Ben 10

2016 reboot of the original Ben 10 cartoon series.

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Genre: Action, Adventure

Release Date: October 1, 2016

Status: Running

Network: Cartoon Network (Official Website)

Most recent episode: Ben 10 Season 5 Episode 3 - Alien X-tinction ( 4/11/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
53Alien X-tinctionApr-11-202117 months
2Ben Gen 10Apr-10-202117 months
1Ben 10,010Apr-09-202117 months
435Buktu To The FutureSep-18-202002 years
34RekoilSep-18-202002 years
33Mock 10Sep-17-202002 years
32De-fanged!Sep-17-202002 years
31Players Of The Lost ParkSep-16-202002 years
30Tummy AcheSep-16-202002 years
29Xingo's WorldSep-15-202002 years
28Speed Of SoundSep-15-202002 years
27Medieval UpheavalSep-14-202002 years
26Sweet ToothSep-14-202002 years
25The Hex FactorSep-13-202002 years
24Mud on the RunMar-01-202002 years
23The Greatest LakeMar-01-202002 years
22Falls, Falls, FallsFeb-23-202002 years
21Queen Of BeesFeb-23-202002 years
20The Monsters in Your HeadFeb-09-202017 months
19Summer BreakersFeb-09-202017 months
18Wind Some Lose SomeMar-29-202017 months
17Party PoopersMar-29-202017 months
16Chicken In Chichen Itza Part 2: The Wages Of FearJan-26-202017 months
15Chicken In Chichen Itza Part 1: Pyramid SchemeJan-26-202017 months
14Tokyo Fun Part 2: Slamming It UpJan-19-202017 months
13Tokyo Fun Part 1: Big Bugg BashJan-19-202017 months
12I Don't Like YouNov-30-201917 months
11Steam Fight at the OK CorralNov-30-201917 months
10Adrenaland Jr.Nov-23-201927 months
9You Remind Me of SomeoneNov-23-201917 months
8What Rhymes with Omnitrix?Nov-16-201937 months
7A Sticky SituationNov-16-201947 months
6Vin DiagramNov-09-201937 months
5Heat of the MomentNov-09-201927 months
4Wheels of FortuneNov-02-201937 months
3My BodyguardNov-02-201937 months
2Heads of the FamilyOct-26-201927 months
1Xingo NationOct-26-201997 months
352I Don't Like YouNov-30-201902 years
51Steam Fight at the OK CorralNov-30-201917 months
50Adrenaland Jr.Nov-23-201917 months
49You Remind Me Of SomeoneNov-23-201917 months
48What Rhymes with Omnitrix?Nov-16-201917 months
47A Sticky SituationNov-16-201917 months
46Vin DiagramNov-09-201917 months
45Wheels of FortuneNov-09-201917 months
44My BodyguardNov-09-201917 months
43Wheels of FortuneNov-02-201917 months
42My BodyguardNov-02-201917 months
41TBAOct-26-201917 months
40Fear in the FamilyOct-26-201917 months
39And Xingo Was His Name-OOct-19-201917 months
38The Night Ben Tennyson Came to TownOct-19-201917 months
37Beware the Scare-CrowOct-12-201917 months
36Prey or PlayOct-12-201917 months
35The BentathlonOct-05-201917 months
34Forever RoadOct-05-201917 months
33Cirque-UsSep-28-201917 months
32Roundabout: Part 2Sep-28-201917 months
31Roundabout: Part 1Sep-21-201917 months
30The Claws of the CatJul-20-201917 months
29Lickety SplitJul-20-201917 months
28LaGrange Murraille17 months
27Big Ben 1017 months
26Cyber Slammers17 months
25Big in Japan17 months
24Don't Touch17 months
23Speechless on the Seine17 months
22King of the Castle17 months
21Moor Fogg17 months
20TBAApr-27-201917 months
19TBAApr-27-201917 months
18TBAApr-20-201917 months
17TBAApr-20-201917 months
16Mutiny for the BountyApr-13-201917 months
15Them's Fightin' Words!Apr-13-201917 months
14Baby BuktuApr-06-201917 months
13Which WatchApr-06-201937 months
12Buggin' the BuggsMar-30-201917 months
11Franken-FightMar-30-201927 months
10Billy BajillionsFeb-23-201917 months
9Charm School's OutMar-23-201917 months
8Beach HeadsMar-16-201927 months
7Bridge OutMar-16-201927 months
6Welcome to Zombozo-Zone!Mar-09-201937 months
5Show Don't TellMar-09-201937 months
4Poles ApartMar-02-201917 months
3Rath of ConMar-02-201917 months
2This One Goes to 11Feb-23-201917 months
1Omni-CoppedFeb-23-201917 months
240Innervasion - Part 3Oct-26-201802 years
39Innervasion -Part 2Oct-26-201802 years
38Innervasion - Part 1Oct-26-201802 years
37DreamtimeSep-14-201802 years
36Past Aliens PresentSep-14-201802 years
