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Bellator MMA Live

Bellator MMA Live (formerly known as Bellator Fighting Championships) is a mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in the USA. Bellator was founded in 2008 by Chairman & CEO Bjorn Rebney. Bellator features "The Toughest Tournament in Sports", which has a single-elimination format that awards the winner of each eight-person or four-person tournament a check for $100,000 and a guaranteed world title fight against the current Bellator world champion in the applicable weight class.

Genre: Sports

Release Date: April 4, 2009

Status: Running

Network: Showtime (Official Website)

Most recent episode: Bellator MMA Live Season 20 Episode 3 - Bellator 292: Nurmagomedov vs. Henderson ( 3/10/2023 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
204Bellator 293: Golm vs. JamesMar-31-202302 weeks
3Bellator 292: Nurmagomedov vs. HendersonMar-10-202342 weeks
2Bellator 291: Amosov vs. Storley 2Feb-25-202302 weeks
1Bellator 290: Bader vs Fedor 2Feb-04-202302 weeks
1918Bellator MMA vs. RizinDec-31-202202 weeks
17Bellator 289: Stots vs. SabatelloDec-09-202214 months
16Bellator 288: Nemkov vs. Anderson 2Nov-18-202204 months
15Bellator 287: Piccolotti vs. BarnaouiOct-29-202204 months
14Bellator 286: Pitbull vs. BoricsOct-01-202204 months
13Bellator 285: Henderson vs. QueallySep-23-202204 months
12Bellator 284: Gracie vs. YamauchiAug-12-202204 months
11Bellator 283: Pitbull vs. OutlawJul-22-202204 months
10Bellator 282: Mousasi vs. EblenJun-24-202204 months
9Bellator 281: MVP vs. StorleyMay-13-202204 months
8Bellator 280: Bader vs. Kongo 2May-06-202204 months
7Bellator 279: Cyborg vs. Blencowe 2Apr-23-202204 months
6Bellator 278: Velasquez vs. CarmoucheApr-22-202204 months
5Bellator 277: McKee vs. Pitbull 2Apr-15-202204 months
4Bellator 276: Borics vs. BurnellMar-12-202204 months
3Bellator 275: Mousasi vs. VanderfordFeb-25-202204 months
2Bellator 274: Gracie vs. StorleyFeb-19-202204 months
1Bellator 273: Bader vs. MoldavskyJan-29-202204 months
1818Bellator 272: Pettis vs. HoriguchiDec-03-202104 months
17Bellator 271: Cyborg vs. KavanaghNov-12-202104 months
16Bellator 270: Queally vs. Pitbull 2Nov-05-202104 months
15Bellator 269: Fedor vs. JohnsonOct-23-202104 months
14Bellator 268: Nemkov vs. AnglickasOct-16-202104 months
13Bellator 267: MVP vs. Lima 2Oct-01-202104 months
12Bellator 266: Davis vs. RomeroSep-18-202104 months
11Bellator 265: Kongo vs. KharitonovAug-20-202104 months
10Bellator 264: Mousasi vs. SalterAug-13-202104 months
9Bellator 263: Pitbull vs. McKeeJul-31-202104 months
8Bellator 262: Velasquez vs. KielholtzJul-16-202104 months
7Bellator 261: Johnson vs. MoldavskyJun-25-202104 months
6Bellator 260: Lima vs. AmosovJun-11-202104 months
5Bellator 259: Cyborg vs. Smith 2May-21-202104 months
4Bellator 258: Archuleta vs. PettisMay-07-202104 months
3Bellator 257: Nemkov vs. Davis 2Apr-16-202104 months
2Bellator 256: Bader vs. Machida 2Apr-09-202104 months
1Bellator 255: Pitbull vs. Sanchez 2Apr-02-202104 months
1729Bellator 254: Macfarlane vs. VelasquezDec-10-202004 months
28Bellator 253: Caldwell vs. McKeeNov-19-202004 months
