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Bitchin' Rides

Dave Kindig, owner and operator of Kindig-It Design in Salt Lake City, Utah turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding (and sometimes famous) clientele. In Velocity’s “BITCHIN’ RIDES”, viewers will see Kindig and his team working on all types and periods of cars. From rendering and design to building and restoring, viewers see vehicles being made from the ground up before being revealed to the car’s owner.


Release Date: September 2, 2014

Status: Running

Network: Velocity (Official Website)

Most recent episode: Bitchin' Rides Season 9 Episode 20 - The Bitchin' C10 ( 1/3/2023 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
920The Bitchin' C10Jan-03-2023273 months
19Heavy MetalDec-27-2022363 months
18A Rusty MessDec-27-2022363 months
17Automotive OasisDec-20-2022183 months
16Everything But the KitchenDec-13-2022173 months
15Concours d'Ele-Bitchin'Dec-20-2022124 months
14Hum-DingerDec-13-2022124 months
13Deadliest CarDec-06-2022164 months
12Super Charged and Super SecretDec-06-2022164 months
11Rumble in the RockiesNov-29-202294 months
10There's a Bolt in My MotorNov-29-202284 months
9Mean, Green and Bitchin'Nov-22-2022114 months
8Is There Anything Good on it?Nov-22-2022114 months
7The Kindig AcademyNov-15-2022185 months
6Starry Starry NightNov-08-202205 months
5A Bitchin' MissionNov-01-2022185 months
4Blue Suede CruiseOct-25-202255 months
3Just Pick a ColorOct-18-202255 months
2The Gentleman's Hot RodOct-11-202255 months
1How Hard Can a Hardtop Be?Oct-04-202255 months
814Now That Is a Bitchin' RideJan-04-202206 months
13Strawberry Rolls ForeverDec-28-202106 months
12Not So SubtleDec-21-202106 months
11The Pantera of the FutureDec-14-202106 months
10New York, New YorkDec-07-202106 months
9How We Got HereNov-30-202106 months
8Introducing the Kindig CF1Nov-23-202106 months
7Who Gets Number One?Nov-16-202106 months
6The Big BrotherNov-09-202106 months
5It's a Barn Door Deluxe, of CourseNov-02-202106 months
4Restorations? We're Talking 'Bout Restorations?Oct-26-202106 months
3Meet Judge KevdoggOct-19-202106 months
2The Holy Grail, But CustomizedOct-12-202106 months
1'Mueller? 'Mueller?Oct-05-202106 months
714The Convertible C-10Feb-24-202106 months
13That's Never Been DoneFeb-17-202106 months
12Back From the DeadFeb-10-202106 months
11Challenge CompleteJan-20-202106 months
10Fastback FeverJan-13-202106 months
9It's Alive!Dec-23-202006 months
8Once in a LifetimeDec-16-202006 months
7Unfinished BusinessDec-09-202006 months
6Thank You For Your ServiceDec-02-202006 months
5Just a Couple Heres and TheresNov-18-202006 months
4FireproofNov-11-202006 months
3Let's Make Green Great AgainNov-04-202006 months
2Let The Chef CookOct-28-202006 months
1Easy Does ItOct-21-202006 months
614Finally!Jan-29-202006 months
13Stop and GoJan-22-202006 months
12Updating a ClassicJan-08-202006 months
11Back Again...Dec-18-201906 months
10Lean Mean Green MachineDec-04-201906 months
9Dave's New ToyNov-27-201906 months
8It's 1200 Miles to Columbus and We've Got a Trailer Full of Bitchin' RidesNov-20-201906 months
7The Do-It-Yourself NovaNov-06-201906 months
6TemptressOct-30-201906 months
5Cut, Replace, RepeatOct-23-201906 months
4Car Show to the StarsOct-16-201906 months
3The Last Frontier CudaOct-09-201906 months
2Getting Jiggy with itOct-02-201906 months
1Finish What You StartSep-25-201906 months
514The Bitchin' CoronetJan-29-201906 months
13The Last MoparJan-22-201906 months
12Little Red CorvetteJan-08-201906 months
11Veruca VioletDec-18-201806 months
10Where's the Gold, Paulie?Dec-11-201806 months
9Dave Kindig, Guest JudgeDec-04-201806 months
8The Hummer of the FutureNov-27-201806 months
7The Snowball EpisodeNov-20-201806 months
6Green for the MoneyNov-13-201806 months
5Fiberglass, Fiberglass and More FiberglassNov-06-201806 months
4A Caldera-what?Oct-30-201806 months
3The Little SisterOct-23-201806 months
224 Karat MagicOct-16-201806 months
1We Build Bitchin' RidesOct-09-201803 years
416Gt...Ohhh Hell Yeah!Jan-09-201806 months
15The Secret ClientJan-02-201806 months
14The Future is NowDec-26-201703 years
13If It Was Easy, Anyone Could Do ItDec-19-201703 years
12It's Getting Hot in HereDec-12-201703 years
11A Family AffairDec-05-201703 years
10On the Road AgainNov-28-201703 years
9A Lincoln LegendNov-21-201703 years
8I Blew Your Inheritance on a Bitchin' RideNov-14-201703 years
7That's One Bitchin' Grocery GetterNov-07-201703 years
6Land of 10,000 Bitchin' RidesOct-31-201703 years
5The SupernovaOct-24-201703 years
4The One Where Nick Gets ArrestedOct-17-201703 years
3It Sounds Bitchin'. Let's Make It Look Bitchin'Oct-10-201703 years
2Mint ConditionOct-03-201703 years
1New Season, New HeadacheOct-03-201703 years
312Nomad? No Way!Dec-27-201603 years
11Anyone Know Where I Can Find a Bitchin' Ride?Dec-20-201603 years
10De-pimp My Ride, Please!Dec-13-201603 years
9Back to BasicsDec-06-201603 years
8It's Like 1929 in HereNov-29-201603 years
7The F Five OHHHHHHHNov-22-201603 years
6It's a Super Car Farm Truck...Duh?Nov-15-201603 years
5We Can Work This OutNov-01-201603 years
4The Bitchin' GasserOct-25-201603 years
3If Your Car Ain't Turning You On, Get Another OneOct-18-201603 years
2MischiefOct-11-201603 years
1That's Not an Engine...That's a KevdoggOct-11-201603 years
212The Copper CaddyDec-01-201503 years
11Copper, Copper, CopperDec-01-201503 years
10Why Wouldn't Ya?Nov-24-201503 years
9Fore!Nov-17-201503 years
8Double TroubleNov-10-201503 years
7This is Gonna Be a ChallengeNov-03-201503 years
6From Malibu to the MailboostNov-03-201503 years
5Orange is the New OrangeOct-27-201503 years
4Just Cuz You Can, Doesn't Mean You ShouldOct-20-201503 years
3Clean Up on Aisle '32Oct-13-201503 years
2Blue Suede ShoesOct-06-201503 years
1Baby Needs a New Pair of ShoesSep-29-201503 years
110The Future Never Looked So GoodOct-28-201403 years
9A Future What?Oct-28-201403 years
8The Phantom FleetsideOct-21-201403 years
7Lights, Cameras, Auto-RamaOct-14-201403 years
6The Juice is Worth the SqueezeOct-07-201441 year
5Why Haul Hay When You Can Haul Ass?Sep-30-201431 year
4Mile High Rod RunSep-23-201403 years
3More Than One Way to Skin a Cat (and a Bird)Sep-16-201431 year
2There's an Ass for Every SeatSep-09-201421 year
1Grandma's Ride Gets RevivedSep-02-201411 year

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