02-201226 days
5Risk and RewardOct-26-201246 days
4Scorched EarthOct-19-201211 month
3Old WoundsOct-12-201236 days
2Domestic DisturbanceOct-05-201226 days
1Family BusinessSep-28-201236 days
222Mother's DayMay-11-201226 days
21Collateral DamageMay-04-201201 year
20Working GirlsApr-27-201246 days
19Some Kind of HeroApr-06-201231 year
18No Questions AskedMar-30-201236 days
17Reagan v. ReaganMar-09-201221 month
16Women with GunsMar-02-201241 month
15The Life We ChoseFeb-24-201286 days
14ParenthoodFeb-17-201236 days
13Leap of FaithFeb-10-201216 days
12The JobFeb-03-201216 days
11The UniformJan-13-201216 days
10Whistle BlowerJan-06-201216 days
9MoonlightingDec-02-201116 days
8ThanksgivingNov-18-201116 days
7Lonely Hearts ClubNov-11-201101 year
6Black and BlueNov-04-201101 year
5A Night on the TownOct-21-201116 days
4InnocenceOct-14-201116 days
3Critical ConditionOct-07-201116 days
2Friendly FireSep-30-201116 days
1MercySep-23-201116 days
122The Blue TemplarMay-13-201116 days
21Cellar BoyMay-06-201116 days
20All That GlittersApr-29-201116 days
19Model BehaviorApr-08-201101 year
18To Tell the TruthApr-01-201116 days
17Silver StarMar-11-201116 days
16Age of InnocenceFeb-25-201116 days
15DedicationFeb-18-201116 days
14My Funny ValentineFeb-09-201101 year
13Hall of MirrorsFeb-02-201101 year
12Family TiesJan-26-201101 month
11Little FishJan-19-201116 days
10After HoursDec-03-201016 days
9Re-DoNov-19-201001 month
8ChinatownNov-12-201001 year
7BrothersNov-05-201016 days
6Smack AttackOct-29-201016 days
5What You SeeOct-22-201016 days
4Officer DownOct-15-201001 month
3PrivilegeOct-08-201001 month
2SamaritanOct-01-201016 days
1PilotSep-24-201016 days
02zz011 months
1[no episode title yet]Aug-25-2012011 months

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