27Bellator 253: Caldwell vs. McKee PrelimsNov-19-202004 months
26Bellator 252 Pitbull vs. CarvalhoNov-12-202004 months
25Bellator 252 Pitbull vs. Carvalho PrelimsNov-12-202004 months
24Bellator 251: Manhoef vs. AndersonNov-05-202004 months
23Bellator 251: Manhoef vs. Anderson PrelimsNov-05-202004 months
22Bellator 250: Mousasi vs. LimaOct-29-202004 months
21Bellator 249: Cyborg vs. BlencoweOct-15-202004 months
20Bellator 249: Cyborg vs. Blencowe PrelimsOct-15-202004 months
19Bellator ES 10: Kongo vs. Johnson 2Oct-10-202004 months
18Bellator ES 10: Kongo vs. Johnson 2 PrelimsOct-10-202004 months
17Bellator 248: MVP vs. HoustonOct-10-202004 months
16Bellator 248: MVP vs. Houston PrelimsOct-10-202004 months
15Bellator ES 9: Gallagher vs. EllenorOct-03-202004 months
14Bellator ES 9: Gallagher vs. Ellenor PrelimsOct-03-202004 months
13Bellator 247: Kielholtz vs. JacksonOct-01-202004 months
12Bellator 247: Kielholtz vs. Jackson PrelimsOct-01-202004 months
11Bellator ES 8: Edwards vs. Van SteenisSep-26-202004 months
10Bellator ES 8: Edwards vs. Van Steenis PrelimsSep-26-202004 months
9Bellator 246: Archuleta vs. MixSep-12-202004 months
8Bellator 245: Davis vs. Machida 2Sep-11-202004 months
7Bellator 244: Bader vs. NemkovAug-21-202004 months
6Bellator 243: Chandler vs. Henderson 2Aug-07-202004 months
5Bellator 242: Bendejas vs. PettisJul-24-202004 months
4Bellator 241: Pitbull vs. CarvalhoMar-13-202004 months
3Bellator 240: Primus vs. BungardFeb-22-202004 months
2Bellator 239: Ruth vs. AmosovFeb-21-202004 months
1Bellator 238: Budd vs. CyborgJan-25-202004 months
1624Bellator 237: Fedor vs. RampageDec-28-201904 months
23Bellator 236: Macfarlane vs. JacksonDec-21-201904 months
22Bellator 235: Bellator and USO Salute The Troops: Barnett vs. MarkesDec-20-201904 months
21Bellator 234: Kharitonov vs. VassellNov-15-201904 months
20Bellator 233: Salter vs. Van SteenisNov-08-201904 months
19Bellator 232: MacDonald vs. Lima 2Oct-26-201904 months
18Bellator 231: Mir vs. NelsonOct-25-201904 months
17Bellator 230: Carvalho vs. NemkovOct-12-201904 months
16Bellator 229: Koreshkov vs. LarkinOct-04-201904 months
15Bellator 228: Pitbull vs. ArchuletaSep-28-201904 months
14Bellator 227: Henderson vs. JurySep-27-201904 months
13Bellator 226: Bader vs. KongoSep-07-201904 months
12Bellator 225: Mitrione vs. Kharitonov 2Aug-24-201904 months
11Bellator 224: Budd vs. RubinJul-12-201904 months
10Bellator 223: Mousasi vs. Lovato Jr.Jun-22-201904 months
9Bellator 222: MacDonald vs. GracieJun-14-201904 months
8Bellator 221: Chandler vs. PitbullMay-11-201904 months
7Bellator 220: MacDonald vs. FitchApr-27-201904 months
6Bellator 219: Awad vs. GirtzMar-29-201904 months
5Bellator 218: Sanchez vs. Karakhanyan 2Mar-22-201904 months
4Bellator 217: Gallagher vs. GrahamFeb-23-201904 months
3Bellator 216: MVP vs. DaleyFeb-16-201904 months
2Bellator 215: Mitrione vs. KharitonovFeb-15-201904 months
1Bellator 214: Fedor vs. BaderJan-26-201904 months
1522Bellator 213: Macfarlane vs. LetourneauDec-15-201804 months
21Bellator 212: Bellator and USO Present: Primus vs. Chandler 2Dec-14-201804 months