35The FeelsSep-13-201817 months
34Ben Again and AgainJun-11-201817 months
33Ye Olde Laser DuelJun-04-201817 months
32Double HexJun-11-201817 months
31King KoilFeb-18-201817 months
30Past Aliens PresentApr-20-201817 months
29Chicken Nuggets of WisdomApr-19-201827 months
28The FeelsMay-14-201827 months
27Super-Villain Team-UpApr-17-201837 months
26The Charm OffensiveMay-07-201827 months
25Fear the FoggMay-07-201817 months
24Bounty BallApr-20-201802 years
23Xingo's BackApr-16-201817 months
22Half-SiesApr-16-201817 months
21Bounty BallApr-23-201817 months
20Reststop RoustaboutApr-08-201817 months
19All Koiled UpApr-07-201817 months
18The Sound and the FurryFeb-24-201817 months
17Bomzobo LivesFeb-17-201817 months
16Assault on Pancake PalaceFeb-11-201817 months
15The Nature of ThingsFeb-11-201817 months
14Safari Sa'BadFeb-10-201817 months
13Drone OnFeb-10-201837 months
12Creature FeatureFeb-04-201817 months
11High Stress ExpressFeb-04-201837 months
10The 11th Alien Part 2Dec-16-201727 months
9The 11th Alien Part 1Dec-16-201737 months
8AnimorphosisNov-01-201727 months
7Vote ZombozoOct-31-201717 months
6ScreamcatcherOct-30-201737 months
5Mayhem in MascotOct-27-201737 months
4Bon VoyageOct-26-201737 months
3Battle at Biggie BoxOct-25-201737 months
2Can I Keep It?Oct-24-201747 months
1Out to LaunchOct-23-201737 months
140Omni Tricked, Part 4Jun-10-201717 months
39Omni Tricked, Part 3Jun-10-201702 years
38Omni Tricked, Part 2Jun-07-201702 years
37Omni Tricked, Part 1Jun-07-201717 months
36Dont Laze Me BroJun-03-201702 years
35Zombozo LandMay-31-201702 years
34Max to the MaxMay-24-201702 years
33Bad PennyMay-17-201702 years
32Scared SillyMay-10-201702 years
31ForgetiMay-07-201702 years
30Tomorrow TodayFeb-24-201702 years
29The Beast InsideFeb-23-201702 years
28Hole in 10Feb-22-201702 years
27Drive You CrazyFeb-21-201702 years
26XingoFeb-20-201717 months
25Story, BoredFeb-17-201717 months
24All WetFeb-18-201717 months
23Recipe for DisasterFeb-15-201702 years
22Bright Lights, Black HeartsFeb-14-201717 months
21Villain TimeFeb-13-201717 months
20Don't Let the Bass DropDec-04-201617 months
19Cutting CornersDec-03-201617 months
18Need for SpeedDec-03-201617 months
17Steam is the WordDec-03-201617 months
16Adventures in BabysittingDec-03-201617 months
15Brief Career of Lucky GirlDec-03-201617 months
14Growing PainsNov-12-201617 months
13The ClocktopusNov-06-201617 months
12Ben 24hrsOct-30-201627 months
11Rustbucket RipOct-29-201657 months
10Something I AteOct-26-201637 months
9Clown CollegeOct-19-201647 months
8Animo FarmOct-14-201647 months
7The Ring LeaderOct-08-201667 months
6Shhh!Oct-29-201637 months
5Take 10Oct-13-201617 months
4Riding the Storm OutOct-15-201657 months
3WaterfilterOct-08-201637 months
2Freaky Gwen BenOct-01-201647 months
1The FilthOct-01-201637 months
030Alien of the Week: Stinkfly02 years
29Alien of the Week: Overflow02 years
28Alien of the Week: Wildvine02 years
27Alien of the Week: Cannonbolt02 years
26Alien of the Week: Upgrade02 years
25Alien of the Week: Grey Matter02 years
24Alien of the Week: XLR802 years
23Alien of the Week: Heatblast02 years
22Alien of the Week: Diamondhead02 years
21Alien of the Week: Four Arms02 years
20Bentuition: Diamondhead 0202 years
19Bentuition: Stinkfly 0202 years
18Bentuition: Grey Matter 0202 years
17Bentuition: Four Arms 0202 years
16Bentuition: Heatblast 0202 years
15Bentuition: Cannonbolt 0202 years
14Bentuition: XLR8 0202 years
13Bentuition: Upgrade 0202 years
12Bentuition: Overflow 0202 years
11Bentuition: Stinkfly 0102 years
10Bentuition: Wildvine 0202 years
9Bentuition: Grey Matter 0102 years
8Bentuition: Overflow 0102 years
7Bentuition: Four Arms 0102 years
6Bentuition: XLR8 0102 years
5Bentuition: Heatblast 0102 years
4Bentuition: Cannonbolt 0102 years
3Bentuition: Diamondhead 01Oct-01-201602 years
2Bentuition: Wildvine 01Oct-01-201602 years
1Bentuition: Upgrade 01Oct-01-201602 years

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