20Bellator 211: Sakara vs. KauppinenDec-01-201804 months
19Bellator 210: Njokuani vs. SalterNov-30-201804 months
18Bellator 209: Pitbull vs. SanchezNov-15-201804 months
17Bellator 208: Fedor vs. SonnenOct-13-201804 months
16Bellator 207: Mitrione vs. BaderOct-12-201804 months
15Bellator 206: Mousasi vs. MacDonaldSep-29-201804 months
14Bellator 205: McKee vs. MakapaSep-21-201804 months
13Bellator 204: Caldwell vs. LahatAug-17-201804 months
12Bellator 203: Pitbull vs. Weichel 2Jul-14-201804 months
11Bellator 202: Budd vs. NogueiraJul-13-201804 months
10Bellator 201: Macfarlane vs. LaraJun-29-201804 months
9Bellator 200: Carvalho vs. MousasiMay-25-201804 months
8Bellator 199: Bader vs. King MoMay-12-201804 months
7Bellator 198: Fedor vs. MirApr-28-201804 months
6Bellator 197: Chandler vs. GirtzApr-13-201804 months
5Bellator 196: Henderson vs. HuertaApr-06-201804 months
4Bellator 195: Caldwell vs. HigoMar-02-201804 months
3Bellator 194: Nelson vs. MitrioneFeb-16-201804 months
2Bellator 193: Larkin vs. GonzalezJan-26-201804 months
1Bellator 192: Lima vs. MacdonaldJan-20-201804 months
1423Bellator 191: McDonald vs. LigierDec-15-201704 months
22Bellator 190: Carvalho vs. SakaraDec-09-201704 months
21Bellator 189: Budd vs. Biencowe 2Dec-01-201704 months
20Bellator 188: Lahat vs. LabianoNov-17-201704 months
19Bellator 187: McKee vs. MooreNov-10-201704 months
18Bellator 186: Bader vs. VassellNov-03-201704 months
17Bellator 185: Mousasi vs. ShlemenkoOct-20-201704 months
16Bellator 184: Dantas vs. CaldwellOct-06-201704 months
15Bellator 183: Henderson vs. PitbullSep-23-201704 months
14Bellator 182: Koreshkov vs. NjokuaniAug-25-201704 months
12Bellator 181: Campos vs. GirtzJul-14-201704 months
11Bellator 180: Davis vs. BaderJun-24-201704 months
10Bellator 179: Daley vs. MacDonaldMay-19-201704 months
9Bellator 178: Straus vs. Pitbull 4Apr-21-201704 months
8Bellator 177: Dantas vs. CaldwellApr-14-201704 months
7Bellator 176: Carvalho vs. ManhoefApr-08-201704 months
6Bellator 175: Rampage vs. King MoMar-31-201704 months
5Bellator 174: Coenen vs. BuddMar-03-201704 months
4Bellator 173: McGeary vs. McDermottFeb-24-201704 months
3Bellator 172: Fedor vs. MitrioneFeb-18-201704 months
2Bellator 171: Guillard vs. NjokuanJan-27-201704 months
1Bellator 170: Ortiz vs. SonnenJan-21-201704 months
1322Bellator 169: King Mo vs. IshiiDec-16-201604 months
21Bellator 168: Sakara vs. BeltranDec-10-201604 months
20Bellator 167: Freire vs. CamposDec-03-201604 months
19Bellator 166: Dantas vs. WarrenDec-02-201604 months
18Bellator 165: Chandler vs. HendersonNov-19-201604 months
17Bellator 164: Koreshkov vs. Lima 2Nov-11-201604 months
16Bellator 163: McGeary vs. DavisNov-04-201604 months
15Bellator 162: Shlemenko vs. GroveOct-21-201604 months
14Bellator 161: Kongo vs. JohnsonSep-16-201604 months
13Bellator 160: Henderson vs. PitbullAug-26-201604 months
12Bellator 159: Caldwell vs. TaimangloJul-22-201604 months
11Bellator 158: Daley vs. LimaJul-16-201604 months
10Bellator 157: Dynamite 2 Jackson vs. IshiiJun-24-201604 months
9Bellator 156: Galvao vs. Dantas 2Jun-17-201604 months
8Bellator 155: Carvalho vs. ManhoefMay-20-201604 months
7Bellator 154: Davis vs. King MoMay-14-201604 months
6Bellator 153: Koreshkov vs. HendersonApr-22-201604 months
5Bellator 152: Pitbull vs. Campos 2Apr-16-201604 months
4Bellator 151: Warren vs. CaldwellMar-04-201604 months
3Bellator 150: Kongo vs. SpartanFeb-26-201604 months
2Bellator 149: Shamrock vs. GracieFeb-19-201604 months
1Bellator 148: Daley vs. UhrichJan-29-201604 months
1211Bellator MMA & Glory: Dynamite 1Sep-19-201504 months
10Bellator 141: Guillard vs. GirtzAug-28-201504 months
9Bellator 140: Lima vs. KoreshkovJul-17-201504 months
8Bellator 139: Kongo vs. VolkovJun-26-201504 months
7Bellator 138: Unfinished BusinessJun-19-201504 months
6Bellator 137: Halsey vs. GroveMay-15-201504 months
5Bellator 136: Brooks vs. JansenApr-10-201504 months
4Bellator 135: Warren vs. Galvao 2Mar-27-201504 months
3Bellator 134: The British InvasionFeb-27-201504 months
2Bellator 133: Shlemenko vs. ManhoefFeb-13-201504 months
1Bellator 132: Pitbull vs. Straus 2Jan-16-201504 months
111Episode 1Sep-05-201404 months
918115Apr-04-201404 months
17March 28, 2014 - #114Mar-28-201404 months
16March 21, 2014 - #113Mar-21-201404 months
15March 14, 2014 - #112Mar-14-201404 months
14March 7, 2014 - #111Mar-07-201404 months
13February 28, 2014 - #110Feb-28-201404 months
12November 22Nov-22-201304 months
11November 15 - Episode 911Nov-15-201304 months
10November 8 - Episode 910Nov-08-201304 months
9November 1 - Episode 909Nov-01-201304 months
8October 25 - Episode 908Oct-25-201304 months
7October 18 - Episode 907Oct-18-201304 months
6October 11 - Episode 906Oct-11-201304 months
5Kongo vs. Godbeer and Heavyweight Semifinals Full Fight CardOct-04-201304 months
4Joe Warren vs. Nick Kirk Full Fight CardSep-27-201304 months
3September 20 Full Fight CardSep-20-201304 months
2September 13 Full CardSep-13-201304 months
1September 7 Full CardSep-07-201304 months
824Jacob Noe vs. Babalu Sobral Full Fight - Episode 812cJun-19-201304 months
23War Machine vs. Blas Avena Full FightJun-19-201304 months
22Frodo Khasbulaev vs. Mike Richman Full FightApr-04-201304 months
21Doug Marshall vs. Brett Cooper Full FightApr-04-201304 months
20Rick Hawn vs. Karo Parisyan Full FightApr-04-201304 months
19April 4 Full CardApr-04-201304 months
18Aguilar vs. VidonicMar-28-201304 months
17Felice Herrig vs. Heather Clark Full FightMar-28-201304 months
16March 28 Full CardMar-28-201304 months
15March 21 Full CardMar-21-201304 months
14Feb. 28 Full CardFeb-28-201304 months
13Douglas Lima vs. Bryan Baker Full FightFeb-21-201304 months
12Ben Saunders vs. Raul Amaya Full FightFeb-21-201304 months
11Feb. 21 Full CardFeb-21-201304 months
9Mike Richman vs. Mitch Jackson Full FightFeb-14-201304 months
8Frodo Khasbulaev vs. Fabricio Guerreiro Full FightFeb-07-201304 months
7Feb. 7 Full CardFeb-27-201304 months
6Sam Quito vs. Ben Lagman Full FightJan-31-201304 months
5Jan. 31 Full CardFeb-14-201304 months
4Brent Weedman vs. Marius Zaromskis Full FightFeb-07-201304 months
3Raul Amaya vs. Jose Gomes Full FightJan-31-201304 months
2Pat Curran vs. Patricio Pitbull Full FightJan-24-201304 months
1Michael Chandler vs. Rick Hawn Full FightJan-17-201304 months
71Road to the Championship - Season 7Nov-23-201204 months
61Road to the Championship - Season 6Apr-27-201204 months
53Bellator 58: Alvarez vs. Chandler Full FightNov-21-201104 months
2Bellator Road to the ChampionshipsNov-10-201104 months
1Bellator Fighting Championships Fall PreviewSep-06-201104 months
414Bellator Fighting Championships 48 Summer SeriesAug-20-201104 months
13Bellator Fighting Championships 47 Summer SeriesJul-23-201104 months
12Bellator Fighting Championships 46 Summer SeriesJun-25-201104 months
11Bellator Fighting Championships 45May-21-201104 months
10Bellator Fighting Championships 44May-14-201104 months
9Bellator Fighting Championships 43May-07-201104 months
8Bellator Fighting Championships 42Apr-23-201104 months
7Bellator Fighting Championships 41Apr-16-201104 months
6Bellator Fighting Championships 40Apr-09-201104 months
5Bellator Fighting Championships 39Apr-02-201104 months
4Bellator Fighting Championships 38Mar-26-201104 months
3Bellator Fighting Championships 37Mar-19-201104 months
2Bellator Fighting Championships 36Mar-12-201104 months
1Bellator Fighting Championships 35Mar-05-201104 months
311Bellator Fighting Championships 34Oct-28-201004 months
10Bellator Fighting Championships 33Oct-21-201004 months
9Bellator Fighting Championships 32Oct-14-201004 months
8Bellator Fighting Championships 31Sep-30-201004 months
7Bellator Fighting Championships 30Sep-23-201004 months
6Bellator Fighting Championships 29Sep-16-201004 months
5Bellator Fighting Championships 28Sep-09-201004 months
4Bellator Fighting Championships 27Sep-02-201004 months
3Bellator Fighting Championships 26Aug-26-201004 months
2Bellator Fighting Championships 25Aug-19-201004 months
1Bellator Fighting Championships 24Aug-12-201004 months
211Bellator Fighting Championships 23Jun-24-201004 months
10Bellator Fighting Championships 22Jun-17-201004 months
9Bellator Fighting Championships 21Jun-10-201004 months
8Bellator Fighting Championships 20May-27-201004 months
7Bellator Fighting Championships 19May-20-201004 months
6Bellator Fighting Championships 18May-13-201004 months
5Bellator Fighting Championships 17May-06-201004 months
4Bellator Fighting Championships 16Apr-29-201004 months
3Bellator Fighting Championships 15Apr-22-201004 months
2Bellator Fighting Championships 14Apr-15-201004 months
1Bellator Fighting Championships 13Apr-08-201004 months
112Bellator Fighting Championships 12Jun-20-200904 months
11Bellator Fighting Championships 11Jun-13-200904 months
10Bellator Fighting Championships 10Jun-06-200904 months
9Bellator Fighting Championships 9May-30-200904 months
8Bellator Fighting Championships 8 Road to the ChampionshipMay-22-200904 months
7Bellator Fighting Championships 7May-16-200904 months
6Bellator Fighting Championships 6May-09-200904 months
5Bellator Fighting Championships 5May-02-200904 months
4Bellator Fighting Championships 4Apr-25-200904 months
3Bellator Fighting Championships 3Apr-18-200904 months
2Bellator Fighting Championships 2Apr-11-200904 months
1Bellator Fighting Championships 1Apr-04-200904 months

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